Series 4 Issue # 7 - Enter the Hologram!

A day at Mc Donald's turns into a battle for dear life as Protoman comes onto the scene and turns all the patrons into robots bent on destroying our heroes!

Hardman: Dangit! We can't cut loose on these guys, they're real people.

Magnetman: Good thing I can just knock them out using my magnetic field. Low level construction and all.

Needlegal: And now for that dirtbag Protoman!

(Protoman is still gloating over Megaman and Mega Girl)

Protoman: ...... and then I'll control the entire world!


Protoman: Yeah it is .... hey. Where'd the ray gun got to!?

(Shadowman stands with Snakeman and Geminiman over a group of robacized people.)

Geminiman: Okay I've inverted polarities here ...... All set!

Protoman: How'd you get that!?

Shadowman: Snuck it while you were busy gloating. Hey, I am a ninja. I do the stealthy stuff.

(Gemini turns all the people back and then destroys the ray gun.)

Protoman: NO! Aw, the Doc won't like this at all!

(Protoman teleports away.)

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Shadowman: A little early in the day to learn lessons.

Needlegal: We learned that no matter what you are on the outside, you're still the same on the inside.

Megaman: How true!

Shadowman: Wait .... HOW did we learn that?

Topman: Well, until the world is taken over by robots, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!

(And so the Mechanical Maniacs sleep well that night. And ..... in the morning.....)

Dr. Light: I've been working on your dimension-travel problem. What a tricky thing, I tell you.

Geminiman: And what did you find, Master Light?

Needlegal: (whispering) "Master Light"?

Shadowman: (whispering) Don't ask.

Dr. Light: I found ........ That I have absolutely no idea how to get any of you back.

The 'Maniacs: AHHH!!!

Geminiman: What!? But .... you're a DOCTOR!

Dr. Light: Of robotics.

Geminiman: But ...... you're a genius!

Dr. Light: Oh, yes. At building robots.

Geminiman: But .... what about all those lessons you taught me!? That to be a truly great inventor ...... I had to find my "chi"! We practiced for hours! Can't you're chi do anything to help us!?


Dr. Light: Well ...... no. My chi is a robotics expert.

Geminiman: AHHHHHH!!!!!

Needlegal: Well, why don't you just make "Dimension man" and he can teleport us all home.

Dr. Light: Oh, goodness no! Heavens, child, you should know that the theme-robots were Doctor Wily's thing. I made one really good robot - Megaman - and I stick with that.

Mega Girl: (Angrily) Dinner's ready. You can get it yourselves, you ingrates!

(Mega Girl storms off.)

Dr. Light: What was THAT about?

Shadowman: I'm gonna watch a little TV and see what's on.

(Shadowman opens the TV only to see.....)

TV: And I announce myself undisputed leader of the world! I .... Shadowman!!!

Shadowman: !!!!!!

TV: That was said by our new supreme lord, Shadowman. He apparently has a legion of identical looking troops following him....

(Suddenly another Shadowman swipes the remote away and runs off)

Shadowman: HEY!

Shadowman: Sorry, guy, but I must retain control over the converter at ALL COSTS!

(Suddenly a Shadowblade slices the other Shadowman in two and he disappears!)

Shadowman: Ugh. 'twas a hologrammmmmmmm~

Shadowman: That guy was annoying!

Shadowman: Yeah, and so are you!

Needlegal: Woa! This is getting confusing.

Shadowman: Yeah, I know.

Shadowman: Actually, it's quite simple to explain. Obviously Protoman did something to us during that battle yesterday that gave life to every hologram that you generate!

Shadowman: Hh. Well, thanks for clearing that up.

(Shadowman chucks a Shadowblade at the other Shadowman!)

Shadowman: Ugh. 'Twas a hologrammmmmmmm~

Shadowman: *jumps down* Now, if you guys will stop playing around we can continue.

(Suddenly three more Shadowmen burst into the room!)

Mega Girl: Get out! Shoo! You're making a mess!

Hardman: Geez, Gaunt. Don't you have any control over them?


Shadowman: Hey, don't call him an idiot.

Shadowman: It's not HIS fault he's unobservant.

Shadowman: Or slow.

Shadowman: Or an idiot!

Hardman: Hey! You all shut up! I'm gonna go have myself a cold one....

(Hardman trudges off.)

Needlegal: Good one! (Hits a Shadowman!)

Shadowman: *fades away* Tis' was a Hologram. *Appears on another rafter*

Shadowman: *jumps down* Now, if you guys will stop playing around we can continue.

Hardman: (In another room) AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

(Everyone, including all the Shadowmen, run to see what has happened.)

Hardman: These pesky ninja drank all my beer!

Shadowman: Well, you are underaged, Hardman.

Hardman: And how would you know that!?

Shadowman: Well, now THAT is a SECRET!

(Hardman fires a Hard Knuckle at the Shadowman and he disappears!)

Shadowman: Ugh. 'Twas a hologrammmmmmmm~

Shadowman: *jumps down* Now, if you guys will stop playing around we can continue.

Topman: Wait. I know how to get rid of all these annoying Holograms!

(Topman uses Top Spin to dispel all of Shadowman's Holograms, however......)

Topman: YIKES!!!

Shadowman: It didn't dispel them at all! In fact .... there's twice as many now!

Topman: Sorry....

Snakeman: Ouch. I guess the amount of force used to destroy one of these holograms can give it sufficient energy to duplicate!

(Suddenly, a gang of Shadowmen burst into the lab!)

Shadowman: Yo, all!

Shadowman: We did some looting!

