Gauntlet Sprite Gallery

Here is my sprite gallery. Which should be obvious.

Lately I've been having allot of people asking me to use my "Gauntlet" character as their own in either avatars, or sprite comics, or in their signatures, or something. Of course I've had a few people simply steal it and ask me nothing. So, it's like this guys. "Gauntlet" represents me online in the same way your picture represents you in real life. So I don't really want you guys using my image (even badly edited) everywhere since it's kinda like my signature. I don't mind so much you using stuff like my custom sprites. If you ask and give permission. But it's really a different story with the character that's supposed to represent me. So, don't steal it.

Sprites By Gauntlet
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Sprites By Gauntlet

First sprites I ever made.

Some extremely basic R&F CD edits I made when I first started out. Quint and Punk were inspired by Nintendo Power while Breakman is fairly obvious.

The logo I use and font name.

This sheet includes the first Gauntlet sprite I tried to make. I included other miscellaneous small ones

The Gauntlet CDs. I went nuts with these for a while.

I've only needed one mugshot, and this is it.

When I first got involved with the Megaman community, one of the things that I really got into was trying to find out what the PC RM's looked like. Well, before I finally got the real sprites, I made custom 16-bit sprites and custom CDs as well. Now that I've gotten the REAL sprites, these have been altered to be more accurate. These are my first CD customs of the Megaman PC guys. Not a pretty sight.

This showcases the more recent PC CDs and a sheet of PC 16-bit sprites that I later used for epilogues. Some of the designs are wrong in minor ways, but they are passable. My best at the time.

Going into sprite collecting was ONLY to make a group shot which had every Robot Master, Maverick, or character in the series.  This was my first attempt. It got me into Death Angel's Spritez and Lysekoid's site. However, now that I look back, it wasn't very good.

Friend has a Knightman page a while back and I offered to make a new banner for his site. He stopped being interested in his site before putting this up, though.

Some custom screens done a LONG whiles back. I still think the "Hero Sigma" one has some potential. And for those who don't know, the X2 "sprites" are cut out from magazine pictures because X2 was unemuable at the time. Believe it or not, I was one of the first to put out "X2 sprites"!

A large maze-like picture made of sprites. Kinda lame.

Making custom life bars was a trend for a while. I made some for many MM games.

Capcom VS SNK custom cards.

The sheet for the animation.

My forum avatar, life bar, and EZ board icon.

Megaman 7 style Gauntlet and Gauntlet Dixie. These were made while I frequented the Bob and George Forums.

The sheet for the Gauntlet Dixie animation.

This was my second attempt at a huge Megaman sprite group shot. It was updated for quite a long time, but I eventually lost interest. After all, I'm in it mostly for the classic series and with the X series jumping to 3-D something like this can't be continued.

A Semi-custom 32 bit Protoman sprite sheet. Ask permission before using, please, this was very tedious to make. It was made for a Flash remake of the NES Megaman games which was never completed. I could probably improve upon it ..... I mean it *was* made in one night and I was somewhat new at spriting. But, no. No, it's done so it's done.

Cobra Commander, Electra, parts of Sparkman and two versions of Doc Robot. Electra was one of my first tries at picture-based spriting.

Transmetal Shadowman on his frog. This was my workplace when creating the sprite. Too many colours for a GIF file though. I got lazy and decided to cheat-shade the frog in Photoshop. The result was alright.

Some game sprites and enhanced sprites based around the show Captain N! Lotsa work.

Sprites of Megaman from various media including manga, cartoons, and box art. Used primarily for the "Which Megaman are you?" quiz. These are the first REAL successes in spriting.

Super Transforming Metool. A 328 frame animation featuring the 8-bit Met sprite.

Gamma, based off Nintendo Power's MM3 poster and a Power Fighters Gutsman sprite.

Once I got pretty good at spriting I decided to remake my old PC sprites and modify the PC Crorq into MM8 style. In comparison, these are vastly superior to the old versions.

