The NEW Sinister Six in:

Every Geek has his day!

Special Thanks to Kelso, Wedge McCloud, and Leviathan for their sprites

Odin: Hello all you pretty people out there! Welcome to yet another awesome New Sinister Six epilouge! Written by Gary! This story is about those poor people who can't seem to make it in life. Those with bad luck spurring at their heels everyday of their lives. Ever feel like that stupid rain cloud just always storms over your parade? Well every geek has his day! As so the title reads. *points up towards the title*

Odin: Anyways, on to the story!

Narrator: Inside a large building complex a computer meeting was taking place. Only four members were accounted for. The four of them were obbessive computer geeks. Hacking, planing, enjoying what things they can do over the online community and internet.

Fred: Okay gang, let's log into yahoo!

Lance: But..what do you expect to happen?

Fred: Yahoo chat is loading! *clicks on romance, girls girls and more girls room*

Peter: Oh geeeez, he's at it again!?

Dash: Doesn't he ever learn?

Fred: Ahhhh!! Turned down again! *logs off* Stupid women don't know what they're missing!

Lance: I'm out of fire crackers, I think it's time we go into the outside world.

Dash: Let's be quick about it...I hate being out the wild.

Peter: Show some backbone will ya?

Fred: Then it's decided! *stretchs and cracks his neck* Off we go! To stock up!

*The four figures left the santuary of their little room and walked towards the entrance of the building*

Dash: *opens the door as the sunlight lets in* Bah! *hissses at the sunlight*

Lance: Melting....melting! What a cruel world!

Peter: Oh stop it...You're not melting!

Lance: ice cream is. Ah well...I love the heat!

Fred: There! Our mission objective! The Grocery store!!

Lance: Oh we go...

Fred: Onward! Candy awaits us!

Lance: I'm more in the mood for those spicey jaw spicey!

Dash: A nice cup of coffee will suffice for me.

*An alarm goes off close by the grocery store*

Lance: What the?

*A large blast goes off and some strange figures runs off from a factory*

Mysterious Villian: Hahaha! I'm back! And with a vengance! You all haven't seen the last of me!! *teleports off with stolen goods*

Note: This Villain will be revealed later on

Lance: Must be nice to do whatever the hell he wants, and get away with it.

Peter: Yeah...these robot characters these days. I'd give anything to have powers like theirs.

Dash: That would rock. To go around blasting the hell outta things and doing whatever you wanted!

Fred: We're forgetting about the mission! We must refuel!

Dash: OH yeah...

*so they go to the store*

Grocery Greeter: *snickers*'s the Geek Squad!

*everyone laughs*

Dash: Ahhh...shut up. We don't need this crap today.

*they continued over to the snacks section being laughed at the whole way*

Lance: I'm getting tired of this...if only I could just burn them all to hell.

Fred: Maybe we can...remember that ugly robot thing from the factory just moments ago!?

*the others nod*

Fred: Let's rob the place! Show em' what we are made of! *Fred gobbles down taffy candy*

Lance: *looks down at his flaming Jaw Breakers* Well...maybe...but we have no power to back us up...

Dash: He's right! I'm tired of being treated as a reject! We fight back! And NOW!! *He puts his mouth under the coffee expresso machine and drinks away*

Peter: Dude...that'll keep you active and awake for hours!

Fred: *stuffs rock candy into Fred's mouth* Eat! Don't pay! Show them we're tired of this crap!

*So the four do as they wanted. Fred engulfed stretchy taffy candy, while Lance chowed down on fire balls, and flaming cheetos. Peter ate as much rock and hard candy as he could find. And Dash drank so much expresso coffee, that he'd be awake for days!*

Cop Robots: HAULT! You all are under arrest!

Lance: *raises up his hands* Crap! Look what you did! We can't fight them!

Fred: *tries to punch the cop bot, only to have a bleeding fist* Och...damn...we surrender.

*The Cop bots fire energy bolts to restrain them*

Lance: Owww...that feels weird!

*with their stomachs full of ingrediants, and the sudden burst of energy, something stirrs inside the four geeks. Something weird...and soon a mutation will take place*

*Later in human prison*

????: *wakes up* Lance...Dash....Peter...I feel strange. *rubs his head and feels something metallic* Uh...what's this...? *he looks into a prison mirror and sees something that brings a smile to his face* Heheheheheheheheheh...

