The Sinister Six Solo Adventures: Part 4

Elecman's Solo Please...Not Another Scary Movie

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Oi, and welcome to our special Solo Adventures! The major idea goes to Gauntlet! The team members go on their own seperate ways and find dangers and their own unique adventures. Most of their stories link along with another members making the whole Solo adventures one real big adventure! It's a unique twist and a fun idea to boot!

Narrator: It's early in the morning at Sinister Six HQ and for some odd reason The Six are waiting in line at the foremost bathroom.

Gary: How long is he going to be in the restroom?!

Jason: How the heck should I know? You know how Andon is and his hair.

Scott: *comes running into the room* I gotta go!!!

Tim: Wait in line. I'm surprised IRA isn't running around like that.

Jason: Tell me about it. He got really wasted last night.

Scott: *lets out a fart*

Gary: *starts laughing like a insane lunatic*

Tim: Ugggg...where is that straight jacket...

Gary: straight jacket! *behaves*


Andon: Yeah...yeah. I'm coming. *opens the door*

Jason: Looks like I'm next so...

Scott: *runs in the restroom at lightning speed and slams the door behind him*

The Six: *sigh*

Jason: *goes into a fenzy* GOD FRICKEN !!

(Later after the restroom crisis The Six huddle into the entertainment room and play Luigi's Mansion)

Tim: Guys, I have an announcement.

Gary: *watching from the side lines* Well..what do you know...look at the time. *stands up*

Tim: Sit.

Gary: *groans and sits*

Jason: Hah! I beat your score Scott!

Tim: *turns off the TV* Now Listen!

(All groan but Andon)

Tim: Where's IRA?

Andon: He's still asleep from last night, remember?

Tim: Oh yeah. Anyways, I think it's time we take a day off.

All: Hell yah!! *They all raise their arms in the air*

Tim: From each other.

Jason: Say again?

Tim: Gary's been getting to many of his own small roles.

Gary: Wha...huh?

Jason: know what. Tim's right. I mean. Gary vs Red

Andon: There was that Gary and the Backstreet Project Crap.

Gary: Ummm...

Scott: Gary turning into Eye-lephant...

Tim:Right. Gary and his April Fools Special.

Gary: *chuckles nervously*

Andon: Gary got his own Yahoo Auctions Epilouge.

Jason: Dude...this ain't fair! When do we get our own solos!

Gary: *quietly gets out of his seat*

Tim: Now we do. It's simple. We split up during this episode and do what we want to do, and not Gary's say so.

Gary: *tip toes away*

(Everyone turns to Gary)

Tim: And where do you think YOU'RE going!?

Gary: Well I uh...decided to go for...a walk. *sweat drops* Yeah!

(The Six stare at Gary with devilish looks)

Jason: We are sick of your stupid major roles! Now it's our turn!

Tim, Andon, and Scott: Yeah!

Gary: Well, I have no problem with that...I was just going for a walk. You know?

Tim: You're not going anywhere. Guys?

(The Four Surround Gary)

Gary: Wha...uh oh.

(The Six lock Gary in his quarters)

Jason: You're not coming out until this adventure is over.

Gary: Okay guys...I'll just sit here and stuff. *thinks to himself* At least they didn't lock me in the basement...

Tim: Okay guys! Now it's our turn to be in the spot light! Let's go have some fun!

Jason: Alright! Solo Adventures for us!

Andon: Shall we wake IRA at least?

Scott: Nah...

Tim: Scott's right, let's just go have our fun!

Jason:Andon, Scott, and Jason: Let's go!!

(The Six Teleport out)

Gary: Okay guys...jokes over. Come and let me out!


(It's 10:30, Near an old house, several figures run from a masked fiend)

Cindy: Ugggg...this is getting so old.

Brenda:'re the one that got us into this in the first place!

Shorty: *laughs all goofy* Check it out dawg, a narrow alley we can run into.