After looking at Ice's Soccer sprites I saw Ice didn't use Shadow's head that was in that car (as seen). So I made my own Shadow Soccer sprite using the head. Body's great, head sucks. Oh, well, that's how it goes.

I decided to make the rest of the MM3 guys in MM Soccer form. Put the officials there so you can see how they fit together. Turned out well, but why do it you ask? Simple .....

To create this. And why did I want to create this you ask? I. Don't. Know. I just did. I think I'll find somewhere to put this one day. Can't let it go to waste.

Junk used to create a car full of MM soccer sprites.

Ever see the early screen shots for Megaman X5? Notice the lifebars are different. After close examination I made these for absolutely no reason.

I needed a Roll sprite for an epilogue so I decided to make one MM8 style! I used a Megaman as a base and about halfway through it looked funny so I made a sprite of Megaman dressing up as Roll!

More MM3 soccer sprites. These ones are based off the Mechanical Maniacs' Transmetal Armour.

The Mega Man PC guys as 8-bit sprites. The top three were made from the original PC sprites. I just shrunk them down and touched 'em up quite a bit. The bottom six were made from the robot masters the characters were based on. I think they all turned out pretty good. *sigh* I must be the ONLY MM fan who LIKES the PC robot masters.

Well, the Doc Robot sprite ain't too exciting. Recolored him to his TRUE colours based upon an image found in some rockman guide found by Auto. The original sprite was based on his NES colours. Far superior in my opinion, but why not make an "accurate" one? As for Needleman.EXE, I just felt old Needle needed an EXE sprite. He was based off Plantman.EXE, but HEAVILY modified. My first EXE custom.

Here are the other versions of the Doc Robot sprite.

I didn't really like how the other one turned out, so I made a different MM7 Gauntlet sprite. Liked how this one turned out so I decided to remake some poses in this style. Made sprites based on the variants done by Lysekoid and Akoi.

NEW Cap N sprites. These are in MM8 style based off the TV show. A vast improvement over my original attempt ..... if I do say so myself.

Shadowblade first did a sprite of Lan's head on top of a waitress' body for his epilogues. Very funny, but the sprite needed something more. So I did some minor edits. I took the shape out of the waitress away by editing the chest and legs by a pixel. Also adjusted the height a bit. Took Lan's head from when he sleeps and edited with the maid's tiara. Chaud has similar treatment only with a nurse. And Mayl was added ..... well, for obvious reasons.

Warping Glitch - Not technically anything done by me, but this animation was compiled after viewing a glitch caused by Gameshark on EXE5.

Behold the many faces of the Mechanical Maniacs! The first set were the first 'Maniacs 100% customs I ever did at that size! I modified them later on to produce 100% original Capcom-official 'Maniacs sprites. The third row were the "Evil 'Maniacs" for an alternate reality storyline for the epilogues. And the final set were for series 4 and 5 of the series, produced after I learned allot about spriting.

MAN, were those 'Maniacs sprites whored out over time..... I'm not even gonna BOTHER to include all the recolors for the Bizarro stories...

Unused Shadowman sprites. This was before I had Ariga's Shadowman completely figured out and I was experimenting with a few styles.

A few random sprites .... The first attempt at a Spark Chan sprite (which was based off a sprite of Sparks Class made, but hers was too different from my regular style so I felt I had to modify it). Gemini Reds (based off old picture edits by Nightmare Topman). Shadow on a frog. And some crappy "knockoff" 'Maniacs. And a Gemini Red from Series 1.

Bizarro Shadowman went through quite a few changes .... I like the second version best. Which kinda sucks, since it's so old. I kinda want to redesign him again .... well, maybe one day. All of these are 100$ original sprites.

Galvatron, based off an official picture. Photoshopped the shading. Hey, it's an old sprite .... even ninjas are allowed to learn.

Some miscellaneous character sprites. We have the Megaman TV show's Protoman (relying heavily on a Megaman X sprite). A Dr. Cossack sprite created from an official picture (it's not very good, but he doesn't appear much in the eps). And the Green Ranger (based heavily on the Red Ranger, naturally).

