Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 4 Epilogue 10
Ballade's Revenge

Narrator: It was a normal day at Dr. Cossack's citadel...

Dive: Typical mornin'.

Narrator: Shut up.

Dive: Don't make me rip open a new one fer ya.

Narrator: *breaks down into tears and runs off*

Dive: Pansy.

BB: Hey, now that's not very nice! What did the narrator ever do to you?

Dive: *blows some cigarette smoke into BB's face* Whaz it matter ta ya?

Cossack: Cigarette smoke? HMMM... I don't know what to think about that!

Drill: Shibbie, Cossack, you don't know what to think about a lot of things!

Cossack: SHIBBIE!? HMMMMMMMMMM... I don't know what to think about that!

Ring: Speaking of which, why are you saying shibbie? You haven't used that word in years.

Drill: *shrugs* I was feeling nostalgic.

Kalinka: Who here besides you, me, father, and Rebel even remembers that?

Pharaoh: Not me.

Toad: Not me.

Skull: I don't.

BB: Nope...

Dust: I kinda do.

Dive: Ditto.

Drill: Oh well. Those were the good old days, though.

Ring: That they were...

Toad: I think you are becoming old.

Drill and Ring: Hey!

Jay: *stumbles into the room* What the fuck's going on?

Silent Bob: *shakes head*

Jay: Whaddya mean you don't know, Lunchbox?

Silent Bob: *shakes head again*

Dive: Oii. 'Ey, you two.

Jay: What?

Dust: Don't you guys ever have anything better to do?

Jay: Like?

Skull: Jobs?

Jay: Man, don't give me that BS! Me and Lunchbox here have been hittin' the streets tryin' to sell our shit.

Silent Bob: *nods*

Cossack: Please, you all know that the only person you need to sell your "shit" to is me.

Silent Bob: Actually, I must be inclined to agree with Dr. Cossack that our major source of income comes out of his pockets. After all, that is why his research in robotics has been seriously lacking as of late.

Pharaoh: It is!?

Cossack: Don't give me those looks! I'm just a busy man and all...

Toad: Your nose is growing.

Cossack: And what a nose it is! Now if you will excuse me I must engage in a discussion with my "clients."

Narrator: Cossack grabs Jay and Silent Bob, and takes him to his laboratory. He then slams the door in front of everyone's faces.

Kalinka: Some things never change... *walks away*

UPS Man: Mail delivery for one "Anime Master!"

Drill: That'd be me. What do you have?

UPS Man: A letter, sir. *hands it over* There you go! *runs off*

Dust: What's it say?

Drill: *reading* It's an invitation.

BB: An invitation? For what?

Drill: *reads aloud* "You are invited to attend the grand opening of our new restaurant, "Windy Trails." The opening starts at 10:00 am this Friday..."

Dive: THIS Friday? Ain't that today or sumthin'?

Ring: Crap! We're gonna miss out!

Toad: Is it really that necessary to go out of our way to some two-bit restaurant?

Ring: YES!! All restaurant's carry the one thing that I hold most dear... Coca-Cola!

CC: *smacks selves*

Pharaoh: I think we should go, though. Who knows... something interesting may happen!

Drill: Then we're off! To... the Cossack Mobile!!

Skull: I vote that we get a better name.

Toad: Seconded.

Ring: But the corny names are AWESOME!!

Narrator: And thus the CC enters their driving transportation vehicle of "awesomeness" and heads to the grand opening of Windy Trails. As they park and are walking towards the building...

Hobo: *sitting against a wall, with a tin can in hand*

Skull: Oh God. A beggar. Looks healthy enough to have a real job, too.

Dust: Just keep walking.

Dive: NO!

CC: ...?

Dive: That's exactly wha' they want'cha ta do! *turns to the hobo with a handful of money* Here ya go. *shoves it in can*

Hobo: Thank you, kind sir.

Dive: Think nuthin' of it, friend. *walks away*

Drill: What the Hell was all that about!?

Dive: Grr...

Hobo: *once they are far enough* He's onto us, Petey.

Cat: Meow.

Narrator: At Windy Trails...

Waiter: How may I help you?

Drill: Hi, we're Cossack's Comrades.

Waiter: ...Who?

Dust: Cossack's Comrades?

Ring: Y'know, super heroes of the Motherland and all that jazz.

Waiter: I'm terribly sorry, but I do not know of any "Curricular Cabbages."

Dive: That's fuckin' Cossack's Comrades dipshit.

BB: Geoff, be nice...

Dive: Ta puss can't even get ta damn name right! He's a dipshit.

Waiter: *ignoring Dive* Regardless, I must ask you to leave. Only special guests are allowed entry, unless you pay.

Dust: But... we are special guests.

Waiter: No you're not.

Drill: Yes we are.

Waiter: No, you're not.

Pharaoh: Yes, we are.

Waiter: I said you were not.

Toad: Get the damn wax out of your ears, then! We've got a flippin' letter of request and everything!

