Series 4 Issue # 3 - Mystery of the Cossack Bots

In a desert excavation site of this new reality a familiar Snake robot encounters an unsuspecting Cossack Bot.

Pharaoh: What are you doing here Wily Bot? Are you foolish? This is a restricted area the likes of you are not welcome here or any other place! Prepare to die! Pharaoh Shot!

The Snake Bot gets hit but his armor is repaired and he remains unharmed.

Snake Bot: Restricted area? All I did was come here to collect some rare artifacts.

Pharaoh: What? My attack didn't affect you? I still do not fear you. You may have power but do you have speed?

Snake Bot: You should be careful. Speed Kills.

Pharaoh: Yeah. It'll kill you! Pharaoh Shot!

The blast makes a hole through the Snake Bot.

Pharaoh: That took care of him.

The Snake Bot repairs itself and gets back up.

Pharaoh: Impossible! How could you?

Snake Bot: You ruined my armor. Now you die! *Uses a missile that bites Pharaoh Man's neck* Next time you should think before fighting a Snake.

Skull Man runs in to find Pharaoh Man's corpse.

Skull: Who are you? What are you doing here?What have you done to Pharaoh Man?!

Snake Bot: The same as I'll do to you. *Uses a missile that bites Skull Man's neck*

The next day at the Mechanical Maniacs Hideout

Needlegal: How long has it been?

Gemini: About half an hour.

Top: I'm worried.

Gemini: What's there to worry about.

Needlegal: Well this has gone on for half an hour.

Top: Yeah what if he's hurt.

Gemini: I think we'd know if he were in trouble.

Needlegal: Well maybe he can't tell us.

Gemini: I still doubt it.

Gauntlet: *hanging upside down meditating* What was that?

Gemini: Hey. Welcome back.

Needlegal: I'm concerned. Why must you keep on meditating?

Gauntlet: Never know if we actually encounter a tough enemy in this world.

Needlegal: All we've encountered is a joke of a hero and a bunch of Inspector Gadget wannabes.

Gemini: Still we better be prepared.

Top: We only got half the team after all.

Hard: nnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh.

Top: Sorry. Half the team and a thick piece of armor without a personality

Hard: nnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh.

Gauntlet: Hey what's that?

Needlegal: A newspaper article? Two Cossack Robot Masters found dead! Desert Jewel stolen! Wily Bot suspected.

Gemini: So the Cossack Bots live in this world too.

Gauntlet: Yeah but I doubt they would work together.

Top: How's that?

Gauntlet: Well no one has heard of a Megaman Team of Robot Masters. So obviously the robots here don't work as a team.

Gemini: Well that would be their weakness. They lack teamwork so we would outnumber them easily.

Top: Still they may be stronger then we are. Especially when we don't have our Transmetal Armor.

Needlegal: But remember we've defeated the likes of Galvatron, Wily, Torch, Doc Robot, Iceman Red, Bizarro Shadowman, Mother Brain, Extant, The Final Fantasy Villains, King, Sigma, Gamma, Juno, Team Rocket and Gemini Red without Transmetal armor.

Gemini: Don't forget Unicron.

Top: Wait. Since when did you fight me?

Gauntlet: Not you. The other Gemini Red

Top: What other Gemini Red?

Gauntlet: Gizmo's evil half!

Top: Oh yeah. The first Gemini Red

Gemini: Well I reckon we should investigate the Cossack Bots.

Gauntlet: Why?

Gemini: I believe that Dr Cossack might have a way to bring us back to our dimension. We could try using one of the Cossack Bots to get to Cossack to get us home.

Needlegal: But this bounty on our heads won't make it any easier.

Gauntlet: It's worth a shot.

Top: Well the bodies were found at the Ancient Pyramids.

Needlegal: So how are we going to get there?

Gauntlet: Isn't it obvious. We steal a car.

Gemini: I know just where to get one as well.

At the Police Station

Cossack: How goes the investigation Ring Man?

Ring: Well from what my men have gathered this is nothing but theft.

