Robot Master Name: Needlegal ニードルガル
Weapon: Needle Cannon ニードルキャノン
Weakness: Gemini Laser ジェミニレーザー
Robot Number: DWN017
Designer: Nobihiko Akatsuka
Real name: Psycho Magnet
Sex: Chick
Height: 5'3"
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black- sometimes brown or red...
Goal: You'll find out soon enough Mr.Bond!
Needlegal is really really obsessed with fairy tales!
Needlegal loves vampires very much! And collects movies about them because they're fun and scary and stuff!
Needlegal is a bitch and she will kill you!
Needlegal is talking in the third person-Needlegal is very scared.
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"For the honour of Greyskull!"


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