An-Ti Ti-An!

(This day, in the Ameroupe Underground...)

An-Ti: (Sitting on the ground, polishing his chips with a dirty mop)

Kid: Hey An-Ti! Look what I found! Some chips!

An-Ti: Chi...chips? (Takes and examines) Jim. the four chips you've found are Drillarm 2, Space Yura 1, Boy bomb 1, and Lava Seed, where'd you find these?

Jim: I found these when my navi trepassed a cyber-junkyard, we took a navi in too. But it seems it's just a shell.

An-Ti: Outer Armor data only? No mind data?

Jim: The mind data seems to have been erased...

An-Ti: I see. Can you give...(sees Jim's hands out) what?

Jim: It's 50 Metguard 2 Gs for it!

An-Ti: Fine, fine...(pulls out a box of chips labeled "Metguard 2") Help your self. Use them wisely, you should know how.

Jim: thanks! (Transmits data) There! Oh, and by the way. I found this. (Hands him a data disk) inside is a Purple Mystery Data I found.

An-Ti: Ah. (Anaylzes Data Disk through his PET) Right now, all I posses is a team of Viruses...this could do something to exact my revenge upon brother...A personaility data. How convienent. (Installs it) There. Junkman!

Junkman: Oooo...Needleman you...what?

An-Ti: I saved your life.

Junkman: And I thought all humans were unkind jerks...

An-Ti: You said Needleman? What a considence. How about we exact revenge upon my brother and his navi?

Junkman: Why not...say, what did Ti-an do to you?

(Flashback, 4 years ago, Chen Residence, blazing with flames)

An-Ti: Brother...why did you do this!

Ti-An: Wha...what? That's a dirty lie!

An-Ti: I see you! Taking the can of oil! And lighter! (Points to Ti-An) You were the one that killed our parents!

Ti-An: I told you it wasn't...(pushes An-Ti aside) Aaaarrrgghhh!!! (Gets hit by a chunk of debris on fire) Erk...(pushes it up) Go's time to escape...

An-Ti: ...(gazes at his brother, then runs out)

Ti-An:'ll dearly pay...(runs out the other way) Sorry, bro...

(End Flashback)

Junkman: was just 3 days ago, Needleman comes crashing into my Junkyard...and destroyed everything he sees. And sealed my data away.

An-Ti: Team?

Junkman: Team. Oh yeah, got Bug Frags?

An-Ti: (Opens folder named "Bugs" In his PET.) Three a day?

Junkman: Nah, just 1 a day is more then enough.

An-Ti: And I'll get more everyday anyways.

Junkman: Oh yeah...(grabs a folder) What's this folder named "Bullshit Crap"?

An-Ti: Don't ask.

Junkman: Please?

An-Ti: Fine, it was my family pictures.

Junkman: Family equals Bullshit crap?

An-Ti: Well. My mom and dad's pics are in the folder called "Parents." This folder, is for that brother that burned our house down.

Junkman: I see.

An-Ti: Time for my daily walk. (Walks out into the sunlight of Ameroupe City)

Junkman: Don't people see you as a dirty boy?

An-Ti: Heh. Maybe yes, but I'm still fairly popular after saving a family from Nebula's minions burning down a their house. I took their navis out using a personalized Virus squad.

Junkman: You got virus chips?

An-Ti: The best I got are the Elempors, Scuttlests, Mark-Canodumbs.

Junkman: Oh.

An-Ti: Hm? (Flyer flies into his face. FLYER. FLIES. Good joke. Huh?) Darklight Mercenaries...purchase our know what, Junk heap?

Junkman: Is that my new nickname?

An-Ti: Yeah, but only between us.

Junkman: Oh.

An-Ti: Wanna join?

Junkman: Sure.

An-Ti: Now...(dials phone) 'allo? Bounjour, Je m'appelle...

Nathan: ...Do you speak english?

An-Ti: Oops, sorry. I was a bit confused. Anyways, do you need a recruit for the Darklights?

Nathan: Sure, but why are you so interested?

An-Ti: Because I want one.

Nathan: Hmmm...hang on. (Leaves for a moment. 5 minutes later) You're in, pal. Who's yer navi?

An-Ti: Junkman.

Nathan: Ah, Junkman. Very well. You'll be in Ameroupe then. (Hangs up) How did he know I was the one to ask in order to join?...Is there a typo on the flyer or something?


An-Ti: Good, now we'll wait until someone purchases our services!

Junkman: Should we mark, "no carrying, sending, delivering unless it's Cyber stuff?"

An-Ti: Exactly. But what ARE your powers exactly?

Junkman: Guess.

An-Ti: Poltergist, Anything got to do with Junk, obstacles...(pulls out a box named "Obstacle chips") I'll edit my folder...

Junkman: How'd you put all these chips in that scarpped clothes of yours?

An-Ti: You don't want to know.

(Sees some boys bullying Jim)

Guy#1: Give us the chips!

Jim: No!

Guy#2: Then we'll beat it out of you! (Gets ready for a kick. But just as his leg stretch out behind for onem An-Ti pulls out a knife and stabs it)

An-Ti: Go now, or there'll be more injuries. If you dare say I did it...(grabs Guy#3's hands) I'll make sure this guy will have a pernamently broken arm...

Guy#1: Erm...erm...because we the above grounds can do it to you guys! You guys are nothing but poor--AAAAHHHH!!!!!(An-Ti dashes behind Guy#1, and slices his thumb off)

An-Ti: Sorry. I was going to rip your WHOLE hand off...

Guy#1: I'll never...AAAAHHH!!!! (Whole hand gets ripped off)


Guy#1: I'll...never...give up on destroying you under grounds completely...

An-Ti: it seems I have to go to an extreme. (Appears behind Guy#1, and slices his body in half) If the Net Guardians, or was it Acid Hackers, can rip "it" off from CATS, I'll certainly enjoy killing all of you! (Turns to guy #2,#3)

Guy#2: (Punches forward) You killed our leader!

Guy#3: And you'll certainly pay! (Kicks from behind An-Ti)

An-Ti: That so? (points to Guy#2's hand, and Guy#3's leg) Now...(screams are heard as he slices them off completely)

Jim: Why...An-Ti...?

An-Ti: Ha...they dare insult us Undergrounds...I will not forgive them...

Jim: Weren't you one in the past?

Guy#2: (Still alive) I...I reconize you! 7 years ago! I was still 6 years old...

An-Ti: Hm?

Guy#3: Yeah! You''re...An-Ti F.R. Chen of Chen family!

An-Ti: (Face turns from being satisfied to being sad) Yes...(plays hair) But remeber, four years ago?

Guy#2: Chen residence, presumed dead...'cept for the Biggest son Ti-An...

An-Ti: And their smallest son, they never found his corpse.

Guy#3: An-Ti...remember the days we played...?

An-Ti: Harold and Yoluan...I'm sorry...(walks near them) But...

(Screams are heard, as the sun sets. The next morning)

An-Ti: I'm sorry...(throws Harold's dead body into the pit he dug) I had no choice...(throws Yoluan's body) but if you guys told brother. He'd come for his revenge...

Jim: Ti-an R.F. Chen...that top notch Net Savior, Class SS?

An-Ti: He was a Class D Net Savior...before my family died. now, he'll pay for his endeavors. I don't know HOW he managed to go through the Net Savior's history check...

THE END. (For the being time anyway)


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