The Sinister Six Solo Adventures: Part 6

Fireman's Solo X-Force Extravaganza

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Oi, and welcome to our special Solo Adventures! The major idea goes to Gauntlet! The team members go on their own seperate ways and find dangers and their own unique adventures. Most of their stories link along with another members making the whole Solo adventures one real big adventure! It's a unique twist and a fun idea to boot!

Narrator: It's early in the morning at Sinister Six HQ and for some odd reason The Six are waiting in line at the foremost bathroom.

Gary: How long is he going to be in the restroom?!

Jason: How the heck should I know? You know how Andon is and his hair.

Scott: *comes running into the room* I gotta go!!!

Tim: Wait in line. I'm surprised IRA isn't running around like that.

Jason: Tell me about it. He got really wasted last night.

Scott: *lets out a fart*

Gary: *starts laughing like a insane lunatic*

Tim: Ugggg...where is that straight jacket...

Gary: straight jacket! *behaves*


Andon: Yeah...yeah. I'm coming. *opens the door*

Jason: Looks like I'm next so...

Scott: *runs in the restroom at lightning speed and slams the door behind him*

The Six: *sigh*

Jason: *goes into a fenzy* GOD FRICKEN !!

(Later after the restroom crisis The Six huddle into the entertainment room and play Luigi's Mansion)

Tim: Guys, I have an announcement.

Gary: *watching from the side lines* Well..what do you know...look at the time. *stands up*

Tim: Sit.

Gary: *groans and sits*

Jason: Hah! I beat your score Scott!

Tim: *turns off the TV* Now Listen!

(All groan but Andon)

Tim: Where's IRA?

Andon: He's still asleep from last night, remember?

Tim: Oh yeah. Anyways, I think it's time we take a day off.

All: Hell yah!! *They all raise their arms in the air*

Tim: From each other.

Jason: Say again?

Tim: Gary's been getting to many of his own small roles.

Gary: Wha...huh?

Jason: know what. Tim's right. I mean. Gary vs Red

Andon: There was that Gary and the Backstreet Project Crap.

Gary: Ummm...

Scott: Gary turning into Eye-lephant...

Tim:Right. Gary and his April Fools Special.

Gary: *chuckles nervously*

Andon: Gary got his own Yahoo Auctions Epilouge.

Jason: Dude...this ain't fair! When do we get our own solos!

Gary: *quietly gets out of his seat*

Tim: Now we do. It's simple. We split up during this episode and do what we want to do, and not Gary's say so.

Gary: *tip toes away*

(Everyone turns to Gary)

Tim: And where do you think YOU'RE going!?

Gary: Well I uh...decided to go for...a walk. *sweat drops* Yeah!

(The Six stare at Gary with devilish looks)

Jason: We are sick of your stupid major roles! Now it's our turn!

Tim, Andon, and Scott: Yeah!

Gary: Well, I have no problem with that...I was just going for a walk. You know?

Tim: You're not going anywhere. Guys?

(The Four Surround Gary)

Gary: Wha...uh oh.

(The Six lock Gary in his quarters)

Jason: You're not coming out until this adventure is over.

Gary: Okay guys...I'll just sit here and stuff. *thinks to himself* At least they didn't lock me in the basement...

Tim: Okay guys! Now it's our turn to be in the spot light! Let's go have some fun!

Jason: Alright! Solo Adventures for us!

Andon: Shall we wake IRA at least?

Scott: Nah...

Tim: Scott's right, let's just go have our fun!

Jason:Andon, Scott, and Jason: Let's go!!

(The Six Teleport out)

Gary: Okay guys...jokes over. Come and let me out!


IRA: *awakes suddenly in his bed* do I feel like shit. *he stumbles out of bed*

(IRA makes his way down stairs)

IRA: Welp, time to get down to buisness...*uuurp*

*The drunken Fire lord walks through the hallway walking weirdly until he bumps into Gary* *Though IRA didn't recognize him right off*

IRA: HAULT! Who go there! *urps*

Gary: quiet...wait a minute. You're all wasted dude. *pushes IRA aside*

IRA: Urp...*falls on floor*

10 Mins Later...

Shadow Blade: *walks by in bathrobe* Hmmmm... Look's like Fireman is drunk again. Ah well...

