The NEW Sinister Six in:

Attack of Rita Repulsa

Ben: In this story we meet those spiffy Power Rangers. And we even get a chance to become one! So what happens when Rita decides to take her frustration out on the Sinister Six? One way to find out now.

Narrator: And so on Rita Repulsa's base on the moon, the queen of chaos and destruction plots her next vile scheme.

Rita Repulsa: Finister! GET IN HERE!

Finster: Yes your nastyness. What can I do for you?

Rita Repulsa: I'm going to need a monster of destruction! Now!

Finster: Already? But that was your 5th monster this week!

Rita Repulsa: I don't care! MAKE ME ANOTHER ONE!

Eye Guy: about me?

Rita Repulsa: You've failed me to many times!

Eye Guy: But...



Finster: If I may make a suggestion.


Finster: But the machine is...




Finster: Okay...okay, lets calm down. With Goldar on vacation, and the machine broken.


Finster: Yes my queen, but..

Rita Repulsa: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!


Rita Repulsa: Sorry...wait did you just..

Finster: Why don't you just use Eye Guy for now until the machine is fixed.

Eye Guy: Yeah! Use me!

Rita Repulsa: Eye Guy has failed to destroy the Power Rangers! And I failed to destroy the Mechanical Maniacs! But what about those Sinister Six idiots?

Finster: Yes...they seem pretty suitable for fighting. There's only six of them after all.

Rita Repulsa: Good! Eye Guy, go megaopolis and crush them!

Eye Guy: Yay! I'm actually going to be useful! Here I go!

Rita Repulsa: I donno about him, but I do have a back up plan heh.

Eye Guy: Hey, I forgot about...


Eye Guy: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! *runs out screaming*

Narrator: Meanwhile at Sinister Six H.Q.


Erik: What the hell is wrong that you have to scream so darn loud!?

Rich: Oh, I just nailed my thumb to the nail post.

Erik: Good thing you're a robot.

Rich: No kidding sherlock.

Erik: So what are you building anyways?

Rich: A new figure.

Erik: Cool. It's pretty ugly.

Rich: Well monsters are supposed to be ugly, now if you excuse me, I gotta figure to finish.

Erik: NO problem.

*Britt comes in*

Erik: What's up?

Britt: There's a monster attacking the city!

Erik: What? Uggggg...not now.

Rich: Right behind you guys! Let's snag the others and go!

Erik: Alright! Sinister Six Reunite!

*they teleport off*

10 minutes later someone teleports down...

Finster: I'm here my queen! Now to get some extra help!

*Finster looks around for anything then see's Rich's figure*

Finster: OH yes...this is nice. A perfect monster to use! Glad I fixed that blasted machine...Heheheheheh.

*Finster takes Rich's figure and teleports back to Rita's base*

Narrator: At the city.

Eye Guy: OOOOhhhh...this is fun! *blasts several cars*

*The Six teleport down*

Ben: Who the hell is this guy?

Leon: Donno, but he's going down! *gives Eye Guy a full throttle Thunder Beam*

Eye Guy: must be the Sinister Six!

Erik: Who the hell are you?

Eye Guy: I'm Eye Guy. I was sent by Rita Repulsa to destroy you!

Gary: Well you can tell this Rita Repulsa we aren't intrested in being destroyed!

Eye Guy: *fires off beams at the Six*

*sparks fly all over the place*

Rich: Uggggg...wasn't expecting that.

Erik: Let me at him! *punches Eye Guy into a building*

Eye Guy: Arrrrggg! *punches Erik back in the chest*

*sparks fly out of Erik's chest*

Erik: Damn...that smarts!

Ben: *flames Eye Guy* Take this!

Eye Guy: OOOH...that burns! Grrrr...*smacks Ben in the back*

Ben: Ack! *sparks fly*

*Gary attempts to freeze Eye Guy in the eyes, but he can't figure out which one to fire at and is knocked back by a laser blast*

Britt: Gary! You'll pay for that you eye sore! *fires off a Rolling Cutter and it peirces one of Eye Guy's eyes*

Eye Guy: AAAACCCCKKK!!! NO fair! *runs around blind*

Ben: Good job Britt!

