The Sinister Six In:

The Sinister Seven!?

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: As you may or may not know, this special edition epilogue is part of a special "crossover" aptly called "The Ol' Switcheroo"! What is the premise of this, you ask? Well, Gauntlet, Gary, and Ben decided it would be fun and exciting to write each other's teams! Now, this does not mean that this will be some huge crossover like Year of the Fox or Tale of Two Teams. This is more like one of Gauntlet's phony crossovers where a crossover is promised, but not really done. That being said, enjoy the story as it is told by Gauntlet of the Mechanical Maniacs.

Narrator: Our story begins with the Sinister Six battling their foe City Garage!

City Garage: Mwa-ha-hah! With my new power-grabber machine I will suck all your powers and use them against you!

(City Garage blasts the six with their weaknesses!)

City Garage: Mwa-hah-hah-hah!

Tim: But ... how!? Your not exactly the brains, Garage!


*Flashback, three months ago!*

Narrator: City Garage is walking down the abandoned warehouse district when he is hit on the head with a strange device!

City Garage: OUCH!

Wily (heard from inside the building): Useless piece of trash! It'll never work right!

City Garage (thought): Hmmmm. You know, with a little work, this may actually work!

Narrator: And so, City Garage sent it to Radio Shack and it was repaired! And now, back to the story....

City Garage: You'll never beat me again!!

Andon: All our powers are being drained! Even our power of flight!

Scott: We can fly!?

Andon: Well, we could before....

Scott: Since when can we fly?? Does that even make sense??

Gary: It makes perfect sense.

IRA: That's funny. I never thought we could fly.

Gary: Well, we can.

Tim: I don't remember us ever flying.

Scott: Hey, if we could fly before, then why do we need teleporters!?

City Garage: Stop all this talking! Your confusing the Hell outta me!

IRA: Well ... it looks like ... we're done for this Time!

Someone: Not true fellow Sinister Six members! I shall dispatch this heinous villain and free you all! Since we're both on the Sinister Six!!

(Fireballs hit City Garage's device destroying it! The energies then go back to the Sinister Six!)


Jason: Do tell.

City Garage: Um. What if I just say I'm really sorry, would you just let me go?

Tim: (punches City Garage up into the air and out of sight!)

SFX: POW!!!!

Andon: That was very unnecessary, Tim.

Tim: Yeah, well, that twit got on my nerves.

Gary: Good job on those fireballs, IRA!

IRA: That wasn't me, bud!

Gary: Then maybe MD?

Someone: It was I! TORCHMAN!!

The Six: TORCHMAN!?!?

Torchman: Indeed! We Sinister-Sixers must stay together!

Scott: Just what are you trying to pull here, Torch!?

Tim: Yeah, your as much a part of this team as Super Chaos is!

(Instantly reporters arrive!)

April O'Neil: Sinister Six! What's going on?? Is Torchman really a new member?

Tim: Actually -

Torchman: Yeah I am a new member. I have been helping them in secret all this time. Infiltrating the evil armies and getting key information to save the day.


(Torchman interrupts IRA)

Torchman: Indeed! You have your story now, reporters! Now, begone!

(The reporters leave, and Torchman follows the S6 to their base.)

Tim: (whispering): He's following us......

Scott (whispering): This is creepy.

Jason (whispering): I'll take care of this.

Jason: Listen, Torch. You can't come in.

Torchman: Very well. I shall leave you to your devices. But, beware. I shall -

Andon: Yeah, yeah. Just get going already.

(Torchman teleports away)

Narrator: The next morning, the six were watching the news and to their great surprise -

April O'Neil: We are outside Sinister Six headquarters where Torchman is telling us of his new affiliation with the Sinister Six Team!

Torchman: I am staying outside to guard against a sneak attack! Rest assured that if anything attacks us, I will be the very first on the job!

Tim: That bastard! He did this while we were asleep!

Jason: Just what is this guy trying to pull!?

Andon: I believe he is trying to weasel his way into our team.

Gary: But WHY!?

IRA: Well, I suppose the best way would simply be to ask him.

(Cut to the next scene - The S6 invite Torchman inside their base to simply ask him what his plan is!)

Torchman: Wow. I've never actually been invited inside a hero's base before.

Jason: Really??