*Shadow Blade carries him to a room and sets him down*

Shadow Blade: There we go! Nice and cozy and away from all the noise! *Bubbleman stares down at IRA happily* Bubbles, you're such a nice man! *he scoffs and walks out squeeking the whole way with his bath flippers* Bath time....*he echoes out*

*Either did Shadow Blade realize that this was the portal room to the world 21XX*

Mr. Dragoon: *comes through the portal* Darn, these Sinister Six loudies! Why did Ben have to put my old storage room right next to the portal! I'll teach him too... *looks down at IRA*

IRA: *burps and wakes up* Whoah...nice outfit! You look just like Magma Dragoon!

Mr. Dragoon: Well of course you drunk baboon! I'm his brother Myron...hey wait a minute...

*Mr. Dragoon gained a wide grin as he slumped IRA over his shoulder and went into the portal*

Mr. Dragoon: Perfect revenge for Ben! And IRA here is just the ticket to do so! Hehehehehehehe... *cackles evilly*

(Meanwhile at the Sky Lagoon)

Note: This takes place when the X-Force have all their orginal members in Season 1


Ben: *sighs* WHAT!?

Anton: I wanna watch ER!!

Lynx: To bad whiney, we are watching Jerry Springer!

Rick: It's a good one! 'My Mother Married a Maverick'! Damn talk about screwed up!

Anton: But the new Season Final starts tonight! I have to watch it!

*everyone groans*

Ben: You want to watch ER Anton? Well you can!

Lynx: What...but we want to watch...

Ben: *winks at Lynx* Sure Anton you can watch it...

Anton: Oh! Goodie, Goodie Gum Drops! *hops up and down happily*

Ben: *starts maiming Anton* You get up close and personal treatments at the ER Anton!


Rick: I swear you guys are so mean to the poor little guy...

Rob: Better him than me...

*Soon Fireman starts walking drunkfully into the room*

X-Force: .......................

Alon: Where the heck did he come from!?

Ben: *looks up from his maiming* Huh? What's he doing here!? *gets up and leers down at the drunken Robot Master*

IRA: *burps* Hello there big any scotch?

Lynx: Scotch? Maybe he's lost and confused?

Ben: He's drunk little pest...what brings you...

IRA: *pulls Ben's nose* You have a big nose Mr. Snouser...heheheheheh ...*Burps in Ben's face*

Lynx: 0.0

Alon: 0.0

Rob: 0.0

Rick: Whoah...nobody dare strike Ben and hopes to live through it...

Anton: *gets up all mangled* Who strike him...for.....that to happen...*faints*

Ben: GRRRRR! YOU DARE! *prepairs to plow Fireman into the ground*

Mr. Dragoon: Ah ah ah...*comes in pointing to a sign*

*Ben stops as he looks at his brother*

Alon: Holly Molly! The Burning Carnage! *drools*

Rob: *looks at the ad* That's not just a pic of the world famous beer...but shows who created it...?

Mr. Dragoon: That's right. Since you guys never bothered to brush up on the drinks famous history, now is your chance! *Mr. Dragoon pulled the paper into Ben's face*

Ben: I don't believe it. This jughead here created the Burning Carnage!?

Mr. Dragoon: Well...duh! He's a serious alcholic! It takes one to create such a famous beverage! You know what would happen if you maimed him right?

Alon: No more...precious beer...?

Mr. Dragoon: EXACTLY! If he dies, then he'll die in 20XX, and he'll never get around to creating The Burning Carnage!

*The members minus Anton all cover their mouths in fear*

Ben: You bastard...and you brought him here get on our nerves!!

Mr. Dragoon: Yup! Perfect Revenge for how you've been treating me Benjamin! Well it's payback time! You have to survive 2 hours with him without maiming or killing! The portal to 20XX will then open up then! Have fun!

