The Sinister Six In:

Sinister Seven

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Sinister Seven eh? Like that's going to work. Welp, I'm anxious to see what's going to happen myself, so let's get this story started already!!!

Gauntlet: Tis I Gauntlet! Here to tell you all that I helped Ice finishe this epilouge! Enjoy it!

Narrator: The Sinister Six get a call and from Sinister Six HQ and hear about a new adversary attacking the Treasurer. This doesn't sound good, and off we go!

Tim: Alright guys, let's get ready for a frontal attack through the front door of the Treasurer. Fireman, which badguys is it this time?

IRA: That's the odd thing man...I don't recognize his signal. It think it's a newbie.

Gary: Newbie eh...this sounds exciting. Finally a new villain to beat the crap out of.

Scott: Whooohooo!!

Tim: Don't get to cocky there guys, this new guy may be a tough cookie.

Scott: COOKIE!!

Cookie Monster: COOKIE!

(both start drooling)

Andon: Cookie Monster!? How did you get here?

Tim: I hate it when other people bud in on our battles.

Jason: You know what they say. The more, the merryer.

Cookie Monster: Me hitch ride on "Guys with limited Vocabulary"Express!

Tim: Never heard of it.

Cookie Monster: Only two of us actually ride on thing.

Bizzaro Shadowman: Like me and Cookie Monster. Me hate like riding big things. Like it so much me wanna make things LIVE!

Tim: Right...

Scott: Oh!! I want to ride the train next time!

Jason: Sorry Scott. The train is for people with a low vocabulary, not people with low intellegence.

Tim: JASON!!

Jason: What?

Tim: That's not a nice thing to say about Scott!

Jason: *points to Scott's friendly face*

Tim: I guess...he didn't hear you.

Andon: Fellas....

Scott: What? What'd he say?

Gary: Well....

Andon: Guys.

Jason: *snicker*

Scott: What!? What'd he say!?

Andon: GUYS!!!

Tim, Gary, Scott, IRA, Jason: What!?

Andon: The newbie villain escaped.


Jason: You IDIOT!

Scott: Who, me?

Gary: No, Bizarro. Of course you!

Bizarro Shadowman: Hm, this place am plesant. Me think me stay. *leaves*

Cookie Monster: What goin' on!? Cookie Monster likes cookies!

(Suddennly, a mysterious figure dropps in from the rafters)

Gauntlet: Yo, Sinister Six!

Gary: Gauntlet!?*

(*This epilogue takes place shortly before the 'Maniacs leave on their worlwide car trip in Series 3 of their .... um ..... series!)

Tim: Hey, it's the Shadow guy! Glad you could make it here good buddy. Yer welcome anytime!

Gauntlet: Yeah, I just may take you up on that one day. What's Goin' on?

Scott: *points to Jason* He's making fun of me!

Gauntlet: 'zat so?

Scott: Yeah! He called me stupid!

Gauntlet: Well, I say we settle it with three rounds of bare knuckle boxing.


Andon: That's not very helpfull, Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: Who says I'm here to help?

(The six follow as Gauntlet heads into their equipment room and takes their X-Force communicator. A special device used to communicate with their allies in the future.)

Gauntlet: *dials the device and talks to Ben* So, Ben? What's the forcast on our radtrip, bud? It'll end up alright in the end, right?

Ben: I dunno, man. Lemme check preserved newspapers.


Ben: You ..... why, you little. I can't believe you teamed up with him! Even after I gave you that warning! I was gonna let it slide but now ......... ohhhhhh, how COULD you still let him travel with you!?

Gauntlet: Hunh?

Ben: Oh, I'm gonna SO have to kick your ass! Just wait 'till the other dragons hear about THIS!



Gauntlet: Ohhhhhh kaaaaayyyyy.

*Gauntlet teleports out*

IRA: That little...

Tim: HAW! Gotta love Gauntlet. What a character.

(All of a sudden a strange humming noise appears out of nowhere......)

IRA: What is that....?

(A large flash occurs and a figure falls through a portal and lands face first on the ground)

*The six stare at the figure laying there*

Tim: Hmmmm...never seen something like this happen before.

IRA: He's a human. My scanner once again never lies.

Jason: A human eh? Well, the bum can't stay here. I'll toss him to the curb. *begins to grab the man.*

Tim: *holds Jason back* No! We're post to protect them remember, let's see if he needs help.

*carefully nudges the unconsious man*

Gary: Can I use him as a golfing post?...that'll wake him up. *gets ready to tee off*

Tim: *holds him back* No! What are you trying to do, kill the poor kid?

Jason: Well, what would YOU know about humans!?

Tim: I know enough not to use them as golf posts!

Guy: Geez. What's wrong with you guys?

Andon: Egads! It's awake!

Scott: KILL IT!

The Other Six: NO!

Guy: GEEZ! What the hell 'are' you guys?

