Series 3 Issue # 13 - The Ultimate Duel

On an unknown island we find Wily up to his own tricks again.

Wily: Finally! My control chip is complete! Now all I need is a test subject.

Bass: Wily! Why do you make such inferior creations? You know very well that I am your best creation!

Wily: Quiet Bass. My control chip will be my greatest creation. See Bass. Instead of destroying my enemies why not make them my slaves.

Bass: You have a point. But how do expect to install it to Megaman?

Wily: Bass! You are a fool. Megaman is not the one I want. I want…

Meanwhile on the open road near a dark forest we find the Mechanical Maniacs being towed by Gemini Force.

Needlegal: Snake! You just had to choose this car.

Jacob: Hey. It was a steal.

Nightmare: Well of course it was. It can’t turn left, the brakes don’t work and the door is missing!

Jonathan: I’ve been in many teams. But I never thought I’d be in a car that was unsafe for the road.

Gauntlet: Hey! We were lucky to get the car.

Sean: Could someone remind me why Xellos is travelling with us?

Titanium91: Because Gauntlet still hasn’t offered his end of the bargain.

Lennon: Hey Guys! There’s some trouble ahead.

Gemini Force stops causing the car to slam into Quint.

Quint: Not again!

Spin: So we meet again!

Lennon: You guys never quit.

Jacob: Some robot masters never learn.

Needlegal: Let me guess Wily sent you to destroy us as usual.

Cleave Man: Affirmative.

Sean: Who are those two?

Claw: These are our new friends Cleave Man and Omni Man.

Chimera: Duh. They were made to assist us in something...or other...

War: They were made to help us destroy you.

Omni Man: I will enjoy killing you all.

Titanium91: Ha! This will be an easy job for Magnet the Mighty!

Titanium91 fires a Magnet Missile at Omni Man but it just bounces of him.

Omni Man: Ha! Ha! Ha! I am immune to all your pathetic attacks.

Gauntlet: Great. Wily has created a good robot this time.

Jacob: Let’s cut the talk and fight. I learnt this move on WWF that I want to try.

The two teams battle. As usual Spin and Claw are defeated with ease. Chimera knocks himself out trying to think hard. Leaving Cleave Man, War Man and Omni Man.

Nightmare: Give it up. You can’t win!

Cleave Man: That’s what you think. Pressure Cleave!

Cleave Man’s attack knocks down the MM.

Omni Man: Crushing Grip.

Omni Man captures Lennon then Wily’s minions leave.

Gauntlet: Damn! They got Gem!

Sean: Don’t be so sure Gaunt. Gemini is a smart man. I bet he’ll escape with ease.

Nightmare: For Gem’s sake. I hope you’re right.

Later on, at Skull Fortress, the evil Dr Wily celebrates his victory

Wily: I don’t believe it! I captured Gemini Man! And I owe it to Omni Man.

Bass: I don’t believe you’re still using these junk robots!

Omni Man grabs Bass by the neck then impales him with his drill lance and creates a floor of spikes.

Omni Man: Call me a junk robot again and you’ll end up dead on these spikes!

Bass: OK! I take back what I said! *Mumbling* Junk robot.

Lennon: You’ll never get anything out of me Wily!

Wily: That’s what you think. I’m going to get you to destroy Gauntlet and capture the Mechanical Maniacs.

Lennon: And how do you expect to do that? With some lame control chip or something that will ultimately backfire on you?

Wily: .....Shut up you!

Back at the MM campsite in a nearby empty forest the Maniacs await Lennon’s return.

Jacob: Did you wonder why Wily captured Gem instead of destroying him?

Titanium91: Not really.

Gauntlet: I guess it has something to do with that gem he used on him awhile ago.

Nightmare: Or he might be torturing him for info.

The team stare at Nightmare.

Nightmare: What? It could happen.

Needlegal: I guess you’re right.

Jonathan: *Sprays Nightmare with seltzer*

The team stare at Jonathan.

Jonathan: What? Can’t a clown have any fun?

Sean: I’m done fixing the car. It can now turn in all directions and brake. But…

Gauntlet: But what?

Sean: I broke the steering wheel while fixing it.

