Series 4 Issue # 23 - Time for some R & R

The Mechanical Maniacs, with the help of the Evil Eight had finally defeated True Chimeraman and, after another monumental and dizzying adenture against Iceman Red, deserve some rest. So they left S6 Headquarters for a nice holiday on a tropical island. However, the ninja Shadowman lurks in a different place ....

*This adventure takes place AFTER the Sinister Six adventure novel Ice VS Red!

Shadowman: That's odd ....... I can't find the Secret Society anywhere! Where they Hell could they have gone to!?




Shadowman: Hm .... if they're not at the tropical island base and not at our regular base, where they Hell could they be?!

(And, in defeat, Shadowman goes to his friends at the beach....)

>Gauntlet: Finally, now I can relax and listen to the waves out on the beach.

Needlegal: I would't be so sure.

Gauntlet and Psycho Magnet look over at Hardman who is drinking a keg of beer.

Hardman: *is beginning to pass out from drinking too much beer*

Magnetman and Sparkman: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

>Gauntlet: Well, besides them I don't think anything could go wrong today.

Lennon: Then why did you bring your staff?

>Gauntlet: Well I've prepared for the worst. That's why you brought your sword, right?

Lennon: Not exactly.

Hardman: *stumbles up to Lennon, drunk* Hey! Lennon! Want… a… drink?

Lennon: *hits Hardman with the blunt side of his sword* That's why.

Nightmare: Good, I swear, if that guy didn't stop drinking I'd knock him out myself!

>Gauntlet: Nothing really wrong with him drinking.

Needlegal: Nothing wrong? The man has made us poor by drinking the amount he does.

Lennon: I'm surprised we're able to pay the rent at Sinister Six HQ.

Nightmare: Rent?

>Gauntlet: Yeah, Gutsman got sick of us messing up the place so he's charging us rent.

Lennon: How come you didn't just pay him counterfeit money?

>Gauntlet: He can already tell the difference. So we have to earn our keep.

Needlegal: Yeah, Snakeman had to stay behind and clean up the place.

>Gauntlet: Let's just forget about this and lay back and enjoy the sun.

Magnetman: Incoming!

A giant wave crashes onto the ‘Maniacs, and because of Sparkman they all get electrocuted.

Hardman: Whoa! I needed a good jolt!

Sparkman: Sorry guys.

Nightmare: Great! Just great! Trust the new guy to screw up our holiday!

Sparkman: Hey! I didn't do anything.

Nightmare: You got us all electrocuted.

Magnetman: *in the distance* Except me!

Lennon: How'd you get there?

Magnetman: Blinking. Comes in handy.

>Gauntlet: Well, we can't expect the day to be perfect. Why don't we just let this go and have a good holiday?

Nightmare: Fine.

Voice: There you are Gauntlet!

>Gauntlet: What?

Another voice: You runaway! You will suffer the consequences for your actions!

Needlegal: What's he talking about?

Voice: Your brother has betrayed us! He has deserted us! He…

Lennon: Get to the point!

The voices reveal themselves as the Secret Society of Ninjas.

Hardman: Ha! Look at the funny costumes!

Nightmare: Shut up new guy!

Shredder: We are the Secret Society of Ninjas! Your, leader Gauntlet is a runaway shinobi from our clan!

That ninja from Ninja Gaiden: He left us and went to another dimension.

>Gauntlet: Hey, it wasn't like we intended to leave. We were just…

That ninja from Ninja Gaiden: Silence! Your crime will not go unpunished!

Strider: We will kill you and all your teammates!

>Gauntlet: Can't we settle this with a game of ninja darts or something.

Shredder: No. You are a runaway. We must kill you now.

Magnetman: Wait a second! Gauntlet was part of a ninja clan and he didn't tell us?

Lennon: I believe he didn't tell any of us.

Strider: It does not matter! You all die here!

Ninja from Tick: I am Ninja! I am invincible!

The ninjas attack the ‘Maniacs with ninja stars forcing them to escape into the nearby woods.

Needlegal: How could you not tell us you were part of a ninja clan. Especially me! I'm your sister.

