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Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Gary: As you may or may not know, this special edition epilogue is part of a special "crossover" aptly called "The Ol' Switcheroo"! What is the premise of this, you ask? Well, Gauntlet, Gary, and Ben decided it would be fun and exciting to write each other's teams! Now, this does not mean that this will be some huge crossover like Year of the Fox or Tale of Two Teams. This is more like one of Gauntlet's phony crossovers where a crossover is promised, but not really done. That being said, enjoy the story as it is told by Gary of The Sinister Six.

Narrator: Inside Sky Lagoon the famous X-Force are partaking in a ritual they do everyday.

Ben: *smashes the TV set over Rob's head* I TOLD YOU WE AREN'T WATCHING THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!

Rob: (cries) You don't have to be so mean.

Alon: Oh geeez. You got him going again.

Lynx: What a baby.

Anton: *comes straddling in with some popcorn* We ready to watch the Movie yet?

Marc: Nope, Ben destroyed the Television Set again

Anton: Great, what are we supposed to do now?

Ben: I'm going on patrol. You guys just stay out of trouble. *leaves*

Lynx: Again? That's the 3rd night in a row. What's he expecting to happen?

Marc: Double is gone.

Rick: Sigma was recently deleted in the hacking system.

Alon: Dude...every fricken villian has been defeated.

Anton: So, what we going to do about this video?

Lynx: Give it to me...I'll show you a good use for it!

Anton: Goodie Goodie!

Lynx: *shoves the video up Anton's ass*

Narrator: As for Ben...

Ben: Man...this sucks. Not a single robbery. I really need to find a day job. *stops for a minute* Wait...what's this? *uses his radar vision*

(A Spaceship flys through the night sky shining bright lights)

Ben: Interesting. *cracks knuckles* Time for the Alien's first encounter. To bad it'll an unpleasant one. *evil grin*

(Back at The Sky Lagoon)

Rick: Betcha he can.

Alon: You're on Arachnid!

Matt: This I gotta see. *comes in with a video camera*

Rob: *flings a cd in the air*

Lynx: *slices the cd in half*

Marc: So long Britney Spears!!

Alon: Damn...He's a good shot.

Rick: Lets now owe me *punches keys in the calculator*

Rick: 50 big hand it over!!

Alon: *grumbles while forging though his wallet* Stupid calculator...

Rob: Dibs on slicing The Backstreet Boys 100'th annivesery CD!

Rick: know what Ben would do to you if you even put a scratch...

(Door bell rings)

Rick, Alon, Rob, Marc, Lynx, Matt: ANTON!! GET THE FRIGGEN DOOR!!

Anton: Yeah...yeah. I'm a coming. (Anton wadles over to the door due to the fact that the video is still stuck up his ass.)

Rick: Hey Alon, betcha that the tax payer has comeback from the grave for revenge.

Alon: No more bets Spider boy. You and your damn Calculator can go to hell!!

(Anton answers the door)

Anton: Ummmmm....who are you?

Kefka: I'm merly a collector. I've come from a vast universe, seeking subjects to put in my zoo...

Anton: *Slams the door* We don't want any!!

(Knock on the door)

Anton: *Opens the door*

Kefka: That was not nice.

Anton: You again? Didn't I tell you to skit?

Kefka: *waves his hand* You'll shall be my first prize.

(Anton is now lifted from his world and is now in another dimention)

Anton: What the heck? Where did you take me?

Kefka: No small talk. *releases electric shackles at Anton*

Anton: *Screams as he gets captured*

Kefka: All to easy.

(Back at Sky Lagoon)

Lynx: *Slashs another CD*

Marc: This is getting boring, All in favor of going out, say I.

(Nobody says anything)

Marc: Well, screw you guys then. I'm outta here. *leaves*

Alon: I'd go out if I had the money...*looks at Rick*

Rick: Don't blame me for your lousy betting.


Rob: Hey! You're blocking the TV Alon!

Alon: *holding Rick up by the colar* TV? I thought it was broken?

Rob: I fixed it. *smiles*

Alon: Oh...*breaks the TV*

Rob: *starts to cry* You guys are so mean! *leaves the room*

(Ben then comes back into the room)

Ben: Did you guys happen to see some weird looking alien come through here?

Matt: Not recently.

Alon: *Tossing Rick Aside* Nope.

Ben: Where's Anton?

(Later in a cold alley, Storm Owl decided to catch up on the movies)

Marc: Awww...The Last Crusade is supposed to be good.

Kefka: Indeed it is.

Marc: *turns to the alien* Who the hell are you!?

