Appointment with the Doctor

(The scene opens with the Mechanical Maniacs watching TV.)

Hardman: Feels good to finally have a brain...

Snake: I guess...

Top: Liked you better sans-brain! Less dangerous...

Hard:...You're so mean...

(Hard starts crying.)

Top: Aw, come on...sorry, okay?

(Hard continues crying.)

Hard: (Thought) Heh. They think I'm really crying! Hah-HAH!!

TV News Lady: Unusual things have been happening all week. Inconsistencies are found everywhere in the world and -

(Suddenly, the Red Phone rings! The Mechanical Maniacs rush to answer it in hopes of another gig!)

Top: Yeah? What!? Chaos everywhere!? We're needed? We're getting paid!?!? We're on it!

(Top hangs up the phone and turns to address the Team.)

Top: Alright guys, we gotta -

(Gauntlet is spotted tip-toeing out of the room.)

Gemini: And where do you think YOU'RE going?

Gauntlet: Well...I...y'see...Rats.

Snake: Y'know, I'm sick of all your stupid solo adventures! We should all have solo adventures!

The Other Maniacs: YEAH!

Gauntlet: Ah, that's cool. Go ahead! I was just gonna step out anyway!

Top: Oh, you're not going anywhere!

(The Mechanical Maniacs surround Gauntlet.)

Gauntlet: Wha...? HEY!

(They tie Gauntlet up and throw him in the basement.)

Top: You can come out when all the adventures are over!

(Top slams the door and locks it.)

Gauntlet:...'Kay! I'll just be down here! Chillin' and stuff! Don't you worry about me!

Top: Alright guys, we got lots of problems to clean up, so we gotta split up!

Spark: Right! Solo adventures for all of us!

All: LET'S GO!

(The Maniacs teleport out!)

(Hardman warps to a nearby city. There are explosions nearby. Hardman runs toward the noise to find Doc Robot wreaking havoc and robbing a bank.)

Doc Robot: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I see you've come! I'm stealing this money and you can't stop me! (Grabs all the money he can.)

Eric: That's fine with me, I can take the money that you've left behind and no one would know I did it.

Doc Robot: Oh. Well you're not getting any of that money any more! (Shoots a laser out of his eyes at all the money strewn about.)

Eric: Since when can you shoot lasers from your eyes?

Doc Robot: I can use any Robot Master's power. Haha! (Sticks his robotic tongue out.)

(At that moment Hardman shoots his fist out directly at Doc Robot's face.)

Doc Robot: OW! 'Ou 'urt my 'ongue. Da's unfair I 'alk funny now. I can't de'troy da wurld dis way. (His eyes get watery.)

Eric: Oh, grow up. Your voice will be just as ugly as it was before in a few moments. The readers couldn't go through the whole story trying to understand you, could they?

Doc Robot: (Whimper) Weaders?

Eric: Never mind, now I'm gonna beat you up.

Doc Man: No possible way!

Eric: You sure about that?

(Hardman shoots his Hard Knuckles out and grabs Doc Robot's hands, slapping Doc Robot silly.)

Eric: Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?

Doc Robot: Aaaagghh! Stop that!

Eric: Why should I?

Doc Robot: Because you will do so or suffer the consequences.

Eric: Oooh, I'm sooo scared!

(Doc Robot's eyes lose their color and he sends electricity through his body electrocuting Hardman, launching him backwards.)

Eric: Weren't you Storm in X-Men?

Doc Robot: No, that dumb Halle Berry person got the role. They had to use special effects to get her to do that.

(Hardman then jumps in the air and Hard Presses Doc Robot.)

Doc Robot: Aaaaughh! Why must you hit my head!

Eric: 'Cause it annoys you. Now, I challenge you to an arm wrestling match!

Doc Robot: Fine. (Grabs a piece of scrap metal and puts his arm on it and gets ready.)

Eric: Ok, lets go. (Hardman immediately pins Doc Robot.)

Doc Robot: Best two out of three!

(The second time, Hardman leaves his hand wrestling with Doc Robot, goes to the bathroom, eats lunch, reads a book, goes to the circus, and comes back to Doc Robot, still trying to pin Hard Man's hand. Then Hard comes back to his hand and beats Doc Robot.

Doc Robot: Hey, that's cheating!

Eric: Says who?

Doc Robot: Aaarggh! Enough of this! I'm leaving. Follow me if you dare!

(Doc Robot jumps into the sky followed by Hardman. They continually chase each other in large bounds until Hardman tackles Doc Robot.)

Eric: HA! Who's in control now?

Doc Robot: (Snickers) Not you.

(An unnoticed helicopter fires its machine guns at Hardman while he is on top of Doc Robot. Hard Man manages to roll off of Doc Robot leaving Doc in the line of fire.)

Doc Robot: Aaaaugh! You idiot! Stop firing! Can't you do anything right!?

Eric: I guess that's what happens when you leave a Met in charge of heavy machinery.

(A huge explosion rocks the city, but goes unnoticed by Hardman. The chopper stops firing and drops a ladder for Doc Robot.)

Doc Robot: (Facing Hardman) HAHAHAHAHA! You may have won the battle but you haven't won the wa-

(Just then Hardman grabs the ladder and climbs up before Doc Robot can even finish his sentence.)

Doc Robot: NOOOO!

Eric: (Grabs the Met that was controlling the chopper and throws him at Doc Robot down below.) Buh-bye!

Doc Robot: Ouch! (Turns to Met.) That chopper is coming out of your paycheck!

(Hardman puts the chopper into a nose dive towards Doc Robot.)

Doc Robot: (Pulling out a tiny umbrella) Help?

(Hardman jumps out of the helicopter just when it is about to crash and it crushes Doc Robot resulting in a huge explosion.)

Eric: Cool.

(Just then, the mayor's limo drives up to Hardman.)

Mayor: Thank you very much from saving Monsteropolis from even more destruction. We offer this gazillion dollar cash reward to you for your efforts.

Eric: No, you keep it please.

Mayor: No, please take it. It's a gift.

Eric: Ok, but only since you said please.

Mayor: Of course you have to pay for the damages Doc Robot did to the city, leaving you with...(Punches numbers into a calculator.) HALF a gazillion dollars.

Eric: ...OK, bye. (Runs off.)

(Eric later buys his own custom arcade, quits the team, and plays The Power Fighters all night long! He's rich!)



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Eric as .....

C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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