The NEW Sinister Six in:

Flameman Returns!

Gary: He's baaaaaaack! Vanished since the Twilight Zone Epilouge and his first incounter with the old Sinister Six (Not released yet), he's finally made his way back to the scene. Course will he be welcomed by the new team? Some old friends may not take his annoying and childish tactics to lightly. Welp, read on!

Narrator: At the Sinister Six Mansion, our heroes are sitting back and relaxing, for since the Kefka and Doc Robot Incident, things have been pretty quiet.

Ben: This is this what it's like on the Sinister Six? Just sit around on our butts and do nothing!?

Gary: It is rather quiet around here...I suppose all that crap that has happend before kinda makes up for it now. I admit, it's never 'this' quiet.

Erik: Well, let's make something good out of the situation and tidy up around here.

Ben: I don't do housework.

Erik: *glares*

Ben: *picks up broom* I do now!

Rich: *comes in* Hey guys, some guys house just blew up!

Ben: *sweeping* Must you always tell us what's going on with the news?

Gary: He's bored Ben, plus we always need to keep an eye on things.

Rich: *goes back into the tv room* Don't worry, I'll be our watchful eyes while you guys clean up!

Ben: *grumbles* Lousy...

Erik: Now now Ben...tommorow it'll be Katto's turn to mow the grass.

Ben: *smiles evilly*

*suddenly the doorbell rings*

Ben: GARY!!

Gary: Yeah yeah...*answers the door*

Erik: *looks to see who it is* Oh we go.

Ken: Hey Ice Dork, what's shaking?

Gary: Heya Ken, haven't seen you in a long while. What's up?

Ken: Nothing got a problem.

Gary: What's wrong man?

Ken: I kinda need a place to stay.

Erik: *in the background* NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Gary: *ignores him* What's wrong with your house?

Ken: Hehehehe...the funniest thing. See the Texas Rangers were up by 3...and then the there was a hit to 2nd resulted in those idiots blowing the game.

Gary: What does that have to do with your house?

Ken: I kinda lost my temper at the game...and blew it up.

Gary: ..............

Rich: *comes in suddenly* So it was you on the news whose house blew up!

Erik: Sorry Vacancy! *slams the door*

Gary: *opens it up* Erik!

Erik: If he stays here Gary...he'll end up blowing up our base!

Ken: I promise I'll behave...honest.

Erik: That's what you said last time...

Gary: Come on Erik...I'm sure it'll be fine. Just for a while though. K?

*Both Ken and Erik nod*

Erik: Somehow I feel like I'm going to regret this.

Rich: So you're the 'Ken' that Gary has been talking about?

Ken: Yup! That's me!

Ben: *vacuuming* With all the stories I've heard...I'm surprised you're not wanted by the FBI.

Ken: Huh?

Gary: Ummm...let's discuss that at another time Ben!

Ken: Whaaaaaaaa?

Erik: Don't worry about it Ken...we got Hooter Wings.

Ken: *runs in* Ohhhhhh...where!?

Erik: We'll wait tell dinner like very other human.

Ken: Oh.

Britt: *comes in with Odin following* Hey, whose this? Flameman from the X's Gladiators?

Ben: Nope, this is Ken. The other Flameman.

Britt: Oh...*waves* Hi there!

Gary: He'll be staying with us for a while.

Odin: Cool. We can always use another sucker....errr...friend to help with the chores!

Ken: *is off playing his video games*

Odin: Or not...

Gary: Unfortunatly he's a guest, so he doesn't have to clean.

Ben: *grumbles under his breath*

(Later that night when everyone was in bed)

Ken: COME ON YOU STUPID MORONS! CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT! *watching the Dallas Mavericks play*

Gary: *down the hall* Oh no...he's watching basketball...


Erik: *wakes up* KEN! SHUT UP!!

Ken: Sorry...

Gary: *smiles as he drifts off to sleep*



Ben:'re making me don't want me angry...

Ken: Okay..okay...goodnight guys!

*quiet until*


Ben: Alright...that's it. *storms down to Ken's room*

Gary: *runs out* It's okay Ben! I'll get him quiet!

Ben: You'd better! I treasure my sleep more than ANYTHING! SHUT HIS ASS UP!!

Gary: *knocks at Ken's door*

Ken: What!? I'm busy watching the game!

Gary: You need to keep it down man...we are trying to sleep here!

Ken: Sorry...

*silence passes*


Ben: *picks up the tv and throws it out the window and goes back to bed* I promised Gary...I wouldn't kill you...

Ken: Whoah...

(the next morning)

Erik: *groggly* I didn't get a ounce of sleep last night.

Ben: Me either...I swear I'm going to take that voice box and shove it...

Gary: *comes in with Ken with a fake smile at Ben* Hey guys! Ken's decided to take us out to breakfast due to his outbursts last night!

