Dr Wily Part Deux!

Dr Wily Stage 2 Overview- This isnít a particularly long stage, but it does have itís host of challenges. Namely, Cutman and Elecman will show up again to make life a living hell throughout the stage, and more and more spikes will be scattered here and there. Another future hall of famer- Copy Rock- also appears for the first time here to give you a headache as the boss.

Dr Wily Stage 2 Enemies- Bunbi, Cutman, Screw Driver, Elecman, Boom Boom Boom, Adhering Suzy, Blaster

Dr Wily Stage 2 Walkthrough- the stage starts you out high in the sky on a platform above a fall of doom, and a series of floating blocks lead to the tower that youíll have to navigate downwards. Along the way, a few Bunbis will show their ugly faces to try and knock you around, but by now youíre more than capable of taking them out with no sweat. When you get to the tower, youíll see two small weapon energy pick ups waiting for you in the corner, but donít run in there just yet- thereís an hidden trap door in front of them with no way to really see the edges of the pit. Try to leap as far as you can to reach the items, but be prepared to simply fall and meet Cutman once again.

There are no blocks for the Super Arm, so you have no choice but to fight him without it. However, the Fire Storm acts as his second weakness, so switch to that weapon and get him out of the picture quickly to avoid him cutting you up.

Once heís finally been put down Old Yeller style, walk to the left wall and drop down the hidden exit to reach the next part of the stage, which looks much like the very beginning of the level. This time, instead of Bunbis floating around, Screw Drivers guard the bottom platforms, which also usually host small health pick ups. If Cutman managed to damage you, walk back and forth and kill as many Screw Drivers as you need to pick up health and ammo items that they may drop. Hopefully, theyíll also drop a 1up if youíre lucky enough. Youíll need it.

Once you reach the second tower, thereíll be two more weapon pick ups for you to claim, but know that the hidden trap door is now a bit closer towards them than the last set. Drop down the passage way and Elecman will be there to give you a warm welcome. Hopefully, you have some ammo in the Rolling Cutter to properly deal with him as fast as you can, because heís just as fast as ever and has more room to run around in.

After heís been sliced up like a Christmas ham, drop down the hidden door and youíll find yourself in another duplicate of the start of stage, only with Boom Boom Boom bombs jumping out from the depths to try and blow you up. These should be fairly simple to dodge, so leap over the pit when all is clear.

Youíll eventually reach the next tower, which thankfully doesnít lead to another Robot Master. Instead, the screen will move you to another room patrolled by some Adhering Suzies. But donít overlook that coveted 1up in the left-hand corner of the screen. Use the Magnet Beam to reach it, drop down, and destroy whatever baddies get in your way to travel further down the tower, which will have another room below that has three more Suzies. Use the Thunder Beam to knock them all dead in a single, well placed shot and keep moving downward. Another room, more Suzies await. Keep going.

Youíll find yourself in a large room with four Blasters mounted one atop the other on the right most wall and a large weapon energy pick up just outside the tower. Take care of the Blasters first by standing under them and firing a Thunder Beam when most of their hatches are open. You may even be able to take them all out at once if the timing is right. Once all the Blasters are done, go and claim that weapon item atop the small platform next to the ladder and head down the bottom ladder. In the final screen before the boss fight, three Suzies and a left-wall-mounted Blaster keep you from moving downward. Take them all down and keep your Thunder Beam armed and ready for the fight ahead.

Boss Fight: Copy Rock- Copy Rock moves around just as fast as you and has no problem with getting up close and personal. He usually jumps whenever you fire off a shot at him, so jump slightly and aim higher than his head to try and force him into your shot. Once hit, Copy Rock will fire back with the same weapon youíre using, so be prepared for it. Heíll also hit you randomly if you donít fire at him.

The Thunder Beam, Fire Storm, and Ice Slasher does the most damage to him, but I usually use the Fire Storm due to Copy Rockís usual method of staying close to you. The fire aura will usually hit him when the projectile doesnít so, itís the most effective. Keep in mind that Copy Rockís version of your weapon will do just as much damage as yours does to him. This will be a test of endurance much like the Yellow Devil, but youíll have less of a chance to avoid being hit because of Copy Rockís erratic movements. Just try to last longer than him and hit him more than he does you and youíll pull off a surely hard won victory.

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