Cossack: Theft? My Treasure Hunter team is dead. Sure they considered themselves rivals and never worked together. But that's not the point!

Ring: I have yet to get the full story. Those damn reporters got to the scene before my squad did.

Cossack: That's pretty slack for a police chief.

Ring: Forgive me my lord.

Cossack: So what's your next move?

Ring: I'm sending another unit to the scene maybe they can help out.

Outside the second unit is on their way.

Police Bot: More work?

Other Police Bot: What's the big deal? Can't one unit handle a simple theft and murder scene?

Gauntlet: *jumps down on the car* Hello. *Smashes the window and knocks out the 2 Police Bots*

Needlegal: *hops in the car* Well looks like we got our wheels.

Top: *hops in the car* Ancient Pyramids here we come!

The 'Maniacs drive off.

At the Ancient Pyramids

Police Bot: Are you the other squad?

Gemini: Yeah. I'm Special Agent Gem and this is Agent Ninja.

Gauntlet: We're here to look at the murder scene.

Other Police Bot: Special Agents? I thought Ring Man was just sending another unit.

Gemini: Well we're not your average agents.

Police Bot: What?

Needlegal, Top and Hard jump down and K'O the Police Bots.

Needlegal: That was well done.

Hard: nnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh.

Top: So what are we looking for?

Gemini: Clues. If we're going to get to Cossack we need to find one of his robot masters.

Gauntlet: Why not one of these Police Bots?

Gemini: They wouldn't know anything. The robot masters are Cossack's masterpieces so they would be linked directly with Cossack.

Needlegal: So why exactly are we here?

Gemini: Well we need to know which robots are dead. Also we may get some information from the Police Bots on what's happened.

Top: Well we know what robots are dead.

Gauntlet: Skull and Pharaoh. That's strange, there are bite marks on them.

Needlegal: A vampire robot?

Gauntlet: I doubt that. The only vampire bot was Shade Man and if Cossack were to make a Vampire robot, why kill his best creations?

Gemini: We need answers.

Top: The Police Bots?

Needlegal: That won't be much of a problem.

Gemini: I just need to hack into their memory files so they think we're actually agents.

A few minutes later.

Gauntlet: Hey wake up!

Police Bot: What?

Gemini: Wake up!

Police Bot: Special Agent Gem? What's going on here?

Gemini: Some Wily Bots attacked you. We managed to capture them.

Needlegal: *tied up* We'll get you for this! I swear I'll destroy you piece by piece!

Top: *tied up* You were lucky! I'll get you next time!

Gauntlet: We've looked at the scene. From what we've seen it looks like nothing but two murders and a theft.

Other Police Bot: Well you haven't got the full story then.

Gemini: Full story?

Police Bot: You must be newbies. The desert jewel that was stolen, it's power is amazing.

Other Police Bot: Legend has it the jewel can create enough power to save the Earth from destruction, or bring destruction to Earth.

Gauntlet: So in the hands of someone corrupt it could destroy the world.

Police Bot: Exactly.

Gemini: Well, who would steal it?

Other Police Bot: We thought the Wily Bots did it but they came here just then.

Police Bot: So that could only mean.

Other Police Bot: Toad Man!

Gauntlet and Gemini: Toad Man?

Police Bot: Yeah. Ever since Cossack's robot masters defeated Megaman he became a rebel and started the only crime syndicate in this world.

Other Police Bot: Still. How could they defeat Pharaoh Man and Skull Man?

Police Bot: Maybe he's connected with the Wily Bots.

Other Police Bot: But why would they come here again?

Gemini: Well I think we've heard enough.

Gauntlet: We have?

Gemini: I've figured everything out.

Other Police Bot: We better report this to Ring Man.

Police Bot: So we can take the Wily Bots into custody?

Gauntlet: No. We'll take care of them.

Other Police Bot: Well good luck.

Police Bot: It's kind of a shame. That girl with the Needles on her head was pretty hot. Too bad she's evil.