Bobby: Are you an idiot! That's where he'll catch us!

Ghost Faced Guy: *continues running after them with his knife*

Cindy: *Screams like a Girl*

Brenda: *Screams like a Girl*

Bobby: *Screams like a Girl*


Shorty: *Punches Bobby* Now that's just whack!

(A black line of energy assembles from the sky landing near Ghost Face and knocking him out)

Brenda: Now that's some freaky shit.

Andon: Whoah...*looks around* Where am I?

Shorty: Foo! You just stopped that Maniac!

Andon: Huh? *looks down and sees Ghost Face* Oi, that was unexpected. *kneels down* Are you alright there my ghost masked friend?


Cindy: You don't have to scream...*covering her ears*

Brenda: Nah ah. You didn't say that. Some white girl ain't getting dumb on my clock. No sir. That man's gonna wake up!

Andon: What seems to be the problem?

Bobby: *gets up holding his mouth from the punch* Are you some kind of super hero or something?

Andon: Well...I wouldn't say super. Boy this guy is really knocked out.

Brenda: Man...I ain't waiting around to have that guy hack me open and serve my stomach on a blue plate special. I'm hauling outta here!

Shorty: Me too Dawg! *laughs all goofy* I dig that dope...

All except Andon: Shut up Shorty!

Ghost Face Guy: *wakes up and groans*

Brenda: *hauls butt screaming the whole way*

Cindy: Maybe...we outta go now!!

Andon: *helps the Ghost Face guy* You alright dude... do you need some pain medication...I got...*is yanked away by Brenda*

Brenda: You are some crazy whacko man...that guy is trying to kill us!

Andon: Kill you? Why the heck would somebody want to do that?

Cindy: Maybe cause...he's a PYSCHO!!

Andon: This won't do at all. No! There's no logic in killing people for no reason! *he slams his fist on the brick wall*

Bobby: going to be whacked the wall...

Shorty: *knocks Bobby over* Whoah Dawg...that some major whoop strength you got there. Look at the hole in that wall!!

Brenda: Whoah...Shorty. You're actually onto something. This super hero guy can go and kick that Ghost Boy's white behind!!

Cindy: And how do you know he's white huh? They could be black too!

Brenda: *smacks Cindy* Shut it girl! No time for yer jibba jabbing.

Andon: I wish you guys would stop hitting each other, and plus I'm not a fighter. I don't belive in fighting to solves ones problems.

Brenda: You gotta be dopin' me! Here you are dressed up as some kinda super hero freak, and you won't help us. Nah ah. No. This won't work.

Bobby: *gets up* Ouch...damn...

(It took a little convinceing but Andon was persuaded to battle one on one with the evil menace)

Brenda: *kicks Andon out in the open* Now get out there and fight!

Andon: *stands upright* Geee about paranoia.

Ghost Face: *approachs Andon with his knife a shining*

Andon: Alright Dude. This has gone far enough. *knocks the knife out of his hand* You need to learn some rules here...

Ghost Face: *looks at Andon surprised, then at the knife on the floor*

Andon: Why you use violence to solve your disputes...don't you understand the political issue here? Fighting doesn't solve your troubles. Imagine a world where everyone fights to end disputes. There'll be fires...and...

Ghost Face: *sweat drops as images of Andon lecturing appear in the Ghost Face's black eyes*

Andon: ....The world would be a disaster. People attacking others...just cause one person accidently took a Quarter off the street. Now...don't you see...

Ghost Face: *stabs Andon with another knife he hid in his robe* ARRRRGGGGG....Die already! *He takes off covering his ears*

Andon: *The extra metal attracted Andon's electricity, backfiring on him* OUch...damn...owww...! *falls to the ground in pain* Had to use a Sharp, steeled weapon. Damn...that's my freakin' weakness!!

*The alley turned quiet*

Andon: *panting* This ain't going so well. I wonder if I should call Tim up for some help. *he dials his number* Damn... his phone is off the hook.

