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Staring Nick Carter and Gary!

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

This story was written by the one and only, Tim! You go man!

Yahoo Auction Guy: Greetings all. I'm here today to tell you about Yahoo Auctions! Today we have two guests! Nick Carter from the Backstreet Project and Gary Martin from the Sinister Six! They both are big comic collectors, so that's why we brought them here today!

Nick: Hey to all of my adoring fans!

Gary: Yeah, let's just get this over with.

Yahoo Auction Guy: Okay, there are two computers in the room, so each of you take one and today we will bid on this First Addition X-Men Movie Comic signed by Stan Lee himself!

Nick: Awesome!

Gary: Neat!

Yahoo Auction Guy: Okay, Nick. How much will you bid for?

Nick: I'll put down $50.00! (types in $50.00 on his computer)

Yahoo Auction Guy: Okay, that's a lot of dough. Gary? Will you raise Nick's bid?

Gary: Heck, I'll bid $55.00 (types $55.00 on his computer)

Yahoo Auction Guy: Well... *gets interupted*

Nick: Hah! That's easy money Gary! I'll raise it to $80.00! (types in $80.00 on his computer)*blows Raspberry at Gary*

(Gary Bids $82.00 then unplugs Nick's Computer)


Yahoo Auction Guy: unplugging Nick's computer.

Nick: (pushes Gary away from his Computer and types in $120.00)

Gary: Hey! Tell him to get off my computer!

Yahoo Auction Guy: Well, you did unplug his, how is he supposed to bid?

Gary: That's the whole point! *gets up and pushes Nick off the computer and types $122.00)

Nick: You sure aren't raising it very high. *smashes his chair over Gary's head*

Yahoo Auction Guy: rough housing please...people are...*gets interupted

Gary: I'm not rich like you Backstreet Dofus.

(Gary tries to push Nick away from the computer but Nick draws his sword at him)

Nick: Back off Eskimo! (types $200.00 on the computer)

Yahoo Auction Guy: Guys! You have 10 days to bid! So knock it off!

Gary: Your sword doesn't impress me, now move before I knock you into the next month.

Yahoo Auction Guy: ..........

Nick: Go ahead and try it!

(Gary freezes Nick with his Ice Slasher Beam and pushs Nick away from the computer)

Nick: (frozen) That's not fair, tell him to defrost me.

Yahoo Auction Guy: Gary, defrost Nick.

Gary: Don't think so. (types $210.00 on the computer)

Yahoo Auction Guy: You can't leave Nick frozen like that for 10 days.

Gary: Watch me.

(Nick breaks out of his icey prison and attacks Gary)

Yahoo Auction Guy: Hey Guys! Stop it! It's just a stupid comic!

(Battle rages in the room)

Announcer (comes on): Yahoo Auctions, the place to bid for stuff) Do you ummmm......Yahoo?

*record screetching* YAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!