Torchman: Oh, yeah. The Mechanical Maniacs never invited me in either the Technodrome or their old warehouse. What a buildup to know that the first Megaman team officially endorses me!!

Gary: Knock it off, zippy! We're not endorsing anything! We just want to know what yer stupid plan is this Time!

Torchman: My plan? Well, why not?

(Suddenly, IRA blasts the rest of the S6 aside!)

Tim: What!? IRA!! You've turned traitor!

IRA: That's right! You losers make me sick! I'll -

(Gary hits IRA with an Ice Slasher knocking him down!)

Scott: IRA..... Why'd he do it!?

Andon: Man ... to think of all the Times we've fought together!

Torchman: You saps are making me sick!!

(Torchman fires some fireballs at the S6!)

(Gutsman counters with a seismic attack, causing a fissure to open the floor up and bury Torchman!)


Tim: Um. Sorry. Got caught up in the moment....

(Torchman leaps up spewing flame!)

Torchman: You'll lose more than that!

(Torch starts fires everywhere which Gary quickly puts out.)

Gary: The base ... the base ... gotta save the base!!

(Torchman charges at Tim, sending him into the wall, knocking him out!)


Torchman: So kind of you to invite me inside!

(Scott and Jason use their powers to try and box Torchman in, but he is unaffected by their attacks!)

Jason: Dammit! When did Torch get so powerful!

Scott: I dunno, but it's starting to really bug me!

(Torchman sends an array of fireballs out and sets Scott and Jason down for the count!)

Gary: Now It's just you and me! YOU'LL PAY FOR DESTROYING MY BASE!!!

Torchman: I've been waiting a long, LONG Time for this!!!

(The two battle. Ice's powers seem ineffectual, while Torch's flames burn the Eskimo!)

Gary: AAGH! How??

Torchman: Idiot. I've been preparing all these years! I've developed a perfect counter to your stupid tricks! After all, who else would know your weaknesses better than me?!

Gary: I dunno what yer babbling about, but I can still beat you!

(Gary uses all his Icy might to cover Torch in a prison of Ice, but Torch merely melts everything Ice sends at him, and finally, Iceman falls!)

Torchman: And finally you..... the pacifist.

Andon: That's right.

Torchman: You'll have to fight now, won't you!? All your stupid ideals have no place in real world situations!

(Torchman whirlwinds towards Andon and grabs him by the throat!)

Torchman: Admit it! When push comes to shove, you'll just become a little hypocrite and shoot elec beams everywhere hoping to smash something! After all, what other attack could you possibly have!?

(Andon then sends a tiny streak of electricity from his eyes into Torch's causing a slight short in his electronic brain!)

(Torchman drops Elect and staggers back!)

Torchman: What did? Everything's spinning ~

(Torch falls to the ground, unconscious.)

Andon: Electronic spark to the brain. Didn't hurt one little bit. Very peaceful.

(And so, the Sinister Six pull IRA out of the rubble and await the authorities.)

Jason: I can't believe IRA stabbed us in the back like that.

Scott: I don't think so.

(Scott pulls on IRA's face, revealing...)

Gary, Tim, Andon, Jason: TORCHMAN!?!?

Scott: Yep. His blasts didn't feel nearly as bad as the ol' firestorm!

Jason: Then it was never IRA at all. Torch must have captured him right from the beginning!

Andon: Well, that's all well and good. But if that's Torch, then who's ....?

(Andon pulls away Torch's mask revealing...)

Gary: ICEMAN RED!!!! So that's why Torch was so mad at me! And why I couldn't beat him! Red's got about a bagillion ways to counter my powers!

Scott: Well, alls well that ends well!

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be. Didn't even see through Torch's lame plot.

Jason: It wasn't so bad. At least we won!

Gary: WON!? JUST LOOK AT MY POOR, POOR BASE!!!! Oh well. Somehow I feel like taking this out on Gauntlet. Maybe a strategically placed whoopee cushion.....

Scott: Wait. Where's IRA???

(And, so, in the basement of the old Mechanical Maniac's Warehouse, IRA sits tied up and gagged with fireproof ropes. Awaiting rescue...)

IRA (thought): 1 bottle of beer on the wall, 1 bottle of beer! Take it down, pass it around no bottles of beer on the wall!


IRA: *sigh*

IRA (thought): 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.....