The Sinister Six Solo Adventures: Part 5

Iceman's Solo A Clone of Your Own

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Oi, and welcome to our special Solo Adventures! The major idea goes to Gauntlet! The team members go on their own seperate ways and find dangers and their own unique adventures. Most of their stories link along with another members making the whole Solo adventures one real big adventure! It's a unique twist and a fun idea to boot!

Narrator: It's early in the morning at Sinister Six HQ and for some odd reason The Six are waiting in line at the foremost bathroom.

Gary: How long is he going to be in the restroom?!

Jason: How the heck should I know? You know how Andon is and his hair.

Scott: *comes running into the room* I gotta go!!!

Tim: Wait in line. I'm surprised IRA isn't running around like that.

Jason: Tell me about it. He got really wasted last night.

Scott: *lets out a fart*

Gary: *starts laughing like a insane lunatic*

Tim: Ugggg...where is that straight jacket...

Gary: straight jacket! *behaves*


Andon: Yeah...yeah. I'm coming. *opens the door*

Jason: Looks like I'm next so...

Scott: *runs in the restroom at lightning speed and slams the door behind him*

The Six: *sigh*

Jason: *goes into a fenzy* GOD FRICKEN !!

(Later after the restroom crisis The Six huddle into the entertainment room and play Luigi's Mansion)

Tim: Guys, I have an announcement.

Gary: *watching from the side lines* Well..what do you know...look at the time. *stands up*

Tim: Sit.

Gary: *groans and sits*

Jason: Hah! I beat your score Scott!

Tim: *turns off the TV* Now Listen!

(All groan but Andon)

Tim: Where's IRA?

Andon: He's still asleep from last night, remember?

Tim: Oh yeah. Anyways, I think it's time we take a day off.

All: Hell yah!! *They all raise their arms in the air*

Tim: From each other.

Jason: Say again?

Tim: Gary's been getting to many of his own small roles.

Gary: Wha...huh?

Jason: know what. Tim's right. I mean. Gary vs Red

Andon: There was that Gary and the Backstreet Project Crap.

Gary: Ummm...

Scott: Gary turning into Eye-lephant...

Tim:Right. Gary and his April Fools Special.

Gary: *chuckles nervously*

Andon: Gary got his own Yahoo Auctions Epilouge.

Jason: Dude...this ain't fair! When do we get our own solos!

Gary: *quietly gets out of his seat*

Tim: Now we do. It's simple. We split up during this episode and do what we want to do, and not Gary's say so.

Gary: *tip toes away*

(Everyone turns to Gary)

Tim: And where do you think YOU'RE going!?

Gary: Well I uh...decided to go for...a walk. *sweat drops* Yeah!

(The Six stare at Gary with devilish looks)

Jason: We are sick of your stupid major roles! Now it's our turn!

Tim, Andon, and Scott: Yeah!

Gary: Well, I have no problem with that...I was just going for a walk. You know?

Tim: You're not going anywhere. Guys?

(The Four Surround Gary)

Gary: Wha...uh oh.

(The Six lock Gary in his quarters)

Jason: You're not coming out until this adventure is over.

Gary: Okay guys...I'll just sit here and stuff. *thinks to himself* At least they didn't lock me in the basement...

Tim: Okay guys! Now it's our turn to be in the spot light! Let's go have some fun!

Jason: Alright! Solo Adventures for us!

Andon: Shall we wake IRA at least?

Scott: Nah...

Tim: Scott's right, let's just go have our fun!

Jason:Andon, Scott, and Jason: Let's go!!

(The Six Teleport out)

Gary: Okay guys...jokes over. Come and let me out!


Gary: *sighs* Looks like they mean buisness. It's a good thing I know some magic up my sleave. *pushes a button behind his mirror*

(Gary slips through a hidden panel)

Gary: Need to becareful. Gotta cut through the living room then I'll head down the secret hallway. Good thing I know this Palace like the back of my hand.

(Doorbell Rings)

Jason: HEY! I didn't invite you!

City Garage: *is surrounded by lots of women* Hey man, I can go to any party I please! *invites himself in*

Jason: Crap. This here party is getting a tad out of control.

Gary: *peaks around the corner* Coast is clear, Here I go! *hauls ass down the hallway and bumps into IRA*

IRA: HAULT! Who go there! *urps*

Gary: quiet...wait a minute. You're all wasted dude. *pushes IRA aside*

IRA: Urp...*falls on floor*

Gary: For some odd reason I think I should go annoy someone. It's quite entertaining. *snickers to himself as he walks through a secret passage* And I think I know who...