Kefka: Your god. *waves his hand*

Marc: Where the heck?

Kefka: *sends out ice shackles at Storm Owl*

Marc: Oh, you wanna fight do you? DOUBLE CYCLONE!!

*The Wind has no effect*

Kefka: Your puny powers are nothing in this realm. *sends the ice shackles after Marc*

Marc: Crap. *He trys blowing the shackles away from him but the wind only makes them stronger and they surround him*

(Marc gets frozen)

Kefka: Two down, Six to go. Then my collection is complete.

(Back at Sky Lagoon)

Rick: *Gets up* Ouch...what do you say we just send a search party for Anton?

Ben: Nah, he'll turn up sometime.

Matt: He's probably hiding in the closet again.

Alon: Either that or he decided to hunt for the Iris Picture that Ben got.

Ben: He'll be toasted for dinner if he even lays one...

*A Scream is heard from Rob's room*

Ben, Matt, Rick, Alon, and Lynx: What was that?

(They quickly run to Rob's room to see him missing)

Lynx: This is odd. First Anton, then Rob.

Ben: Where's Marc?

Rick: He went out for a while.

Ben: Well, you can pretty much count him as missing too.

Alon: Welp, I'm hungry, I'm going for a snack. *leaves the room*

Rick: I'm sure it's nothing. Maybe Rob got stuck in cyber space again. You know how he can't control his powers sometimes.

Ben: Maybe...*lights a match*

Lynx:! Here we go again!


Ben: *passes gas*

(A large Flame engulfs Rob's room)

Narrator: Meanwhile in the kitchen...

Alon: A little mustard here, and a pickle there, and you got yourself one heck of a sandwich. *takes a bite out of it*

Kefka: Care if I take a bite?

Alon: *without turning around* go away!

Kefka: Just a nibble?

Alon: Can't talk.....eating.

Kefka: Fine then. Enjoy your last meal. *waves his hand*

Alon: Damn...where did all my condiments go? Oh well. *eats a star* MMMmmmmm...this would go good with some mayo.

Kefka: 0_o

(Ben enters the kitchen to find Alon missing)

Ben: *sighs* The big lard left the refridgerator door open again.

Ben: Alon where the heck are you?

Rick: He can't be hard to miss. I mean he takes up practically the whole damn lagoon!!

Lynx: You better hope he doesn't hear you say that.

Rick: Crap! I don't want to be left over on the end of his foot. *runs and hides*

Matt: Man...whata chicken.

(Under the bed in his own room)

Rick: Why the heck am I hiding from Frost Walrus for? He's just a big ice dork! *He comes out from under the bed*

Rick: Ya hear me Alon! I ain't scared of ya!

Kefka: You'll be scared of me Web Spider.

Rick: *turns to Kefka* Who the heck?

Kefka: *waves his hand and both are in the same dimention*

Rick: I take it that you are the one who has taken the other members hostage.

Kefka: Not Hostage. Just found them a new home, as I will you. *waves his hand and shackles start swarming in after Rick*

Rick: *entrapes a few of the shackles in his webs* Take that!

(The shackles break free)

Kefka: All your friends put up a fight, but none prevailed...though Frost Walrus was to damn busy eating!!

Rick: *dodging the shackles* Yeah...when he gets carried on with a meal, it's best not to bother him. LIGHTNING WEB!!

Kefka: *teleports from the web* Nice try. *signals the shackles to surround Rick* But this ends here and now.

(The shackles strike Rick and capture him)

Rick: Arrrggggghhh...

(As for the remaining three X-Force members)

Matt: Crap, Now Rick has dissapeared. *starts to panic*

Lynx: We've lost to many members.

Ben: It's best we just stop seperating, and locate the alien together.

Matt: *looks under the carpet* Nope, not under let's go hide! *starts walking away*

Ben: Stop being such a wuss Matt.

*pulls him back*

(Something falls over in the distance)

Lynx: Did you guys hear that?

(They both nod)

Ben: Let's go check it out.

(In the Mess Hall)

Lynx: I know I heard it come from in here.

Ben: My sensors are going crazy.

Matt: *looks behind the wall* Oops, nothing here...let's...

Kefka: You are so wrong Jet Stingray! Something is here!!

(The three turn to Kefka)

Ben: I'll ask you once and only once, or I'll get nasty. Where are the X-Force?

Matt: *whispering to Kefka* I wouldn't piss MD off if I were you, so just...

Kefka: FOOLS! *He waves his hand and they are teleported into his dimention* He has no power here!