Waiter: And?

Toad: And, well... um... You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

Waiter: Yes.

Dive: Sunnova--

Ballade: *shows up* Yo, Charlie, it's cool. They're with me.

CC: Ballade!?

Waiter: Ah, Master Ballade. These are your friends? Then by all means, please enter. *steps aside*

Skull: Er... thanks?

Narrator: Confused, the Comrades all step into the inner part of the restaurant. They all cast suspicious glances at Ballade, who is in front of them.

Ballade: So, what do you all think?

Drill: Huh?

Ballade: My restaurant. What do you think of it?

Skull: This is YOUR restaurant!?

Ballade: Of course! *turns around* This is mine... all of it! Which means I am in charge! ME!!

Dive: I think ta guy's finally snapped.

Ballade: So yes... yes... feel free to explore to your hearts content! Tell me what you think! Be my guests... *laughs to himself*

Drill: O...kay... All right, guys, let's go. Rebel, do you want to--*doesn't see him*--Rebel? Where are you?

Pharaoh: *whispers* He's over at the bar!

Dive: *whistles* Didn't think ta kid had it in 'im!

Ring: *turns to the group, slamming a glass down* Hey Ballade, I've got something I want to say.

Ballade: W-what is it?

Ring: Everytime I go somewhere I make it my duty to taste-test the place. Which I just did.

Ballade: Oh? Oh ho ho ho! Is it to your liking? Well!? Did you enjoy... THE DELICIOUS FOOD!?

Ring: This is without a doubt... *smirks* The worst coke I have ever tasted, Mr. Ballade.

Drill: (He came in here for coke!? Does his craving for Coca-Cola know no bounds!?)

Ballade: *cracks a smile* Is that right? HAHAHAH!! I'm glad you think so!! Yes... So very glad... *laughs to himself once more*

Narrator: Rebel gets up and walks away, leaving the rest of the members to be stuck with Ballade for the moment. After he is gone, Ballade stops laughing, and growls in anger.

Ballade: That fool! That coke is the best money can buy! HOW DARE HE INSULT IT!? *shakes fist*

Dust: Maybe you should just double-check the product to be sure it's of decent quality--


BB: I think he's serious!

Drill: Guys, forget about him. Let's split up and check this place out.

Skull: I just hope we don't run into that weird waiter again...

Toad: Same. What was his deal anyway, Ballade?


BB: He's foaming at the mouth!

Pharaoh: Run away!

Narrator: Without hesitation, the Comrades scramble to different parts of the restaurant! Afterward, with AM...

Drill: Man, Rebel needs to be more careful with what he says... *sees Ring* Hey, speak of the devil. Rebel!

Ring: Huh? Oh, hey AM. What's up?

Drill: Not much. Listen... what was up with your attitude back there?

Ring: *shrugs* Eh, I dunno. I guess I'm not that fond of Ballade that much.

Drill: Me neither, but still.

Ring: Look, that guy's been trying to kill us for years now. I think the least I could do as some form of payback is some verbal damage. Okay?

Drill: Well, sounds fair I suppose. Just try to be more careful when and where you do it, all right?

Ring: Right, right. Well, I'm going to go find a vending machine. Need some REAL coke.

Drill: It wasn't that bad, was it? After all, coke is coke, right?

Ring: ...Obviously you lack the sophisticated sense of taste that I have, AM. You need to stop basing things off of such narrow-minded cultural assumptions!

Drill: S-sorry!

Narrator: With that, Rebel runs off in search of a coke machine. On his way, however...

Ring: Has it really been six years since I've first encountered Ballade? Man, to think I've been around as long as I've been... Maybe Regulus is right. I AM getting old. *laughs*

???: A little too old, I'm afraid.

Ring: *spins around* Who's--*is knocked out*

Narrator: A little while later, Rebel wakes up in a strange room. It was a perfect cube in shape, and it was made of different kinds of metal panels, giving it a high-tech look.

Ring: *groggy* Urgh... my head... Where am I?

Pharaoh: Hey, Reb.

Ring: Jade? What are YOU doing here?

Pharaoh: You aren't the only one here. Take a look. *points*

BB: Hi.

Toad: What's up?

Ring: I'm... confused.

Toad: Join the crowd. We were all minding our own business, when someone knocked us out. When we woke, we were all here.

Ring: Someone knocked me out, too. *clutches head* Man, I could really use a coke right now.

???: Hah! There will be no coke for you!

Ring: It's that voice again!

Narrator: One of the panels opens up, revealing a doorway. From that doorway, stepped forth a very familiar person...

Ring, Pharaoh, BB, Toad: Ballade!

Ballade: Right you are, fools! It is I, the almighty Ballade!

Pharaoh: *braces himself* So, you are the one who captured us!

Toad: I hope you're ready for a beating.

Ballade: *smirks* By all means... go right ahead!

Ring: Ring Boomerang!

Pharaoh: Pharaoh Shot!