Leon: Now we can finish him off!

Eye Guy: You guys don't fight fair! Now I gotta use my secret weapon! *holds out a weird coin*

Erik: No you don't! *Erik charges Eye Guy and knocks the coin from his hands*

Eye Guy: My secret Weapon!

Ben: *picks it up* It's a coin? So what?

Eye Guy: I can't use that awesome phrase...

Britt: What phrase was that?

Eye Guy: Oh...Velociraptor Power up!

Ben: Ummm...something's happening!

*Ben transforms into a new form*

Ben (O. Ranger): Hey...look at me!

Erik: You're a friggen Power Ranger! Now I know where I reckonized you! *points to Eye Guy*

Britt: It's a power coin. That's what transforms you into a Power Ranger! I didn't know there were more!

Eye Guy: Oh I'm in trouble. RITA! I NEED HELP!

*back at the Moon*


Finster: What's wrong now?

Rita Repulsa: That idiot Eye Guy is not only losing, but he gave the power coin to one of those idiots! Now I've lost control of the Orange Ranger!

Finster: Oh...this isn't good. I'll get to work on that monster that that guy made.

Rita Repulsa: Yes! Do it now!

Finster: *puts the figure into the machine* Here we go! Now to even the odds!

*Meanwhile back in Angel Grove*

Zordon: I'm glad you Rangers could make it.

Jason: What is it Zordon? Is it Rita?

Zordon: Yes, it seems that she's unleashed the last power coin. The Orange Ranger.

Trini: There's another Power Coin? How many of those does she have?

Zordon: Just two! I'm surprised she used it so soon. You have to go find out where she's using it and put a stop to it!

Billy: Right away! Let's go guys!

Zack: Here we go!

*they all teleport out*

Zordon: Good luck Rangers.

*Back at Megaopolis*

Ben (O. Ranger): *calls upon his Raptor Claw* (a sickle-like claw weapons mounted on the back of both wrists) This is awesome! *jumps over Eye Guy*

Eye Guy: I'm in trouble!

Ben (O. Ranger): I'll say so! *slash at Eye Guy with his raptor claw*

*sparks fly*

Eye Guy: *falls to the floor* Ooofff...

Rich: Damn...I wish I had a power coin.

Erik: Stop hogging all the glory Ben!

Ben (O. Ranger): *laughs* This rules! Yeah! *does awesome moves*

Gary: Now he's just showing off...

Ben (O. Ranger): *side sweeps Eye Guy and knocks him back down*

Eye Guy: Enough already! I'm beaten!

*suddenly a monster shows up*

Rich: The hell?

Erik: Ummmm...Rich...isn't that?

???: *roars* Nice to meet you Sinister Six.

Rich: Chaos Man?

Chaos Man: That's right. Rita had given me life! And she promises me lots of power if I kill you all.

Britt: Well this just got intresting. Rich's figure is going to try to kill us.

Chaos Man: *grabs his sword and slashes at them*

*they all get knocked to the floor*

Gary: Ugggg...this guy is strong.

Ben (O. Ranger): I'm a Power Ranger, let me handle this! *Ben slashes with his Power Claw*

*As much as Ben tried to overcome the monster he eventually was beaten*

Ben (O. Ranger):'s not enough.

Rich: Let us at him!

Leon: Let's go gang!

Ben: *de transforms* I think I'll stick with my fire power.

*The Sinister Six attack Chaos Man who continues knocking them back with his sword*

Britt: *throws her trademark Flaming Pitchfork at Chaos Man* Eat my fire power!

Chaos Man: *slices it in half*

Britt: Great...

Ben: How the hell did this guy get so tough?

Gary: Donno, but we gotta keep trying!

???: Mind if we help!?

Britt: Holy Moly! It's the real power rangers!

Kimberly: Let's go gang! *she arms her bow and fires three arrows at Chaos Man*

Chaos Man: ARrrrrggg!

