Cossack's Comrades

Season 2

The Passing of Power - A review of what major changes are occuring this season.

Introducing Omni - When Dust's invention gets into the hands of Ballade, all hell breaks loose.

Omni's Terror - How will the Comrades get back to the Citadel from Leonardo, New Jersey?

Omni Ultimatum - It's time to fight Omni! But what good are we against a robot with all our weapons and more?

The Legacy of Jay and Silent Bob - Who are these two stoners that appeared from nowhere and what's their story?

Omni: The Terror Lives? - The final stand against the diabolical Omni! Written by Drill, Dust, and Ring.

Aquatic Fun - A friendly day at the beach turns to terror when trouble starts.

Bonding of 2 - When Cossack needs Drill to get a computer, it turns into a West Side Story.

Worst Date Ever - The team gets suspicious of Drill's annual absences.

The Epilogue of the Epilogue: The Musical - Kryptoman is up to something and the community is singing! The hell is up?

The Incredible Home Makeover: Part 1 - One sentence to sum this story up: Dr. Cossack is freakin' lazy.

The Incredible Home Makeover: Part 2 - One more sentence to sum this story up: Dr. Cossack is still freakin' lazy, and Ty's an evil bitch.

The Sith Arrival - What starts as a harmless Star Wars bingathon turns into a great disturbance in the force!

A Day in the Life of Kalinka - While the boys play poker, Kalinka tries to have a good day, but since it's her...

Origin of Toadgirl - Zapper follows AM from the future to the present and gets into some trouble. (Who couldn't see that coming?)

Darkest Game - Dr. Cossack, Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Stupid all compete on a new game show hosted by Master Shake!

Kalinka and the Chocolate Factory - Willy Wonka opens up his doors to five lucky contestants in this lampoon of the classic tale.

The Worst Attempted Vacation Ever - The team tries to head out on vacation, but we all know how THAT would end up.

The House of Egad - In this add-on story written by Drill, Gary, and Dive, the CC win a mansion with a few extra novilties attached...

Jade the Red Mage - A red mage from another dimension helps the CC with a hard loss...

Introducing Wraithman - A poetic being of death attacks Skull Castle... but for what?

Dark Encounters of a Sinful Kind - Wraithman fully introduces himself to the Comrades.


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