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Andon: Here we are...again. With another plotless, strange, and undoubtly funny epilouge! So why not take a gander. You know you have time!

Narrator: In our last episode, The Sinister Six had encountered the evil villain Buster Rod G. and had defeated him in battle. Unfortunatly evil was still in the mist and unknowing to our heroes, one of their greatest adversaries was up to no good.

(At Dr. Wily's Fortress)

Dr. Wily: Alright Bass, Are you ready?

Bass: *stands back* Yes. I just hope you know what you are doing.

Dr. Wily: Just stay back, it's only harmful to other robots. *opens the cover* Emerge! My newest and most devious invention!

(A large robot emerges from its teleport cube in which he was built)

(Steam surrounds the room as a dark figure can be seen inside the clouds until the mist clears)

Dr. Wily: *laughs mechanically* My newest plan is sure to work! And with you Life Virus! You'll make my dream come true.

Life Virus: As you wish my master...

Dr. Wily: Now, Life Virus. Company me to my lab and I'll explain my devious plot.

Life Virus: *short circuits* I'm sorry...*static* Dr. Wily. But I have my own plans for this planet!

Dr. Wily: What!? But I built you! I'm your master! You have to obey!

Life Virus: *eyes turn blood shot red* Humans are to weak to run a planet! I will rule this world and infect all robotic life forms! *approaches Wily*

Dr. Wily: *backs off* Bass! Help me!

Bass: *comes running in* What's goin' on Wily!?

Dr. Wily: The Life Virus has gone berzerk! Stop it!

Bass: Right Doc! *fires a large blast straight at The Life Virus*

Life Virus: *takes the shot but absorbs it* Hahahahahaha! Your puny attacks won't stop me! After all...I'm a Virus and I'm indestructable!

Dr. Wily: Oh no! Bass, do something!

Bass: I'm trying Wily! You made this thing to powerful!

Life Virus: Now to do what a virus does best...infect everything! *releases smaller viruses at Bass and Wily*

Bass: *destroys some of the viruses and protects Wily*

Life Virus: Your attemps are join me Bass, and become stronger! *tackles Bass and bites him*

Bass: *kneels down in pain* ACCCCKKK!! THE PAIN!!

Life Virus: It only hurts at first, after the virus seeks into your circuitry, you'll never feel pain again.

(Bass transforms into...)

Dr. Wily: Bass?

Bass.EXE: *eyes glow bright red* That much better.

Life Virus: Now...dispose of your former master!

Dr. Wily: Nooo...Bass!! It's me!

Bass.EXE: *approaches Wily and throws him in a locked room*

Dr. Wily: Bass! *pleading* Don't...*door is slammed*

Life Virus: Well done my new 2nd in command. Together we will infect the entire Robot Race and reign supreme!

Bass.EXE: Yes Master. We shall rule this planet. *clutching his fist* And dispose of those who get in our way!

(After that the two Viruses head off)

(Two hours later at Sinister Six HQ)

Jason: *slips and falls on his butt in the kitchen* Ack! *crash*

Tim: *comes running in* What happend?!

Jason: Some one put to much floor wax on the floor!

Jason and Tim: GARY!!

Gary: *in the next room* I didn't do It!

Tim: *sighs and helps him up* We'll clean this up in the second, anyways look at this. *hands him the newspaper*

Jason: *reading* "Man slept with his dog...claiming it was his long lost wife?"

Tim: this! *points*

Jason: *reading* "Mechanical Maniacs gone bad?" WHAT!?

Tim: Indeed. It seems someone is giving The Mecha Maniacs a bad name.

Jason: It can't be the Other Sinister Six, cause they've been beaten so many times...

Andon: *comes into the kitchen* Right dude. Someone is framing....*slips and falls*


Andon: GARY!!

Gary: *in the next room* I didn't do It!

Tim: *helps Andon up* Anyways...we need to check this out.

Andon: Indeed my big friend.

Tim: I'll call the others in here... IRA, SCOTT! FREE FOOD AND LIQUOR!

Jason: Yep, that'll get their attention all right.


Scott and IRA: *come running in and ammediatly slip on the floor crashing into Andon, Tim, and Jason*

(All five are slipping and sliding about on the floor)


Tim: Damn...annoying Eskimo from hell...

Gary: *is heard laughing in the other room*

Tim: Iceman, just get the heck in here!

(Soon everyone sat down at the kitchen table)

IRA: *reading the paper* So someone is trying to frame the Mechanical Maniacs eh? Do we know who yet?

