The NEW Sinister Six in:

Poke' Napped

Ben: Gosh...First Power Rangers, then Harry Potter, and the Teen Titans, and now this? We just can't get enough of these spiffy cross overs can we? Anyways, here we meet up with some pretty intresting people!

Narrator: Things are quiet in Sinister Six Headquarters this morning...until...Ben wakes up to see that one of his greatest treasures have gone...missing...

Ben: *ROARS LIKE MD* Okay! Where is he!? *flames the hallways*

Erik: *gets up* Ohhhh...what is all the noise out here?

Ben: Where is he! Where's Deludge!

Erik: Deludge...who or what is that?

Gary: *comes out* What's all the commotion...*drowzy*

Ben: YOU!! *grabs Gary by the collar*

Gary: AAAACCKK! It wasn't me...I swear!


Erik: *breaks the two up* Let's hear his side of the story before we start pointing fingers.

Ben: Grrr....Deludge is missing! He always sleeps next to me at night...

Erik: Stop...who is Deludge?

Gary: Yeah...why would I take something if I don't even know what it is?

Ben: *growls at Gary* Deludge is my Precious Pet Pokemon Pikachu!

Gary: Precious Pet Pokemon Pikachu...whoah..try saying that five times fast. *tries it*

Ben: ARRRRRRRRGGG! *tries to go after Gary*


Erik: Alright...alright...Gary this is serious. I didn't know you had a pokemon Ben.

Ben: *groans* I've had him for a while. I want to evolve it into a Raichu...but I lack the Thunderstone.

Erik: Where did you get it?

Ben: In Hoenn. Professor Birch had several baby pokemon that he wanted people to adopt and train. Naturally I wanted one. I got a Pikachu, and been in love with it ever sense. NOW GARY....

Leon: Hey guys...there's a couple of wierdo's running around our mansion. They claim they finally got Pikachu!

Ben: ..............

Gary: .............

Erik: Why didn't you stop them Leon?!

Leon: I didn't know we had a I figured it didn't matter!

Erik: Uggg...we really need to up the security around here...


Jesse: Oh Great! How do we get out of here?

James: I don't know Jesse, this place is a maze!

Meowth: That's right. Maybe if you outta look before you leap, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Jesse: Shut your trap Meowth! You're not helping one bit!


Jesse: You're not helping either! Get back in your pokeball! *calls it back*

Ben: You three have a lot of guts coming all the way out here to steal my pokemon.

James: Uh's the owner!

*Gary and Erik come in*

Gary: You're in a heap of trouble...I don't like being blammed for something I didn't do.

Jesse: Uggg...and he's brought some friends. Time for our motto!

Jesse: Prepare for trouble

James: Make it double.

Jesse: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jesse: Jesse

James: James

Jesse: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth: Meowth! Thatís Right!


Gary: *snore*

Erik: *drools*

Jesse: Uggg...again with the sleeping!? Our motto isn't that it?

James: I don't useful for those Insomniacs...who never sleep.

Meowth: Listen here! While they are snoozing, they are loosing! Let's get out here!

Jesse: Meowth is right! Now's our chance!

*they try to leave but find Ben standing in their way*

Ben: *glaring* Give me my pokemon.

James: Uh oh...he's got us Jesse.

Rich: *comes running out* Gotta use the restroom! Get out of the way everyone! *knocks Ben away*

Meowth: NOOOWWW! *they make a run for it*

Rich: *rams into a sleeping Gary and Erik* OUT OF MY WAY!!

Gary: Ugggg...what happend?

Erik: Why am I asleep on the floor in the middle of the hallway?

Ben: ARRRRRGGGG! *chases after Team Rocket*

Gary: Hmmm... I think our answer lies within Ben. Let's follow!

Erik: *nods*

*Ben chases Team Rocket outside while almost running into Britt*

Britt: Whoah! I was only at the Super Market! *Ben runs past*

Gary: Come on Britt! *grabs her as they run off after Ben*

Britt: *drops the groceries* What about Leon and Rich?

Erik: No time! Those two up there are thieves and we need to catch them!

Britt: Alright...wait for me then!

*So the crew chase Jesse, James and Meowth until....*

Ben: *puffs* I give up...I can't run any further.

Gary: *huffs* Same...where are we?

Erik: *shrug* I don't know.

Ben: We're in the Hoenn Region.

Britt: The Pokemon place?

Gary: But I thought Hoenn was an did we get here?

