Megaman Walkthrough:

Wily Wars Edition!

Game overview- Many consider the first Megaman game to be the most difficult for a number of reasons. Compared to the later games, Megaman was equipped with far less in terms of support, and you had the fewest Master Weapons to use later on. Megamanís Mega Buster wasnít nearly as powerful as it was later on, and he wasnít yet able to perform the Mega Slide maneuver, making him less nimble than his Megaman 3 version.


However, many see this as a fun challenge to work with, as you definitely had a much harder time navigating some of the levels and fighting some of the seriesí toughest bosses ever, such as Elecman. In this guide,  I hope to provide a useful tool for both new gamers who happen to find this game after playing some of the newer games, and veteran players who may be rediscovering a great game. However,  this guide is based upon  the Rockman- Wily Wars version of the game, which is slightly different than the NES version. Should you find yourself with a copy of this game (Iíll leave the finding and what not to you, as the Sinister Six does not condone the use of emulators or ROMS of any sort, lest we be sued for our collective worth of ten bucks and a package of shoelaces), then this guide is for you. Even if youíre using this for the NES version, youíll probably find it helpful anyways.


So, happy gaming and enjoy the guide.


Click on a Boss name for their Stage walkthrough, yo.

Suggested Order- Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Iceman, Fireman, Wily Castle 1, 2, 3, and Final