Taiyoh Shonen Django

The skies began to rain. It did not matter to the warriors: All they cared for was to kill each other. A little rain would not stop that.

"You should have died peacefully when I gave you the chance."

"I will not be defeated by you."

The warriors rushed at each other.

Location: DLMHQ Yumland Branch: Three days ago

Sam was groggy that morning. He didn’t sleep very well, and he was having trouble just getting out of bed. Eventually, he was able to get out of bed, and walk to the kitchen. On the way, he noticed something on the computer. A message was typed out on the screen.

"Gone on vacation in order to take care of stuff. Will be back in one week – Shade Man"

Sam sighed. "Damnit, and I wanted to get some work today. Ah well, guess I’ll have to look through job request board manually."

Location: Undernet Square

It had been too long since Shade Man has been in the Undernet square.

Yet all of the navis still feared and respected him, as they should.

Rather disappointing, though. Shade Man wanted to eat one of the foolish ones who thought he was stronger.

"You." Shade Man said, pointing to a random navi. The navi was scared. “Y-yes sir?”

"Where in the Doc? Answer quickly if you value your life."

"At the message board..."



Thank you for your assistance." Shade Man walked away, leaving the coward shaking in his boots.

In the message board area, there was only one navi. Shade Man recognized him. "Doc"

Doc looked towards Shade Man. "Hohoho. Shade Man. I am humbled that you came looking for me. What do you need?"

"Chips. Lots and lots of chips."

"Hohoho. Why do you need all the chips?"

"That is none of your business. And I know you have the biggest stock of chips anywhere, so show me what you got."

"Very well then."

Doc pulled out a suitcase and opened it. Inside were a multitude of chips.

Shade Man looked through them and chose 30 chips. He payed the doc for the chips, and walked off.

Or he would have if the doc hadn’t said "You hide the fact that you now have an operator very well."

"How did you know!?"

Doc pulled out a flyer. Shade Man recognized it immediately.

"You will mention this to no one."

"Hohoho. Why should I not reveal this information to everyone?"

"Because if you do, I won’t let you feel death’s merciful embrace."

Shade Man walked away. Doc never did say anything about Shade Man’s operator.

Location: Undernet 4

It is a little known fact that Auto Navis can hold a chip folder, provided they have enough memory for it. And Shade Man had plenty of memory for it.

Shade Man finished putting all those chips he just bought into his chip folder. He wasn’t really looking where he was going, so it surprised when he looked at where he was.

He was at the Piledriver.

It was odd, really. Shade Man hates the Piledriver, and everything it represented. Yet he always found himself hanging around it.

It reminded him of how Django defeated him.
It reminded him of how Django defeated him again.
It reminded him of how much he wanted to make Django suffer.

"Solar Boy Django.” Shade Man declared. “One of these days I will find you, and I will make you suffer."

Then something strange happened. The Piledriver began to activate on its own. And the mirrors pointed directly at Shade Man.

"What is this!?!?" Shade Man yelled.

Then the mirrors fired a beam at Shade Man.

Location: San Miguel

The Nightmare Beast, Jourmander, had come close to destroying the world. But it was defeated.

Shortly afterward, Shade Man attempted to kill Solar Boy Django. He was defeated by Django.

Several months had passed since that incident. Since then, the activities of the Immortals had come to a stop. Certainly they were still around, but the were not attacking.

It was a rare time of peace.

And Django was enjoying every second of it.

He currently slept soundly at the Inn.

Eventually, he woke up, feeling refreshed as sunlight rushed through the window.

The people of San Miguel went about their usual business. It seemed like a normal day. Django was glad it was a normal day. He may be a vampire slayer, but he enjoyed the moments of peace that could be had.

He was gonna be disappointed very soon.

His walk eventually took him to the Piledriver. Django looked at it, but sensed something was off about it. A strange glow was emitting from it. Django stood ready, waiting for whatever may happen.

The mirrors of the Piledriver suddenly pointed right at Django, and fired at him. Django had no time to react.

All that was left was Django’s crimson scarf.. The townspeople heard the commotion and rushed to see what happened. They saw. No one said anything.

Except Lina. She cried with no signs of stopping.

NOT The End...


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