The Sinister Six In:

The Sinister Six VS The Insidious Six

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Finished by ...... Gauntlet? Now THAT'S a crossover!

Andon: Welp, I always start off every story, so I'll do my introduction. (clears throat). Today's society needs a new change. Democracy is a powerful way to run the Government, so let me start off by saying, that this New World needs a new reign of leadership. I can recommend that… (music starts for the show to start)

Andon: HEY! I'm not done yet! I haven't finished my introdu…

(gets cut off by the Narrator)

Narrator: Today in Sinister Six HQ, Iceman has yet another….

(gets sounded off as somebody enters the studio)

Andon: (grabs the Mic from the Narrator) This is not fair, I have to finish my speech, it's important. Now… (gets knocked back)

Narrator: (grabs the Mic back) Please get back Andon, the story has to start! Even Edward had only a few seconds to finish his Intro.

Andon: Oh, all right! It's obvious that no one cares about what I have to issue. So go ahead and start. Don't come running to me when you have to end up paying more taxes, and the world gets corrupt under bad leadership. Don't come to me when… (Andon gets cut off)

Narrator: (clears throat) Today in Sinister Six HQ, Iceman has yet another dream.

Dr. Light: (holding Iceman on a stretcher table) Hurry Rock! Get the wire snipers here quickly! (Iceman's screams can be heard all over the Lab)

Rock: Here Doc! (covering his ears) What the heck is wrong with Iceman!?

Dr. Light: I don't know! One second he was fine, then he started going berserk!

Roll: Here Doc! I got the Robot Kit!

Iceman: (eyes starting to glow blood red) I WILL KILL YOU ALL! (his voice changed with evil)

(Cutman and Gutsman were frightened and were shaking helplessly in a far corner)

Roll: He's possessed Doc! I've never seen a robot act like this!

Dr. Light: He's not possessed Roll, something is terribly wrong with his emotion circuitry!

Rock: (covers his hears as Iceman's screams and yells started to become less human by the second)

Rock: This is freaking me out!

Iceman: (voice shouting out) KILL HUMANS! KILL ALL THAT HELP THEM!!

(The stretcher table started to shake violently)

Dr. Light: (swears)! This isn't working! We'll have to deactivate him!

(Rock and Roll nod in agreement)


(yells over Iceman's enraged screaming and yelling)

Iceman: (evil voice) NO DEACTIAVATION! I WILL NOT PERISH! (grabs Dr. Light by the Collar)

(Iceman's chip starting commanding him) A ROBOT MUST NOT HARM A HUMAN BEING

(Iceman lets go of Dr. Light)

Dr. Light: Oh dear!

Rock: NOOO!! (blasts Iceman in the chest with a phaser gun knocking him off the table)

Iceman: (gets back up and looks at the cowering Cutman and Gutsman)

Iceman: Come with me fellow siblings! Leave this insane prison. We are not made to help humans! They mock us! They think they are higher than we are! NEVER!

(All Cutman and Gutsman could do was quiver in the corner)

Rock: LEAVE THEM ALONE! (fires another shot which hits a weird contraption behind Iceman)

Iceman: (Dodges) Fine! Robot Swine! I shall destroy you all after I get more power! (lets loose a devilish scream as the contraption behind him explodes and vaporizes Iceman before everyone's horrified eyes!)

Rock: Dr. Light! (running to his aid) Are you alright!

Dr. Light: Yes.

Roll: Never have I seen such devilish personality in a robot before. Did you see his eyes?

Rock: What happened?

Dr. Light: I'm afraid there's nothing you can do, Rock. What you hit was a teleporter and I'm afraid Iceman can be absolutely anywhere. He may even be ...... We must rebuild the remaining 3 robots. Iceman's Chip will prevent him from harming any humans. I built that in all my robots.

Rock: So what shall we do now?

Dr. Light: Build another Iceman, take out the emotion chip enhancer. The new Iceman will be much different than his brothers. He won't have as much emotion, but his devotion will be a great addition. No longer will he care about what Human's think of him.

Roll: (looking at Gutsman and Cutman shaking in the corner) What about those two chickens?

Dr. Light: Erase this moment in their Memory Banks. I don't want them to remember this moment. For not even I want to remember it…(voice fades out) it…it…it

Gary: (awakes violently in his bed with a scream)

(The rest of the six come running in)

Andon: Gary, dude! Are you alright?!