Gauntlet: *pulls out a Shadow Blade*

Gemini: Hold back. We don't want to expose ourselves

The Police Bots leave.

Top: That was close.

Needlegal: So what's the plan?

Gemini: It's simple really. Toad Man holds a weapon of mass destruction. All we do is find him, destroy him, get the jewel and use it to bend the dimensions and get us home.

The 'Maniacs (except Gemini): What?

Gemini: See if the jewel has that power, I might be able to modify it so that it can enable us to jump through dimensions.

Top: How do you know all this?

Gemini: I'm the smart one in the team.

Gauntlet: All we need is Toad Man's location.

Gemini: Where else would he be?

Needlegal: The sewers?

Gemini: Exactly.

Top: To the sewers we go!

The Ocean, sewer entrance

Needlegal: Don't tell me we have to swim into the sewers.

Gauntlet: Well the streets would make us too obvious this is the only way.

The 'Maniacs dive in to the ocean and into the sewers until a beeping sound is heard.

Dive: Wily Bots detected! This is a military zone. Trespassers will be shot on sight.

Gauntlet: Dive Man?

Gemini: We better avoid him so we can get to Toad Man quickly.

Needlegal: What about reasoning with him? Shouldn't we get Dive Man on our side so we can get Cossack to get us back to our world?

Top: She has a point.

Hard: nnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh.

Dive: Target Sighted! Dive Missile!

Gemini: Get out of the way before it homes in on us!

Needlegal: Hit the missile with a Shadow Blade!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

The missile explodes.

Dive: Your evil deeds stop here! *Charges at the team*

Gemini: Spark Shock would be useful right about now!

Top: Well he's not here is he?

Gauntlet: Gem! If you got a plan I'd like to hear it!

Gemini: No ideas. It doesn't seem like he wants to talk!

Needlegal: I guess we have no choice but to destroy him.

Gauntlet: How do we do that?

Dive: You can't stop me! Dive Missile!

Top: Top spin!

The spin deflects the missile back to Dive Man.

Dive: Argh! I'm hit!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

The blade impales Dive Man.

Gemini: To the sewers.

Inside the sewers

Megaman: Your mega-evil deeds are mega-over! I've mega-caught you!

Top: Like we haven't heard that before. *Hits Megaman into the wall*

Voice: So you've discovered my plan Wily Bots! Looks like I've beaten you to the punch in destroying this world!

The 'Maniacs: Toad Man!

Toad: I just need more time to power up the jewel! In the mean time, go my sewer rats!

Several giant sewer rat bots appear.

Top: They're big.

Gemini: This could be tough.

The rats glare at the 'Maniacs and paralyse them.

Needlegal: I can't move.

Gemini: We've gotta try to get through them before Toad uses the jewel.

Gauntlet: Good thing I wasn't affected. *Pulls out a Shadow Blade*

The rats swarm Gauntlet and take the blade.

Gauntlet: Hey! Give it back!

Gauntlet and the rats fight over the Shadow Blade.

Gauntlet: Give it back! *Creates another blade and throws it at the rats* There, that's better.

Top: Now to get Toad!

Toad: What? How'd you get past the rats?

Gauntlet: Now that's... A SECRET!

Toad: Well its too late Wily Bot! I have activated the jewel! Now the world will be destroyed!


Toad: What? Why isn't the world exploding?

Gemini: It seems the jewel's power is nothing but a myth.

Toad: Then... Fear my hula dance of death! Rain Flush!

Gauntlet: Shadow Blade!

Toad: Argh! I'll get you Wily Bots! *Dies*

Gemini: Hmm... Well I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: And we learnt something too.

Gauntlet: That loneliness and cheeseburgers are a bad combination?

Needlegal: No, we learnt that you should never rely on legends. Toad Man believed the desert jewel could destroy the world but it was just a jewel.

Top: Well until the desert jewel can actually get us home. We are Mechanical Maniacs!


Nobody as .....

Nobody as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Nobody as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Nobody as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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