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Request: IGA

Well, I'm not feeling too good tonight. I believe I've caught the flu. But! That didn't stop me from giving Iga request a very good try. He asked for the updated Woodman, who apparently tops out a 10 feet tall anymore, and top heavy as all hell. He also asked for a... I'm quoting here... "Leaf Mullet" hairstyle, which I honestly couldn't bring myself to draw. I did give him a grassy, windswept look, however, with a slight stubbly beard that's more grass than hair, making it a bit more difficult to cut. He retains most of his normal look aside, however, and is cracking open a can of cola, glaring at someone with no amusement in his features.

Probably the EPA. Or Smokey the Bear.

WHOTHEHELL.jpg SnakeShadowNeedleHalo.jpg IgaRequest.jpg ZappersRequest.jpg SnipeRequest.jpg


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