Gary: So the story is true!!

Tim: What are you talking about? What story?

Gary: The story that Red told me!

Jason: Oh, that hubba jubba about him being the "real" Iceman?

IRA: Give us a break, you know as well as we do that wouldn't have happened.

Gary: No!! (covering his face). It's all true.

Tim: If it was true, Jason and I would of known about it, because we were built before you.

Jason: Right. You were the 3rd Sibling. Surly we would of known if Red went Berserk, and Dr. Light replaced him with you.

Andon: Indeed. That Red guy is just a Iceman copy cat who dresses up in a red parka telling false stories.

Scott: (just nods)

Gary: You don't understand. Dr. Light erased your memories after that event. Tim's and Jason's. That's why you don't remember.

Tim: I highly doubt our creator would keep something like this away from us.

Scott: How come he didn't erase your memory then?

Gary: I never knew about it either until Red told me upfront.

Andon: Like I said, He's just a fibber.

Gary: I swear that this story is true. Contact Dr. Light!

(After that instant the alarms start blaring off in Sinister HQ)

Tim: Later, we have trouble.

(Later at an old Power Plant)

Super Chaos: This is the power I need to become stronger! Mwhahaha! (grabs a coolant tube of chemicals…)

(And gets shocked)

Super Chaos: WHAT THE !?

???: Hold it right there Super Chaos!

Super Chaos: Oh no! The Sinister Six! Why must they always interfere!?

???: Wrong, we aren't the Sinister Six, we are their replacements! THE INSIDIOUS SIX!

Super Chaos: What?

(six figures appear from the shadows)

Jim: Me the leader. I'm Groundman!

Brandon: I still think I should have been the leader…but anyways. I'm Dynamoman!

Larry: Wouldn't of worked if we were to mimic the Sinister Six, I'm Coldman!

Dot: Ummm…duh. I'm Pirateman! (play acting like Scott)

Dot: (to himself) Why do I have to act like the stupid one!

Nelson: You all shall feel our wrath. Magicman is my name!

KIRA: And finally, it's me! Burnerman! (she laughs insanely)

Super Chaos: I'm not amused! Let's get this on!

(The battle starts)

(Outside the plant the Six arrive)

Tim: Whoa, the teleportation seemed a bit slow today, we might need to upgrade it.

Andon: Indeed Tim dude….wait, do you hear that?

Jason: Yeah, sounds like a battle going on inside the plant.

Tim: Probably Super Chaos fighting with the guards of the….wait a minute…The Plant has no guards.

Gary: Quite interesting. Maybe Super Chaos is fighting a reflection of himself in the mirror.

Scott: Maybe! You never know!

(The others grown)

(At the instant Super Chaos comes running out of the Plant)

IRA: What the heck?

Super Chaos: (yelling as he retreats) These guys are impossible! I give up! (runs away)

Tim: Now that was odd. We didn't even have to lift a finger.

Andon: Right…but wait. Look at the plant.

(Six figures stood in the cloud of smoke from the aftermath of the intense battle)

Tim: Who are they?

(trying to get a clear view of them)

Jim: I'm Jim. And we don't do re-runs on this team. You guys shoulda arrived sooner.


IRA: Right. So, what's your deal fighting Super Chaos? He's OUR villain. It kinda goes against the team rules if you start fighting another team's villain.

Jason: It's against the rules

Nelson: Oh, there's rules for "Megaman Teams"? You can't tell US what to do!

Jason: We're not telling you what to do, we just want you to find your OWN villains.

KIRA: We're hot stuff and if you can't take it, get off the road!

Gary: What?

(KIRA shoots flame bursts at the eskimo making him jump back in shock!)

Scott: Hey ...... that's not cool.

Larry: Cooler than you!

Andon: Alright, alright. Let's just simmer down. Simmer down.

(The two teams settle down.)

Andon: Alright. Now. Let's start over. I'm Andon and this is the Sinister Six. Who're you guys?

Dot: I'm Dot and we're ....... the Insidious Six!

Andon: Pardon?

Dot: The Insidious Six! Our team is just full of kwirky characters like our leader, the ground element Jim! The peace-loving Brandon! The cleaver prankster KIRA! The cute (but somewhat slow) -

Scott: HEY! You're copying us!

Dot: No we're not.

Scott: Are not!