Narrator: Meanwhile at S6 H.Q.

Rich: Hey, has anyone seen my General Cutman figure? I just finished making that...

Gary: You mean this...? *shows a melted mold of white and orange goo.

Rich: YOU DIDN'T!!!??

Gary: Sorry, I didn't know that it wasn't dry yet.


Gary: *screams like a woman*

*Erik comes in*

Erik: *grabs Gary with his left hand and Rich with his right* OKay, what's goin on here?

Rich: He melted my figure!!

Gary: I didn't know that it wasn't ready to play with yet!

Erik: Gary...what did I...

Ben: *comes in* Finally...some action. Somebody just broke out of prison.

Rich: *gets out of Erik's grip* Zat so? Well looks like we are called into action again, eh?

Britt: *comes in* I haven't finished my new armor yet! This outfit still makes me look like a guy! *hugs Icey*

Gary: And I prefer not to snuggle in public Cuttie! *Hugs back* Not until you changed that armor to a more female touch. *grins*

Erik: Yeah...don't want the public to get any ideas...

Ben: *is ready to teleport off* Good...can we go now?

*At the crime scene*

??? 2: Hey Fred...check this out! All those Flaming Fire Balls really did the trick! *scorches hoards of robot cops*

??? 1: Hehehehehehe...this rocks! All that stretchy taffy really made me more flexiable...

Odin: *throws electricity at the four villains* Alright...reveal yourselves! You don't stand a chance!

*it was then the four shadows revealed themselves for who they really were*

Fred: I'm Fred! But you can call me Stretchman! *stretchs his limbs beyond comprehension*

Lance: Call me Flareman! Hahahahaha...I'll burn you!

Peter: Graniteman is my name! Being rock hard is my game! All your attacks won't penetrate my armor!

Dash: *runs around Odin* Dashman is my name! *runs more* You can't outrun me!

*The four surround Odin*

Odin: I see...well fell my wrath! *Odin lets loose a barrage of electricity all around him*

Dash: *runs so fast that he's able to dodge the shots*

Peter: *laughs as the electricity can't go through his thick armor*

Fred: I'm rubber, you're glue...whatever electricity you shoot, won't do! *he laughs as his rubber, stretchy body doesn't take any damage*

Lance: *blocks the charges with flames* Is that all you got!

*They soon over power Odin*

Odin: But I'm invincible! I'm a god moder! How did you...*is knocked out by Graniteman*

Peter: we did it...?

Fred: I told you...we got gifts! And we should use them!

Lance: Don't you get it...when those cop bots shot us with the energy beams, it interacted somehow with our full stomachs and immune system. It gave us powers based on what we gorged ourselves on. Since I ate nothing but spicy candy, it gave me these fire powers.

Peter: Eating Rock hard candy turned me into this armored golem.

Dash: Wow...and look at me! *runs so fast that nobody can see him* Coffee and expresso really does make you more alert and energized!

Fred: Yeah yeah...and all that taffy really did the trick..but who cares! We got powers now! We can seek our revenge on those who wronged us! Now let's take this robot prisoner!

*they all agree and leave the area* *right before five beams of energy shot down onto the ground*

Ben: Okay...this is it. Where is everyone!?

Erik: *helps some of the injured Cop bots up* What happend here?

Cop Robot: There....were four of them....they captured Elecman...*faints*

Britt: So that's where Odin went...

Ben: Figures he'd try to stop them by himself.

Gary: Yeah...but they aren't here. Where could they be?

Erik: With the recent Factory robbery and now this...we're dealing with some clever villains.

Rich: They'll slip's only a matter of time. I just hope Odin will be alright...we don't have any leads to follow.

*So the Sinister Six sorrowfully returned to H.Q.*

Narrator: Has for Odin.

Odin: *wakes up* Ohhhh....where am I...?

Dash: Don't worry my electric friend. It'll all make sense soon. *starts a small drill*

Odin: What are you going to do with that?

Lance: You'll see. Your friends will be in for a great surprise!

Peter: *stomps in* Man...being big has its downfalls, so what do we do now Fred?

Fred: *is sitting back comfortably in the lab* Now that we've taken over the laboratory on Level 5, we can strike the Megaopolis Observatory next. They laughed at us before. But it's time we got the last laugh.