Ken: Yeah...sorry about that. Even though I donno who won the game..I suppose going to eat will make everyone happy.

Odin: *half asleep* Where are we going?


Erik: *groans* Figures...

Ben: As long as he's paying, I don't care where we go.

*So the S6 and Ken head off to breakfast at Hooters*

Britt: I still don't like the fact that woman are dressed up like that and wait around on people. It's so appaling.

Rich: I heare ya Britt, but men gotta have some fun!

Gary: *checks out a waitress*

Britt: *slaps Gary* Eyes over here!

Gary: *laughs* I was only messing.

Ken: I only come here for the wings!!!

Erik: Yeah...we know.

Waitress: Are you ready to or....

Ken: I'll have 20 Bently Wings! All Drums! Two orders of Ranch Dressing! A Dr. Pepper! And make sure the wings come out soon! I"M HUUUUUUNNNGRY!! *rubs his stomach and licks his lips*

*everyone in the restraunt is staring at the S6 and Ken*

Erik: *hides his face behind a menu* Oh for petes sakes...

Ben: Can't you wait until she finishes her sentance?

Ken: FOOD! EAT! STARVING! *pounds forks on table*

Gary: Ken...what have I told you?

Ken: Food later!

*soon everyone ordered their food*

Britt: *stares Oddly at Ken who checks to see if his food is ready* So Ken...How long have you known Gary here?

Ken: Huh? Oh...I've known Gary for...*sees the Mavericks score from the night before* YOU IDIOTS LOST! fOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU LET A TEAM...


*everyone looks at them again*

Erik: *sighs as Britt pats him on the shoulder*

Britt: It's okay...don't worry about it.

Gary: Yeah...I've known Ken for what...five years now?

Britt: *nodds as she looks at Ken who is fussing over the Maverick's score*

Odin: Is he always like this?

Erik: Yes...*says right before Gary*

Rich: Hey, our food is ready.

*the waitress brings the orders and before she can put Ken's wings down*

Ken: *eats one* YUUUUUUCCKK! THESE WINGS ARE TERRIBLE! *knocks the plate from her hand* I WANT THEM WITH MORE SAUSE!

Erik: THAT'S IT!!

Gary: *holds him down* I got it Erik...

Gary: *faces the waitress* I'm sorry about *gives her some tip money* Just add a bit more sause to these wings.

*she nodds with frustration and leaves*

Ben: Not even I would react that way to someone...

Gary: Now now...Ken's just a bit picky with his food.

*So the wings come out and everyone eats and finishes*

Odin: Ahhh...that was good.

Ben: I loved the fried Pickles...scrumptous.

Gary: Good good, okay Ken, you got the bill?

Erik: *whispers* He'd better, after what he pulled earlier...

Ken: *checks his wallet* Ummm...guys?

The Six: *with annoyed looks* What?

Gary: What's wrong Ken?

Ken: Ummmm...My credit card was kinda in my house when it blew I kind of money.

The Six: *groan loudly*

Ben: I'll kill him...I'll...

Gary: *holds Ben back* It's alright man. I got it covered.

*So Gary pays the bill of 250.00 and the crew head home*

Erik: *whispering* Gary...we could of chipped in a little.

Gary: Don't worry about it...I didn't want to make anyone mad.

Erik: He's driving us all mad...

Gary: I know...but he's an old friend and a guest at our house.

Erik: *sighs*

*At S6 H.Q.*

Gary: I got to use the right back.

Ben: *rubs his hands* Now...let's do this!

*the other Six nod vilely*

Erik: Ummm...Ken...can we talk to you?

Ken: Sure...make it quick though. I got things to do inside.

Ben: Hey Ken...can you look in this bag for me?

Ken: I donno...why?

Erik: There's a Hooter wing in there.

Ken: Alright! *looks in*

Odin: *pushes Ken into the bag*

Rich: NOW!

*Katto and Odin put Ken in a giant sling shot and shoot him way over the horizen*

Erik: comes Gary.

Gary: Hey guys, with a little work, we maybe able to make up that bill...hey...where's Ken?

Odin: Oh umm...he said he had to go. *looks to the others for support*

Britt: Yeah! He said he had something important to do!

Gary: *hugs Britt tightly* Oh...I see. Welp, you guys can relax now.

*they all nod with evil smiles*

*Later that day*

Erik: So...anyone up for some roleplaying?

Ben: sitting around and doing nothing.

Odin: I'm game...I promise I won't God mode.

*everyone grunts*

Gary: So what will we be roleplaying today Kiddos?

Ken: How about Yugioh!

Erik: Nah...that show is so...*looks* KEN!!??

*everyone gasps*

Gary: Ken! You're back!

Ken: Yeah...I was caught inside some large bag, but broke free and found my way home!

Gary: Cool, so Yugioh okay with you guys?