Shadowman: Oh, you stupid holograms! You could have led someone to our base, dammit!

Shadowman: Nah. We're ninja, remember.

Shadowman: Very sneaky dudes.

Snakeman: We gotta find a way to get rid of all these annoying holograms before we lose our minds. Any ideas?

Magnetman: I know! We blast 'em!

Snakeman: Haven't you been listening!? That won't work!

Magnetman: It might ....

(Meanwhile the Shadowmen convene)

Shadowman: Their talking about bumpin' us off.

Shadowman: I know. I heard them too.

Shadowman: So, what do we do?

Shadowman: I think we all know what to do here.

Shadowman: What? You've lost me.

Shadowman: Idiot! We share the same brain. How can I have lost you?

Shadowman: We attack them, right?

Shadowman: Yes, we attack them. We may only be holograms, but we outnumber them!

(And the real Shadowman talks with his allies.)

Shadowman: Yes, we attack them. They may outnumber us, but their only holograms!

(Suddenly, the army of Shadowmen swarm on the heroes!)

(Each uses his or her special weapon to blast their way to the lab!)

Geminiman: With the equipment, I can experiment on Gauntlet and maybe create some sort of anti-hologram signal!

Sparkman: Hey, look! We missed one!

(Sparkman points to a Shadowman fooling around on a computer console.)

(The Shadowman spins around, surprised that he was seen!)

Sparkman: I'll get rid of the bugger.

(Sparkman lets loose with the electricity and shocks the Shadowman, however it doesn't disappear.)

Sparkman: Hunh?

Magnetman: Hey, that's not a hologram at all!

Shadowman: No kidding.

Shadowman: You ...... you're the evil Shadowman!

(The Shadowman wavers a little and resolves into the form of this reality's Shadowman!)

Evil Shadow: That's right.

Shadowman: (thought) he must have followed those stupid holograms back to the base. In fact, I wouldn't be surprise if he wasn't behind this hologram nonsense himself!

Magnetman: Whatever you took, give it back!

Evil Shadow: Ah ....... no. (Evil Shadow places a disk inside one of his pockets.)

Topman: You may think you're hot stuff, but you haven't faced MY fury yet!!

(Topman uses Top Spin and spins quickly towards the evil Shadowman. However, the evil Shadowman leaps high into the air and tosses a bunch of tack on the floor!)

Topman: ACK! Stupid tacks messed up my attack!

(Magnetman shoots his magnet missiles which are deflected by Shadowman's Shadow blades!)

Magnetman: So that didn't work? Try this one!

(Magnetman then energized himself and uses his magnetic force to try and draw Evil Shadow towards him!)

Evil Shadow: Like attracting things? How about a nice metal Shadowblade?

(Evil Shadow tosses three Shadow blades and, thanks to Magnetman's magnetic attraction, all hit their mark!)

(Evil Shadow then quickly jump kicks Megaman, jabs Hardman in his stubby nose and and elbows the good Shadowman in the gut. All of them are only down for a second, but it is enough for Evil Shadow to open the door to find ......)

Evil Shadow: nuts.

(.... a horde of Shadowman holograms!)

Shadowman: Hey .... he's not one of us!

Shadowman: He's that evil Shadowman! Get him!!

(Evil Shadow disapears in a puff of smoke, but the Shadowman holograms follow with their own smoke bombs!)

Shadowman: Can't see!

Evil Shadow: Argh! *cough cough*

Shadowman: I think I got him! Shadowblade!

Shadowman: *fades away* Tis' was a Hologram.

Shadowman: *points* THERE HE GOES! HE"S GETTING AWAY!

Evil Shadow: Uh-oh.

Shadowman: After him!

(Legions of Shadowmen holograms pursue the Evil version of Shadowman!)

Evil Shadow: NUTS!

Evil Shadow: (thought) At least I got what I came for. Just have to lose these idiots and I'm home free!

(Back at the base.....)

Needlegal: Welp, there they all go. Who do you think will win?

Sparkman: Who knows? Who cares?

Megaman: Still .... I feel bad that the evil Shadowman got away with that data.

Magnetman: *feh* won't do him much good. My magnetism erased the data off the disk when I was fighting him!

Snakeman: You think so? Wow, what a fortunate side-effect from your battle.

Magnetman: Hey! I planned that. Gimme a little credit!

Dr. Light: Still, this is disturbing. Now those ruffians know where my lab is. Oh me oh my.

Shadowman: Yeah, whatever. Just fix my hologram power.

Mega Girl: Oh, man. The lab is a complete mess!

Megaman: Yeah, you better get started, Mega Girl!

Mega Girl: ME!? But ... but .... LOOK AT IT!? Can't any of you help!?


Sparkman: Well none of us are household robots. What do we know about cleaning?

Mega Girl: Well at least YOU help, Shadowman! They were YOUR holograms!

Shadowman: Um .... well, I gotta get my powers fixed now, while their distracted.

Mega Girl: But - !

Dr. Light: Worry not, Roll! This is why household robots like you exist. To clean the mess of others. By doing this you fulfill your purpose.

Mega Girl: OH!! You!!!! (Mega Girl storms off.)

Snakeman: Hm.....I guess things turned out all right after all ...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Shadowman: That is sucks to be a household robot?

Needlegal: We learned that too many Shadowmen can be really annoying!

Hardman: Too true!

Magnetman: Heck even ONE Shadowman can be really annoying.

Shadowman: Oh, shut up.

Topman: Well, until there's a team made up of ONLY Shadowman holograms, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!


Musashiden Razz as .....

Hexlaser as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Hadrian Howell as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Jonathan S. as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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