(A close up of the Technodrome*)

(* This epilogue takes place before Mechanical maniacs Series 2 #5)

Gauntlet: Alright! Who stole my Counterfiet Money Machine!

Sean: Don't look at me you spot light stealer.

Gauntlet: *growls at Spark* Time to test out my new device!

C.J.: *cowers* Not another one!

Gizmo: *stratching the wall with fear* Help me....*faints*

Jacob: Ahhhhh!!! *runs under the couch*

Titanium: *hides behind Hard*


Titanium: *is stuck to Hard* that was stupid.

Needle Gal: *runs a screaming outside the room*

Gauntlet: Now if you all are finished mocking me, you can see what I've been working on.

(The Maniacs approach Gauntlet)

C.J.: Alright let's have a look at it.

Hard: NNNNhnnnnnh!!

Gauntlet: *removes the cloak* Presenting... My "Newfound" CLONE MAKING DEVICE!!

Gizmo: Yeah...he probably "stole" it from someone.

Gauntlet: *playing innocent* Who me!? My genious never steals!

C.J.: What about the Groovin Mobile you stole from Groovy Kat?

Gauntlet: Borrowed!

Needle Gal: And Iceman's Whoppie Cousion?

Gauntlet: Just appeared in my room one day!

Titniaum: Ben's Stun Gun?

Gauntlet: He Gave it to me!

Jacob: This is getting us no where...and it's pointless. Just tell us what this thing does already!

Gauntlet: It's quite simple really. It makes clones! *he awaits a responce*


Gauntlet: Well?!

C.J.: Who the hell needs clones anyway?

Titniaum: I agree...

Gizmo: I can create my own it's not to impressive G.

(They all leave)

Gauntlet: *sigh* Nobody understands my genious...

(Gauntlet closes down shop and heads off to bed)

(either does he know that a blue eskimo face was peaking through one of the Technodrome windows at that moment with an evil grin on his face)

Narrator: The next morning Gauntlet awakes from his bed and stretches his muscles.

Gauntlet: Another day, another plot, so it seems. *he gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom*

Gary: *brushing his teeth* Heya G.

Gauntlet: Oh, howdey Ice. *Gauntlet does a double take* ICE!!??

Gary:*with tooth paste hanging from his mouth* Wha?

Gauntlet: THAT'S MY TOOTH BRUSH YOU SICK FREAK! OUT!!! *Gauntlet pushes Ice out of the bathroom and locks the door*

(Gauntlet sighs and opens the shower door)

Gary: *taking a shower in his parka* Heya G.

Gauntlet: HUH!? What the heck?! How did you?

(without hesitation he pushes Gary out of the bathroom)

Gauntlet: GET OUT AND STAY OUT!! I hate it when people invade my privacy!

Gary: *On the toilet* you mind, I'm using the pot here.

Gauntlet: WHAT!? *turns to Ice* GOOD GRACIOUS ICE! *covers his nose and leaves the bathroom* AFTER THAT GET OUT OF MY BATHROOM!!

Gary: *sleeping in Gauntlet's Bed* Keep it down will ya G! You'll wake up the dead.

Gauntlet: *gets confused* But wheren't you just in...*looks in the bathroom*

(moments later Gauntlet is seen holding Iceman by his collar and is approaching the front door)

Gauntlet: *dragging Ice along* I live in the Technodrome, I'm a nasty Ninja in the morning...WHAT CAN I DO TO GET A LITTLE PRIVACY!

*Iceman is then thrown out of the base*

Gauntlet: *whiping his hands* Good riddance to bad rubbish...*slams the door*

Gary: Nice one G...he didn't see that one coming.

Gauntlet: *turns around* What the hell!?

Gary: *holding the remote* So what's on the tube today?

Gauntlet: I don't know me refrase that. I don't care how you did it...JUST GET OUT!! *opens the door for Gary*

Gary: *lowers his head* Fine...I know when I'm not wanted...*leaves through the door*

Gauntlet: *slams the door again* AND STAY OUT!!

Gary: *from behind Gauntlet* You think he learned his lession?

Gauntlet: *turns around* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *his scream echos through the other screams*

(The Maniacs scream through out the Technodrome)

Gauntlet: *runs downstairs to the kitchen*

Needle Gal: Gauntlet! This place is overrun with Icemen's!! It's that damn Clone Machine of yours!

Gauntlet: Yes...the clone machine...that explains it. Figures Ice would play a joke with it...

