The Sinister Six In:

April Fools Day Special 2: Enter the Dragoon

by Ben (Magma Dragoon)

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Hello and welcome to another April Fools Day special, I just plan to relax and enjoy my daily revolutionary paper and a cold glass of pink lemonade. But first I need to gel my hair...

(Andon opens the cabinet)

(Razors launch)

Andon: Oy this is going to smart...

(Meanwhile in the kitchen)

Scott: I wonder if that cheesecake is still there... huh?

(Flamethrower spews out flames and Scott runs around on fire)

Scott: AHHHHHHH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! (Runs outside)

(Meanwhile in the frontyard)

Tim: There. That should do it with the recycling...

(Scott runs and spills the trash)

Scott: AHHHHHHHH! MEDIC! MEDIC! (Runs into the horizon)

Tim: *Sigh* That crazy eskimo...

Jason: Hey! A little help over here!

Tim: (Looks up and finds IRA and Jason caught in a snare) Good lord you two? What are you doing up there...

Jason: IRA was here left in a drunk stupor... (Looks at him)

IRA: (Drunk) No Mrs. Johnson I dun know about your pretty kitty...

Tim: And you?

Jason: I came to see if my hentai subscription came in...

Tim: (Pulls the tree down while Jason cuts him and IRA off) We need to talk to that little eskimo about his pranks...

(And so...)

Gary: (Trying to force a bomb into Scott's cheesecake) *Grunt* Get in damn you!

Tim: Gary!

(The Six minus Scott walk in)

Gary: (Hides the cheesecake bomb) Uh hi guys nice day isn't it?

Jason: You can't fool us you blue parka-wearing freak... you know what pranks you pulled off...

Andon: Dude you should consider other people's feelings before you hurt them.

Tim: Like the flamethrower in the fridge?

Gary: What are you talking about?

Andon: Or the razors in the bathroom cabinet...

Gary: Uh guys?

Six: WHAT?!?

Gary: That's not my style, sure I'm a prankster but I'm not a sadist...

Six: 0_0 WHAT?!?

(Outside a certain Dragon watches)

Ben: *Snicker* Fools, they think Gary did it...


Gary: (Zips to the door and opens it) Hey Clownface, long time no see...

Jon: Well I thought we can tag team for April Fools again...

Gary: Have any ideas?

Jon: I thought we could pull a scandal with the Tabloids...

Gary: (Thinks "Clown Man to Ice Man "I'm carrying your child") Nah! Too sick for my liking... Maybe we should randomly pick off stranger and think of something in the meantime...

Jon: Sounds like a plan to me... (Gets snagged by a cable) Wha?

(Something pulls and Clown spins into Gary who falls into a...)


Jon: What the heck is that?

Ben: (Lands) 'Twas I you simpletons... by the way you owe me one thermonuclear mine former-King of Pranksters..

Gary: *Koff* I knew it had to be you... BEN!

Ben: HA! The day is not yet done so TOASTY! Oh yeah and APRIL FOOLS! (Leaps away)

Gary: (Gets up) So the Dragoon wants war...

Jon: We'll give him war!

Gary and Jon: (Cackle evilly)

(And so...)

(In the empty Megaopolis Mansion)

Gary: This is perfect... we booby trap the entire mansion and get back at Ben.

Jon: Yeah a stroke of genius on my part...

Gary: I was the one who rented out this place and ordered the equipment to rig this place...

Jon: Well I have to take credit somewhere along the line...

Gary: I assume you sent the message to Ben...

Jon: Yep... Let's get this show on the road...

(Meanwhile a Skull Castle, Dr. Wily has called an emergence summit of supervillains)

Wily: Gentlemen I got a message from our agent in the future Mr. Dragoon, he tells me that the teams have called an emergency summit to hatch a plan to destroy us forever...

Bass: Hah! They are no match for me! I'm the...

Wily: Shut up you brain-dead clod! If we do nothing now we're all in danger of being wiped out!

Super Chaos: Wily's right (for a change) we have to do something right away...

Torch Man: I'm with you one hundred percent Wily but what do you plan to do?

Wily: What else? We raid the Megaopolis Mansion and crush them all with our combined might...

Buster Rod G: I may be the newbie here but isn't that a little cliched?

Super Chaos: Of course it is but to be effective we must sometimes sacrifice originality...

Wily: So all in favor of wiping the heroes out say "Aye"

All: AYE!

(And so the villains enter the Mansion not knowing of the danger they are in)

Scorpion: Is it me or doesthis place seem empty?

Bass: In a place this there has to be a conference center somewhere around here...

Wily: We should divide and conquer if any one of us finds them we can call each other for back up...

Torch Man: Sounds like a plan to me...

Super Chaos: "Divide and Conquer" isn't that when we split our enemies up and we all take them out when they are alone?

Wily: Look here! Did you spend five years at the Robotics Institute? Just do as I order you too!

Super Chaos: Okay, Okay I'm off...

(So the villains split)

Scorpion: (Hears something) It's them...

(Blasts the dual doors open to find the "heroes" in a conference)

Gauntlet: And so if we...

Scorpion: I got you where I want you fools...

Gauntlet: ...flank them here we'll be able to...

Scorpion: They are ingoring me? FOOLS YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR INGOR...

(Gauntlet and company disappear and laser cannons fire at Scorpion)

Scorpion: (Holds back the blasts with a Telekenetic Shield) It was all a hologram? ARGH! I should've known... (Rips up the cannons with his telekenesis) I need to contact the others...