*Just as Ben was about to swipe him, Mr. Dragoon vanished*

Ben: I HATE THAT JERK!! *roars*

Rick: Relax Ben, what damage could IRA possibly do to piss you off in a measly 2 hours?

1.3 minutes later...



Rob: *holds him back with his cyber powers* CHILL OUT BEN!! We'll get you another one!!


IRA: Ohhh...this girl is being nasty...time to pay the piper...*burns the comic*


Rick: *Grabs IRA and hauls off* Damn... this is going to be harder than I thought!

****Lunch Time*****

Alon: Alrighty! Pizza's here!

Ben: Bout Time...

Anton: Yeah! I'm starving! Bring on the goods!

Marc: Whoooohooo!

Rob: Glad the rest of you can join us...

Matt: Hey, can't help it if Marc lost the baseball tickets!!


*They eyeball each other evilly*

Rick: Alright, alright. Because you guys purchased those tickets...this could be our last meal for a while...we aren't exactly rich you know.

Matt: That's fine...not like Reploids need to eat anyways...

IRA: *comes into the kitchen* Hey... that food smell pretty good! *burps as he looks up at the X-Force*

Marc: What's he doin' here, and what's up with Ben?

Ben: *holding in his rage to tear IRA to pieces*

Rob: Long story...let's chow down!

(Just as they were prepairing to dive in Fireman belches out a large flame and the pizza erupts into ashes!)

X-Force: .............

Ben: THAT'S IT!! BEER OR NO BEER, IRA'S DEAD!! *prepairs to slash but...*

Rick: *catchs Ben in his web* Just one more hour Ben! And it's all over!

Marc: Let him slaughter the rat! I was blasted starving!

*Alon, Anton, Rick, Lynx, and Rob all panic*

Rob: You don't understand! IRA's the creator of Burning Carnage Beer! If IRA perishes, so does the tasty creation!

Marc: You're kidding... that drink is favored by the gods!!

*IRA's cell phone soon rings*

Rick: *lets Ben go* He's got a phone call, surely you won't hack him while he's on the phone will ya?

Ben: *mumbles* Lousy Resa frecken...

IRA: Yes....*talks fast* Are you my daddy?

Andon: *on the other line* surprise that you're drunk. I can't contact the other members...can you do me a favor? I need help...

Ben: *drinks some of his soda as he eyeballs IRA nastily*

IRA: Magma Dragoon...drink a lot...Is he my daddy?

Ben: What did he say....*raises from his seat in anger*

X-Force: Uh oh...

Andon: *on the other line* *sighs* Listen. I need you to...wait. Magma Dragoon?

IRA: *burps loudly* Huhahahah. Funny joke. You the funny man.

*Soon Magma Dragoon scorchs IRA and he loses his connection with Andon*


Ben: How could such a little twerp create such a famous drink! I tell you it's impossible!!

*a crash is heard from outside*

Rick: What was that!?

Rob: *using his linking powers* It's Double! He's attacking our base!

Ben: X-Force! Let's go!

*The 8 Reploids quickly leave the kitchen. Leaving Fireman alone*

IRA: *hiccup!* You guys need hire a maid! *IRA begins pointing his arm cannons*

*Meanwhile outside*

Double: Awwww...X-Force! How nice of you to show...

Ben: *head butts Double to the back wall* I needed to vant my rage out on something!

Lynx: Yeah...we somewhat knew that.

Anton: Heheheheheh. Good to see it happen to someone else for a change.

Double: What a cheap shot! But this time I have the upperhand!

*A blast shoots and fires Ben back*

Magna Centipede: You fools think Double would of came alone!!

Blast Hornet: Hahah! You'll all go down for being traitors to Sigma!

Rob: No way Freaks!

Double: Mavericks Attack!