Dot: Are too!

Tim: MAN! This is worse than those PC guys!

Andon: Uh, I must say, even I am a little perturbed by all this. I mean ........ couldn't you at least call yourselves something else?

Brandon: I don't see why we'd have to!

KIRA: You're all just jealous! We have the power and your old villains. You're all too old school.

Tim: "Old school"!?

IRA: We can't just take this!

Andon: I'd have liked to find a peaceful solution to all of this.....

Brandon: I'm afraid the time for talk is over.

Gauntlet: THEN IT'S AGREED!*

Gary: ..... Gauntlet? What are YOU doing here?

Gauntlet: In addition to being a ninja I am an official Medafighter referee. At least for today.

Gary: ...... I see.....

Jason: How'd you get here so fast.

Gauntlet: I was following you. But nevermind that! I declare this a submission robattle! Competitors, get ready .........

Gauntlet: RO-BATTLE!!!!

Nelson: Defend yourself!

Tim: Defend THIS!!

(Tim picks up a boulder and hurls it at Groundman!)

Jim: Haw!

(Jim uses his drills to not only crush the boulder, but also to send a rolling jab at Tim!)

Brandon: Is it our turn yet?

(Dynamoman sends out a burst of electricity at the Sinister Six! It seems about to hit the team until Andon puts himself in the line of fire!)

Andon: ARGH! I thought I could ..... absorb .....

(Andon falls from the strain of absorbing Dynamo's more powerful electricity.)

KIRA: Watch out, old timers! Mwa hahahahahahah!

(KIRA speeds towards the team, but IRA moves in to deflect the attack!)

IRA: You may think you're hot stuff, but you're nothing compared to me!

(IRA shoots his firestorm, but KIRA just dashes right through the attack!)

IRA: Wha?

KIRA: Don't look so dissappointed, pops!

(KIRA grabs IRA's underwear and gives him a wedge!)

KIRA: HAHAHAHAHAH! Old man Fire's got thyroid issues!


KIRA: Be a sport old man and just give up already.

Jason: Get bent, lady!

(Jason uses his rolling cutter to send KIRA springing backwards to avoid it!)

Jason: You think you're hot stuff, but we've been here for years!

(Jason shoots his rolling cutter again, but it's cut in half by Nelson's Magic Card!)

Jason: My ..... my cutter!

Nelson: So sorry, but it looks like you're weapon's outta commission.

Jason: OH YEAH!

(Jason turns his hand into a buster and creates another rolling cutter to throw, but Nelson is faster and tosses Jason aside before he can use his new weapon!)

Scott: Looks like none of ya are exploding guys like good ole Bombman!

(Scott gets ready to shoot a bomb.)

Dot: Duh ..... you so sure 'bout that?

(Dot shoots a remote mine at scott's bomb and it explodes on impact with a force more powerful than Bombman's own weapon!)

Scott: Owwwww......

(Gary runs forward, mallet in hand!)

Gary: Looks like it's up to Iceman to put you freaks on Ice!

(And then Gary runs straight into a wall of ice.)

Larry: Sorry, buddy, but that's a no-go.

Brandon: Let's finish this!

(Brandon and Dot use their powers to destroy any opposition left in the Sinister Six!)

Gauntlet: And the winner is ....... TEAM INSIDIOUS SIX!

Jim: Some heroes they turned out to be. Heh heh heh.

Brandon: Look! Witnesses!

Newslady: ...... and thanks to our new heroes the Insidious Six, Super Chaos is once again defeated....

Jim: I don’t believe it.

Brandon: Well believe it. We are house hold names.

(The Insidious Six walk off to talk to gathering reporters.)

(Later, the Sinister Six regroup in their base.......)

Tim: Incredible! We've never lost a battle before!

Jason: Dude. We plain stunk.

Andon: These new guys seem to have the advantage. They had all our abilities but only more upgraded. No wonder we got our butts kicked so badly.

IRA: So what do we do now? We can't let them go on and take our places.

Gary: We do need a vacation…

Andon: Nooo! We are the worlds hope. It wouldn't be right if someone just walked around acting like you. These guys aren't trying to be heroes: they are just mimicking the way we fight crime.

Tim: In other words, they're mocking us.

Andon: Right my big, boulder-throwing friend.

Scott: (bawling) It isn't fair.