Toad: Rain Flush!

BB: *fires her buster cannon*

Ballade: *doesn't move at all as a force field deflects all of the attacks* Is that all you've got? How disappointing!

Toad: What in blazes is this!?

Ballade: I brought you four here for a reason! After all... it was you four that brought us all together for the very first time.

BB: Brought us together? What are you talking about?

Ring: ...Yeah. It was, wasn't it?

Ballade: Ho-hoh. You remember, because you are the only original left during that rebellion!

Toad: We want answers, Rebel.

Ring: Basically, Wily revived me, along with the original Bright, Toad, and Pharaoh for another rebellion, with Ballade as second-in-command. Of course, we all lost to Mega Man again. For whatever reason though, Ballade swears revenge on us.

Ballade: Because it's all your fault that I lost!

Pharaoh: No offense, but that makes no sense.

Ballade: *face red* YES IT DOES!!

Ring: Don't be afraid to show offense. He gets it all the time.

Ballade: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! *breaths heavily*

Toad: Whoa. He's pissed.

Ballade: Pissed? Pissed!? *laughs maniacally* I'm far from it! After all, my true revenge shall start here... With you four! See this room? Wily built it specially for me! I am in complete control of everything that happens in here! Which means I am like a GOD!!

BB: Weren't you in charge of the restaraunt, too?


Toad: I... don't get it.

Pharaoh: I don't even think Ballade gets it.

Ballade: YES I DO!! *calms down* I mean... yes I do! I really am a god in here!

Ring: I think you're bluffing!

Ballade: You would think that, wouldn't you, you annoying little gnat? I bet you think it was funny mocking me back there, didn't you!?

Ring: Actually... yeah. I kinda did.


Ring: Anyway, the coke sucked. Get over it.

Ballade: Hahah... it doesn't matter anymore! This time it's all over. But before I do...

Narrator: Another person is thrown into the room. This time it is none other than Kayorei of the Seven Mercenaries.

Kayorei: Ugh... what's happening?

Ballade: You, an imposter of my magnificent self! And a WOMAN at that! I will eliminate you as well!

Narrator: Ballade runs out of the room, sealing the exit as he leaves. The Comrades can only watch in disbelief, before focusing on Kayorei.

Ring: Hey, you okay?

Kayorei: I... think so...

Pharaoh: *helps her up* We don't have much time to explain. Ballade wants to destroy us along with you, apparently because you are a copy of him.

BB: But what did he mean by being in complete control of--

Narrator: Before Jet can even finish her sentence, the entire room starts to shake violently. Then, very quickly, it starts to shift completely!

Toad: ...I think that just answered your question.

Ring: Crap... Everyone, MOVE!!

Narrator: Rebel lunges forward, barely missing a section of the room that slammed together, attempting to crush him. Jade, still holding onto Kayorei, attempts to dodge a piece of the ceiling that was coming down upon him, throwing Kayorei out of harms way. Unfortunately his foot gets stuck and is crushed.

Pharaoh: Arrgh!!

Ring: Jade!!

Toad: *jumps over to them* Grab his other arm. We have to move him.

Narrator: The two Comrades yank Jade, which ends up tearing his crushed foot from the rest of his body. Regulus, holding Jade over on his back, leaps over to safety.

Ring: There has to be a way to stop this... I know! Jet, stop this room!

BB: I'm on it! Flash Stopper!

Narrator: The entire room is covered in tiny sparkles as everything ceases to move.

BB: It worked!

Kayorei: Is it... over...?

Ballade: *his voice on an intercom* Hahah, if you think that it's going to end just like that, then you've got anothing thing coming...

Narrator: Suddenly, the lights go out, and the sparkles disappear.

Ring: What the!?

Ballade: These are special lights which negate the effects of Flash Stopper the moment they are turned off! Not to shabby, eh!?

BB: Guys, my lightbulb won't work anymore!

Toad: Shit! *dodges an incoming floor*

Ring: *runs into a corner* Oh no... we're trapped!

Pharaoh: I've got an idea. Kayorei, when I say now, fire your weapon!

Kayorei: Okay...

Narrator: Closing his eyes, Jade combines his Pharaoh Shot with Firaga, creating a massive fireball, filling up the entire room. He then turns to face the direction of the shifting room, before lunging the ball directly at it!


Kayorei: *nods* Ballade Cracker!

Narrator: Kayorei's attack makes contact with the slower moving Pharaoh Shot, causing the cracker to detonate and create a massive explosion, destroying the moving panels.

Pharaoh: All right!

Ring: Wow... that was pretty impressive.

Ballade: *angry* How dare you...! Well, it doesn't matter. *laughs* You've just increased the difficulty!

Toad: What the Hell does this guy keep going on about?

Narrator: As if to answer his question, the destroyed panels, which were showing all of their circuits underneath them, started surging with electricity. Then, an opening appeared and water started to pour inside the room.

BB: He's electrifying the water!

