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Scorch - Machine Snake Man

The Machine Mechanical Maniacs (the Mechanical Maniacs from the Future)


After being defeated finally by the Pharaoh Team, the Koopalings founded the Mecha-Maniacs dead, they took to Bowser and Bowser rebuilt they with parts of the Machine Tediz, by changing the number DWN to NBN (New Bowser Number)

NBN-022/Machine Snake Man: Unlike the original Snake Man, Machine Snake Man also has a resemblance to a Cyborg, now has no mouth, but had a kind of engine to speak normal, as original Snake Man had a snake accent, Like the Sky Jockey Tediz in Future War.

Scorch-Machine_Top_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Spark_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Snake_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Shadow_Man.jpg Scorch-Machine_Needle_Man.jpg


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