Cossack's Comrades


Season 1 Rebirth

Risen From the Ashes: The Cossack's Comrades are back in business.

Meet Your New Daddy: A task from Crorq leads to a new twist on an old foe.

Mushroom Madness: Purple fungal aliens invade! And why are Geoff and Hunter going to Disney World?

Old Acquaintances, New Teachers: It is training day for the CC, but who are their mentors?

The Gulag Job: Our beloved residential conspiracy theorist finds himself in jail. Exactly as planned?

"Science Warriors Evolved ! Terror of Energon": Energy experiments, a business tycoon, and the return of a few familiar foes.

Absolutely Nothing Happens This Ep!: What more can be said?

Life in the Slow Lane: Life is as it always is for the Fatal Five, up until eight of the most dysfunctional recruits drop by for some training!

Cool Toad: This isn't the repulsive little Toadman that makes our skin crawl! This a Toad with attitude!

Stranger From The Realms: Can the Comrades match wits against a master of fate and reality itself?

Haunting at Skull Castle: Some spooky bots have moved into one of Wily's old castles. Is the good doctor back from beyond the grave and up to his old tricks?

It's a B-Movie Show: An alien invasion is scheduled to occur in the town of Nilbog? Why would they possibly be interested in such a nice, quiet town?

Lowest Bidder: You ever wonder if giving government contracts to whoever fakes a promise to be cheaper than their competitors may be a bad idea? Nah, Powell seems completely trustworthy.

The Freakiest of Fridays: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of someone else? How much new understanding you could get about that person? How angry you could get at whoever is responsible?

DETECTIVE RING IN ... THE CASE OF THE MISSING SPLEEN: What INFIDEL! in the right mind would steal Crorq's lunch? It's up to Ring to get to the bottom of this insiduous crime!

Scrapheap Soundtrack: The Comrades are back with another musical adventure... wait, why are we having a musical adventure?

The Book Signing ... of DOOM !: Lento of the Fatal Five just published a book and of course the CC are attending a signing. Nothing could go wrong.

Cookies! Part 1: Come on. How bad could a little junk food be for the Comrades?

Cookies! Part 2: The ultimate recipe for madness, body horror, and power-crazed amphibians!

Straight from the Headlines!: Tabloids are bizarre enough without them coming true! What's a ragtag band of Russian robo cops to do when fact and fiction start to blur?!

Ballade's Battlers!: If you can't beat them, or put up with their shit for twenty plus years, join them!

Ballade's Battlers! Part 2: After over thirty years, Ballade finally gets his dream team! ...Now what?

Ballade's Battlers! Part 3: What will tear this ragtag team apart first? Its worst enemies or its closest allies?

Cossackachnical Maniarades!: While half of the Comrades are out playing with Ballade and the Androids, the other half are making up for lost time with their old pals. The Mechanical Maniacs!

Icebreaker: The Comrades discover a long-lost brother! Is he the addition the family needs? Or are Comrades the family he's been looking for?

Icebreaker 2: Tundraman takes the Comrades to meet the mysterious Disciples of Torchjitsu! But are they in over their heads?

Icebreaker 3: The Comrades continue to make friends with the Disciples of Torchjitsu! Do the Comrades have what it takes to master the art of the Flaming Fist?


Dive Man's Inferno: Wondering what Geoff was talking about when he mentioned returning from hell? Well look no further. Just don't expect Purgatorio or Paradiso to follow.

Older Seasons

The original, older epilogues. Knowledge of them not necessary to enjoy current but we might reference them occasionally.

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 3

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 4


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