Ben: It's a S6 doesn't have to be explained.

Erik: Figures....*sighs*

Professor Birch: Ben! Long time no see! How's your Pikachu doing?

Ben: *grumbles* Team Rocket stole him...

Professor Birch: Oh dear...that is horrible Ben! Terrible! Devestating! Totally...

Britt: Yes...we get it!

Erik: there anyway we can get Pikachu back?

Professor Birch: Take your pokemon and go after them! That's the only way!

Gary: We don't have any pokemon.

Professor Birch: WHAT?!

Erik: Plus, can't we just use our own powers too...

Ben: Can't. Here you have to use pokemon to do your fighting.

Britt: Makes sense...I suppose.

Erik: what do we do?

Professor Birch: You guys are in luck! I Happen to have more pokemon that need trainers.

Erik: Really?

Gary: very own Pokemon.

Professor Birch: If you guys would so kindley step into my lab, we'll get you some.

Ben: You guys go ahead, I'm going after Deludge.

Professor Birch: Ben, you're going to need another pokemon if you're going out there alone. Here. *Birch hands Ben a Pokeball* I think this one is right up your alley.

Ben: Hmmmm...*releases the pokemon*

Torchic: TOOORRR...Torchic!

Britt:'s so cute!

Ben: It is kinda nice. *picks it up*

Torchic: Chick...*it nudges Ben on the cheek*

Ben: Cute. It sizzles. Heh. I'll name it Sizzle! You like that?

Torchic: *barfs out flames*

Ben: I'll take that as a yes.

Professor Birch: Good you three. Here's your pokemon.

Britt: Yay! Can't wait to see it! *releases*

Gary: My own pokemon eh...*releases*

Erik: *does the same*


Ben:'s a Skittie.

Skitty:: *runs around chasing its tail*

Britt: *picks it up and cuddles* Awwww...whose my wittle skittles! I'll name it Skittles!

Erik: What exactly is this...?

Professor Birch: It's a Spinda. The Spot Panda Pokemon.

Erik: Panda eh? I'm liking him already.

Spinda: *dances around all dizzy* Spiiiinda!

Erik: *calls it back* Darth...who likes that name?

Gary: Why is my pokemon taking a crap on my foot?

Professor Birch: got the stubborn one Gary. Sorry. He's a bit uneasy to work with...


*everyone covers their ears*

Erik: it back!

Gary: *calls it back* acts like a raging elephant. That's what I'll name him. Elephant. *groans*

Professor Birch: Elephant? *shudders* Anyways, now that you all have your pokemon, you should be equipped to get Ben's Pikachu back.

Ben: Yes, he's my first pokemon, and he means a lot to me. Let's go gang.

Britt: *snuggles her Skitty* Our first Pokemon Journey! I'm ready!

Gary: *grumbles* Why do I always get the stubborn pet?

Erik: Onward!

Narrator: And so our heroes...errr Pokemon trainers head off to find Team Rocket and Ben's missing Pikachu.


Jesse: I think we lost him.

James: *looks at the PokeballDeludge is in* Good, we got the prize! We finally caught Pikachu!

Meowth: Granted it's not the twerps Pikachu...but it'll work just fine with me!

James: The boss will be so happy!


James: We'll be Team Rocket's number one men!

Meowth: Imagine me being the official Team Rocket spokes person!

Jesse: I imagine you being Team Rocket's offical mascot.

Meowth: Hey! Whose idea was it to snatch that Fireman's pikachu huh?

James: Shhh...quiet. I see someone coming.

Meowth: It's the twerp! And Pikachu! And they're all alone!

Jesse: Hmmmm...but we already got a Pikachu!

Meowth: Why settle for only one Pikachu, when we can have twice the award! Imagine the Boss sitting alone outside his campsite! There's no electricty to power up anything! But what would he do with two Pikachu!? Why he'd have all the power he needed to lighten up everything! And this is what he'd say!

Giovanni: *in Meowth's voice* "Wow, these two Pikachu really helped me out of a problem! And it's all thanks to Meowth and friends who gave me these two wonderful spark plugs! I'll reward them well for this special day!"

Meowth: You know what'll happen after that right?

James: Raises and Promotions!

Jesse: We'll be rich, rich, rich! Let's do it! Snag that other Pikachu!

Meowth: Yeah!

*As for our heroes*

Pokemon Trainer: I challenge one of you to a match! Three on Three!

Ben: Each of us only has one pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer: Really? Hmmm...well three of you against me!