Blast Hornet: I'll Give you a real onslaught! *Blast Hornet attempts to blast Jet Stingray*

Matt: Ack! *fires off Ground Hunter...only problem sticks to the ground.*

Blast Hornet: FOOL! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! *Blasts Matt backwards*


Rick: *Entraps Blast Hornet in an electric web* EAT MY VOLTAGE!

*Web Spider electricutes Hornet*

Blast Hornet: Blarrrrgg!

Volt Kracken: *shocks Anton unconscience* Heheheheh...easy pickens...

Alon: I'd like to see you try that on me smallville.

Volt Kracken: Guh...*looks up at Alon* Uh...could we talk about this...

Alon: *bashes him into the ground* Talk is cheap...

Sting Chameleon: *camaflagues into the brush* Can't fight what you can't see! *he swipes his tail at Rob*

Rob: This guy is really getting my goat...

*uses his powers to make everything organic digitize*

Sting Chameleon: What the...*gets thwacked by Rob's peircing Laser attacks*

Rob: Sorry lizard breath...can't blend into everything!

Blizzard Wolfang: You and me Slash Beast! One on One!

Lynx: You got it Wolfy!

Blizzard Wolfang: GRrrrr...I hate it when people call me that! *charges at Lynx at full speed*

Lynx: *jumps and lands on Wolfang with claws slashing through his armor*

Blizzard Wolfang: Damn!!

*The X-Force surround the last remaining Maverick and finish him off*

Magna Centipede: Errr...nuts...

Rick: *helping Matt and Anton* Where's Ben?

*large explosion*

Lynx: *without looking* There he is.

Ben: *is holding Double up by the neck* You've raided my've interupted our lunch...

Double: guys proved far stronger than my Mavericks...

Marc: That's right jerk eyes! We were too powerful for you!

*The other X-Force come in*

Alon: Where the heck were you the whole time Marc!?

Marc: Errr....uhhhh....fighting...?

Lynx: I always knew you were a chicken, and not an owl.

Anton: *laughs*


Double: Go ahead! I'll just be back! I'll...hey, your place is on fire...

X-Force: ............



Rob: These last two hours, has been hell thanks to that Sinister Sixlit!

Alon: KILL HIM!!

*They all charge into the burning inferno*

Double: Hahaha! Now to use this time to make my get away! Mark my words X-Force! I'll come back even stronger! *teleports off*

*They soon enter the base to find the place burnt to a crisp*


Mr. Dragoon: Gone. The Two hour limit is up.

Ben: WHAT!?

Mr. Dragoon: Congrads Ben, you've managed to keep the little guy in one peice! Now he's safely been brought back home!

Rick: *looks at watch* He's right Ben, we've spent some much time fighting, we lost track of time!

Lynx: Yeah...but look at our base...

Ben: Damn that little runt...

Mr. Dragoon: Well...guess you're gonna have to save your slaughtering for another Ben?

*The X-Force glare at Mr. Dragoon*

Mr. Dragoon: Uhhhh...Ben? Guys? Uh oh...

*Meanwhile back at H.Q*

Tim: Welp, IRA is finally asleep. Poor guy really took in a lot of booze.

Jason: Yeah...that's true. I'm going out for a pizza...cya...

Tim: YOU GET BACK TO CLEANING! This place is a pig stye thanks to your party!

Andon: Yeah dude...what ever possesed you to have a party here!? Of all places!?

Jason: *mumbles angerly as he starts cleaning*

Tim: Welp, some heroes we turned out to be! I learned that singing can lead to lots of fun!

Andon: True. That and Violence doesn't always solve ones problems...even if you throw a peaceful punch or two.

Gary: *is still scratching his nose* Yeah... and don't Pull a prank unless you can get away with it...grrr...*continues scractching*

Scott: *showing off his golden Chef Hat* I am indeed a master chef!!

Jason: *opens the toilet lid* Lousy...goody goody... YELPP!!!

Xardion: THERE YOU ARE! *bites him*

Jason: *runs around the H.Q. with Xardion attached to him* THIS AIN'T FUNNYYYY!!!


END! finally...