*everyone except Odin laughs*

(Back at H.Q.)

Britt: Nope, his tracking signal isn't working either. We can't contact him!

Erik: It seems our enemies are smart enough to disarm his tracking device.

Ben: *sighs* Who in the world would be doing this?

Gary: Super Chaos has left Megaopolis, City Garage is in Prison, Scorpion has vanished without a trace, and Red is dead. Who does that leave?

Ben: Torchman is badley damaged from The Mechs timeline...Buster Rod G isn't smart enough to hold Odin...I honestly don't know. If I had IRA's scanners, I could tell you these guys are probably new.

Rich: What sucks is that we have no whereabouts of Odin's situation.

*An alarm goes off*

Gary: Well...that's about to change.

Erik: *turns on the televid*

News Reporter: This just in! The Megaopolis Observatory is under attack by renegade robots. None of these which we have seen before! *four cloaked figures are seen blasting their way into the observetory*. The police are unable to stop them! So far... *a large flame engulfs her and the camera man and the whole line goes off the air*

Britt: OH dear! Those poor people!

Rich: Let's go gang!

*everyone looks to Erik*

Erik: What?

Gary: Say it!

Erik: *sighs* Sinister Six Reunite...

*they teleport off to the Obeservatory*

Narrator: Let's zip on there ahead...shall we?

Cop Robot: Hault! We will open fire!

Fred: *stretchs and hits the robot from behind* Go ahead. *flexs to weave in and out of the plasma shots*

Peter: *smashes the ground causing a fisure to open up and swallow the cop bots* Peice of cake!

Lance: We're inside! Now to give those scientists a peice of my mind!

Fred: Later! First we got to hack into the main control program. Then we can take over from here!

Dash: I'm already in sir! They don't call me Dashman for nothing!

Fred: Good! Now imput the password!

Ben: Is the password "kick your ass"?

Fred: Huh!?

*The Sinister Six have arrived*

Erik: Gary...know these guys?

Gary: *studies them* Nope...never seen these clowns before!

Lance: Clowns! How dare you! *shoots a large flame at Iceman*

Gary: Gack! *barley dodges*

Erik: Hey! *tries to punch Lance but is stopped by Graniteman, who is even bigger than Erik!*

Peter: Hmmmm...puny Robot! *picks Erik up over his head*

Erik: Ahhh...crap!

Rich: Put him down! *tries to bomb Peter*

Dash: *runs fast enough to catch the bombs before they even land* To slow, to slow! To slow! *tosses them to the remaining S6 members*

Ben, Gary, Rich, Britt: Owwwww...*go flying back*

Erik: *kicks Graniteman in the jaw and he drops him to the floor*

Erik: Uffff...*gets up and power smashs Granite into the others*

Lance: Damn...he's strong.

Peter: Not stronger than me!

Fred: We're it's time to even the count!

Lance: Come on out Shockman!

Gary: Shockman? They have an ally?

*Soon a familier figure appears*

Ben, Gary, Rich, Britt, Erik: ODIN!!!

Britt: That's not Shockman! That's Elecman!

Dash: Elecman? Elec isn't even a word! Talk about improper use of grammer! Destroy them!

Odin: *smiles as he charges up electricity*

Rich: Odin! It's us!!

Fred: With our incredible hacking skills, we were able to turn your friend against you!

Lance: Now it seems the odds are even! Five against Five!

Erik: You'll pay for this!

Odin: I always hated you guys...*fires multiple bolts at the S6*

Gary: If I get shocked, I'm done for!

Ben: I got your back Gary! *fires Fire Storm ahead of him, engulfing the area in flames*

Lance: *absourbs the fire power* that's good...*releases it back*

Ben: *tries to absorb the heat, but doesn't have the capacity to do so* Auuurrggg!! *is blown back*

Britt: *slashes at Lance* Can't catch me!

Lance: *tries to burn her* Grrr...sit still so I can melt you into a puddle!

Britt: Hahahaha! Can't catch...*is knocked away*

Dash: You were saying pretty girl! *he smirks*

Britt: *grunts* If only I had my Quickman powers...

Gary: Get away from her! *Gary prepairs to fire off several Ice Slashers at the speedy villian*

Odin: SURPRISE! *Electricutes Gary*

Gary: AAAAAHHHHHHH!! *faints*

Erik: Gary!