>Gauntlet: I was eventually going to tell you.

Needlegal: When?

>Gauntlet: Um…

Suddenly the ‘Maniacs get caught in a trap and are left hanging from a tree.

Lennon: Can't believe we fell into this trap.

Nightmare: This is so degrading.

Needlegal: Hey! Get your hands off me!

Hardman: I can't help it!

Needlegal: *kicks Hardman*

Sparkman: Hey! Look on the bright side. At least we get a good view.

Nightmare: Of what? The trees are surrounding us.

Sparkman: Hey, I'm just trying to put a positive spin into things.

Magnetman: Can't we just cut through this net?

Lennon: We're too cramped. Unless you want to be chop suey I can't use my sword.

Hardman: I could go for some chop suey.

>Gauntlet: Shut up Hardman!

Voice: I can't believe that worked!

Another Voice: I never thought that the Mechanical Maniacs would fall for such a cheap trick.

>Gauntlet: Great it's the Decepticons.

Black Convoy: That's right!

Cyclonus: Now, are you going to tell us what you're here for? Or are we going to have to torture it out of you?

Needlegal: We're here on holiday.

Cyclonus: Did you hear that? They're on holiday. Ha! You can't fool me! Why are you here?

Waspinator: Waspinator like holidays! Let's go on one now!

Starscream: Shut up! You nitwit!

Soundwave: Intruder alert! Enemies spotted on beach!

Starscream: Whatever they are up to, I say we put an end to it. We should crush them in our hands. These robots are insignificant worms compared to us!

Cyclonus: The Mechanical Maniacs have defeated Galvatron on many occasions. They are no worms.

Black Convoy: Galvatron told us he wanted to learn the 'Maniacs' plans before we destroy them!

Starscream: Forget Galvatron! I'm in charge when he's not around and I say we destroy them NOW! Besides .... we only need ONE of them alive for that.

Cyclonus: Remember, I am in charge here, Starscream! You will follow MY orders whenever -

Soundwave: Visual scanners detect movement!

(The Secret Society jumps out of nowhere!)

>Gauntlet: This is getting hairy... Time to up the ante!

(The Mechanical Maniacs switch to their Transmetal Armors while Hardman rips the net holding them apart!!)

Shadowman: Now, listen up! Ninjas, get lost! I don't know what's made you so unreasonable, but I'll battle you later if that's what you want! Decepticons, we've already beaten you in these direct attacks. I don't see what you hope to gain by attacking us like this again, but I'm game if you are!

Cyclonus: And what makes you think that WE are the ones who intend to battle you?

(The Secret Society attacks the Mechanical Maniacs!)

Shadowman: Secret Society, what is your problem!?

Starscream: They are our slaves now, battledroid! With the ninjas in our thrall and US attacking, there's no hope for you now!

Magnetman: We'll see about that!

Geminiman: Hey, we're never outnumbered when I'm around!

(Geminiman splits into four, but the odds still don't look good!)

(Shadowman summons his frog)

Shadowman: Com'on! We can beat these losers! Hell, we've been in tighter spots than this!

That ninja from Ninja Gaiden: Call the reinforcements! Tighten the noose!

Ninja from Tick: I am ninja! I am invincible!

(Suddenly, Ibuki and robot rider attack!)

Ibuki: You're not the only ninja with frog riding abilities, Gauntlet!

Robo-rider:You'll never defeat us all!

Shadowman: We'll just see about that!

(Robo-rider, Ibuki and Shadowman all use their Frog Flame attack, with hot flames spurting out of their frog's mouth!)

Needlegal: Woah! More frog riding ninjas!?

Topman: What do frogs have to do with being ninjas, anyway!?

Shadowman, Ibuki, robo-rider: EVERYTHING!

(Suddenly, Geminiman is knocked into one form by a powerful robot!)

Geminiman: Argh! Who?

(A female robot silently strikes at Geminiman again, but he jumps out of the way!)

Geminiman: Who is this chick!? Another ninja!?

Shadowman: I dunno ... I've never seen her before in my life!

