The Sinister Six In:

Gutsman's Big Break

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Poor Tim. Being a leader isn't all fun and games. And you'll see why during this story. I almost feel sorry for the big lad.

Narrator: The Sun rizes its glorus heat based rays up over Sinister Six HQ, and all seems well until a yell was heard just outside Scott's room.

Scott: AAAAhhhh!! A Snake!

Gary: I got ya again Scott. Fell for the ole' plastic snake in the bed gag. *holds it up*

Scott: That isn't funny! *snags it from him*

(near the restroom)

Jason: Come on IRA, I got to go!! *holding his armor*

IRA: Sorry dude...I got wasted last night..I'll be in here for a while...

Jason: Again?! That's the seventh time this week...wait a minute... there's seven days in a week! IRA!! *knocks on the door loudly*

IRA: Wait your turn!!

(else where in the HQ an argument breaks out)

Ben: *Over a holigraphic projector* I'm serious Andon! Fighting does solve problems. Think of the Wars. Sometimes Violence is the only way to get someone's attention!

Andon: I care to disagree my violent dragon friend. Fighting solves nothing but makes things worse than before! (continues rambling)

(And finally the loud occrances find its way in Tim's quarters)

Tim: *sighs* It's to loud in here...again. I don't know how much more I can take...


Everyone: GARY!!!

Gary: (from some where in the HQ) I didn't do it.

Tim: *puts his hand on his head* It's getting worse...the noises, the fighting. When will it all...

(everyone comes into Tim's room at once)

Jason: IRA's hogging the bathroom! Can you make him get out!!

Scott: Gary's driving me up the wall! Make him knock it off!

Andon: Tell Ben that fighting solves nothing Tim! You told me yourself...

(The three start yacking and talking all at once)

Tim: SILENCE!!!!!

(everyone shuts up)


Andon: What do you mean my yelling big friend?

Tim: Everyone's problems...can't you all deal with it on your own? Yes, I'm the leader...but I can only do so much. I'm taking the day off!

(IRA and Gary both run into the room with mouths open)

Jason, Andon and Scott: *mouths fall open*

Jason: You can't be serious...?

Tim: Oh, I'm serious alright. I should of done something like this a long time ago.

Andon: *puts a hand on Tim's shoulder* I understand my friend. WE all need some time away. Go ahead and take the day off, we'll be fine.

Gary: But...who'll lead us while your gone?

Tim: founded the blasted team!! You technically should have been leading us from the start! How the heck did I ever become leader anyway!?

Jason: Gary...the leader...*shivers*

Tim: It'll suffice. Gary is the leader until I return.

(Moans can be heard...except for Iceman)

Gary: WHooohoooo!!! *trips and falls*

Andon: *pulls Tim aside* Ummm...I support your decision and all... but this is "Gary" know...the irritating Eskimo from Hell?

Tim: I made my goodbye. *leaves*


Jason: fearless leader...what do we do now?

Gary: Let's make this...offical "Play Pranks on Jason" Day! *squirts Jason with a water gun*

Jason: *is soaked* Great...

(hands everyone a super water gun)

Gary: Okay! Everyone shoot Jason!

IRA: *is drunk and shoots Andon*

Andon: HEY! *short circuits*

Scott: *shoots himself*

Gary: Ummmm...okay...

(Near the Supermarket Tim decided to do some shopping)

Tim: Ahhhh...finally I can relax and do something "normal" for a change. *looks at his list* Let's see...I need flower...eggs...

*elsewhere in the store*

Super Chaos: Hey's think he sees us?

Bass: Crud...wasn't expecting to see him here...maybe he's aware of our plot?

Super Chaos: He must know...why else would he be our secret hiding place.

Bass: This is perfect. He's right where we want him too! You contact the others, I'll find out what he knows...

(as For Tim)

Tim: *puts flour into his cart*

Bass: Lovely day for shopping isn't it Gutsman?

Tim: Yup, sure is. What's up with you Bass? Shopping too?

Bass: *pulls him aside roughly* Alright, jigs up. What do you know of our devious plot!?

Tim: Devious plot? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bass: No idea eh? Maybe this will fresh your memory! *pulls out a stun gun*

Tim: Hey! I came here for a nice quiet shopping spree, and this is what I get? *punches Bass out of the store* I'm outta here! *leaves*

Super Chaos: He's onto us. *helps Bass up* We need to stop him before he can tell the other members of his team.

Bass: Right. I'll call the others...

(later At the Park Tim sits on a nearby bench to sit down and read a book)

Tim: Ahhhh...finally. Peice and quiet.

(A laser blast hits the bench and it collapses)

Scorpion: Hahah! So there you are!

Tim: *gets up* What the hell are you doing here!?

Scorpion: To destroy you before you tell the others about our devious plot!