Peter: *punches Erik into the back wall* Payback!

Erik: ooooofff!

Rich: This is getting us no where! Time to turn up the ampt! *throws bombs at the lingering giant*

Peter: Owww...why is this hurting me!?

Rich: Like Erik, you're resistant to projectile attacks, but an attack with an explosive fury, can eat away at your armor!

Lance: Clever, just like how you're weak against fire? *burns Rich down*

Rich: Ugggggg...I can't withstand much more of this...*faints*

Ben: NOOO! Two of us down already!? *gets inraged*

Fred: As entertaining to watch as this is...we got a schedule to keep. *entangles Ben with his flexable body and chokes him*

Ben: Ugggg...I can't breath...*flames are put out and faints*

Erik: *is KOed by Peter*

Britt: *watchs her friends being beaten* You guys haven't won...*his smacked in the back by Dashman*

Dash: And that's that...Hehehehe!

Fred: Good good...with them out for the count, we can now continue our plot.

Odin: I always wanted to get revenge on them...For always getting on me about being a god moder.

Fred: Well done Shockman. You see...they are like everyone else. Judge those by what they do and look like. They needed to be taught a lesson. No longer are we the geek squad! We are the Sleek Squad!

*they all cheer*

Lance: It's time, Dash! Imput the password now!

Dash: Yup! We are connected. You guys need to imput your names in. This is so the computer will recongize you all.

*They all plug in their names*

Odin: Try to hack me will you!! *shocks The Sleek Squad as they are plugged in*


Peter: My's vanishing!

Lance: Mine too!! But how!!

Dash: The before it's effecting our immune system! Only in reverse...instead of getting our powers...we're losing them!!

Fred: NOOO!!

Odin: You never hacked me. Before you knocked me out, I had my special anti-hacking equipment installed, so I just played along the whole time!

Dash: *recovering from the onslaught* But you attacked your friends...

Odin: True, but it was the only way to prove my loyalty. *Odin gives the S6 a small jolt and they quickly awaken*

Ben: *wakes up* That's right. We all were in on the deal.

Gary: *gets up* I admit...we didn't expect you to whip us.

Erik: I agree. You put up a good fight. It's a shame you won't use that power for good.

Fred: *is laughing* You think we'd ever help those who mock us! Hahahahaha! We've still hacked into the Observation plant!

Lance: Yeah! We still won!

Odin: Not exactly...

Fred: WHAT!?

Odin: That shock totally whiped you out from the main computer. destroyed everything inside, but the scientists here can fix that easily.

*The Robo Police break in*

Erik: Looks like you've failed. Back to prison for you.

Odin: OH...and we took the liberty of making sure no more electric bolts are sent your way.

Peter: *grumbles* much for payback...

Erik: Payback is never the answer. But don't worry. Your time won't be long. Hopefully you've learned from this experience.

*They are taken off*

Britt: I must admit. Sending Odin in first was a clever idea.

Gary: was the most logical option.

Rich: It was a big risk...espcially since we didn't know what we were up against.

Ben: I still think we could of taken them.

Odin: You think to much Ben...*puts a comforting hand on his shoulder*

Rich: We couldn't overpower them, and even though they seemed 'smarter', we had no choice but to outsmart them.

Gary: *stares at Rich oddly*

Rich: What?

Gary: Sorry...still not used to Bombman being all smart and all.

Erik: Heh. Well, The Sleek Squad did get their power, and I suppose they deserved it for the crap we geeks get. Every geek gets his day.

*the others nod before venturing off*

Gary: Some hereos we turned out to be.

Ben: Yeah...shows how stupid and cruel humanity can be to people.

Rich: And what can happen to those who take it the wrong way.

Erik: At least we showed these guys that revenge isn't always the answer.

Britt: Yep! In due time...they'll learn to fight back in a different and less dangerous manner.

Odin: Hopefully...

Narrator: Finally...*ahem* anyways, at the Megaopolis Prison.

Fred: This is only a minor set back.

Lance: Yeah...we now know the trick to getting our powers back!

Dash: They think they can hold us in this rubber room...but we will find a way to spark our powers back!

Peter: And when we do...we'll fix our weakness so we'll never lose them again...

Fred: And when that is done...we'll have our revenge on all of those who laughed at us...

*they cackle in the darkned room*