Waspinator: Say hello to Nightbird, Decepticon ninja!

Nightbird: .....

(Shadowman is knocked to the ground and is forced to summon his frog back.)

(Magnetman is pummeled by Strider and the Ninja from Ninja Gaiden!)

Magnetman: These guys are pretty quick!

Geminiman: I have to admit, things are not looking up!

Starscream: This is almost entertaining, isn't it, Black Convoy?

Black Convoy: Focus, Starscream. We mustn't let them slip by our notice!

Shadowman: Can things get any worse?

(A figure attacks Shadowman from behind!)

Dark Warrior: Can and do, Shadowman! Don't think I've forgotten about the way you picked apart my team!

Shadowman: This just gets better and better...

Dark Warrior: Are you prepared for defeat now, Shadowman?

Shadowman: Uh .... actually .....

(Shadowman tosses a smoke bomb to the ground covering the area in a thick cloud!)

Shadowman: Feeling a little tired! Gotta go!

Nightbird: ....

Geminiman: Time for us to get moving! Let's go, guys!

Shredder: Not so fast!

Topman: We can never catch a break!

Ibuki: You must face your punishment.

Shadowman: Look. We'd love to stay and chat but… *unleashes another smoke bomb and runs*

Strider: *coughs* They're getting away!

Ninja from Tick: I am ninja! I am invincible!

Shredder: We'll get you next time Gauntlet!

Soundwave: My optic sensors cannot detect the enemy!

Cyclonus: What? Waspinator! Fly high! Tell us were the Mechanical Maniacs are.

Waspinator: They escaped.I saw them run.

Starscream: Why didn't you stop them?

Waspinator: *buzzzzzzzzz* You did not ask Waspinator nicely.

Black Convoy: You fool!

Cyclonus: Keep looking! They must be around here somewhere!

Nightbird: ..... (evilly glares in the direction the Mechanical Maniacs ran off to and silently follows.)

Later on, back at Sinister Six HQ…

Snakeman: Hey guys! How was the holiday?

Sparkman: Great!

Magnetman: What are you talking about? It was the worst holiday ever!

Hardman: I thought it was good.

Magnetman: That's because you were drunk!

Hardman: Oh yeah!

Shadowman: We ran into the Decepticons.

Topman: Luckily we escaped.

Needlegal: Just barely though.

Snakeman: Hmm… I guess everything turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah, we learned something to.

Shadowman: That we never have a good day.

Needlegal: You just read my mind bro.

Topman: Well until we do get caught again by ninjas. We are… The Mechanical Maniacs!

Later on, outside Sinister Six HQ…

Geminiman: *thinking* Why were the Decepticons out on that island? Did they know we were going to be there or was it something else? They take out the bad asses in their sneak attack ..... then they know just how to take out any other hero here ...... I hate to think it, but it seems we have a spy on our hands .....

Needlegal: What are you doing out here?

Geminiman: I sense something coming.

Needlegal: I think it's just the shock from Sparkman. I'm still trying to shake some of that off.

Geminiman: No, something else.

Shadowman: What's going on out here?

At that moment a force cuts through Geminiman causing him to fall off the cliff he was standing on.

Geminiman: AAAAH!

Shadowman and Needlegal: Gem!

Black Convoy: We've finally found you Mechanical Maniacs!

Galvatron: These two should do. Destroy the building. Leave the half flesh creature he is of no value.

Starscream appears out of nowhere and knocks out Shadowman and Needlegal.

Galvatron: I only need two of you, Mechanical Maniacs!

Black Convoy: Barrage Attack! *Fires missiles which blow up Sinister Six HQ*

Galvatron: Let this primitive Earth dwelling be your tomb. Decepticons - back to base!

To Be Continued…

Musashiden Razz as ..... Hexlaser as ..... Psycho Magnet as .....
  Sparkman   Snakeman   Needlegal
Hadrian Howell as .....     Nightmare as .....
  Hardman       Topman
Lennon as ..... Jonathan S. as ..... Gauntlet as .....
  Geminiman   Magnetman   Shadowman