I also had a hand in editing almost all of the "new" Sinister Six epilogue sprites, but these two were created 80% by me. A Fireman based off IRA's interpretation of the character (as he was originally intended to have the "Transmetal Armour"). And Megaman TV show's Iceman (as that is Ice's favourite interpretation of .... well, Iceman). Both rely on megaman X as a base (I love using X as a base, alright? He had a perfect, simple, body which is easy to redesign).

Megaman's Zodiac
- A sprite picture containing the Stardroids and Constellation Droids in true zodiac fashion!

Megaman Icons - Originally made for the forum as emoticon icons back in the EZboard days, I wanted advanced graphics MM3 icons, but didn't like how the Wily Wars icons looked, so I made my own! Most are still used on the forum in some capacity and the Shadowman one became the favicon for the site. I also made a MM helmet icon for Plant Megaman and an Iceman icon for the Sinister Six.

Megaman's Chinese Zodiac - A sequel to the earlier Megaman's Zodiac. I had to expand this one to cover the X and Zero games and, despite the mixed bittages, I think it turned out well. ALOT of reaserch went into this picture as Chinese Astrology isn't usually presented this way.

Megaman Group Shot 3 - With the Zero series and the BN series ending I felt the need to update the 'ol MM group shot again. However, due to it's construction ithis meant the picture had to be almost completely remade.

Some elements have been carried over from the last group shot. Mostly that back line with Big Eddie, Sigma, Rainy Turtloid and the like .... but 90% of this is all new.

You see for group 2 Photoshop couln't handle over 100 layers. So I had to merge several rows .... amking it impossible to update. And with both the X and EXE series over, it seemed right to update this. But, I have a newer version now. So ... no problem.

Things updated: Well, Rockman DX3 is in there. As well as EXE4-6 and Zero 3-4. All the operators are beside their Navis. Most of the "preserved robots" are gone. All the enemies are grouped by game .... with few exceptions. And I added the Rogumer (the giant ship from from X1) because I thought it was keen.

So, this is it for now. Since the DS is unemuable this may be it for a bit of time .... and I wouldn't have it any other way! *wipes sweat off brow*

Small edits for a small laugh. This was for an old Halloween banner.  I think the idea behind this is obvious.

Expressman, Multiman, and Barrageman - the Dreamwave Robot Masters! The scale on all of these (except Expressman) is horribly off. Multiman should be about the size Barragemen is now and Barrageman ought to be about the size of Frostman from MM8. Ah well.

Expressmas made from Protoman, Multiman from Aquaman, and Barrageman was from scratch (although he was taken by a picture from the comic itself, not drawn my me).

Megaman Powered up sprites. I always sort of wanted to do my own take on these guys. When converting them to MM8 style, most stretch them out to be MM8 MM's full height, but I've shortened them quite a bit as I think they look stupid when they're stretched out.

8-bit Oil and Time were based on Cutman, Elecman, and both have Megaman's head for a base. Timeman has more colors than he really ought to and neither of them sport colors actually found in MM1 .... well, blame Capcom for that. I figured that if I was fudging the colors, I may as well give Time all of them. To be more true to forum, I did borrow colors from other MM NES games.

On to the MM8-style sprites! First we have the base - a shortened Megaman. Then we have "Megaman ?" which is the evil MM from the robot master scinarios. Most think his scark looks pink ..... it's purple though. It's the exact same shade as Timeman. Maybe because it's next to blue. Anyhow, both Time and Oilman are based on the standing sprite there and they actually have VERY similar costumes. Not much to be said except that I think they key to getting Oil's mouth right is to NOT give it a black (or dark colored) outline.