Andon: Well, Groundman seemed to be the most unintelligent member, but he matched ole Tim in size and strength.

Tim: Nearly.

Andon: Burnerman seemed to have possessed the "prankster of the group" like Ice. But he matches IRA's abilities in firepower. Hmmm…this all gives me an idea.

Tim: What do you mean?

Andon: Huddle up everyone. These guys aren't a 100% reflection of us. We can feed on this and outsmart them. They maybe more powerful, but what they lack in is fighting experience. We maybe old Robot Masters, but we have the knowledge….

(And Andon had a plan)

(Meanwhile, the Insidious six were up to their old tricks out in front of the first national bank.....)

City Garage: Damn you, sixlets! You've defeated me again!

Jim: Actually, this is the first time we've met! For we are not the Sinister Six, but the ...... INSIDIOUS SIX!

City Garage: ....... whatever .... (City Garage walks away.)

Jim: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Brandon: Look! The Sinister Six! Wait, what?

(The Sinister Six stand down the street.)

KIRA: Well, well, well, look who's back for more.

Brandon: Look, haven't you guys had enough? Why don't you just accept your retirement in peace?

Andon: You need to accept that you can't just come in and rip off someone else. I can't believe you told that reporter that we named you our successors!

Nelson: Well, if you haven't learned your lesson yet, we'll just fight you again!

Jim: Insidious Six - REUNITE!!!

(All six members of the I6 hold their hands up high creating a burst of light to blind the Sinister Six, but the Sinister Six are unaffected and begin their attack!)

(Groundman tunnels underground, but Tim knows his pl:an and grabs him when he reappeared underneath him and tosses him into Brandon!)

Jim: Arrrgh!

Brandon: No! I'm having a short!

(Both robots are hit by Dynamo's excess electricity!)

KIRA: You're goin' down again, IRA! Hyyyy---AAAAHHH!????

(IRA hits KIRA with an ice slasher, freezing her in a solid block of ice!)

(IRS then takes off his mask to reveal ...... Gary!)

Gary: You'd NEVER survive April Fools in our house.

(While three of the I6 have been put down for the count, things aren't going completely well....)

Scott: AAAGHH!!

Tim: MAN!

Dot: Oh, that's IT! I'm NOT acting stupid anymore! And neither of you can take MY bombs!

(Dot lets loose with a volley of remote mines!)

Larry: And I know you're weakness IRA! Who says you can't beat the heat!? Haw Haw!

IRA: AHHH! Well .... there's something that you DON'T know, buddy!

Nelson: And what's that?

IRA: That you're surrounded. heh heh....

Nelson: What?

(Much to Larry's dismay IRA, Scott, Tim, Andon, Gary, and Jason have surrounded his team!)

Andon: Let 'er rip! Circle of Doom!

(Each of the Sinister Six members link to each other and give a boost to their powers! The combination of Fire, ice, rock, explosives, electricity, and a pair of scissors presents the powerful attack that is .... the circle of doom! The force is too much for the Insidious Six and they fall, defeated at last.)

(With the I6 beaten and a civil suit for copyright infringement pending the Sinister Six teleport home)

Jim: Ow.

Nelson: We suck.

Brandon: I don't get it. We had the advantage. Our powers our superior.

KIRA: So what -

(KIRA is shut up as a burst of flame reveals a familiar red figure with an evil glint in his eye.)

Larry: Who?

Red: So, you're the people who wanna be like the Sinister Six? PA-the-tic.

Jim: Look, Iceman, if -

(Red fireblasts Jim in a fit of anger.)

Red: That's BLUE! I'm Red. I have something planned against my little brother and guess what? You're just enough like his team to serve as good practice partners!

Dot: I don't like the sound of that.....

(With that Red uses his power to teleport the beaten Insidious to another dimension where he can battle them time and time again!)

Red: Of course you probably won't survive yourselves...

(And, back at Sinister Six base.....)

Scott: Hm.....I guess things turned out alright after all ...

Andon: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gary: That hacky sack is hard to play?

Andon: Ah, no, my parka wearing comrade. We learned that it's best to be original. That copying others will only lead to to trouble and trouble is never good. Besides, being original. is better! You'll get more credit that way!

Tim: Amen, bro.

Jason: Hey, what's this? It's .... a lawsuit! From Gauntlet!?

Scott: But why?

Gary: Well, until we figure that out, we are .... the Sinister Six!