Titanium91: What!

Sean: Hey it’s Xellos fault!

Xellos: Mister Sparkman. I just thought the steering wheel was a bit loose.

Sean: So you decided to break it. You always give us a hard time!

A blast occurs knocking the MM of their feet.

Cleave Man: We’re back!

Gauntlet: Not again. You guys are annoying me more then Galvatron and Torch.

Gauntlet throws a shadow blade at Cleave Man knocking him out.

Jacob: One down two to go.

Yet another fierce battle occurs and War and Omni seem to be winning until…

War accidentally hits Omni with a fire blast.

Omni Man: No! You fool! Fire is my weakness!

Omni Man collapses and knocks out War Man.

Titanium91: Well that was easy.

Wily: That was just a warm up.

The MM: Wily!

Wily: I’d like you to meet the new and improved Gemini.

The MM: Gemini?

Lennon: That’s right. I’m working for Wily.

Nightmare: Impossible! You hate Wily!

Wily: That’s true. I installed a control chip in Gemini. Now he follows my every order.

Lennon: I know you’ll all soon join me. Gemini Laser!

The blast hits Needlegal knocking her out.

Gauntlet: Sis!

Jacob: Search Snake!

Lennon forms a shield, which deflects the snake.

Jacob: It’s ineffective.

Wily: I’ve also installed a few upgrades in a separate chip.

Gauntlet: Ok. We need to get rid of both chips. Let’s try hitting him full force.

Titanium91: Why both chips? I think we might need the upgrade chip.

Jonathan: I think Gauntlet wouldn’t approve anyone having lots of special powers. It’s just not normal.

The Maniacs blast Lennon with everything they got.

Lennon: Fools. *Forms a shield*

All the attacks are absorbed by Lennon’s shield.

Lennon: Your attacks are useless against me. Now to complete phase 1: Neutralize the Mechanical Maniac threat.

Lennon dashes at the MM and disappears right in front of them.

Sean: Where’d he go?

Lennon: *Appears behind the MM* Looking for me? *Splits into 4 and surrounds the MM*

Titanium91: This doesn’t look too good.

Lennon: Cross Fire!

All 4 forms fire a laser to form a cross. The MM jump above the laser.

Lennon: Going up are we? *Points up*

The laser follows then hits the MM.

Lennon: Just one of the many upgrades Wily gave me.

Wily: Yes. Now Gemini can absorb all of your attacks, control his fire, run faster, charge his blasts up and cast magic in his human form.

Sean: Together we should be able to defeat him.

Lennon: Really? Gemini Laser!

Sean collapses.

Jacob: Bring it on! Your high tech weapon is no match for my brute strength.

Lennon: Think Again. *Punches Jacob*

Jacob is knocked down.

Jonathan: Cool down! Have some pie. *Sprays seltzer and throws some pies*

Lennon: *Dodges the seltzer and pies* Nice trick. *Fries Jonathan*

Titanium91: Dodge this! Magnet Missile!

Lennon: *reverses the missile back to Titanium91*

The Magnet pushes down Titanium91.

Nightmare: There’s just no stopping him.

Lennon: That’s right! Charged Force Laser! *Knocks out Nightmare* Now to perform some magic.

Lennon reverts back into his human form using the gem.

Lennon: Force Fire!

Lennon casts a spell and fires a chain of energy blasts at the downed MM members.

Lennon: Blue Lightning!

Lightning Bolts freeze the MM in place.

Lennon: Homing Arrow!

Arrows damage the MM members Transmetal armor.

Lennon: Ring of Fire!

Fire shoots out of the ground surrounding each Robot Master.

Lennon: Fire Giant!

The Ring of Fire turns into giant fireballs, which engulfs all the fallen members.

Beams of Light shoot into Lennon from all the fallen MM members.

Gauntlet: No! They’ve lost their Robot Master abilities!

Wily: Yes! I have all the power from the Transmetal Armors! Now I can create an unstoppable army!

Gauntlet: So that was the plan.

Lennon: Shut up Wily! Force Fire!

Wily: What the…! Gemini! What are you doing?

Lennon: I no longer need you Wily! I have all the power I need.