Ben: I warned you, now you'll pay. *Ben starts breathing massive flames at Kefka*

(he remains unscarthed)

Kefka: Is that the best you got? Surley you must be joking!

Lynx: We've only begun to fight!! TWIN SLASHER!!

(Lynx's claws go right through Kefka)

Kefka: This is fairly amusing.

Ben: RISING FIRE!! *uppercuts Kefka with a flame fist*

Lynx: FLYING CLAW!! *soars at Kefka with both his claws*

(Large explosion)

Lynx and Ben: *Back off and wait for the dust to clear*

Kefka: Nice attacks, but seriously...let's fight.

Lynx, Ben, and Matt: *GULP!*

Kefka: *sends out a dozen shackels*

Ben: DRAGON BREATH! *Spews massive flames at the shackles*

(They get knocked back but continue their approach)

Lynx: *slashes one of the shackeles in half*

(It regains its form)

Ben: Don't just sit there Matt!! FIGHT FOR DARN SAKES!!

Matt: Okay!! GROUND HUNTER!! *shoots missiles at the shackels*

(It only phases them)

Ben: DARNIT! Does nothing hurt these things!!

Lynx: BEN!!

(Ben turns to Lynx)

Lynx: *The Shackles surround Lynx while he does fury swipes at them*

(His swipes have no affect and they capture him)

Ben: LYNX!! NOOOOOO!! *he watches the shackles drag Lynx away*

Kefka: This is very entertaining, you guys fighting for your freedom, but it's useless.

Matt: Ben! These things keep on coming back, I can't hold them off forever!

Ben: Keep trying! We are the only ones left!

(Soon the shackles capture Matt and drag him away as well)

Kefka: Welp Dragoon, you're the only one left. *he calls back the shackles*

Ben: Stupid mistake Alien! *Ben charges Kefka*

Kefka: *fires a blast of purple energy at Ben knocking him back* Stop this pointless attacking, it'll only get you in more trouble.

Ben: Don't think I'm going to stop fighting.

Kefka: *waves his hand and shows an image of all his friends inside seperate cages along side millions of other countless creatures and beings*

Ben: What the heck are you??!!

Kefka: Like I told Split Mushroom, I'm merly a collector. I travel millions of galaxies and capture rare and unusual creatures, like those you see, and put them in my compound, to be on display. Forever.

Ben: You sick bastard...

Kefka: You X-Force creatures are amoung a rare species I've never seen before. Robotic animal characteristics. Very unique. It's a shame that I haven't captured the other Mavericks, my collection would be amazing. It's a good thing you Robots can't defend yourselves to well in my dimention...

Ben: *smiles with an idea* Oh? *thinks of Rick* Let's make bet hotshot.

Kefka: A bet? What kind of Bet?

Ben: I bet you can't capture me on Planet Earth.

Kefka: What kind of Bet is that? You know you would surly lose.

Ben: Maybe. If I win, then you'll set The X-Force Free. If you catch me, then well...I'll be your humble servant.

Kefka: You're on!! *waves his hand and they both are back in Sky Lagoon*

Ben: Big mistake. DRAGON RAGE!! *Ben frys Kefka*

Kefka: *gets knocked through the wall* How the heck! *Fires his purple energy at Ben*

(It has no effect)

Ben: You maybe strong in your dimention...*flames Kefka*...but in my world, your powers are useless. *burns him again*

Kefka: Clever Dragoon, to bad you're blind to relize that I can easily transport us back to....*feels his hand* WHAT THE!!??

Ben: Looking for this? *holds his teleport device*


Ben: You lose the bet, now bring back my friends, or it's time to crush your little device.

Kefka: Okay...okay, you win! Here!

(He brings his friends back)

Lynx: I'm back!!

Rob: Me too!!

Alon: Never interupt a man while he's eating.

Marc: It feels good to be back home.

Matt: You did it Ben!!

Rick: Nice going Ben, good job.

Anton: *wadles around with the tape "still" stuck in his ass*

Kefka: Okay, you got your friends back, now please give me back my device.

Ben: messed with the wrong team bucko. We aren't "nice" like the Sinister Six. *breaks the device in his hands*

Rick: are the Weakest Link.

(The next day in the dungeon, Kefka learns what it's like to be the prisoner)

Lynx: Come on...want the ball? ball? ball? ball?

Ben: DO IT!! *raises his fist*

Kefka: *sighs* Fine. *Barks and begs like a dog*

Rick: *punches keys into his calculator* That's 30 more you owe me fat boy.

Alon: I'm really starting to hate you Rick...

(Meanwhile upstairs)

(plop in the toilet)

Anton: Ahhhh...there it more video up the ass...