Gary: Isn't that against the rules?

Ben: I don't know and I don't care! Let's just finish this dolt so I can find my Pikachu!

Gary: I'll go first...

Erik: You sure that's a good idea?

Gary: Best get it over with. I'll probably get creamed with a stubborn pokemon.

*Gary calls out his Phanpy*


*Everyone covers their ears*

Gary: Phanpy! Stop it!

Phanpy: *looks up at Gary and sticks up its nose*

Pokemon Trainer: Hah! It doesn't even like you! Go Tauros!

*The Tauros appears*

Pokemon Trainer: Tauros! Use Take Down!

*Tauros builds up speed and rushes at the little Phanpy*

Erik: Gary! Do something!

Ben: Use Rollout.

Gary: Okay. Phanpy! Rollout!

Phanpy: *ignores Gary and takes a leak on the ground*

The others: 0_o

Pokemon Trainer: This is to easy!

*However The Tauros slips on the pee spot and ends up hitting a tree*

Ben: The hell....

Pokemon Trainer: WHAT!? THAT'S UNFAIR! *calls Tauros back* I'm mad! Go Farfetch'd

Farfetch'd: Farfetch'd...*swings his green onion stick*

Erik: Your pokemon doesn't listen to you Gary! Let one of us take over!

Gary: That's just it Erik! I got to MAKE him listen! PHANPY! USE ROLLOUT NOW!

Phanpy: *falls asleep*

Britt: *sweat drop* Poor Gary...

Pokemon Trainer: I didn't even have to use Hypnosis! Go Farfetch'd! Use Fury Cutter!

Farfetch'd: *slashes Phanpy with his onion stick*

Ben: He's done for...

Erik: What the?

Phanpy: *begins eating Farfetch'd onion stick*

Farfetch'd: 0_o

Pokemon Trainer: Hey! Stop it!

Phanpy: *burps and the onion breath knocks it out*

Farfetch'd: X_X

Ben: Is it me...or is Gary getting a lucky break?

Erik: Don't ask...

Britt: *shrugs*

Pokemon Trainer: Alright...that's it. You've forced me to use my best pokemon! *calls back Farfetch'd*. Go! Gyarados!

Gyarados: *ROARS*

Erik: I don't care what luck Gary has...against means nothing!

Ben: It's to high level. We just got our pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer: Hyper Beam!

Gyarados: *shoots hyper beam at the vulnerable Phanpy*

Ben: Quick Gary! Use Defense Curl! That should knock off some of the damage!

Gary: *nods* Phanpy! Defense Curl NOW!!

Phanpy: *ignores Gary and runs towards a tree with fruit in it*

*the hyper beam misses!*

Pokemon Trainer: Huh!?

Phanpy: *looks at the fruit high into the tree and hits it head first*

Britt: What is it doing?


Pokemon Trainer: Hydro Pump Gyarados!

Ben: That's not good! It's a water attack!

Britt: So?

Ben: Ground types are weak against water!

Britt: Oh no! Gary!

*before Gyarados can shoot out his hydro pump a bunch of mangoes hit it on the head*

Phanpy: *hits the tree so more mangoes fall out then it eats the ones that land by it*

Gyarados: *faints* X_X

Pokemon Trainer: .............


Ben: Right...we'll be going now.

Erik: Yeah...Hehehehehehe. *whispers* Get your pokemon and let's jet.

Gary: *nodds* Return Phanpy. *calls it back*

Britt: Heh...nice day for a battle eh? Later...*she runs to catch up to the others*

Pokemon Trainer: ................

Ben: Wow...that was close! I don't believe that battle was so onesided!

Erik: I believe it...*glares at Gary*

Gary: What?

Britt: My honey...such a strong trainer!

Gary: But I didn't even do anything!

Britt: That's what makes you so strong...

Gary: *sighs as he pets Britt's Skitty* Why couldn't I have a laid back pokemon like that?

Ben: Oh grow up Gary! Just train it non stop! I'm sure it'll obey you sooner or later.

Gary: *shrugs*

Erik: Speaking of which...maybe we should let our pokemon out and get to know them...

Ben: Shhhh...I hear something!

Gary's Pokeball: *FART!!*

Gary: Wasn't me?

Ben: *sweat drop* No...something else.

Narrator: Not far off.

Ash: NOOO!! Pikachu!

*Team Rocket laugh from their hot air balloon*

Jesse: Prepare for trouble

James: Make it double.