*So Andon decides to call IRA*

IRA: *on the other line* Yes....*talks fast* Are you my daddy?

Andon: surprise that you're drunk. I can't contact the other members...can you do me a favor? I need help...

IRA: Magma Dragoon...drink a lot...Is he my daddy?

Andon: *sighs* Listen. I need you to...wait. Magma Dragoon?

IRA: *burps loudly* Huhahahah. Funny joke. You the funny man. *hangs up*

Andon: Well...that was a complete waste of time. I can't exactly teleport out of here...I'm to badly damaged. *he gets up slowly*

(screams are heard from the distance)

Andon: *sighs* What else can go wrong...*he approaches a power source to get some of his power back*

*Elsewhere, inside a house*

Cindy: *screams loudly* He found us! What are we going to do!?

Brenda: *pushs Cindy in front of her* Here you go Freak...take her! *Brenda takes off*

Cindy: HEY!!

Ghost Face: *approaches with his knife*

Shorty: *laughs all goofy* She's gonna get hacked!

Bobby: Don't worry Cindy! Your boyfriend is here!

Ghost Face: *trips Bobby and he falls face first on the floor*

Bobby: *cries like a baby* You're not going to hurt me...are you?

Ghost Face: *gets ready to stab Bobby in the back*

Cindy: *drop kicks Ghost Face*

Ghost Face: *falls to the floor*

Cindy: How do you like them apples huh!? HUH!? I kick your !! *She screams and does kung fu moves*

Ghost Face: *stabs her*

Cindy: Owww....*falls to the floor*

Brenda: *is preying* Come on...just mutilate her butt...and leave...

Ghost Face: *approachs Bobby, but this time is rocketed back by Andon's fist*

Andon: Pacafist CRUSH! I guess I'm goin' to have to teach you a lesson.

Ghost Face: Oh no...not him...*he gets up and trys to run away*

Andon: Kindness to all creatures kick! *kicks him to the far wall* If it's violence you seek, then so be it.

"Brotherly Love Bear Hug!" *SMASH*

"Fellowship among Men SMASH!" *BASH*

*note: These attacks are based off the pacifist in Slayers.*

*Andon smashes and crashes Ghost Face all over the house*

Brenda: Wow! Now that's a show!

Andon: *looks over the fiend* Alright. Let's see who you are. *he removes the mask*

Brenda: 0_0

Cindy: 0_0

Bobby: 0_0

Andon: Torchman...?

Torchman: is I! Torchman!

Andon: What the hell are you doing here!? And why this!?

Torchman: Bah! Damn you Sinister Sixlets! I can never dream of beating the likes of you! So I teleported here!

Andon: Pick on those weaker than you...your logic never seizes to amaze me.

Torchman: Bah! Now that you found ruined everything!!

Andon: Tell you what...teleport me back home and I'll help you seek something worth your time.

Torchman: Really? You are willing to help me!? That is're worst enemy!?

Andon: I'd be a bad guy, not willing to help.

(Andon sends Cindy to the closest hospital and he and Torchman teleport away)

Brenda: I don't know what just happend, but it was damn freaked up!

Bobby: Where's Shorty?

(a large explosion rocks the entire house)

Bobby: What was that?

Shorty: *comes in all burnt up* Whoah...Foo! This new Cigar is tight! Dyanamite! Whhhooo yeah!

Brenda: *sighs* I was better off with the two super robot freak things...

*In another Dimention*

Bill Clinton: Raise Taxes! Work more Hours!! All the people will bow down to me...

???: OH yeah! Take this! *fire burns into the room*

Bill Clinton: What!? Noo!! My precious 100 dollar bills!

Torchman: It is I! Torchman! Here to dispose of your devious deeds! Andon said we all should function as a Anarchy!


*Large battle erupts*



To Be Continued in the Next Solo!