Ring: And Jade has a handicap... need to think fast!

Narrator: The Comrades all climb up to higher ground, or what was left of the destroyed panels. While they are safe for momentarily, the deadly water continued to rise, until it was near the edge of their "island."

Toad: I'm made to operate in water, so I may be able to survive the shock, but...

Kayorei: Then we're really trapped...

Ring: I've got an idea. *pulls out some boomerangs* Watch this!

Narrator: Utilizing his Ring Boomerangs, Rebel throws them all at the wall, causing them to get lodged into it, creating tiny ledges. Motioning at Regulus, who grabbed hold of Jade, the group leaped to the ledges, which gave them higher ground.

Ring: We should be safe for now...

Ballade: *laughing* You idiots! The entire room will be flooded! And then NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU!!

Pharaoh: As much as I hate to admit it, he's right. We've got to do something!

Toad: ...All right. I'm going to stop the water myself, then.

Everyone: Huh? How?

Toad: If I believe in my own abilities, then everything should work out fine... well then, here goes nothing!

Narrator: Without hesitation, Regulus leaped into the electrified water below!


BB: He'll die!

Regulus: *hits the water* (...I'm... fine...) *surfaces* Guys, I'm fine!

Pharaoh: *sighs* Thank goodness...

Toad: All right, time to play my role! *swims over the water pipe* Now, I've just go to figure out how to stop this water... Well, might as well try this. Rain Flush!

Narrator: Utilizing his special ability, Regulus fired one of his special capsules into the pipe, causing it to explode and the acid-filled water to eat through the pipe, forcing it to pour outside of the room.

Toad: I did it!

Ballade: He did it!?

Ring: He did it!

BB: Way to go!

Kayorei: We shouldn't be celebrating yet... Ballade has something else cooking, probably.

Ballade: R-right... Yes! That's right! Erm... Indeed! Hahahah! I can see that, despite being some mere carbon copy, you at least boast some degree of intelligence, unlike these nincompoops!

Kayorei: ...

Ballade: Well, then... HOW ABOUT THIS!?

Narrator: The room, still full of the electric water that had come in prior to the pipe's destruction, started to slowly make a 90 degree turn, causing the Comrades and Kayorei to move slowly back to the floor, with the water moving in to greet them.

Pharaoh: Crap! We've gotta move!

Ring: I'm on it! *makes more ledges* Start climbin'!

BB: *leaps for the nearest ring* Ugh... we aren't going to make it!

Toad: *jumps above BB and helps her up* Don't say that. We'll make it.

Pharaoh: *tries to climb but can't* My foot... it's slowing me down... You guys go on without me...

Kayorei: What are you talking about?

Pharaoh: If there has to be a sacrifice I'm willing to accept the task...

Ring: Jade, don't be ridiculous! We're all getting out of this together!

Narrator: Rebel boldly leaves his current position to help Jade, with the water right on their heels. Using a ring in his free hand, he creates a nearby ledge and leaps to it, allowing him better access to the rings further above.

Ring: *panting* We need to get rid of this water for good... Regulus, think you can use your acid to do something else about it?

Toad: Back when I attacked Ballade with it it didn't do anything. I don't think so...

BB: But now a bunch of the panels are destroyed. Please try, Regulus!

Toad: All right, all right. Stand back... *ejects a capsule into the air* Take cover!

Narrator: The group turns to cover their exposed limbs and faces from the deady acid as the capsule explodes in the air, causing the deadly rain to eat through the damaged panels, creating holes for the electrified water to exit into to, clearing the room.

BB: Yay!

Pharaoh: Score one for the good guys!


Ring: You'll never defeat us, Ballade. You couldn't six years ago, and you won't six years from now!


Ring: *sweating* (I think the good robot is just about done here...)

Narrator: Without hesitation, the room starts going out of control, with all sorts of weapons popping out from the remaining panels to go all out on the Comrades.


Toad: *is hit square in the chest* Guaagh!!

Pharaoh: Regulus!? *is hit in the face* Oof!! *hits the floor*

Kayorei: *dodges most of the shots* There's too many of them!

BB: AAHHH!! *tries to cover herself but fails* I'm not going to make it! I'm... huh?

Ring: *covering BB* G... gah... I can't let you and your lightbulb get hurt, now can I? *grins*

BB: But... you...

Ring: Listen, Jet. There's only one way out of this torture room... and that lies in your Flash Stopper.

BB: But the lights... Without them on I can't use it!

Ring: That is a problem... Lemme see what I can do. Kayorei!

Kayorei: *dodges some more shots* Yes?

Ring: Aim a Ballade Cracker near the lights! But, try not to destroy them. I've got a plan...

Kayorei: *does so* Now what?

Ring: Now the magic happens!

Narrator: Rebel throws a Ring Boomerang at the exposed circuits Kayorei made, causing the ring to become electrified upon contact. Immediately doing so, Rebel throws another next the electrified ring, causing the two ring's to link together, creating a makeshift battery for the lighting system, allowing the lights to come back on.

