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Members' Pages

MM3: Mechanical Maniacs - Shadowman EXE's other team page. Be sure to check it out!

The Sinister Six - Iceman EXE's famous Team page that started it all. If you haven't been here, then I SAY!

CMC: Clownman's Circus - Run by Clownman/Colouredman, this page is mostly an image and music archive, with it's rather large and famous Wallpaper archive!

Void of the Virus - Skullman and Fireman's other team, using original characters existing in the time of the X series. Has a great jukebox.

Robotic Raiders - An MM8 team, different than Clown's Elite Eight, though Clown's on this one as well, only as Clownman, oh wait, he's Clownman everywhere.

House of The Rabid Chicken - TRC's board. It's really happening there.

The Other Word For Thesaurus - Shark's page of stuff. - Stoneman's page, an MM5 team of which he's the only member.

The Elite Megaman Forums - Ed's board. It's happening there, too.

Navi Warfare - Ed's EXE2 team

Places we Like (Or just have to give credit to)

Heatman's Homepage - We get our sprites from his massive collection.

Robot Mansion - We get our pics from his massive EXE pics collection.

Shaina's Get-a-Way Hut - Forte-Chan's page. She's a fan of Iceman's and a member of the X-Force. We're mainly linking to her because she's linking to us. I'm not sure what the site is about exactly...but it's got some cool art.

Pharaohman's Temple - Not our Pharaohman, although he almost was once. Can't get enough of that Pharaoman theme in the bg.

Alternate Page Links

Foom's Message Board - Our first meassage board, though it looks like the whole place is gone now...

Viral Infection's OTHER board - IF it ever comes back online......

Viral Infection - The Geocities page. There's nothing here right now, but we might use it for backup space later.


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- The Viral Infection symbol, for those of you who don't wish to offend anyone!

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