And here we have Captain N Robot Masters take 3! Based off my own sketches no less. I really wanted to do these as these designs don't get any love at all. First off we have Bombman (Grenademan with EXE Bomb's head), Cutsman (Made from MM8 Cutman), Fireman (made from a minor enemy in MM8), Iceman (made from PB Iceman), Elecman (made from PF Elecman), Gutsman (made from MM7 Gutsman), Airman (made from my sketch), Bubbleman (made from Aquaman ... don't they look similar?), Metalman (made from scratch), Woodman (made from MM8 Woodman), Heatman (made from MM7 Heatman), Quickman (made from PF Quickman), Clashman (made from MM8 Megaman), Dr. Light (scratch, enhansed from my pervious try), Ruch (made from MM8 Rush), Megaman (enhansed from a previous try), Mega Girl (enhansed from previous try), Dr. Wily (Mostly scratch, I added MM7 Wily's hair to my previous attempt, but altered it a bit), Do Robot (no change there), Topman (made from my previous scratch sprite), Garbageman (made from PF Gutsman) and finally Gamma (made from scratch).

I wish I remembere dthat I used the same exact Gutsman sprite as a base for Gamma that I used for Garbage .... otherwise I wouldn't have used it again. Don't like how Heat or Metal turned out. Those two really weren't made for these sort of sprites AT ALL.

NES versions of the Mega Man PC and Mega Man 3 PC guys

This is for a project to remake the old (horrible) Megaman PC games. I was asked to make NES versions of the robot masters and I also did Crorq (final boss) and Toxman (my favorite stage enemy of the game) for kicks.

I also remade the title screen for kicks. It’s based off the current menu with the following changes:
1) The current screen is an amalgam of both PC intro screens and the regular NES title screens.
2) I opted to drop the subtitle “The Crorq Chronicles” for just “ PC” since it’s shorter. Only the Japanese screens have a subtitle.
3) I decided to change “new game” to “ Press Fire”. The NES games all had “ press start” in order to begin, but the PC games had “ Press fire”.
4) Crorq with a shadow and the symbol at the top are both to reference the old PC games.”
5) Dropped the “stage select” option. There’s a (lengthy and unnecessary) intro after beginning, but the final really ought to either drop the second intro or make it skippable at the press of a button (like other games).

As you might have guessed by now, the game is a remake of the two PC games merged into one using NES graphics. And some 16 graphics, but hopefully all of those will be replaced as time goes on. At first I thought the game was gonna be a total transition of the originals into a new form with simply remade graphics, sounds, and gameplay programming, but it looks like I was mistaken and this is a whole different game.

The sprites:
Basically, I tried to remain faithful to the ideas presented when I made the sprites. Later I was told to use the NES palette, so I switched the colors about. A great improvement IMHO. There’s probably a color limit, but … I was never good at remembering (or caring) about sprite color limits. Likely these sprites exceed it (especially Crorq).

I can’t take full credit for the sprites. Not only are the PC3 ones pretty obviously based on Capcom’s originals, but Sorrel extended the sheet (and sent it to me as fan art) after I made the original standing poses after Capcom’s own sprites. Naturally, I further edited the sprites for this game, but Sorrel must be given some props.

They (especially the PC1 sprites) went through SEVERAL revisions to reach their final form. The first ones simply looked too much like the style of the PC games. They’ve been remade since then. Both Volt and Dyna are rather tall, but neither exceeds Stonemen’s height (Dyna matches him). There’s some new poses for new attacks, but not many. Especially for the PC1 guys. I’m a bit of a purist as far as remakes go … I’d rather see a true rendition of the RMs than an entirely new one.

Crorq was a bit of a challenge. He’s inspired by Raijin’s Crorq. It’s a pity I couldn’t get the PC3 version to look like his drawing without making it crappy.

Toxman is a tough one. There’s no bright yellow, so he comes off as rather dull. He’s a crappy MM edit, but so was the original. At least this one is in the correct style.

Anyhow, here it all is. All the PC sprites I’ve made for the game.

Crorq's Castle

Here's Crorq's Castle. Made for the Megaman PC remake. It's heavily inspired by Protoman's Castle from MM5. I see it more as a communications center than an actually "fortress" since, IMHO, Crorq would have to be a communications robot if he was originally supposed to be benevolent; helping mankind instead of simply Wily's supercomputer.