BB: The lights!

Toad: *getting pounded* It's... bright...

Pharaoh: Hurry, Jet...


Narrator: In a magnificent display, Jet's lightbulb comes to life, filling the entire room once more with sparkles, forcing all of the machinery to come to an abrupt stop.

Ring: All right!

Kayorei: *lifting Pharaoh up* Are you okay?

Pharaoh: Urrgh... yeah... you okay Regulus?

Toad: *holding his arm* Just let me... gather my bearings...

Ballade: Tsk, tsk tsk. I must commend you all for bringing the lights back on. Since you've overrided it I can't turn it off but... once the Flash Stopper's power ends, you're all doomed! *laughs*

Ring: *sits down* Man... no where to go...

Toad: You sure it's okay to just lay down like that?

Ring: Nothing else to do. As much as I'd hate to admit it... Ballade is right. We're sitting ducks. We'd need a miracle to get us out of here.

Pharaoh: How long until the Flash Stopper runs out of power?

BB: I'd say... at least an hour.

Kayorei: That's a pretty long time.

BB: Well, I really gave my all for this one. I didn't want to let you all down.

Ring: You didn't. Thanks, Jet.

Narrator: The group decides to rest and take a little breather, until the moment of truth arrives...

Toad: So, Rebel, how long have you been on the team?

Ring: Since the beginning. Other than AM, I'm the only original member left.

BB: That sounds like fun!

Ring: Oh, yeah, it is. Saving the world, kicking butt, drinking coke. Can't go wrong with that!

Toad: Nope.

Ring: Speaking of which, I really want a coke right now...

Everyone else: *laughs*

Ring: No, seriously. I want one.

Pharaoh: Well, none of us HAVE one.

Ring: ...*karate chops Pharaoh*

Pharaoh: Ow!! *holds arm* Quit doing that!

Ring: But me wanna be real kung-fu man!

BB: Not this again!

Ballade: *over the intercom* Heheh... guess what, fools? An hour is almost up. You only have a minute left!

Kayorei: So, this is the end, is it?

Toad: Seems like it...

Ring: Before we are all blown to kingdom come, let me just say one last thing...

BB: ...

Toad: ...

Jade: ...

Kayorei: ...

Ring: Ladies, gentlemen... it's been an honor.

Ballade: Times up! Five, four, three, two, one...

Narrator: As the final second ticks away, a huge explosion rocks the room.

Ballade: What was that!?

Drill: *explodes through the flooring* Everyone!

Ring: AM!

Ballade: Drill Man!?

Dust: *crawls out of the hole Drill made* It took us forever to find you guys... After you all disappeared from the restaurant, we had to poke around. Eventually that waiter spilled the beans.

Dive: *punches a hole through the wall* Ta pansy waz all "Master Ballade ain't no bad guy 'n' here's where he is ta prove it!" After that, it waz all easy pickins...

Pharaoh: Man, you guys showed up just in the nick of time...

Dust: You can thank us later.

BB: Thanks is an understatement!

Kayorei: You have our gratitude.

Toad: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Skull: *enters* Ballade! Show yourself this instant!

Ballade: Heh... heheh... HAHAHAH!! So this is how it all turns out, is it? How freakin' ironic. Oh well! I guess you win, Comrades.

Drill: We... win?

Ballade: And to congratulate your well-earned victory... allow me to give you all a present! I'm sure you'll find that it fits perfectly with this "bang"-up ending!

Narrator: Laughing all the while, Ballade presses the button to initiate the self-destruct mechanism, before fleeing the building.

Voice: Time until detonation: 10 minutes.

Ring: Man, that guy is determined...

Drill: No more time! Let's move out!

Narrator: The Comrades all flee into the makeshift openings the others created, allowing them to escape the room and into the rest of the building... a literal maze of corridors.

Toad: This is impossible! We'll never make it out in time!

Dive: Don' be retarded. How do ya think we got 'ere in ta first place? We know ta way out, s'follow us!

Voice: Time until detonation: 8 minutes.

Skull: Hurry!

Narrator: With Geoff as their guide, the group races down the correct paths to reach the entrance. A few minutes, later, they are quickly reaching the end, when they encounter a certain someone...

Kayorei: Who is that up ahead?

Pharaoh: Is that...

Drill: Ballade!?

Ballade: *laughing* Well, well, you all made it, eh!? Well too bad for you, because you aren't making it out alive! *pushes a button which causes the entrance to close*

Toad: You fool!

Dust: Don't you know that you'll die too!?

Ballade: I don't care! For so long I have wanted to have my revenge on you Comrades... I blame you all for all of my losses! Wily even went so far as to create some cheap replica because he doubts me! But not anymore! *turns into super mode* I was only going to take out the ones I had captured, but fate must be giving me a final chance... I'll kill you all... even if it means death for myself!

