Cossack's Comrades

DCN #028 Pharaoh Woman: Avi 

Name: “Queen” Avi

Monarchy? On a COMMUNIST team?!

Upon activation, all Avi could recall was “suddenly being crowned Pharaoh.” With this, she felt an enormous pressure to fill her role as the ruler of all life! Burdened by this great responsibility thrust upon her (read: her faulty programming), she finds herself increasingly overwhelmed and ever socially anxious. Shy and sensitive by nature, she feels that she isn’t fit to be the ruler of all things, but alas she feels it her responsibility (even though it’s not, really).

Benevolent, yet FEARED BY ALL! …Um, right??

In an attempt to live up to her newfound stature, Avi gives it her every effort to come across as a MIGHTY, MAJESTIC, and IMPOSING larger-than-life figure. She peppers her speech with faux-eloquence, along with a heaping dose of melodrama (and the word “mortals”) – even in the most mundane of situations, she’ll look for a way to emphasize the overall ham factor.

Gaze in WONDERMENT at the sparkling radiance of my sparkly… like, um, wait… NO, th-that’s all wrong, let me try this again… um, eep. I’ll just… ISIS HELP ME.

…Unfortunately, Avi isn’t very good at keeping up the charade. The longer she hams it up, the more likely it is for her to slip, leading her melodramatic persona to spew increasingly embarrassing and ever more nonsensical dialogue. This eventually reduces her to that of her true self – a shy, nervous wreck. Stuttering kicks in, and her speech, like, um… becomes laced with “likes” and “ums.”

But… but… the real me isn't so bad… r-right?

Really, Avi honestly and truly does try her best to be great leader (very few have the heart to tell her that she doesn’t actually lead anything). She also tries her best to meet the expectations of her teammates, protecting them the best she can. She’s actually one of the nicest people you could ever get to know, being brought down only by her extreme timidness and admittedly low self-esteem. She won’t even acknowledge the probability of being the most powerful robot on the team – the DWN-028 model is known for its speed, levitation abilities, and of course THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF RA in the Pharaoh Shot. However, what really makes Pharaoh Woman a truly effective combatant is the great lengths she would go to in order to prove her worth.

Is that… rotting flesh?

Avi has a very unusual relationship/rivalry with Dive Man. No one knows the actual reasoning behind it all, but one thing is certain: Dive seems to think that she smells really, really bad. This prompts him to adorn everything she touches with Mr. Yuk stickers. Apparently, she’s also the one to blame whenever dead mice show up on the floor. Supposedly.


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