Tim: I don't care about your stupid devious plot! I just want to be left in peice! *gets up and leaves*

(A pile of garbage is thrown at Tim)

Tim: Oh no...not you too...

City Garage: You can't escape us! We outnumber you!

Scorpion: *blasts some lasers at Tim*

City Garage: *throws trash bombs at Tim*

Tim: *dodges the attacks and runs to a nearby shut down shop*

Scorpion: He went in the shop!

(Scorpion and City Garage run into the shop, then it explodes)

Tim: *walks out from the ashes and smoke* Hate to destroy public property, but I'm desperate! I WANT PEICE AND QUIET!!

(At blast knocks Tim away)

Tim: What now?

Buster Rod G: We won't let you escape until you tell use what you know about our devious plot!

Torchman: Yeah! *tries to flame Tim*

Tim: Uggg...this is getting annoying...

(More attacks come from behind)

Super Chaos: You give up yet?

Bass: Tell us what you know of our plan!

Tim: Don't you guys have anyone else you can bother? *runs and dodges from the attacks*

Torchman: Come on guys! AFter him!

Super Chaos: Don't let him get away!

Tim: *starts running up to a roof of a building*

(A laser blast fires from above)

Tim:*looks up* WILY!! YOU TOO!?

Dr. Wily: Tell us what you know now!!

Scorpion: *appears on the roof*

Buster Rod G: *leaps onto the roof*

(as does City Garage, Bass, Super Chaos, and Torchman)

Tim: *sighs* GO! Plot, scheme, Kidnap! Hold someone for randsome! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!

Bass: *fires a blast at Tim*

City Garage: *throws more garbage at Gutsman*

Tim: *dodges all of the attacks* Is there a way you guys can do all this....tommorow?!

Scorpion: *uses telekinesis to throw stuff at Tim* No...we will kill you now.

Buster Rod G: *uses his magic staff to make the floor slippery*

Tim: *pushes Bass into Scorpion and Buster Rod G and they fall off the roof*

Super Chaos: *fired his laser at Tim*

Dr. Wily: *starts attacking from above*

Tim: Please....stop...*dodges more and jumps off the roof*

City Garage: Come one guys! We have him on the run!

Torchman: He's trying to get away, after him! *they all scatter after him*

Tim: *hides behind some trash cans*

(The Trash can gets blown away by Red)

Red: He's over here guys!

Bass: Red found him!

Tim: *throws a boulder at Red and Bass* CAN'T YOU GUYS GO ANNOY GAUNTLET OR SOMETHING!!

Red: *blows the boulder away* Not tell you tell us what you know of our devious plan!

(The mob of villains surround Tim)

City Garage: Yeah! The Sinister Six Adversaries Team up and over throw the Sinister Six!

Buster Rod G: You just told him you fool!!

City Garage: He already knew anyway...remember?

Tim: Wait a minute...hold everything!! That is your devious plot? To unite and try to overthrow The Sinister Six?

Red: That's right! With our combined strength, you guys don't stand a chance!

Tim: You haven't even stopped me with your combined might. All you did was RUIN MY DAY OFF!

Super Chaos: We still haven't finished with you yet.

Scorpion: Yeah! We still have to destroy you since you know our devious plot.


($20 thousand dollars and 2 hours later Tim arrives tiredly back at S6 HQ)

Jason: Hey Tim, how was your day off?

Tim: I don't want to talk about it...*grumbles*

Andon: You won't belive it Timmo, but having Gary in charge was great!

Scott: Yeah! We got attacked by this huge swarm of ants...

IRA: And Gary dude lead us right into battle! We kicked their butts!

Tim: Did I miss something...?

(The TV News Channel Came on)

News Ancorman: This just in! All the Sinister Six Villains has been arrested using counterfiet money down at the jewlery prix. Let's see if we can get a statement from their leader.

Dr. Wily: I can't belive I fell for the same thing twice! I'll get you Gutsman! Your dang counterfiet money!!!

(tv flicks off)

Jason: What the hell did you do today Tim?

Tim: I had fought basically every one of our villains and survived to talk about it...

IRA: So you gave them counterfeit money? Where'd you get it?

Gary: That, and I thought we were rich...

Tim: *pulls out Gauntlet's Counterfeit Money Machine* In addition to being rich...I'm also cheap.

Tim: Some hero "I" turned out to be...used fake money to bribe my way out of a situation.

Jason: True That, but at least you got away from us.

Andon: I donno if it was for the best though.

IRA: He still had a bad day.

Gary: So does that mean, I'm not leader anymore...

Scott: I think so Gary...I think so...

Jason: Wait a minute...if we're so rich, how come we only have one bathroom...

(They all start arguing again)


(Somewhere in another dimention)

Gauntlet: Alright! Who took my Counterfiet Money Device!