Taiyoh Shonen Django Part 2: Brave New World

Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Django awoke slowly, weakened from the surprise blast of the Pile Driver. He observed his surroundings. Darkness as far as the eye could see. Then the sky lit up for a split second by a bolt lightning and Django saw the horizon. Tall, jagged mountains which gave off the essence of danger. The land was bare. No sign of life.

Django breathed heavily, scared of this place, and how he came here. He muttered a few words.

"Che cosa è questo posto?"

Scared as he was, he knew that he would need to find food and shelter. But first he looked at what he had with him in his bag. He had a few weapons, a half melted piece of chocolate, and a piece of meat.

"This'll lo dura a mala pena una notte forte..."

Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Shade Man awoke. But he could not open his eyes, and he could not move his arms or legs. He struggled, but to no avail. He then heard voices.

"This is the one?"


"Feh. He looks weak."

"Looks are most deceiving. He will be of great use to us. I guarantee it. Shall I begin?"


Unknown Time, Unknown Location

Django walked along, guided by the moments of light the lightning gave. He knew not where he was headed, if even he was heading anywhere. All he knew was that he needed to find something, anything, which could help him.

"Quando scopro chi lo ha portato qui, stanno andando giù"

Unknown Time, Unknown Location

"What’s taking so long?"

"Hey, we can’t rush this."

"Come now, scanning chip data into a navi shouldn’t be taking this long."

"Yeah, well you try scanning the data of every chip in existence into a single navi."

"Well, you could do it faster."

"Well, I could do it in about a second, but that would break his mind, so please leave me to my work."

"Honestly, must you two always argue? We’re here for a reason."

"I still don’t like this. We already had a perfect plan, why do we need this one?"

"If it was so perfect, than why has it failed so far?"

"Please, give them a chance. They will do what needs to be done eventually."

"Bah. Two of them had perfect chances to destroy, and they did not. And the third hasn’t even realized its potential yet. No, this will be much faster and easier."

"My faith still stays with them."

"Be that as it may, we must focus here. What is the status of the boy?"

"The boy is fine. He will perform to our expectations."

"Will he find the arena?"

"Any second now."

Unknown Time, Unknown Location

Django couldn’t believe his eyes. Off in the distance, he could see it: A giant dome shaped building that seemed to glow in the darkness. Django headed to it slowly, barely believing his own luck, and half suspecting some sort of trap.

A few minutes of walking brought him to the front door of the building. He knocked. No answer. He knocked again. Again, no answer. So he slowly opened the door and went inside.

"Ciao? È chiunque qui? Può qualcuno aiutarlo?"

Nothing. He continued walking down the hallway he was in, until he came upon another door. Not wasting anytime, he opened it. What he saw was a giant field, surrounded by seats that seemed to stretch to the sky. He had remember hearing about one of these once. A Coliseum, he thought they were called.

"Mi domando che cosa questo posto è per" He said.

"He’s found it. Is Shademan Ready?"

"Ready as he’ll ever be. Shall I?"


Django simply admired the scenery, feeling a sense of safety from this place. Suddenly, he heard a noise from behind him. He turned quickly to face whatever it was.

A small Portal opened a good distance away. Something dropped from the portal. Django couldn’t tell what it was from this distance. Then it moved. Then Django heard it spoke, and he knew that he would be forced to defend himself.


To Be Continued...


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