The Sinister Six In:

Iceman Goes to Neverland

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Sometimes it makes me wonder just how annoying our little Eskimo is. Well, we'll see just 'how" annoying he can be to a never aging fourteen year old who himself enjoys a lot of fun. Oh boy...


Narrator: At Sinister Six Headquarters a stir is caused adruptly as Gutsman notices his Garth Brooks CD's.

Tim: Where is that damn Eskimo! *Tim storms around Headquarters with steam blowing out of his ears.*

Jason: I donno...why?

Tim: He said he's shine them up nicely...AND LOOK WHAT HE DID!

*Tim showed Jason his CD's. But they were soaked and shown signs of being put into the Sinister Six Washing Machine*

Jason: Whoah...guess he got the wrong kind of squeaky clean...

*Scott comes running into the room bawling*

Tim: What's wrong with you?

Scott: Gary ruined my chocolate chip cupcake recipe! He said he put a secret ingredent in!

Tim: *looks at the chocolate chips* They look like chocolate chips...

Jason: Do chocolate chips sprout legs and start moving?

Tim: *sees beetles move around in the cupcakes*

Tim: Aaaahhhh! *drops them to the floor*

Scott: That's the secret ingredent!

Tim: Sorry Scott...

Andon: *comes storming in as well* He did the ultimate horror!

Tim: Shave your hair?

Jason: Feed your Pokemon Cards to the next door neighbor's dog?

Scott: Ate your Bean Burrito and farted just to spite you?

Andon: Goodness no! He spiked my Pink Lemonade!

Tim: How can you tell?

IRA: *outside acting drunk*

Tim: Nevermind...

*Soon all the S6 were complaining about Gary's childish behavior*

Tim: Fine...I'll go talk to him. *Tim said exiting the room* GARY!!!

Gary: I didn't do it.


Gary: *comes in* What's the problemo Timbo?

Tim: *grabs him by the collar* Don't you 'what's the problem' Me! Your pranks will stop!

Gary: *repeats in broken record* Yes Tim, Yes Tim, Yes Tim.

Tim: Eh? *sees that it's a dummy and blows up in his face*

*with face darkened* .......................


*The entire H.Q. shakes by Tim's yell*

Jason: *covering ears* This can't be good...

Narrator: And so, when things finally quieted down. Later that night a figure patrols the outside of the Head Quarters.

*Window Opens and the figure stumples in*

???: Where is that darn Shadow at?

Shadow: *blows raspberry as it sticks to the ceiling*

???: Get down here now Shadow!

Shadow: *gives figure the middle finger*

???: Grrrr...*flys up at it waking up Iceman*

Gary: Hey! Who the heck are you!?

Peter Pan: *stands upright with his hands at his thighs* I'm Peter Pan! Who're you?

*dramatic reverb*

Gary: ............. *falls on the floor laughing*

Peter Pan: Hey...come on...It's not that funny...

Gary: *continues rolling around laughing*

Peter Pan: How would you like to go to Neverland and Prank all you want?

Gary: *stops laughing suddenly*

Peter Pan: I've heard all about your and your childish deeds! And I'd like to welcome you to my home!

Gary: Yeah, sure. Why not. I can use a good vacation from fighting bad guys all the time. When do we leave?

Peter Pan: Why right now of course! All we need is a little pixie dust and...

Gary: *putting on a rocket pack* Uh...I don't do the Pixie Dust thing. Sorry Kiddo.

Peter Pan: Any Happy Thoughts?

Gary: *thinking of his next prank* Oh...that shouldn't be to hard!

Gary: Ah! Before we go, I gotta say a few good byes.

*meanwhile in Tim's room*

Tim: *flipping through a book* Ahhh...Long John Silver is a good inspiration. I wonder if I can use this strategy on a certain white Eskimo...

Gary: *outside Tim's window* Hey Tim! Peter Pan's taking me to Neverland! Cya in a long while!

Tim: *not even looking* Yeah...err...whatever Gary. Cya later. *doesn't believe him*

Gary: You'll be sorrrrrrrrrrryyy! *flies off*

Tim: Uh huh...sure. Whatever Gary. *goes back to reading*

(And so Iceman flies with Peter Pan to Neverland where he can prank all he wants)

Peter Pan: Welcome to Neverland Iceman. Here you can act like a little boy all you...*looks around* Hey...where'd you...

Mermaid 1: Ahhhh! What are you doing!?

Gary: Look! I'm going fishin'! I already caught a big one!

