Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 4 Epilogue 13
Digital Dilemma

*All things were going normally when…*

Sean: What? My computer just crashed!

*And elsewhere*

Jade: Hey, you have to check out this game I just downloaded.

AM: Sure. Hmm… kind of odd game, looks like an error message.

Jade: What? The whole system just crashed!

*Shortly afterwards*

AM: Dr. Cossack, what gives?

Dr. Cossack: *staring at a monitor while rapidly typing* Quiet, someone has virally attacked our entire citadel.

AM: Well, I guess that explains why everything in the base is down.

Geoff: Wha? That’s why ya dragg’d me here?

Sean: Dive, this is serious.

Regulus: I’m honestly surprised though, I thought you guys would have better defenses. Luckily my computer I personally protected against such an attack. At least someone’s files will be safe from this attack.

Hunter: Incorrect.

Regulus: What?

Hunter: Every system in the base has been hit including our own databases. Chance of recovery has been dropping rapidly. Fortunately our backups will be safe since they are separated from the citadel’s network.

Sean: Which still means a huge amount of work will be lost. Not everything we have backups of and anything we were working on when the attack hit is lost.

Jet: That’s horrible. Can’t we do anything?

Dr. Cossack: At this time no. I’m having trouble even monitoring what’s going on. Any counterattack I try is dealt with before I have time to finish.

AM: So this is another ‘exe’ adventure.

Dr. Cossack: No, because you people thought it would be a good idea to break my “DS” last time.

Jade: Well good riddance, those forms were ridiculous.

John: Come on, they couldn’t have been that bad.

Geoff: *starts laughing hysterically*

John: Something wrong?

Geoff: Noth’n Ringo.

AM: Just build a new one.

Dr. Cossack: No time. If I had the remains of the old one maybe.

Sean: Oh, here. *hands over what looks like a broken gameboy advance*

Dr. Cossack: What? You had this all the time?

Sean: I was kind of curious how it worked and I’m a bit of a packrat.

Dr. Cossack: Fine. You try and handle keeping at least one computer running while I work on getting people in.

*A few minutes later*

Dr. Cossack: Finally! I have now created the “DS2!”

AM: I can’t believe you took apart my Nintendo DS for spare parts.

Dr. Cossack: Silence. I believe I can now easily send you in with this marvelous device! *suddenly the DS2 starts sparking and Dr. Cossack drops it* Oops. *the screen is now cracked*

Regulus: I think I’d rather not use that thing.

Hunter: Agreed.

Dr. Cossack: Hmm… Okay, I will now send you in one at a time to make sure it’s safe!

AM: That doesn’t sound much better.

Dr. Cossack: Thank you for volunteering.

AM: Wait, what?

Dr. Cossack: Now don’t be so modest.

AM: But I didn’t- *Dr. Cossack hits him on the head with the DS2 and AM vanishes*

Jet: Where did he go?

Jade: Did you just kill AM?

Dr. Cossack: Nonsense it’s working exactly as planned. So who’s next?


.AM: Ugh… where am I?

Voice: There you are!

.AM: What? Who is that?

Voice: Me. Sean. Dustman. Now hurry up and start cleaning up this mess. There are way too many viruses here and they are way too smart to be just ‘viruses.’

.AM: Fine, whatever. I’ll just- *jumps backwards out of a way of an incoming needle-like projectile* Does everything want to kill me today? Who was that?

Twilight Guardian: *steps forward* … *another needle like appendage darts out from it*

.AM: *sidesteps* Is that all you got?

Twilight Guardian: * dozens of appendages dart out*

.AM: *dodging* Not all that hard. *returns fire*

Twilight Guardian: ! *explodes*

Sean: Not bad. But there are tons more.

*Suddenly Dive appears*

.Geoff: Damn, man can be pretty agile.

.AM: Dive?

.Geoff: So ye ain’t dead. Figures.

.AM: Wait so is that what is taking so long?

Sean (or rather his voice): Yeah, that and the fact that the ‘DS2’ keeps sparking and breaking down. No one really wants to volunteer at this point for receiving their ‘exe’ form. Also pay attention.

.AM: Huh? Oh. *opens fire and blows up another Twilight Guardian* Seriously, you can’t handle this without needing us?

Sean: Look, you guys were sent to the least dangerous area on purpose. Just hold until everyone gets there.

.Geoff: Whatever, vac head.

*Suddenly Ring appears*

.John: Okay, everyone ready to- What? What kind of sick joke is this!

*Suddenly BB appears*

.Jet: Huh, this isn’t so bad after all.

.John: God damn it. Can’t I switch forms with Jet?

