Cossack's Comrades

Sean's Sprites

Base Sprites for the Team

These sprites were designed to try and follow the original artwork for the Robot Masters from the Mega Man 4 game without any character modifications.

Mega Man ZX sprites were used as a base for these. I currently like the style since it has several different humanoid bases and is large enough to have detail while small enough to remain entirely on the screen when I magnify them to the resolution I like working at.

Character Sprites for the Team

These sprites were modifications of the above designed to include minor character changes that team members have given their character in the past, they requested, or I thought they would like.

There will most likely be a fuller redesign later that takes things a bit further from the standard design from the game.

Dr. Kalinka Cossack

Kalinka's new sprite as now both an adult and as a scientist having followed in her father's footsteps.

Tried to keep her recognizable in the process and decided to take some cues from the Rockman XOver art for her, basically growing out her hair more and switching to blue clothing from red.

I think those changes keep her from looking like Roll in a silly hat.


If the CC had one reoccurring villain, it would have to be Ballade. Now he finally has a sprite to match the rest of the team again for the first time in I don't know how long.

Went for a design somewhat between his two forms as I like the shades but dislike his horns sticking straight up.

Met Daddy

Now for the second closest thing the CC had to a reoccurring villain, the Met King or as he was actually named the Met Daddy.

This one was simply reshading his existing sprite from Mega Man 4 to match the style of the current team. It was simple, but I think it works well.

Plus we now no longer have an 8-bit era sprite next to sprites based on those from the 32-bit era.


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