Gary #7: *scavinging the fridge* Is this all you got to eat?

Gary #2 *watching TV* Damn... you need more cable channels guys! *pushes Spark out the window*

Sean: HEY!!

Gary #4 *jumping up and down in the guest bedroom* Whee!! This is fun! *the bed snaps*

Needle Gal: All the other team members have fled the Technodrome...being overrun with over a dozen pranksters is enough to drive anyone insane...

(All the Iceman's can be heard argueing in the background)

Needle Gal: And they figured it was your problem so you should fix it.

Gauntlet: Kinda figured...the lazy bastards.

Needle Gal: The question many Icemen's are there?

Gauntlet: Well...I set the thing for 12 clones per there can only be 12 Iceman's at once.

Needle Gal *dodging a flying pan* That's not to bad...

(The Icemen's continue to fight amoungst themselves...throwing things)

Gauntlet: We are going to have to destroy the fakes, and prevent The real Ice from using the Cloning Device again.

Gary #11: Hey G, do you have any microwavable popcorn? *nosing through the cabnets*

Gauntlet: They all have to go!! And NOW!!

Gary #7: Relax G, we'll clean up later...

Gary #5: *snorting* Yeah right! *both Icemen's leave the room chuckling*

Needle Gal: Why don't you just destroy the Clone Machine?

Gauntlet: WHAT ARE YOU! MAD! I just built that...

Needle Gal: *sighs as she dodges some flying plates* deal with it then...*she leaves*

Gauntlet: Hm ............ a problem with clones ........

*Gauntlet dodges pies as the Icemen run amock*


Gary# 4: More clones? Cool!

Gauntlet: Was that out loud? Oh, well.....

*Gauntlet rushes to the clone machine knocking Icemen every which way!*

Gary #10: Ohhh, looks like somebody's rushing somewhere!

(Gauntlet arrives to find the machine surrounded by Icemen)

Gary #2: Hmmmmm ...... Don't suppose we can make CLONES of clones?

Gary #4:No no no, there's secruety against that.


Gary #5: Uh-oh, the fuzz!

Gary #2: Icemen - ATTACK!

*The Icemen run around Gauntlet in circles and dodge all the Shadowblades he throws at them!*

Garys: Try and stop us .... try and stop us ....

*Gauntlet jumps over them and goes into the cloning device!*

Garys: UH-OH!!

*12 Gauntlets step out of the Machine!*

Gauntlets: Now the odds are even! Annoying prankster, prepare to meet your doom!

Garys: Ha ha hah! What you have in skill, we make up for in annoyance! I think you'll be the one to be defeated!

*It was an annoying battle*

*The room lies in ruins and the cloning device destroyed.*

Gauntlet: Mwahahahaahahahah! Looks like YOU'RE THE ONE DEFEATED, PRANKSTER!!

*Iceman is encased in a block of Ice*

Gary: Damn you, Gauntlet! You used mirrors to turn my, and my clone's ice slashers against me!

Gauntlet: And now ..... for the ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT!!!

Gary: *sweats*

*Later, the rest of the team returns home.....*

Gizmo: Man ..... what a mess.....

Hard: NNNNhnnnnnh!!

*screams are heard from the distance!*

Jacob What was that!?

Needle Gal: Let's find out!

*The team heads to the screams to find.....*

Gary: Gauntlet! You're .... inhuman!

Gauntlet: Mwa ha hah! Feeling bad, Ice? Ohhhhh, betcha wanna move, do you?

*Gauntlet sprays more itching powder on Iceman's head. Iceman is forced to endure because most of his body is still encased in ice!*

Titanium 91: Uh....

Gauntlet: Mwa ha ha hah!

Needle Gal: Oh, Dear.....

Jacob Hm.....I guess things turned out alright after all ...

Needle Gal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gizmo: Yeesh, after this debacle, I sure hope so!

Needle Gal: We learned that Gauntlet is both petty and clever. We also learned that having too much of a good thing is never good. After all 12 Garys is much worse than just the one. We also learned that cloning is a slippery slope never meant to be fiddled with by man.

Sean: We certainly learned a lot today!

Hard: NNNNhnnnnnh!!

Gary: Aaaaahhhhh!!!! My nose itches ..... BUT I CAN'T SCRATCH!!! I ..... must .... keeep .... trying!

Gauntlet: Ha ha hah! You'll die trying, Iceman! You'll die trying!!!!

C.J.: Well, until Gauntlet manages to steal another annoying device, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!


To Be Continued in the Next Solo!