Well, I was almost without updates today, but someone decided to try and flame the site again. It’s our old pal, Ninja Gaiden! I suppose I should thank him, because if he hadn’t I probably woulda went with one of my patented BS updates. This time I had some fun and, instead of totally deleting his entry I merely edited it … a little. Hah! I also added some real quotes from people who’ve read the section over at the bottom.

Epilogues are going strong. I’ve almost finished #8, but I’m not releasing it until S3 is good and ready. Just thought I’d tell you that so you don’t think I have forgotten it.

Some bad news thought. The Megaman X4 team has shut it’s doors. MD is feeling a little low. Go drop him a line. His site is listed in the team links section located in the links section. The X-F page DOES load BTW, it’s just a javascript thing, so you have to wait for a few seconds. It does work though.