Cossack's Comrades

DCN #031 Dive Man: Geoff 

Who the hell is he?

Dive Man is the resident seadog of the family. Built fer deep sea exploration, Dives is right at home cruisin' along the ocean floor mappin' every contour of the continental shelf while discoverin' new deep sea critters by the barrelful. Since ol Dives ain't no stranger to tough environments, it was a snap to make him into an asskickin' warrior robot/bad boy that can take punishment like no other.

What the hell makes him so special?

Back in the golden days, the Comrades had built a bad name fer 'emselves. And Dive's one of the guys they have to thank for it. Crude, rowdy, and more than a little drunk, Dives loves a good fight. Almost as much as he loves vodka and Hemmingway cigarettes. Not one for the rules, Dives fights dirty and is proud of it. Hell, he goes out of his way to use any dirty, underhanded trick he can think of to come out on top. But as much of a bad boy as he is, he still treats Kalinka and the rest of the creations like family. Even though, he loves pickin' on 'em every now 'n then (mostly Bright and Pharaoh, who smells like freakin' rotting mummy ass), it's rarely anything nasty. Anyone who tries to mess with them is gonna be sorry.

What makes him an asskicker?

For starters, Diveman's the resident muscle of the team. If someone's lights need punching out, he's the guy the Comrades turn to first. Not only that, he's walkin', talkin' sub, which are no strangers to a good fight. Just give him some homing "dive missiles" and a couple of depth charges, 'n he's ready to tear shit up! And that ain't even gettin' into the transmetal stuff.

Born again Christian?!?

Yeah, ya read that right!! Ever since Dives came back online, he's been a man of God! No foolin'! Dive swears up 'n down that he was condemned to Robot Hell, doomed to suffer from eternal sobriety 'til the end o' time. But just when Dive gave up all hope, God personally snatched him from the jaws of Robot Hell and put him back on Earth. Now he sees himself as God's go-to-boy for the whole team. And he treats any job or case he gets as if it was delivered straight from the lips of God (well, maybe not picking up McDonald's for Crorq, but ya get the point). But don't think for a second that just 'cuz Dives has got a cross 'round his neck 'n a bible in his pocket that he's some braindead bible thumper. Last thing he's gonna do is talk anyone's ear off 'bout Jesus or bring the team to his line o' thinking. He just sees God as his friend in High Places who's always got his back 24/7 and will bust his hump to keep God proud of him. Even though he's still acting like a sinful dick every step of the way. Just how much Dive has seen the light is anyone's guess.

Transmetal Boost?

Dive's transmetal armor comes with all sorts of perks, some of which Dr. Cossack cooked back in the war. First off, Dives has got a built-in sonar that delivers feedback right to his optical sensors. Real handy to have when yer in a dark area, say the bottom of the sea. He's got turbines built into his feet that allow for some fancy manueverin' and dancin' if and when he's fighting beneath the waves. He can fire a few good ol' fashioned dive missiles from his shoulders and his ankles. And he still has his old wrist-mounted harpoons, which he swears by.

But when Kalinka stitched him, she made a few creative changes. She never cared much for the dive-missile shootin' gattling gun from her war days, so she installed a concussive "torpedo" launcher in his chest. Dive missiles fired from here may not track worth a damn. But depending on who ya ask, they got as much punch as a drill bomb. Finally, once upon a time, Dives could transform into a submarine. That turned out to be more trouble than it was worth to re-install (Kalinka could count the number of times Dive used that on one finger). So she opted to give Dives a little more muscle instead. Now his strength's second only to Guts Man and Hard Man.


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