Robot Master Name: Shadow Man シャドーマン
Weapon: Shadow Blade シャドーブレード
Weakness: Top Spin タップスピン
Robot Number: DWN024
Designer: Takumine Yoshida
Real Name: Gauntlet
Sex: Take a wild guess
Height: Tall
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Goal: Now a secret!
Fav. MM game: Tie between Megaman 3 and Rockman & Forte

Gauntlet doesn't like people very much and generally keeps to himself.
Gauntlet is known for looking at things from an odd perspective.
If there's a way to cheat, Shadow Man will find it, then do it.
Gauntlet loves tricks and tricking people. Some find this annoying, but Gauntlet doesn't care.
If you ask him where he gets things, or any amount of personal information for that matter, he will tell you "that's a secret", and laugh.
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