Jesse: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jesse: Jesse

James: James

Jesse: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth: Meowth! Thatís Right!


*Gary and Erik fall asleep*

Britt: Huh?

Ben: Ugggg...not again...

Jesse: Hey...I recognize that snoring...

James: Yes, it sounds vaquley familier.

Meowth: Oh no! It's the other twerps!

Jesse: The least you can guys can do is stop falling asleep during our MOTTO!

*Britt and Ben run up by Ash*

Ben: They take your Pikachu too!?

Ash: Yeah! I know you?

Ben: Maybe...let's try to get them out of that balloon!

Ash: Right! Come on out Taillow!

Ben: Let's go Torchic! Use Ember on the balloon!

Torchic: Tooorchic! *uses Ember and the balloon catchs on fire*

James: AAACKK! Oh no! We're getting burned! Litterally!

Jesse: I ain't doing down without a fight! Seviper! Haze!

Ash: Taillow! Blow it all away with Gust!

Taillow: Tailllloww! *blows it away*

Britt: Now what?

Ben: Let's combine those attacks!

Ash: Alright! Use Gust again Taillow!

Ben: Use Ember into the Gust Sizzle!

*they do as instructed and soon a tornado of fire erupts Team Rocket*

James: *grabs Jesse's hair* AAAAAHHH! We're done for!

Jesse: Get off me you nit wit! *knocks Ash's Pikachu and Ben's Pokeball off the balloon by accident*

Meowth: Now look what you did! We lost our promotions!

Ash: *catchs Pikachu* Pikachu! Finish them with Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: PIKA!

James: Did he just say what I think he said?

Meowth: Afraid so...

*Pikachu shocks the balloon and it explodes sending Team Rocket off*

Team Rocket: We're blasting off again! *ding*

Ben: My Deludge! *picks up his pokeball and releases it*

Deludge: PIKA! *hugs Ben*

Britt: I love happy endings! *snuggles her Skitty*

Erik: Me too! *plays with his new Spinda*

Gary: Me thre....*Phanpy takes a leak on Gary* HEY!

Ash: Wow, you have a pikachu too?

Ben: I do...hey what's this?

Gary: *calls back his pokemon* Looks like a yellow stone.

Ash: Oh...The Thunder Stone! Team Rocket said they had that. They were going to use it to evolve one of our Pikachu's and have both evolutions.

Ben: Hmmmm...

Deludge: *picks it up and looks at Ben* Pika! Pika, Pika Chu!

Ben: What's that? You want to use it?

Deludge: *nods* Pikachu!

Gary: It wants to evolve?

Ben: Well...okay. Go for it little guy.

*Deludge grabs it and then transforms into a Raichu*

Deludge: Rai....Raichu!?

Ben: Hey there buddy. You never looked so good.

Deludge: Rai! *jumps into Ben's arms*

*everyone awwwed except for Gary who was cleaning the pee stains off his boots*

Narrator: And so later, Ash and crew decided to have a Pokemon Battle before the S6 head back home.

Ash: Okay. Four on Four battle!

Britt: *steps up first* Okay Skittles! Ready?

Skitty: Mreowwww!

Ash: Let's go Corpish! Corpish! Crab Hammer!

Britt: Skitty! Use Sing!

Skitty: *sings and Ash's Corpish falls asleep*

Ash: Ahhhh!!

Britt: Double Slap!

*Skitty hits Corpish two times which wake it up*

Ash: Quick Corpish! Use Bubble Beam!

*The bubble beam hits its mark*

Britt: Skitty! NOO!!

Ben: It's still a baby...Ash's pokemon however is far more advanced unfortunatly.

Gary: I'll go next.

Erik: Good luck...

Gary: Let's go Phanpy!

Phanpy: *farts* Phanpy!

*everyone covers their nose*

Ash: AAhhh...what have you been feeding that thing!?

Ben: do know you're at a disadvantage here right?

Ash: *notices* Corphish! Bubble Beam!

Phanpy: *sneezes forcefully and loudly and sends the Bubble beam right back at Corpish*


*Phanpy starts to glow*

Ben: Holy Hannah! Gary! It's evolving!

Gary: Already...but...but...

Ben: Well it won three battles in a row back it got all the experience it needed.

Erik: Make it four...

Ash: I think the fart knocked my Corpish out.

Donphan: DONPHAN!

Gary: Wow...he's amazing! I bet he'll listen to me now! Wontcha boy...? *pets him*

Donphan: *looks at Gary and throws dust in his face*

Gary: Aaaaahhh!!