Zack: This is one of Rita's Monsters? Talk about losing bad taste!

Rich: Hey!

Jason: Come on guys! Let's get him! *Jason charges with his sword in tow*

Billy: *slashes at Chaos Man*

Leon: These guys are doing a lot better than we did.

Ben: I'm not about to get showed up by these jerks, let's go Sinister Six!

Erik: Ben's right! Let's go!

*they jump in the battle, and with the sudden mass of help, Chaos Man was vastly outnumbered and over powered*

Chaos Man: Uggg...*rears back in Pain* I would of won if you idiots didn't show up!

Zack: Let's finish him guys! Power Axe!

Kimberly: Power Bow! *throws it and it attaches to Zack's Axe*

Trini: Power Daggers!

Billy: Power Lance!

Jason: Power Sword!

Jason: Now to finish this!

Eye Guy: *fires a blast at Jason* I don't think so!

Jason: Ugggg...*the power sequence was canceled* Nooo...

Eye Guy: forget about me did you?

*Back on the moon*

Rita Repulsa: Those meddlesome Rangers had to interfere eh? Well it's time I stepped up the notch! Finster! Activate the ray gun!

Finster: Right away my mistress! *He fires the ray gun down towards Megaopolis*

*the ray hits a nearby museum*

Billy: Hey...what's that?

Britt: That hit the Robo Museum!

*suddenly a monster flys out of it*

Gary: Oh no...not again!

Erik: Crap on a stick. This isn't looking good.

Pulzar: *roars loudly*

Zack: Another Monster! We got our work cut out for us...

(back on the moon)

Rita Repulsa: That's not all my Rangers! Hah!

Finster: Ohhh...this is going to be good.

Rita Repulsa: And now magic wand, make my monsters Grow!! *she throws her Magic wand down*

Jason: NOO...

*Chaos Man, Eye Guy, and Pulzar all grow to tremendous heights*

Erik: ........

Gary: We're's Godzilla when you need him?

Ben: Crap...what will we do, we've never faced something this giant before!

Jason: Leave this to us!

*somebody jumps down*

Britt: The Green Ranger!

Tommy: Sorry I'm late guys, looks like we're going to need both Zords here!

Jason: About time you showed up Tommy! Where the heck were you?

Tommy: *groans* I've told you to not use our real names! And give me a break, I was busy!

Zack: Busy doing what Tommy? Playing parcheesie?

Tommy: For your information 'ZACK', I was helping out with a Earth Quake in New Guiena.

Kimberly: Why is it when we need you the most, you're always glory hogging someplace else.

Tommy: If you don't want my help...

Gary: Um...guys...The zords...

Billy: Well fine...if that's how you want to play it. Take your services elsewhere!

Tommy: Maybe I will! You know, you guys are a little pig headed today. Maybe I should...

Leon: Three big monsters...waiting to crush us.

Jason: Pig-headed? Where do you get off saying that Tommy? If anything, you're the pighead!

Tommy: Oh nice comeback 'JASON', you should...


Tommy: Oh put a sock in it! Let's just do this.

Zack: Let's go! Mastadon!

Kimberly: Pteratactal!

Billy: Triceratops!

Trini: Sabretooth Tiger!

Jason: Tyranasarus!

*Their Dinosaur Zords appear*

Chaos Man: *tries to stomp on the Rangers*

Trini: Hey! What are you doing?

Kimberly: We let you grow big, let us call our zords!

Chaos Man: Hmmmm...let me about, NO! *tries to stomp them again*

Rich: *Heh...that's my monster.

Jason: Let's go! *jumps into his zord*

Leon: How the hell did their zords appear so damn fast?

Britt: Right now, in the situation we are in...its best not to ask questions.

Gary: Hmmmm...

Trini: I'm in! Let's put them together!

Jason: Alright! Activating Megazord Seqence!