Narrator: Ballade let's loose a volley of Ballade Crackers, causing the team to scatter as they explode.

Voice: Time until detonation: 3 minutes.

Drill: Drill Bomb!

Dive: Dive Missile!

Ballade: *uses his force field*

Dust: Dust Crusher!

Skull: *uses his buster cannon*

Ballade: *deflects* Is that all!? How boring!

BB: It's a repeat from last time...

Pharaoh: Only this time, the stakes are set much higher!

Voice: Time until detonation: 2 minutes.

Toad: Grr... we're running out of time!

Skull: *steps back* Guys... we could really use the help here!

Kayorei: But if what they said was true... then frontal attacks are pointless.

Ring: ...Aim for the floor.

Kayorei: Excuse me?

Ring: I said, aim for the floor. AM, help her!

Drill: I'm on it!

Narrator: The two robots point their weapons at the floor, causing the combined strength of the cracker and drill to weaken it considerably.

Voice: Time until detonation: 1 minute.

Ring: Just a little bit more...

Toad: Leave it to me.

Dive: I'll help ya.

Narrator: Geoff fires off a couple of missiles into the floor, weakening it further, followed by Regulus' acidic rain which eats the rest of it away, causing everyone to collapse through the rotting floor to the ground below. They continue to plumet into an area not connected with the rest of the base... deep underground. The sound of an explosion could be heard above everyone, causing the entire area to shake violently.

Skull: *gathering his bearings* Whoa... where are we? I can't see!

Drill: We can fix that. BB, can you give us a light?

BB: I... I can't...

Drill: Huh?

BB: I think my lightbulb busted from the drop... Sorry...

Dive: Well, what now, boss man? *lights a cig* At this point in time, seems ta me like we'll hafta use my cigar for some light.

Dust: Better than nothing.

Pharaoh: I'd love to make some fire... but... most of my energy has been spent...

Drill: Don't worry about it. Who's here? Everyone okay?

Kayorei: I'm fine.

Dust: I'm good.

Dive: Peachy.

Pharaoh: I'm here... kinda...

Toad: Same...

BB: I'm like those two.

Skull: Can't see anything, but I'm still here.

Drill: Rebel? You okay?

Narrator: No response from the Ring Man. Everything is quiet.

Dust: He's gone...

Drill: I hope he's okay...

Pharaoh: Hey, what happened to Ballade?

Skull: He's right--They're both gone!

Drill: Oh man, I've got a bad feeling about this...

Narrator: The group decide to start looking for a way out, using Geoff's cigar as a guide. It takes them a while, but they eventually find an opening which leads to the outside.

Skull: Gah... it's bright!

BB: Didn't you want some light?

Skull: Yeah, well... I changed my mind! So there!

Drill: And still no sign of Rebel...

Dust: I really hope he isn't hurt...

Kayorei: *gasps*

Toad: What is it... *notices* Oh my lord...

Dive: Err, AM, ya better take a look at this...

Drill: What is it...?

Narrator: The leader of the Comrades turns to see what the big commotion is about... Ballade's body, mangled, is found laying next to a tree, with a large piece of metal, probably wreckage from the explosion, pierced through his body. One of the most noticeable things missing was one of his large "horns" on the front of his helmet, and the large amounts of his own body fluids that were smeared about. He showed no signs of life.

Drill: That is... just horrible...

Dive: Feh, ta guy waz given us a hard time 'n' all, so he deserved ta die ta way he wanted us to.

Drill: Still...

Narrator: Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes is heard. Rebel pops out of it, covered in leaves.

Ring: Uh... hey guys. What's up?

Pharaoh: Rebel! You're okay?

Ring: Yeah... *scratches his head* When we fell, I was thrown a bit further away from the rest of you, so I found the outside and tried to see where we were. While I was out here I saw... that. *points at Ballade*

Dust: So you didn't do it?

Ring: What? Why would I something like that? Sure, Ballade wanted us dead, but he was just Ballade.

Toad: Yeah, makes little sense to me.

BB: I'm just glad you aren't hurt, Rebel!

Ring: You're telling me! Man, we should head back to the citadel while the sun's still up. I need a can of coke bad...

Narrator: The members all part ways with each other, everyone saying goodbye to Kayorei especially and thanking her for her help as she returned to the Seven Mercenaries. Finally they were all home, until all that was left was Drill and Dust, who were still inspecting Ballade's body.

Drill: I still think this is awful...

Dust: I must admit, this is pretty messy work. I doubt even Wily would be able to fix him in this state. It looks like the impact twisted his neck pretty bad, too. Definitely... not repairable. But maybe Geoff was right. He was deserving of it after all he put us through.

Drill: Still... *picks something up* Hmm... I think we'd better get going.

Narrator: Later that night at Cossack's citadel... Everyone was talking about their wild, new adventure with laughs and cheers.