.Geoff: Nope. Sorry, mam.

.John: I hate this so much.

*Eventually everyone is in*

.Sean: Okay, one sec. *beams in as well* This would be so much faster if we didn’t have to pin some people down for it.

.Regulus: You have to agree, these forms are horrible. I mean how do you strike fear into someone like this?

.AM: Let’s just get this over with. Those weak viruses that they kept sending were too easy.

*Meanwhile, further ahead*

Daemon: It was perfect to find each other. Together we can erase everything and bring perfect order.

Morganna Mode Gone: Personally I’m fine with just a purpose.

Deathmon: I personally am rather favorable to deleting all this data.

Sanukiman.exe: Who cares? This is finally a chance to prove my power. My noodles are so much better than that ‘Ramen’ crap. Ain’t that right, boss?

??1: …

Sanukiman.exe: Overwhelmed by excellence, I see. Maybe his buddy is of different opinion.

??2: …

Sanukiman.exe: Two very satisfied customers, I take it.

Daemon: Why are we dealing with this disgrace? There must be net navis more suited for the job.

Deathmon: Not everyone here is a suicide bomber.

Daemon: I bring perfect order.

??1: Silence. We brought you back for a purpose. It was not easy to resurrect two long dead programs to give them purpose and life once more.

Morganna Mode Gone: A task, we thank you for.

??1: Nor was it easy to find a digital life form who would perfect our erasing ability or a net navi with such a desire to prove its power.

Sanukiman.exe: I’ll show Capcom how much I deserved to be in games.

Deathmon: So what are we here for anyways?

??2: Di-ˈstrək-shən.

??1: Please forgive my partner’s speech. He has received a few glitches over time. We want you to destroy the Comrades or at the very least keep them busy. While we do some necessary work. When we’re ready, flee the system except for you Daemon. You know what to do.

Daemon: The word is cron.

??2: Kə-ˈrekt.

??1: Now go.

*The group leaves*

??1: It is good that we found each other, brother. After spending so much time alone and lost on the net, we’ll have a chance to rise again. Black Lotus has resurrected us so we can finally have our-

??2: Ri-ˈvenj ˈȯn ˈkä-ˌsak ˈkäm-ˌrads

??1: Exactly. They betrayed me and abandoned you. I managed to find another form and take it. You however were left to fend for yourself though you certainly contained the skill and power to do so. However time was not kind to us. Both of us were near dead and forgotten. I was falling apart, my new form slowly rejecting me. You had been damaged by viruses and slowly dying. Black Lotus came and fixed that. They reformatted me and gave me a form that was more similar to my original and made me stable. They taught you to absorb viruses and fix that damaged code. It’s time to end the CC.

??2: ˈA-nə-ˌmā Mas-tər wəl ˈfȯl ˈfərst

??1: At the very least he will suffer most. Those less related to the events that occurred and those who weren’t around then shall pass quickly. They are guilty by association even if they’re hands are not stained red. They allow the traitors to live and that is enough.

*Now back to the CC*

.Geoff: Bah, so these ain’t so tough.

.Hunter: I calculate that we will have the system cleared within an hour.

.Regulus: I can’t believe these things were causing a problem.

.Jet: They seem pretty to easy to remove now.

.Sean: I have a few theories why we’re taking them down so easily. One is-

Deathmon: Explosion Eye! *fires a beam of energy out of his eye*

.Sean: *hit and knocked down* Ouch.

Morganna Mode Gone: That there are more powerful beings here?
*Daemon and Sanukiman.exe appear behind her*

.Sean: Sure lets go with that.

.AM: There is only four of them. We can double team them easily.

Daemon: Oh really? *begins glowing and touches the ground. Tendrils of light hit all of the CC*

.CC: *being held down by the energy* M-m-my l-lady.

Morganna Mode Gone: What are you doing to them?

Daemon: Infecting them. All things bow to the Monarch of Perfect Order.

Morganna Mode Gone: No, you can’t! *attacks Daemon* If you defeat them this easily my purpose will be lost!

.Jade: *charging a Pharaoh shot* While they’re busy fighting let’s- *suddenly his arms go limp after he aims towards Daemon* I can’t seem to attack her.

.Hunter: I seem incapable of targeting the one who attacked us.

.Sean: … Crap.

.AM: What?

.Sean: She just infected all of us. Well at least partially. I think the other one somehow stopped her from infecting us completely. I think we can still attack the other three.

.Regulus: Fine. Let’s destroy the other two and hope that monarch gets overthrown.