Tim: We'll ask the questions here, buddy. Who in the heck are ya?

Ridley: My name's Ridley! I was on a mission and the sorceror cast some sort of spell and ...... I wound up here.


Gary: Well, that's pretty random.

Ridley: I guess. Now if you'll just direct me to the nearest magic comportium and item shop I'll be on my way. I can create a new portal with just the right ingredients. They're rare, but I can do it.


Gary: Right.

Cookie Monster: Cookie Monster need cookie! Yum yum yum! Cookie Monster be in kitchen!

*Cookie Monster leaves.*

Jason: See? Useless!

Andon: Oh, just shut up already! Jeez, what's with you today?

Jason: Will everyone just stop getting on my case?

Gary: Hey, America's funniest home videos are on!

The other Six: NO!

Scott: I'd rather leave the team than watch that dumb show!

Tim: Yeah!

Jason: In fact ........ I think I WILL leave the team!


Gary: But ......

IRA: Yeah, I haven't ben pulling my weight around this place either. Maybe it'd be best if I made way ....

Tim: *Hrumph*! I'm sick of all you guys. I think I'll leave too!

Gary: Wait! What's going on! Common, guys! We can't just split up like this!

Scott: Why not? All the other teams are gone.

Jason: I don't see any real need to stick together.

Gary: But ..... but.....

Andon: Face it, Gary. It's over already. We had a run anyone would be proud of. But it's over.

Cookie Monster: WAIT!!

*All eyes turn on Cookie Monster as he prepares to speak*.

Cookie Monster: Pallies. Listen to me words. Life am like cookie. Sweet, sweet cookie. Chocolate chip cookie! With sprinkles on top! Yum yum yum! But once cookie break apart, same sookie can no be put back together again! No! Sweet, sweet cookie is gone and all left is crums. And that make Cookie Monstor sad. Cuz Cookie Monster no be alble to eat crumbs off dirty floor. No. Cookie better and sweeter if stayed together! Then it am one BIG cookie! Maybe Oreo cookie! With fillin in middle. And once cookie am eaten all cookie bits and peices stay together in stomach and are with person ........ always all the time.


Andon: ....... that ........ was the ...... most beautifull thing I've ever heard.

Jason: *sniff*

Gary: Cookie Monster ..... you're so ..... so eloquent!

The Six: !!!

Scott: Gary ...... that's a big word!

Tim: Sinister Six, UNITE!

Ridley: What the Hell?

IRA: Hey, wat a minute here! Nothing's changed! We're still disfunctional! We need to resolve this!


Jason: What's to resolve?

Tim: You've been acting real odd lately.

Ridley: And I know why! For with my magic powers I can break the curse set upon all of you by this ..... impostor!

*Ridley despells the unseen magic and Cutman morphs before everyone's eyes into ......*

Gary: Uh ....... Just who the Hell are you?

Buster Rod G.: BUSTER ROD G! Don't you recognise me!?

Tim: No.

Scott: Should we?

Buster Rod G.: YES! We had an epic battle!

Gary: Really?

Buster Rod G.: YES!

Andon: I don't remember anything epic.

Buster Rod G.: You really don't remember?

*The Six shake their heads*

Buster Rod G.: Oh, I see ..... Then I gotta beat you up even WORSE THAT I WAS PLANNING TO!

IRA: Oh yeah!?

Tim: We'll get you yet!

*The Six battle Buster Rod. Buster Rod uses his staff to swipe at the six, but with six opponents against one, the odds aren't in his favor. With a curse Buster Rod leaves S6 HQ leaving a very puzzled Sinsiter Six to sort out what actually went on....*

Ridley: From what I understand Buster Rod G. wanted revenge. So he disguised himself as Cutman. Then he used magic and some sly words to get you to fight each other in the hopes to get you to split up. He couldn't beat you physically, so he tried psychological warefare!


Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be ...... couldn't even see through Buster Rod's psychological Warefare.

Scott: Yeah, but we won.

Gary: He's right! We're all good!

Andon: And remember .... we're still household names.

Tim: Hm. You know something? You're right. I gotta stop looking at the downside of these things.

Ridley: Indeed my friend! And since you all fared so poorly before I came along, I can only see one logical course of action...... that I belong to the Sinister Six!

Tim: Hunh?

Gary: Excuse that past me again?

Scott: Uh, yeah. Well, there's some trouble up in ........ Antartica.

Ridley: Then I am off! To battle evil lurking in Antartica! *with that, Ridley leaves to battle the forces of evil in antartica ...... as the seventh sinister six member!

IRA: And don't come back 'till you're done!

*meanwhile at the closest Video rental shop

Jason: *in the adult section* Hello Mrs Peep Hole! *whistles*

Store Manager: HEY YOU! GET OUT OF THERE!!

Jason: *grabs video and takes off* Got to see more this time before being kicked out! *cheers in delight*