Pharaoh: So then, with no time left to lose, I mix my Pharaoh Shot with Red Magic together, and Kayorei fired her Ballade Cracker into it, causing a massive explosion, destroying the panels! Man, Ballade was pissed. Too bad it only helped electrify the water, though.

Toad: Of course, I managed to get rid of that pesky pipe!

BB: And then Rebel used his rings to help us get away from the water!

Kalinka: Where is Rebel, anyway?

Cossack: *drunk* Ungrateful robots... *hic* Always causin' trouble and never doin' no good... *passes out*

Dive: *takes a swig* Whazzeveh...

Jay: Dude, don't tell me we missed another sick adventure!?

Silent Bob: *lowers head*

Skull: Trust me, you didn't want to be there.

Jay: But what the shit! We coulda gotten some booty all nasty-like.

Skull: What is WRONG with you?

Kalinka: Could someone tell me where Rebel is?

Drill: He said he wasn't feeling well. I think I'll go check up on him.

Narrator: Rising from his chair, AM heads upstairs to Rebel's room.

Drill: *knocks on door* Rebel? You in there?

Ring: AM? Is that you? Come on in!

Drill: *enters* Hey... we've got to talk.

Ring: *covered in a blanket* Again? Man, it feels like you've been talking to me a lot lately!

Drill: Yeah... seems like it. Why the blanket?

Ring: Oh, well, you know. Feeling kinda chilly.

Drill: But you're a robot.

Ring: Doesn't mean I can't get nice and toasty!

Drill: Yeah, about that... Look, Rebel, there was something important I wanted to discuss with you...

Ring: Go ahead. I'm all ears.

Drill: Rebel... did you do that to Ballade?

Ring: ...What are you talking about, AM?

Drill: Rebel... you have known for Ballade for six years. Six years is a long time for someone to become more than just some sort of "villain." After we fell, you ran out with Ballade, and finished him off with that piece wreckage!

Ring: ...

Drill: Well?

Ring: Is that all you have to say, AM? C'mon, surely you can do better than that. Some random theories aren't going to get you anywhere.

Drill: It's not just some random theory, Rebel. You said it before Ballade conducted the kidnappings!


Ring: Huh? Oh, hey AM. What's up?

Drill: Not much. Listen... what was up with your attitude back there?

Ring: *shrugs* Eh, I dunno. I guess I'm not that fond of Ballade that much.

Drill: Me neither, but still.

Ring: Look, that guy's been trying to kill us for years now. I think the least I could do as some form of payback is some verbal damage. Okay?

Drill: Well, sounds fair I suppose. Just try to be more careful when and where you do it, all right?

*End flashback*

Drill: After I told you to plan where you do your verbal attacks better, you decided that it would be best to perform the finishing blow with no one looking!

Ring: ...Funny coincidence, huh? *pulls out a can of coke* Want one?

Drill: Do you deny what I said?

Ring: AM, what you are suggesting is that I attacked one of our villains with the intent to kill. Why would I do that? Unless it was for something other than greater justice, I fail to see why you should accuse me. Until you find some definite proof... then you've got nothing! *chugs his coke*

Drill: Don't play innocent, Rebel. I found this at the scene of the crime. *presents Ring's chest symbol* You were missing it... although at the time, no one paid attention because you had gone through so much. Yet... it was right there! Right next to Ballade's mangled body!

Ring: ...

Drill: Rebel... this isn't easy for me to say but... you did it, didn't you? That's why you currently have... one of Ballade's horns stuck in your back. Am I right?

Ring: ...I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. Could you please speak louder?

Drill: It's possible, isn't it... that's why you were covered in those leaves... and why you are covering yourself up with that blanket right now. You wouldn't mind... taking that blanket off right now would you?

Ring: ...

Drill: Rebel...

Ring: Hahah, looks like you've caught on to me, AM. You're right. Ballade's horn is in fact... stuck in my back. The damn idiot... I couldn't pull the blasted thing out thanks to him...


Ballade: *stumbling out of the cave* Urgh... that Ring Man... He's made a mockery of me once more... He managed to defeat the invincible... But I'll get them next time... Yes! Next time... THEY WILL ALL PERISH!!

Ring: *walks out of the entrance* Next time? Is that all it ever is, Ballade?

Ballade: What!? *faces Ring* You... It's all your fault! I'll kill you! *charges*

Ring: *steps out of the way*

Ballade: *stumbles* Why you--

Ring: *pulls out the piece wreckage and stabs Ballade*

Ballade: Agh!! *collapses*

Ring: Hmph. Next time indeed... *walks away*

Ballade: *gets back up* ...DIE!! *headbutts Ring, getting his horn broken off and stuck in his back*

Ring: YARGH!! *tries to grab him but fails* Let go!

Ballade: Ha... hahahah!! I'LL NEVER GIVE UP!! NEVER!! *tears of Ring's chest symbol*

Ring: That's why I have to put you... *shoves Ballade off and punches him in face, twisting his neck* ...down!!