Sanukiman.exe: Bah, none of you can destroy me. My noodly appendages can beat the Flying Spaghetti Monster! *charges towards the CC*

.Geoff: I got this. This walk’n bowl of chick’n soup is mine. *fires a barrage of missiles*

Sanukiman.exe: Hah, I can handle those with ease! *swats the explosives out of the way*

.John: Is that physically possible?

.AM: We’re fighting inside a computer. This is allowed to defy logic.

Sanukiman.exe: Now, I got you! *has his ‘noodly appendages’ dart out at the CC*

.John: This thing really is a joke. *slices the noodles apart with rings*

.Geoff: Good job girlie.

.John: I hate you.

.Hunter: I shall finish him off. *sends his arms flying forward*

Sanukiman.exe: *hit* Gah! I’m hit! I’m going down! *logs out*

Deathmon: Finally, that fool is gone. I’ll delete you all.

.Geoff: Hey, lite-bright! You’re up!

.Jet: I got him! *fires off a large flash of light*

Deathmon: Ack! I can’t see! I’ve been blinded!

.AM: Man, these guys are too easy. *fires a drill directly into the eye*

Deathmon: My eye! You just stabbed me in the f***ing eye!

.Regulus: Isn’t this thing going to die soon?

.Jade: It’s a mega, meaning it’s pretty powerful.

.Regulus: Yes, because swearing while getting beaten to a pulp is a fine example of power.

.Sean: Let me see if I can finish this off. *attacks sending a block of junk into the eye*

Deathmon: Now I have something in my eye! God, I can’t see!

.Geoff: Will someone just get that guy to shut up!

.Regulus: Gladly. *punches Deathmon, finally deleting the virus digimon*

Daemon: 101.

Morganna Mode Gone: 101. 100. 11. 10. 1. 0. *dies and Daemon absorbs the remaining energy*

Daemon: Now that those disgraces have been taken care of-
*Daemon is cut off by the appearance of one of her bosses.*

??2: ˈTīm. *immediately disappears afterwards*

Daemon: Finally. My time is now. The word is cron. *starts glowing as a timer appears*

*The entire area begins glowing*

.Jet: What’s going on?

.Sean: She’s infected everything and taking it down with her. We need to jack out now!

.AM: CC, fall back!

*The entirety off CC disappear, shortly afterwards Daemon explodes taking everything with her*

Dr. Cossack: I can’t believe you! Not only did you not catch them, but you let them wipe out are entire system! We lost our database! We lost all our files! I lost my research! *continues on a rant*

AM: Look, we were a little outnumbered.

Sean: Plus, I think I can recover most of it. I don’t think everything could have been permanently deleted. There is always a way of bring it back… well usually.

John: Usually?

Sean: Quiet.

Dr. Cossack: The only benefit to this whole ordeal is the creation of my DS2! *raises the device triumphantly and it starts sparking and smoking. Suddenly sprinklers go off in the entire citadel*

CC: …

Dr. Cossack: …

AM: *whispering* Back away slowly.

Dr. Cossack: WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Meanwhile inside another computer system*

??1: Sanukiman, you ran away. We do not like cowards.

Sanukiman.exe: Well, there was no point in staying around. I mean everyone else died!

??1: Loyalty is rewarded and sought. Not cowardice and betrayal. Do you wish to know what happens to those who disappoint us?

Sanukiman.exe: N-no. Don’t worry, I can fix this.

??1: I don’t believe in second chances. Why don’t you tell him what he receives, brother?

??2: ˈDeth

Sanukiman.exe: Get away from me! Why can’t I log out? You can’t get away with th-

*looking at a computer screen*

Yin: Rather violent.

Yang: Yes, but then we did design them with such a purpose. Throughout the reconstruction we did nothing but focus their rage. They are motivated by hatred.

Yin: Fortunately they managed to keep their ability to reason though. They succeeded quite well in gathering agents to help with the attack. Including recovering long deleted programs . They even managed to get almost every file the Cossack’s Comrades had stored on their computers.

Yang: True.

??1: All loose ends have been removed, masters.

??2: ˈMi-shən kəm-ˈplēt

Yin: Good work. I believe we shall start with this ‘Project: Stonehenge’ that you found. It seems quite interesting.

Yang: And rather frugal as well. These designs are efficient yet will cost mere pennies to complete. People can be rather ingenious when their back is against the wall.

Yin: This idea of getting our own net navis has ended quite well. I believe that you shall continue to exceed our expectations.

??1: We only ask for the chance of revenge. To see that team fall.

Yang: And you shall have it, Shadowy and Err. You shall have your revenge.

The End

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Jet as
Bright Babe
Hunter as
Skull Man
John as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Regulus as
Toad Man


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