(Communicator just shorts out)

Scorpion: The communicator's jammed I need to warn them anon! (Goes out the other doors)

(A reinforced door slams over it as he finds himself in a room that looks like it as neon lights glowing around it...)

Scorpion: Another parlor trick? They must do better than this...

(A laser running from wall to wall comes towards Scorpion, as it gets closer it forms a grid)

Scorpion: Oh... (Gets sliced by the lasers) ...crap... (falls to pieces)

(Super Chaos smashes the north-facing door and finds Scorpion's remains)

Super Chaos: Holy! Scorpion?

(Another laser comes towards Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: Not this time! (Blasts the set up with Heavy Laser)... Fools because it worked for my comtempary doesn't mean it'll work on me... (Smashes the south-facing door...)

(Super Chaos walks into a room with electrodes attached to the walls...)

Super Chaos: Oh crap, I walked into another trap... (Tries to escape but another reinforced door slams over the only exit.)
NO! I'm trapped...

(The electrodes glow brimming with electricity)

(Super Chaos get electrocuted with the massive lightning bolt)

Super Chaos: (Melts into a puddle) Ouch... (Starts to smoke)

(Meanwhile at the buffet)

Jon: Hey Ben just walked into our traps!

Gary: Lemme see! Hmm... the laser cannons, the laser display and the electric room and the fun's only beginning...

Jon and Gary: (Laugh Manically)

(And so in the the gardens at the Megaopolis Mansion)

Torch Man: Good thing we teamed up eh?

Buster Rod G: Yeah... (points who are they)

Torch Man: It's Lennon, with Guantlet and Proto Man?

XT Gem: Lennon? Ha! That traitor will never compare to me...

Torch Man: Wha? Who are you?

XT Gem: I am Gemini Man leader of the one true Mega Man 3 team the Xtreme Team...

Torch Man: But I am the leader of the one, true Mega Man 3 team... well used to be?

XT Gem: Ha! You gay posers? We reign sumpreme and I'll show you why...

(Two claws pop out of the fountain and grab Torch Man and Buster Rod G)

Buster Rob G: Hey! Get your stinkin' paws of me you damn dirty apes!*

(HA! I had to pull that pun off)

XT Proto: Damn?

XT Shadow: Dirty?

XT Gem: Apes? Maybe this will teach you some manners you (censored)

(XT Gem, Proto and Shadow disappear)

Torch Man: Holograms?!? What sort of joke is this?

Buster Rod G: Can't... break.. free...

Torch Man: Well it was nice knowing you Mr. Shatner...

(Torch Man and Buster Rod G are dragged under water)

(As for Wily and Bass)

Wily: I remember this ballroom, this was where I met my dear... Sonia... *sigh*

Bass: I hate to break the nostalgia bubble old man but no one is here...

Wily: Oh... yeah let's head for the next room...

(The reinforced doors slam down again, blocking all the exits.)

Wily: Eh? What's happenin?

Bass: What does it look like?!? We were lured into a trap!

Wily: Trap? Oh crap!

Bass: (Fires cannon at the door with no effect) Damn it's reinforce metal there's no way out!

Wily: Oh great...

(Skylight opens and the Dragon from Mega Man 2 appears)

Wily: Bass! Protect me!

Bass: Quit your whimpering old man, I can take this old pile scrap on... (Fire the Forte Buster)

(The Dragon is protected by a force field it dives)

Bass: (Ducks and fires) My attacks are useless!

Wily: As are you, you're a disgrace!

(The floor tiles start falling into a bottomless pit soon Wily's trapped in a corner)

Wily: Bass! Help me!

Bass: I'm a disgrace? You don't know how that hurts me old man...


Bass: Ha! Good riddance...

Dragon: (Laughs)

Bass: What are you laughing about? (Notices he's about to fall into the pit...) Oh.... (censored) (falls into the pit)

(And so)

Gary: Well Dragon Breath has fallen for all our traps...

Jon: HA! He's so gullible

(They open the door to find the villains stumbling)

Super Chaos and Gary: YOU?!?

Gary: What are you doing here?

Super Chaos: You set these traps?

Jon: Well Ice, at least we got someone this April Fools...

Torch Man: So these pranks weren't directed towards us?

Gary and Jon: NO!

Bass: Then who set us up?

(A bunch of cables snag everyone)

Gary: (Struggles) What gives? Jon did you set of these?

Jon: No I didn't...

Postman: (Enters) Message for a Gary... here?

Gary: *Grunt* That's me!

Postman: I have a message from Ben:

"Sorry I can't make it for the summit Gary, the X-Force and I were busy fighting off the Maverick invasion.


Gary: So that's it... my favorite holiday wasted like that?

Jon: Say Mr. Postman? Can you cut us down?

Postman: Sorry son I don't get paid overtime... (Walks out)

Gary and Jon: (censored)

(As the postman walks out of the driveway)

Postman: Feh, they thought they could match wits with me? (Remove latex mask to reveal he's...)

Ben: (Takes off the disguise) The two clowns thought they could fool me with that fake invitation and those foolish villains thought I was Mr. Dragoon and they fell for my trap. It seems that I won this round of April Fo... (Slips on a banana peel) OW... fools...

Blooper: Bloopa! (Bounces off into the sunset) Bloopa! Bloopa!