Sinister Six Comics

Welcome to our comics section, since some of us lack artistic skills (i.e. Your Surly Neighborhood Fireman) we opted to follow the example David Anez of Bob and George and make sprite comics based on the adventures of the Sinister Six. So without further adieu.

Odin's Comics (Still needs a snappy title :-P)
Unlike Ben, Odin's comics take more after 8-Bit Theatre in style and humor and it was he that instilled Fireman's deathly fear of the Muffin Man that carried into Ben's comics.



Vengence by Ben (AKA Pyro)
It an attempt to shamelessly copy Bob and George, Ben attempted to introduce the 'creator' as a malevolent entity bent of making the sprite character's lives hell. Since it didn't go well with the fans. Ben decided to change it a little. (read #3 to see how.)




Fear Management by Ben (AKA Pyro)
Continuing the ideas Odin set forward with Ben's irrational fear of the Muffin Man, Ben decided to kick it up a notch to start Fireman's descent into insanity. It's also the first appearance of Clay Aiken (you know the runner up from American Idol 2) who plays a bigger role in the next arc.



Clay's Revenge/The Clay Aiken Saga by Ben (AKA Pyro)
Picking up where Fear Management left off Clay Aiken has spent a good portion of his career in 20XX being harshly ridiculed by Fireman and Iceman. Now it's time for payback, except Fireman's gone hopelessly isnsane and Iceman's in the burn ward. Tons of cameos by Starnik, Raijin K, Cossacks Comrades and many many more.