*Peter sees Iceman holding one of the Mermaids on a fishing rod*


Gary: *putting the wiggling mermaid on a barbque* We're HAVING FISH TONIGHT!

Peter Pan: *runs in and throws the mermaid back in the lagoon* NO! We don't eat Mermaids!


(Later that Day)

*Peter hears yelling from not to far off*

Peter Pan: What the heck is that on the window? *looks at a squatted bug on the window seal*

Lost Boys: It's...Tinkerbell....

Peter Pan: What!? What HAPPEND!?

Gary: *comes into the room with a humongus fly squatter* Well, I thought it was a wasp. The way it was buzzing around my head. It was highly annoying!


Gary: It was?

Peter Pan: *peeling her off the window* I do believe in fairies...I do...I do...I do....

Gary: I don't think a large amount of clapping is going to bring her back after that smack...

Peter Pan: QUIET YOU!!

Tinkerbell: *starts to shine weakly*

Peter Pan: She's going to be alright.

Captain Hook: Indeed.


Captain Hook: Well it was quite easy after following the trail of M@M's that Eskimo stole from my ship.

Peter Pan: *looks at Iceman with a glare*

Gary: *with mouth full of M@M's* Wha? I got hungry. All you got to eat around here are blasted Berries!

Captain Hook: Now that I'm here! Let's duel Pan!

Peter Pan: *drawing out his sword* You got it Hook!

*So they agree to fight at the Jolly Roger*

Captain Hook: Witness my pirates as I run Pan through!

Peter Pan: I don't think so old cogger!

*they begin fighting, but the second that Peter is about to finish hook off*

Gary: Hey Peter! *trips and knocks into Peter and he misses his jab at Hook*

Peter Pan: You made me miss...blasted clumsy ox!

Gary: Hey, I'm not clumsy, just walking imparred!

Captain Hook: *strikes Peter down* Now feel my wrath!

Peter Pan: *gets out from under him and swipes Hook off his feet*

Captain Hook: Oooaf...*falls down again*

*again he prepares to finish Hook off but...

Gary: Hey Peter! *trips and dumps a bucket of water on Peter's head*

Peter Pan: Oooooaaf....HEY! YOU IDIOT!

Gary: need for name calling...

Captain Hook: *pins Peter down again* Now you die Pan!

Peter Pan: *gets out from his grip and prepairs to fight again* Iceman...I'd prefer you'd go back to the Never Tree and stay there!!!

Gary: Fine...but you'll be sorrrrrrrrrrryyyy. *flies off on his rockets*

Peter Pan: Finally...(continues battling and defeats Hook)

*Soon after a rough battle, Peter later comes home to see his tree house burning as kindling for a fire.*


Gary: Well, I decided to use the wood from the tree as kindling for a fire. I cooked dinner! *shows a burnt up deer*


Lost Boys: Sorry Peter...we couldn't stop him...

Peter Pan: *rips his hair out in frustration* THAT'S IT! YOU ARE BANNED FROM NEVERLAND!

Gary: What? Me? I just got here!

Peter Pan: You smash my Fairie, you burn my house, *is poking at Iceman's chest*, you try to cook the mermaids, you keep ruining my battles with Hook. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? WHY DON'T YOU GROW UP!!

Lost Boys: *cover their mouths in horror*

Gary: Did you just say...grow up?

Peter Pan: OH my...look to what I've become. *sits down*

Gary: *pats him on his back* Don't worry Peter. You're just angry. I know I'm not the best role-model for everyday children, but you got to give me some credit.

Peter Pan: Oh yeah...why's that?

Gary: I'm great at doing the laundry. *shows their clothes all shrunk*

Peter Pan: .................................

Lost Boys: Uh...oh. I think he's gonna explode.


*Later Back at home*

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be. Looks like we missed another big adventure.

Jason: True. That and Gary has something already planned.

Tim: What do you mean?

*Gary brings out heilum balloons*

Gary: *sucks on one of them*

Tim: ..........??

*lights dim and the curtain opens*

(Alvin And the Chipmunks theme song starts to play)

*Gary, Jason, and Scott come in dressed like the Chipmunks*

Gary: *comes in dressed like Alvin* We're the chipmunks.

*spells it out* C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K.

*They fall off the stage and land in the instruments*

Tim: *rolls his eyes* Oh no...

Jason: *comes in dressed like Simon* We're the chipmunks, guaranteed to brighten your day.

Scott: *comes in dressed like Theodore* We're the chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, Theodore.

Tim: That's the thanks I get for buying helium balloons. *sighs as he leaves*

Tinkerbell: *flies by angerly in crutches and turns off the epilouge*