Tim: No. However I belive that...

Gauntlet: *appears in a puff of smoke*

Jason: Gauntlet? Change your armor again!?

Tim: That and he looks a tad different...anyways, since you are here...

Gauntlet: *evil laugh* I'm Shadowman.EXE! We Executable Robot Masters will infect all you older models and we will rule this planet as our own!

Jason: What!?

Shadowman.EXE: I will add you to our collection of ever growing improved Viruses!

Tim: Viruses! How?

Shadowman.EXE: Once we infect all Robots, we will overrun the planet without any resistance!

Tim: *gets up* Not if we can stop you!!

Shadowman.EXE: Fool, not only are we more advanced than you, we are Virally Infected! *laughs and ninja kicks all the Sinister Six to the back wall*

IRA: Ouch! Man...he is tough.

Gary: And more annoying than the "Real" Gauntlet!

Tim: What Virus infected Gauntlet to turn him into this hidious machine!

Shadowman.EXE: Now THAT is a Secret! Now to infect you all! *tries to slash them but ends up slipping on the waxed floor*


Gary: I didn't do it.

Tim: Ouch...*cringes* I had no idea that a robot appeandage can bend like that!

Jason: He'll be out for a while...

Andon: Maybe we better tie him up so he doesn't infect anyone else.

Tim: Good idea Andon. (So they tie up Shadowman.EXE)

Scott: *farts really loud*

Gary: *laughs like an insane lunatic*

(The other four walk out of the basement and shut the door)

Gary: Come on guys...we are just kidding!

Narrator: At the local bank not to far across town.

(A Major Battle Takes Place)

Kirk: Man...The Mechanical Maniacs are putting up a hell of a fight!

Drillmaam: We outnumber them, but they still are winning!

Magnetman.EXE: All who face Magnet The Mighty shall be punished! *swipes at Toadman*

Alex: Ouch! Crap...that hurt! *kneels down in agony*

Kirk: Alex! Crap...Skull Barrier! *pummels Snakeman.EXE*

Snakeman.EXE: *laughs and is uneffected* That all you got!? *bites Kirk*

Kirk: OUch! I'm not done fighting yet!

Frank: Don't give up guys! We still outnumber them 8 to 2! And without their leader, they can't fight!

Drillmaam: Make that 3 to 7 Frank...look at Toadman...

Rick: Oh no...*looks*

Toadman.EXE: I cleary see which side I should be fighting for! RAIN FLUSH! *Acid rain pours down upon Cossack's Creations*

Kirk: Crud...this isn't working! They've infected one of our own!

Benjamin: I say we beat a hasty retreat leader!

Rick: That might be the wisest idea. They obviously have power over us...

Chris: MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!

Benjamin: Leader? *looks at Kirk*

Skullman.EXE: I'm not your leader anymore runt! *KO's Diveman*

Drillmaam: We are dropping like flys! They keep infecting us!

Alon: We are going to have to retreat. They keep adding our members to their own!

(Diveman gets affected by the virus)

Frank: Let's get the heck out of here! *they retreat*

Toadman.EXE: We must not let them escape!

Magnetman.EXE: We'll infect them later on! We had won this match easily. The older models will all be turned eventually.

Snakeman.EXE: POISON STING! *fires a needle poison dart and it hits Alon* I had to get in one last shot. *cackles evilly*

Alon: Ahhhh...crap!! *falls over*

Frank: Alon!

Drillmaam: This isn't good... he'll more than likely be infected.

Chris: MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!

Rick: Dustman's right. We have to help him!

Alon: GOOO! I don't know how much I can hold the pain in...I'm transforming...GO BEFORE THEY TURN THE REST OF YOU!

Drillmaam: We'll figure out a way to get you back Alon...and the rest of our team! *gets pulled away by Frank and Rick* WE'LL COME BACK FOR YOU!!

Rick: There's nothing more we can do for him! Let's go!

(The rest of The Cossack's Creations get away)

(Pharaohman is now completly infected)

Pharaohman.EXE: *gets up with eyes glowing Red*

Magnetman.EXE: Welcome to our crew Pharaohman.EXE! The Life Virus will be pleased we have infected more robots.

Skullman.EXE: Indeed. Our army is growing.

Snakeman.EXE: We still have yet to pay visits to The Technological Tyrants, and various other teams.

Toadman.EXE: To bad Shadowman.EXE had failed to infect The Sinister Six.