Gauntlet: It seems that your plan backfired. Gemini has realised that with all the power he has you’re useless.

Wily: No! Defeated again! It’s not fair! Don’t think it’s over! I’ll return!

Wily runs off like a coward back to Skull Fortress.

Lennon: And now phase 2: Destroy Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: What? But I thought you were just playing.

Lennon: No games. I challenge you! And to make it fair we’ll both fight in human form and I shall remove my upgrade chip.

Lennon destroys the upgrade chip.

Gauntlet: So much for those special powers. Now he should return to his normal self.

Lennon: I think not. The control chip is still installed deep within my circuits. Only Spark can remove it and he’s lost his powers along with everyone else. They’re nothing but pieces of scrap metal lying on the ground.

Gauntlet: *Reverts into human form*You’ll never win Gemini. Neither one of us are stronger we’re all equal in strength.

Lennon: Strength isn’t a factor then. It all depends on skill. Are you ready to take on a skilled swordsman like myself?

Gauntlet: Be my guest. You shall never defeat me.

Lennon: You see I now have the power of all the Transmetal Armors except yours. Once I get that I’ll destroy Wily, Megaman and then take over the world!

Gauntlet: You must have forgotten how hard it is to rule a world. Remember that time we invaded the U.N?

Lennon: True. Then I guess I should just stop after I destroy Megaman. Now quit stalling!

Gauntlet: So be it! *Pulls out his extendable staff*

Lennon: *pulls out then Atma Weapon*

The 2 collide with powerful attacks.

Gauntlet hits Lennon with a 4 hit combo.

Lennon grabs Gauntlet and strikes him with multiple slashes.

Gauntlet throws the staff at Lennon.

Lennon hits the staff away.

Lennon: Ha! Now you’re defenceless!

Lennon slashes Gauntlet jumps and spins around than knocks down Gauntlet with a slash.

Gauntlet grabs the staff and jabs Lennon with it.

Gauntlet: I’ve had enough! *Fires a Matrix blast at Lennon*

Lennon: Energy Sword.

The 2 attacks create a shock wave.

The MM regains conscious.

Needlegal: What’s happening?

Xellos: Mister Gauntlet and Mister Geminiman have been fighting for some time.

Jonathan: How come you’re not helping.

Xellos: I’m quite happy watching the fight. It’s quite entertaining.

Gauntlet: Guys! Quickly! Hit him with everything you got! He’s defenceless!

Lennon: No! You’ll never defeat me without your powers. Gemini Force! Come!

Gemini Force arrives and Lennon jumps on.

Lennon: Now for an aerial attack.

Gauntlet: That’s not fair!

Lennon: Well my life’s not fair! So get over it!

Gauntlet: What was that about? *Fires a Matrix Blast*

Gemini Force is hit and crashes.

Lennon: No! *Loses all the Transmetal power and the MM regain their powers and abilities*

Gauntlet: Now!

The MM hit Lennon full force.

Lennon: Argh! *Collapses*

Gauntlet: Spark! Work on Gemini. Get that chip out of him.

Hours later…

Sean: Done. He’s back to normal.

Lennon: What the… What happened?

After explaining the whole event Lennon discovers all of Wily’s plans.

Lennon: So. Wily chose me to destroy you all. But why me? We’re all equally powerful. He could’ve chosen anyone of us. But he chose me.

Titanium91: Does it matter? I mean Wily probably chose you by random.

Gauntlet: I don’t think so. I think it has to do with Gemini’s past.

Lennon: My past… Guys I think I better leave the team for a while. To find a reason, an answer, I need to discover my past. I need to go alone.

Gauntlet: I understand. Go ahead. Good luck.

Lennon: Until we meet again.

Lennon leaves into the darkness.

Jacob: Hmm… I guess everything turned out all right.

Needlegal: And we learnt something to.

Gauntlet: That whenever you want something in life you have to earn it. Now quiet. The lottery numbers are coming up.

Needlegal: No. Wait. Yeah we did learn that.

Lottery Announcer: 12, 8, 1, 15, 5 and 27

Gauntlet: Damn!

Nightmare: Well until Gauntlet wins the lottery we are… The Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Jonathan as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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