Series 3 Issue # 11 - Enter Cell...

It was normal day in Mega Land & or so we thought.

Gauntlet: (yawns)

Needle: Hey! Get up!

Gauntlet: What?

Top: Haven't you noticed something different?

Gauntlet: No. *looks out the window*

The Maniacs seem to be on a deserted island.

Gauntlet: How did we get here?

Snake: I'm guessing someone shipped us somewhere.

Spark: But we would've known if we went over water.

Magnet: Yeah. Spark would've been fried.

Spark: *Shocks Magnet* We were over water! We didn't actually touch water!

Magnet: Ow!

Gemini Red: Maybe we flew?

Hard Chika: Who asked you Tights boy?

Gemini Red: They are not tights!

Snake: If I hear that line again I'll throw you into the sea!

Gemini: Well I guess we better find our way off the island.

Spark: *points at an airship* Look a convieniently abandoned, yet perfectly alright airship! Maybe we can use that!

Gauntlet: Well this is awfly ominous.

The 9 leave the island and land in the city.

Gemini: Seems to be deserted.

Spark: Hey! Capsule Corporation!

Needlegal: I guess we landed in Japan.

Hard Chika: Home of the Dragonballs?

Gemini Red: I guess so.

Gauntlet: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go in!

The mechanical maniacs go into capsule corp. and are greeted by the owner Dr. Briefs.

Dr. Briefs: What? Who are you?

Gauntlet: We're the Mechanical Maniacs!

Dr Briefs: Guh?

Needlegal: Yeah! We move around in the Technodrome fighting villains for a living.

Gemini: Not by choice though.

Gemini Red: Gauntlet forces us.

Dr. Briefs: Well then you should be at the Cell Games.

The Maniacs: Cell Games?

Dr. Briefs: Yes an android named Cell is fighting the Earth's strongest as we speak.

Magnet: Then we should be there! For I am Magnet the Mighty!

Snake: I guess I could try out my wrestling skills.

Gemini Red: I might find someone worthy of my power.

Dr. Briefs: What power? Wouldn't tights limit your power, I mean, they're tight aren't they? Not that I would know though.

Gemini Red: *Remembers Snake's threat so remains silent*

Top: Anyway, Let's go!

Later at the Cell Games located in a remote area of a nearby desert.

Goku: You're right Cell I can't win. I give up!

Cell: What?!

Z Fighters: *shocked and surprised*

Elsewhere in the background

Announcer: So what do you think Mr. Satan?

Mr Satan: Um & Well of course he would give up! He's not half the man I am! *laughs nervously*

The Maniacs turned up during this conversation

Gemini: Yeah right! If you're so strong you fight him!

Gemini Red: Our combined intelligence says that you're scared of your own shadow!

Mr. Satan: Well what kind of fighter wears tights!

Snake: Quiet! Let's just fight Cell and leave.

Magnet: Surely He cannot beat Magnet the Mighty!

Gauntlet: Yeah! I think we should be able to take him on.

Announcer: Hey. Get a shot of the 9 boneheads!

The Maniacs: Hey!

Announcer: These 9 losers have appeared from nowhere and think they can beat Cell. What do you think Mr. Satan?

Mr. Satan: Well just looking at them shows that they are nobodies!

Gemini: Well looking at you I think you should grow some -


Cell: Well, Well, Well! Look what we have here! I guess I can bend the rules and let all 9 of you fight!

Hard Chika: Well could you wait a sec.I have to check on my Neopets. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! How cute! It's playing! Awen't you the cutest widdoww.....

Cell: Fine! I'll fight the 8 of you.

Snake: Time to test my wrestling skills!

Snake and Cell wrestle but Cell seems to have the upper hand and knocks snakeman out!

Magnet: Feel the power of Magnet the Mighty! Magnet Missile!

The Magnets hit Cell and actually work.

Magnet: Wow!! It actually worked!!!

Cell: Ow! Take this!

Cell fires a finger shot sending Magnet to the other side of the ring.

Spark: Spark Shot!

Cell gets fried.

Cell: How is this possible!

Spark: Damned if I know. This adventures been screwy since the get go.

Gauntlet fires his Matrix Gauntlets to send him into the air.

Needlegal: Hey Hard Chika! We need your help!

Top: Hey Snake! Hold him in position!

Snake: He's too strong!

Cell: Fools! You'll never beat me!

Cell throws Snake onto the ground.

Top: Hey! You'll pay for that!

Top gets smacked away into the background.

Cell: Kamehameha!

Blue and Red dodge the blast.

Hard Chika: I'm back!

Cell: And what can you do?

Magnet and Spark fire their weapons.

Cell: You'll never defeat the likes of me!

Cell blasts Magnet and Spark.

Cell: So you might as well give up!

Gauntlet shoots his staff at Cell.

Cell: AH! That staff went through my body!

Gauntlet: Hard Chika! Slam Cell into the ground!

Hard Chika: Whatever.

Hard Chika slams Cell.

Needlegal: Needle Cannon!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

Blue and Red: Gemini Laser!

Cell: What? NO!

The attack blasts Cell into pieces.

Announcer: Unbelievable! Cell has been defeated!

Mr. Satan: It's a trick! It's a trick! You see everything was done by &

Top: Just shut up!

Snake: Put a sock in it!

Snake puts Mr. Satan in a full nelson and Top punches him.

Magnet: Ha! No one can beat Magnet the Mighty!

Magnet punches Mr. Satan.

Needlegal: Stop it! We're going home!

Gauntlet: What home? The Technodrome was blown up.

Needlegal: That's right!

The MM leaves and Cell regenerates himself after they leave.

Cell: I'll get my revenge! Just you wait!

Later on &

Snake: Hmm & I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learned something to.

Gauntlet: That if I bleach my hair I'll look like a Super Saiyan.

Needlegal: No! We learned that egos can be your downfall.

Spark: That would explain why Magnet gets beaten all the time!

Magnet: Hey!

Hard Chika: He's right you know!

Gemini Red: Yeah!

Magnet: Hey shut up! Tights Man!

Gemini: They are not tights!

Snake drags Red outside and throws him into the sea.

Top: Well until Mr. Satan is truly the strongest we are & The Mechanical Maniacs!

The end!

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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