Erik: *nodds to the others* Ummm...Gary, can I talk to you for a minute?

Gary: Sure! Be right back guys!

*Erik and Gary leave the room*

Ben: *grabs Ken by the collar* I donno how you did it...but this time there will be no returns!

Ken: What are you talkin...*is tossed into a large box*

Rich: *puts a lock on it*

Britt: These should do. *wraps the box in chains*

Odin: Quick! Before they get back!

*they teleport off to the lake and drop the locked, chained box into the watery abyss and teleport back just as Gary and Erik came back*

Erik: And...that's why Transformers should be the number one anime!

Gary: True, but I still...hey..where's Ken?

Ben: Ohhh...ummm...he said he was hungry and went out to eat.

Odin: Also something about finding a apartment. With a swimming pool!

*the others giggle*

Gary: Ohhh...well...he didn't even say goodbye.

Erik: It's 'Ken' Gary. Don't worry about it.

*later that night*

Britt: *stretchs* Well...this has been one fun filled evening. If you all don't mind, I think I'll turn in? Care to join me Gary? *she growls at Gary*

Gary: Very funny...*he said laughing*

Odin: *yawns* I'm looking forward to a nice quiet night this time.

Erik: Me too. Good night guys. *turns off the lights*

Ben: G' night.

Rich: Night all!

Ken: Night!




*the lights turn on*

Gary: Ken! You're back!

Ken: Yeah...well you know me!

*The other six stare at each other dumbfolded*

Ben: Didn't we...

Britt: *covers his mouth* Yeah...We forgot to lock the front door...Gary was just about to check it!

Gary: I was...? *looks to see the others looking at him* Oh yeah...guess I forgot. Be right back.

*Gary leaves*

Erik: *grabs Ken*

Ken: Really...what's up with you guys?

Erik: Open the window Ben.

Ben: *opens the window*

Erik: *winds up all his strength into his fist*

Britt: This isn't going to be pretty.

Ken: Ohhh...look at all the stars out tonight? Think the Rangers will win?

Erik: Don't know...don't care. *winds up and tosses Ken out the window with every ounce of strength he could administer*

Ben: *closes the window*

Gary: *comes back* The door was already locked guys...uhhh..where's Ken?

Odin: He went back to his apartment. Said he needed a good window view.

*the others snicker*

Gary: *looks at them oddly* I see...

Britt: *comforts Gary* Let's go to bed.

Gary: *smiles* Okay!

*the lights turn off and they sleep a good nights rest*

Narrator: God..when do I get to announce something! Anyways... the next morning!

Erik: *comes in* Good morning all! Sleep good?

Odin: I did!

Britt: So, what's for breakfast!

Gary: Donno, how does blueberry waffles sound?

Ben: Good, I'll set the table.

*Ken comes in*

Ken: Morning everyone!

The Six: Morning Ken.

Gary: KEN!!

*The others drop what they are doing*

Ken: Yeah...I decided to sleep in the din. Since Ben threw the TV out the window I had to listen to the game on the radio!


*everyone looks at Erik*

Erik: I've tried being nice...I've tried throwing hints..I've tried being patient. Ken!! YOU CAN'T STAY HERE!!

Gary: But Erik...


Gary: But....


Gary: Where is he going to stay?

Ben: Anywhere but here! Isn't there someone else he can go annoy?

Erik: *smiles evilly* Hmmmmm...Hey Ken...sorry about that outburst there.

Ken: Well you should be.

*everyone looks at Erik oddly*

Erik: make it up to you, how about I take you somewhere where there are lots of Hooter Wings!

Ken: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

*Later at the Mechanical Maniacs base*

Nightmare: Gauntlet! There's a package for you!

Gauntlet: *puffs in* Hey...why does it have holes in it...

Ken: *bursts out* Hey guys! The Sinister Six said I can stay with you!

Gauntlet: Ken?

Ken: Yup! *invites himself in* Hey...nice place you got here? You got a TV?

*meanwhile back at S6 H.Q*

Erik: *on the phone* JUST DEAL WITH IT GUYS!! *hangs up*

Ben: So was I right?

Gary: 10 minutes...that's all it took.

Odin: Even Gauntlet has his limits.

Britt: Some hereos we turned out to be.

Rich: Yeah...instead of dealing with the problem, we gave it to someone else.

Odin: But at least we won't be seeing him again.

Gary: *throws out all the Hooter Wings* Amen...sorry I didn't agree with you guys earlier. He's a good friend, but he's a bit of a nusisance.

Erik: A bit?

*later at the Cossack's Comrade's Castle*

Geoff: Anime Master! Package for you? It's from the Mechs!

A.M.: *comes in* Why are there holes in it?



Ken: Ohhhh...come on! Someone has to let me live with them! I'll behave! I promise!!