The Wily Rescue Force is not in glorious 8-bit! And ... Lavaman (aka Magmaman from the OVA). Made for the Megaman PC remake. This is how I designed them to work:

Expressman.  Based off Ringman and Quickman. And Pluto. And the ... uzi Joe from MM9. This guy runs from either end and then dashes quickly at MM.  He then jumps (like the long and high dash jumps fromt he later MM games) and flies to the wall where he clings.  He can then shoot at MM from an angle.  If MM is out of range he can jump down and shoot at him from the ground.  His shots are rapid fire and they're meant to be like Needle Cannon - up and down.  His weakness in the game might be Oil Stream.  Gunk up the fast guy.
Multiman.  Worked off Stoneman to make this guy. Rinning sprites were heavily modified Neo Geo Pocket Yellow Devil sprites. Multi basically walks on the ground and chases after MM.  He flies up to the top of the screen and then drops "seeds" which quickly becomes more Multimen unless MM destroys them.  Maybe they can cap at three and then Multi will just hover above MM.  Either once they're destroyed or before then, Multi will try to land on MM.  I think a good weakness for Multi would be Nuclear Detonator.  Mainly because you can lure Multi into it and then set it off.
Lavaman.  Based off doc Robot. He was pretty fun to design. I don't know exactly how you would want him to fight, but he's a runner in the OVA, so he';s a runenr here.  I see him as a fast guy, but not as fast as Express.  The two fireball sprites are arc downwards and are meant to hit the ground and spread flames that travel along the floor.  After that he can roll into an impervious ball and bounce around the room randomly (he can't see).  Maybe flames can pop up wherever he lands.  I see him as being weak to Water Shooter (Waveman's weapon ... just like in the OVA).
Barrageman.  Drawn from a panel fromt he comic. He's meant to be a cross between Dragon Droid and the flying enemy from MM&B. Not many poses for the big guy.  He's looking a little plain, so I might go back and add more into him.  Anyhow, I envision Barrage as just shooting at MM with his two large guns.  But in a very steady stream.  On eof those "get hit and fall off the platform" type of threats.  To mix it up, he can also ram into MM (the second sprite in the sheet).  His only weak spot should be his head.  I dunno what a good weakness might be though.
Last up is Doc Robot.  Based off Dr. Wily of course! A lot went into the planning stages here.  First off, him-as-Wily's pants are brown because he's a fake.  That's on purpose.  The way I see it, you blow up Crorq1 and out pops Wily.  But instead of grovelling he does his eyebrow wiggle and his lifebar fills up again.  Then he runs at you.  Don't make him attack until he gets hit twice; just because it's funny.  After that he can go into the MM2 attacks and maybe get a really random pattern. 
Depending on how long you wanna make this fight, his true form can either when his lifebar reaches the halfway point or have it refill again (for the fourth time).  I see his weakness being Force Field.  It'll force you to get close to him.  After he gets hit he can have Heatman's reaction: covered in flames and zipping to MM's spot.
To explain his sprites:

The sprite with his hand up summond leaves or tornados.  The shooting sprite is for shooting shots as Flash or throwing the tornadows at you as Air.  His forehead-shine is him using Flash Stopper.  The floating sprites are him simulating Bubbleman's pattern (yeah, he can fly).  the first jump sprite is his usual jump and the second is when he releases Quick Boomerangs or Metal Blades.  The last sprite is him releasing a Crash Bomb (as it's on an angle). 

Old recolors I made just to see the PC MM in the different colors he's really supposed to have in the PC3 game. For a long time this was put in with the real PC3 sheets, but it really belongs here.

Megman PC Under Glass, made for the Sinister Six Misfits and Mistakes video. You can't see it in the video at all, but the Captain N guys and Hardman's 8-bit 'Moments fellows are under glass as well. This is Torchman's fantasy. That even in the future he'll be remembered and honored.

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