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Hardman on Treads

Wait, wait, wait, two Hardman pics? In a thread by *gasp* Hardman? What the hell is going on here???

Well, actually, this isn't mine. This picture was a gift from Rai/Snake during the Con. Yes, I'm afraid you all just got gypped, and I did no actual work aside from wrestling this monster into my scanner. Gotcha.

A few things to note: This picture was drawn DURING one of the 'how big IS Hardman' discussions, since we were all kind of confused there (I believe we all finally agreed on close to 10 ft. in the end...) so Topman isn't abnormally short, it's just size disparity. Also, Hardman having treads was an idea I had to give the big guy some extra mobility, and, while the look on his face as he tears along is priceless, I have enough fun having rocket hands.

hakhael.png Hard_Scale_by_RaijinKarate.gif RaijinHardmantreads.jpg Hardzilla_by_RaijinKarate.jpg Mechs.png


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