Pharaohman.EXE: No matter...we'll rescue Shadowman.EXE and track down The Sinister Six. We will prevail.

Diveman.EXE: And prevail we shall...*gets hit by a blast*

Jonathan: Not if I can help it! Your infections will stop here!

Snakeman.EXE: How amusing! You just added to our collection weltch!

Skullman.EXE: *tosses several bones at Clownman*

Jonathan: (bounces around dodging) You'll have to do better than that!

Snakeman.EXE: *breaths fireball at Clowman*

Jonathan: (dodges again) Yawn! That the best you got...

(The Six Viruses smirk)

Jonathan: Uh oh...*starts dodging*

(With all the combined attacks they overwhelm Clownman and bring him down)

Jonathan: *is surrounded* You may infect me...but you will be...*gets attacked by all the viruses*

Snakeman.EXE: *cackles* Now you're one of us!

Pharaohman.EXE: Welcome to the new generation of robots Clownman...or should we call you...

Coloredman.EXE: Coloredman.EXE! I'm basically a Clownman.EXE look-a-like!

Skullman.EXE: Okay...whatever works for you...

Coloredman.EXE: *throws a pie in everyone's face* Now, let's go infect some more robots!

Narrator: Not to far away While on patrol, The Sinister Six find empty streets and neiborhoods.

Tim: This silence is quite creepy.

Gary: Where the heck is everyone?

IRA: There's Forte-Chan's place over there. Let's see if she knows anything.

Gary: *gets all nervous* Forte-Chan? Haven't seen her in like forever...0_o

Andon: You just saw her the..

Gary: *covers Andon's mouth* Yeah...whatever.

Scott: Let's go already! She makes the best Pickled Ham!

(They head on over)

Tim: Forte-Chan? Anyone home?

Jason: Hello...*touches the door and it opens*

IRA: that is strange.

Andon: *sees the place has been trashed* There's been a struggle here...

Tim: You're right...her place is never this messy.

Gary: Oh god...I hope she's alright...

???: *creepy voice* I'm icey kins.

Tim: Forte-Chan? Are you alright? Where are you?

???: *creepy voice* That doesn't matter...I've never felt so good in my life.

Gary: What do you mean?

???: *creepy voice* You too will feel this awesome feeling Gary...just come closer...

Gary: *goes inside* Where are you...

Tim: *pulls Gary back* Nooo...this can be a trap

???: *creepy voice* Come is safe...try this new upgrade.

Tim: No...why don't you come out so we can see you Forte-Chan...


Andon: Crap dude! That's not Forte-Chan!

(At that moment a figure lundges at Gary's throat)

Forte-Chan.EXE: OH IT'S ME ALRIGHT! JOIN US OR DIE! (tackles Gary)

Gary: ACK! Forte-Chan! *struggling* What has happend to you!

Tim: *grabs Forte-Chan and throws her off of Gary*

Forte-Chan.EXE: *is outside* *smiles an evil grin with her red eyes* My job is done...Gary will finish the rest of you off...*darts away laughing*

Jason: What did she mean by that?

Gary: *holding his neck where he got bitten* I'm not sure either...

Tim: Well, whatever she ment, we'll have to keep a close watch on Gary.

IRA: I still don't like this...

Scott: *shivers*

Andon: Fighting these viruses ain't going to be easy, and if any of us gets infected...I'm afraid it could mean trouble...we don't have a clue on an antidote.

Gary: *feeling burning in his skin* Owww...

IRA: Well, *takes out a wine bottle* Until we figure this out, let's just drink to the occasion!

Tim: *knocks the bottle out of his hand* WE HAVE A PROBLEM, AND ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS...

(Intense screaming is heard as the bottle of wine hits Iceman over the head)

Iceman.EXE: *shrieks so loud that all the windows break* IT BURNS! IT BURNS!

Tim: GARY! NOOO!! He's been turned!

Iceman.EXE: *screetchs as he wipes the wine off of him* KILL YOU ALL LATER!! *leaves in pain*

Andon: Dude! Gary!

Scott: *hides*

IRA: Do they really shriek that loud when they transform...

Andon: I don't think so my fire-headed friend...something has caused Gary intense pain...maybe a weakness to the Viruses...

Tim: Could it be water...after all...that was what got all over him.

Andon: Whatever the case be...we can use this to our advantage.

Tim: We better think of something the rate this virus is's infected basically the whole town...

To be continued ----------


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