*all five zords are put together and create the awesome Megazord*

Chaos Man: Now that you idiots are finished showing off, let's get down to buisness. *slashes at the Megazord*

Megazord: *rears back*

Jason: shot! Hit me back gang!

Megazord: *lunges forward and hits Chaos Man*

Chaos Man: *blocks it* Pityful! *slashes again*

Megazord: *gets slashed from behind by Pulzar*

Pulzar: *roars loudly as he shoots dark energy at the Megazord*

Eye Guy: OOOOHh?! I want in in this pummling!

Leon: This isn't good, the three of them are gaining up on the Megazord.

Rich: Tommy, aren't you going to do anything?

Tommy: *sighs* They know my real much for secret identities. I suppose it's time to call on the Dragonzord! Here we go! *plays his flute to call the Zord*

*The dragon zord appears*

Erik: Awesome! Now the battle should be more intresting.

Ben: I just wish we can do something..

Gary: Hmmmmm...maybe we can.

Britt: What do you mean?

Tommy: *leaps into the Dragon Zord* Here we go! Dragon Zord ready for battle! *he shoots out beams at Eye Guy*

Eye Guy: No fair!

Dragonzord: *fires more beams but is blocked by Pulzar*

Pulzar: *slashs at Dragon Zord*

Dragonzord: *rears backwards*

Zack: We're getting pummeled!

Megazord: *tumbles backwards by Chaos Man*

Chaos Man: This is to much fun! *slashes again*

Leon: Things aren't going well for the Rangers, they're still getting beaten.

Gary: Mind if I borrow this Ben buddy. *takes the Power Coin*

Ben: What good will that do? You'll still be puny.

Erik: Hey. I get it. The Orange Ranger outta have a zord of his own.

Gary: Read my mind. Velociraptor Power up!

*Gary transforms into the Orange Ranger*

Jason: Hey look! They have the power coin!

Tommy: I thought I had the last coin!

Trini: Nope, that is the last one!

Gary (O. Ranger): what?

Erik: Call upon your Zord?

Gary (O. Ranger): I donno the name of the zord!

Erik: You're dino is the Raptor...try that.

Gary (O. Ranger): Let's go! Raptor Zord!

*The zord appears suddenly*

Leon: fast...

Gary (O. Ranger): that's more like it! *jumps into the Zord*

Britt: My Icey-kun...a Ranger.

Rich: Now I've seen everything. My monster fighting the Power Rangers, and now this.

Raptorzord: *engages Pulzar*

Gary (O. Ranger): He's Mine!

Megazord: *punches back Chaos Man*

Chaos Man: Nooo...three Zords!?

Eye Guy: *gets slammed by Dragon Zord's tail*

Tommy: Now the odds are even, let's finish this!

Dragonzord: *Uses tail and drills into Eye Guy's flesh*

Eye Guy: Uggggg...this isn't working, I give up already!

*Eye Guy teleports away*

Gary (O. Ranger): Hey guys...little help here...

Pulzar: *has Gary's Zord in a grip hold*

Dragonzord: *shoots beams at Pulzar, but the monster only eats it up*

Gary (O. Ranger): Negative Energy! Use Negative Energy!

Tommy: My zord doesn't have that kind of power!

Leon: Gary! I can do it! Let me use the Zord!

Gary (O. Ranger): *teleports down while the Dragon Zord tangles with Pulzar*

Leon: I'll take the coin...

Gary: *de transforms* Good luck Leon.

Leon: Velociraptor Power up!

*Leon transforms into the Orange Ranger and hops into his zord*

Megazord: *calls upon the sword*

Jason: Now we are getting somewhere! Power Strike! *slashes into Chaos Man's chest*

Chaos Man: ARRRGG! You'll pay for that!

Billy: We got him on the run team! Keep it up!

Leon (O. Ranger): *inserts his electric powers into the Raptor Zord* He we go!

Pulzar: *goes for the kill*

Raptorzord: *fires off negative strands of energy*

Pulzar: *rears back in pain*

Ben: You got him! Finish him off!

