Megaman 3: Epilogue

Our story starts back during the game Mega Man 3. We all started out as simple industrial robots. Top Man was an entertainer for children, Spark Man a mechanic, Snake Man a ranger...we all had pretty basic functions. Then Wily came, and our lives changed forever. Dr. Albert W. Wily, a madman, a psychotic genius, known for his previous two attempts at world domination, thrown back by the mighty Blue Bomber, Mega Man.

Our fate was unfortunate, we were reprogrammed, then used to steal several secret elements being used by Dr. Light to create a powerful new robot named Gamma. Gamma was intended to replace Mega Man, in case Wily returned, so that Mega Man could go back to his peaceful life as Rock, Dr. Light's lab assistant. Naturally, Mega Man was sent to defeat us and retrieve the missing elements.

Mega Man confronted us and our companion the mysterious Break Man, whom by now you all know as Proto Man, Mega Man's missing older brother. It remains unknown as to why he helped us, and why he turned to his brother's side afterwards. Predictably, we were defeated by Mega Man's cowardly use of Robot Master weaknesses. He wouldn't have stood a chance in a fair fight.

Mega Man then faced another creation of Wily known as Doc Man (aka: Doc Robot). Doc Man could assume the powers of the second legion of robot masters, but Mega was able to use the weapons acquired from us to defeat him. After a brief battle with Break Man, Mega took on Wily's fortress and finally the incomplete Gamma, and Dr. Wily and Mega were crushed by the collapsing building. Break Man came out of the dark and saved Mega Man. It is yet unknown if Wily survived this ordeal (ok so it's pretty obvious that he did). As for us, we were reduced to scrap...almost...

It turned out that although severely damaged, Spark Man was still alive and he used his skills as a mechanic to rebuild us enough so that we were active. After having more complete repairs administered, we are now faced with the problem of our future.

Some of us are still bent on world domination ('cause it's downright fun), and plan to find the secret elements with which to resurrect and complete the powerful Gamma. Others are unsure, or are simply trying to make ends meet. In any case we are now faced with one singular problem: we're all flat broke and unemployed. We live in an abandoned warehouse on Webpage Street, where we are making plans to acquire the big greens, and to find Gamma's secret elements.

Oh yeah and let's not forget to take over the world.

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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