Ballade: *hits the ground with a thud and stays like that*

Ring: *notices his condition* Shit... I've gotta get out of here... gotta make it look like an accident... *dives into the bushes*

Skull: *a minute later* Gah... it's bright!

BB: Didn't you want some light?

Skull: Yeah, well... I changed my mind! So there!

Drill: And still no sign of Rebel...

Dust: I really hope he isn't hurt...

Kayorei: *gasps*

Toad: What is it... *notices* Oh my lord...

Dive: Err, AM, ya better take a look at this...

*End flashback*

Drill: Why!? Why did you do it!?

Ring: ...

Drill: Rebel!!

Ring: I already told you before. I never liked Ballade. He was always trying to kill us, always with the same pitiful reason over and over... accusing us for something that we didn't do. For six years I have heard those threats over and over... I tried so hard to suppress myself, but whenever I talked to him the anger would seep into my words. And then it happened... he tried to kill us again, and this time someone else, too! Then, when we fell into that cave I followed him, and I heard him talking about revenge again. Again AM! How much revenge could he possibly have!?

Drill: ...

Ring: That was when I realized... things would never change, and that he would just continue to try and hurt people as long as he lived...

Drill: So, that's what it was... I'm so sorry...

Ring: When we plummeted deep underground, I took the opportunity to finish him off. Using what was left of Jet's light, I saw Ballade stumbling away and decided to follow him, before breaking Jet's lightbulb so no one could see me... along the way I grabbed a piece of the wreckage and the deed was done. It was all too easy...

Drill: I just don't... know what to say...

Cossack: *enters the room* I know what to say.

Drill and Ring: Cossack!!

Cossack: Rebel, I am very disappointed in you. Regardless of the fact that Ballade was a villain of ours, you assaulted him while he was down and ended him. This cannot go unpunished. AM, do you understand this? It has to be done.

AM: I... understand. Rebel, please forgive me...

Ring: Forgive you? No, it is I who should be forgiving. All of this time I prided myself in being considered a vet for this team. For so long I let it sit with me, keeping me company... and now I realize that it was foolish. In the end, it turns out that I still don't know anything about this "team" concept, what it is, or what it means. Just what is a "team?" Is it a group of people working together to the bitter end? Having laughs, cries, and more? Or is it fighting enemy after enemy, thwarting adversaries until you want to scream? It seems as though I still have a lot to learn about what it truly means to be a part of a team...

Cossack: Rebel, it pains me to do this... I'm terribly sorry...

Ring: No, don't say you are sorry. I think... that I've been waiting for this very moment.

AM: Rebel...

Narrator: Things become unusually quiet in the citadel following that. After Cossack leaves the room, the two vets stay together for a little bit longer...

Ring:*with a bottle of coke* How many bottles of darkness have I drank over the years? Even I don't know... I'll tell you though... Right now, this one here is the greatest one I think I've ever had. *drinks* Don't you think so... Drill Man?

Drill: *drinks a bottle as well* Yeah... I think you're right... Ring Man.

Narrator: The next day...

Dive: *grouchy* Mornin'.

CC: Morning.

Drill: Looks like everyone's up.

BB: Wait... *looks around* I don't see Rebel anywhere...

Drill: That's because... Rebel's gone. And he won't be coming back.

CC: What!?

Skull: But why?

Dust: What happened to Rebel?

Cossack: *enters* That is something we are not at liberty to talk about. So, do not mention his name anymore.

Pharaoh: But...

Drill: Guys, please stop. This is for the best. It was what Rebel wanted...

Toad: I didn't know him very long, so I'm not sure how I should react...

Skull: Same...

Dive: Me 'n' 'im prolly didn't get along too well, but it won' be ta same 'round 'ere, thaz fer sure.

Dust: *nods* It most certainly won't...

Pharaoh: I just can't believe it though... he helped save our lives and everything yesterday...

BB: I sure hope he'll be okay...

Drill: I'm sure he will, Jet. I'm sure he will... We must be strong, for him. It is how he'd want us to act. *gets up* Now, if you will please excuse me...

Narrator: AM walks slowly out of the room, everyone watching him with concerned faces. Cossack decides to follow him.

Drill: *to himself* Did... did I make the right choice? Poor Rebel... we've probably ruined him...

Cossack: You're wrong, AM.

Drill: Doctor?

Cossack: What you did... more than likely saved Rebel. If you didn't intervene last night like you did... who knows what could have happened in the future. I hardly doubt Rebel would have wanted anything else. You saved him in the only way possible.

Drill: Maybe... you're right.

Cossack: He himself said it. He was waiting for that moment to come. So please, don't let it bother you anymore... for our sake. *pats Drill on the back and walks away*

Drill: He's right... Rebel, this is what you wanted, right? Very well then... I'll make sure to carry on strong, for the both of us. I won't let you down! *looks up to the sky* Until the day we next meet, Rebel...

The End

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Jet as
Bright Babe
Hunter as
Skull Man
John as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Regulus as
Toad Man


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