Raptorzord: *electrifies his sabre with negative energy and slashes Pulzar to bits*

*Pulzar falls down and explodes*

Erik: Yeah! That's two down!

Rich: Great...all that is left is my MONSTER!

Britt: Sorry Rich...that Rita stoll your monster.

Gary: Yeah.

Rich: You know, I don't care. At least he's being put to good use.

Chaos Man: *is being over powered by the three zords* Uhhhh...this isn't a fair fight!

Megazord: *powers up its most powerful weapon*

Dragonzord: *does the same*

Raptorzord: *does so as well*

Tommy: Let's end this once and for all.

Jason: We're ready to go!

Leon (O. Ranger): Let's finish this bastard!

*all three zords fire their most powerful energy attacks*

Chaos Man: Rich...I hope you'll make better figures some day...*falls and explodes*

Jason: Yeah! We did it!

Tommy: Way to go!

*The Sinister Six cheer*


Finster: I'm sorry my queen. It looks like they won.


Finster: Really?

Rita Repulsa: I can't beat's getting so annoying! But before I retire! I still have the power to do one last thing...*she fires off a beam from her wand*

*meanwhile the S6 and Power Rangers recouperate*

Leon (O. Ranger): So I gotta give up the coin?

Tommy: Yeah...Since you guys can't join as Power Rangers, we're going to use the power for good.

Trini: You did good for your first time though.

Leon (O. Ranger): Yeah...I'd rather be a Sixlet than a Power Ranger, though driving that Zord was awesome!

Gary: Damn straight Leon.

Ben: guys got to drive the zord.

Leon (O. Ranger): Well you got to fight as a Ranger at least.

Ben: This is true.

Erik: I'm the Power Ranger Buff, why couldn't I become the Orange Ranger?

*everyone ignores Erik*

Erik: ......

Leon: *powers down* Here you go.

*a blast of lightning hits the coin and it shatters*

Britt: Oh no! The coin!

Jason: It seems Rita didn't want nobody to have the power.

Zack: Shame...would of been good to have a 7th person on the team.

Billy: Zordon won't be happy that the 7th coin was destroyed, but I suppose there's nothing we can do.

Rich: You know...I think I'm going to take a break from figure sculpting.

Erik: Why's that? Afraid that Rita might take another one of your masterpieces?

Kimberly: That was your monster? No Wonder it didn't match Rita's monster genious.

Rich: Hey! Anyways, I have my reasons.

Jason: Well as much as we'd love to stay and chat, we gotta run back to Angel Grove. May the power protect you guys.

Leon: Same to you guys as well.

*the rangers teleport out*

Gary: Well, one good thing came out of this besides the Robot Museum being destroyed.

Erik: What's that?

Gary: No more Pulzar. He was blown into a million pieces. No way he can be revived again.

Leon: Thank god.

Ben: Amen.

Erik: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Rich: Yeah, we got to experience a whole other power.

Britt: True that, at least some of us did.

Gary: You know, I wouldn't mind being a ranger, but I'm happy being a Sinister Six Member.

Leon: Right, nothing beats this job!

Ben: Let's go home and celebrate!

*they all agree and head out*

Narrator: Back at Angel Grove

Zordon: So the 7th coin was destroyed?

Jason: Yeah. I guess since Rita couldn't have the power, she thought nobody should.

Zack: It's a shame though. Would of been cool to have some extra help.

Zordon: Well that was the last coin. There will not be anymore...except maybe one other power.

Tommy: Another power Zordon?

Zordon: Yes, but you all aren't ready for it yet.

Trini: Welp, that's twice that Rita attacked two teams of robots. I hope it'll be the last.

Kimberly: She's lost everytime, you'd think she'd learn by now.

Billy: Well until she learns, we'll be there to stop her!

Zordon: Good Rangers. Now that you all are here you can help me with something else....

Jason: Not again many times have we told you to stay out of those sex chat rooms?

Zordon: Sorry...I couldn't I can't log off.

Tommy: *laughs*

*back on the moon*



Rita Repulsa: win fetch me some ear plugs.