Erik: Well not everything turns out good.

Ash: Return Corpish! Go Taillow!

Taillow: Taillow!

Ben: Hmmm...still not good. None of Donphan's ground based attacks will effect Taillow.

Donphan: *smells the left over mangoes in Gary's Pokeball and retreats back into it*

Gary: ............

Ash: ..........

Ben: lose Gary.

Gary: *sweat drop* WHAT?

Erik: Oh for petes sakes. Let's go Darth!

Spinda: Spinnnnda!

Ash: Taillow Use Wing Attack!

*it moves so fast that Spinda didn't have time to dodge*

Erik: Uggggg...

Ben: Use Uproar Erik!

Erik: Errr...Uproar!

Spinda: *yells loudly which causes Taillow to fall to the ground*

Ben: Nice, now use Tackle!

Erik: Let me do this on my own Ben. Ummm....Tackle!

Ben: .......

Spinda: SPINDA! *tackles Taillow*

Ash: I'm not through yet! Taillow! Peck Attack!

Taillow: *pecks Spinda until it faints*

Spinda: X_X

Erik: Hey! Not fair!

Ben: Remember Erik...all our pokemon are still new at this. Go Deludge!

Gary: We've lost all our pokemon, but Ash has only lost one!

Erik: Ben'll really have to bring this out of the water.

Britt: Can he defeat three pokemon though?

Ben: Deludge! Use Agility!

Deludge: *runs so fast that Taillow loses track of him*

Taillow: Taillow?

Ash: Taillow! Try to track him!

Ben: To late! Deludge! Thunder Shock!

*I direct hit which instantly KO's Taillow*

Ben: Weak to electric and was worn out from the last battle.

*the others cheer*

Ash: Alright...alright. Here we go Treecko!

Treecko: Treecko! *puts a stick in his mouth*

Ben: Hmmm...If only I could use my Torchic.

Gary: Ben's at a disadvantage this time.

Britt: *gulps*

Ash: Use Bullet Seed!

Treecko: *shoots out bullets like a machine gun*

Ben: Dodge!

*Deludge dodges*

Ash: Use Pound!

Treecko: TREEKKKOOO! *pounds Deludge back*

Ben: Swift!

Deludge: RAAAAIIICHUUU! *shoots a bunch of stars at Treecko who is reared back*

Ash: Use Bullet Seed again!

Ben: Counter with Swift Attack!

*both attacks cancel each other out*

Ash: Try using Pound again!

Ben: Now to show you why I call my pokemon Deludge. Surf Deludge!

Deludge: RAAAII!! *uses Surf which completly catchs Treecko by surprise*

Ash: AAAHHH Impossible!

Ben: Nothing's impossible with a little training.

Ash: Still didn't do any good! Water has little effect on grass types!

Ben: True...but he's still wet. Deludge! Jump in the air!

Gary: What's he doing?

Erik: He's got something planned...

Ash: Jump up and pound him Treecko!

Treecko: *jumps in the air to prepair to attack*


Deludge: *shocks the already wet Treecko*

*Since Treecko is wet and is off the ground where it can't protect him from electric attacks, he is KOed*


Erik: Nice Strategy Ben.

Gary: Very Nice.

Ash: Well, I still have Pikachu! Go Pikachu!

Ben: Heh. This outta be good.

Gary: OOOOOhhhhh...

*And the battle continued on until it was time to go home*

Narrator: At Sinister Six Headquarters.

Leon: So who won!!

Rich: Yeah! Tell me you beat that bloody brat to a pulp!

Ben: That's for us to know and for you to find out. *grins*

Erik: Yup. Some heroes we turned out to be.

Gary: We got our own Pokemon!

Britt: *pets her Skitty* Awwww...she's so cute. I'm happy!

Skitty: *Purrs in her lap*

Leon: So where's our Pokemon?

Ben: I had Professor Birch send them over. You'll have to wait a few days to see what they are.

Leon: Cool!

Rich: Ummm...Gary...why is your pokemon eating all the food in the fridge.


Donphan: PHAAAANNN! *uses roll out on Gary*

Erik: *sighs* At least he finally got him to use that move.

Gary: *while wrestling with Donphan* Hey Guys! Check this out! *plays Team Rocket's Motto on a tape player*

Erik: Nooo...nooo..*falls asleep*.

Britt: Welp, sleep won't be a problem around here anymore...