Series 7 Issue #3 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!?
Part 3



To: K. Watson, Commander General
From: Dr. Light
Date: 06 January 2043
Subject: RE:The Third Great Mining War Begins!
Classification: Security Level 9B

I was reluctant to mention this in my last memo, but I'm afraid my worst fears have been confirmed. Doc Robot has disappeared from my lab!

Although you were previously briefed on the Doc Robot project, the information below is presented for completeness.

Doc Robot

Doc Robot, a new super android creation, has the ability to absorb the powers of other robots. We felt that this would make him extremely useful in the mining colonies, since it would enable him to carry out the functions of any disabled robot - effectively eliminating "down time." Unfortunately, this capability may well be used against us. With minor reprogramming, he could just as easily absorb the powers and skills of warrior robots! Since the robots from the Second Great mining War are still missing, it is logical to assume that they are with Doc Robot. Hopefully, the weapons that Megaman wins from the new crop of robots will also serve him if he encounters Doc Robot.


The Robot Masters gathered around the screen in Wily's headquarters and watched Megaman and Captain N work their way through two of the mining colonies simultaneously. Meanwhile Dr. Wily was making the last preparations on Gamma with Dr. Light and Breakman was getting the castle ready.

Topman: It looks like they've beaten Doc Robot seven times. Which one's left now?

Snakeman: Quickman.

Topman: Ah, the green and blue goblin guy!

Needleman: I thought he was red and purple.

Sparkman: No, no, no. The real Quickman is only four feet tall and he has thousands of blades whirling around each Quick Boomerang.

Geminiman: It doesn't matter what he looks like! Doc Robot's imitating him.

Geminiman: Exactly, and those are just different models of the same guy. The real Quickman wears red and black.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Topman: Really? Because I coulda sworn he wore green and blue and had red skin...

Geminiman: No, that's just an imitation.

Topman: But -

Geminiman: Listen to the man!

Geminiman: Yeah, listen to me!

Geminiman: I agree with him totally. It's two against one here.

Shadowman: Everyone just shut up. You're taking all the fun outta this.


Needleman: Does it confuse anyone else that there's a small Wily-esque Doc Robot and a bulkier Doc Robot who looks nothing like him but both are called "Doc Robot"?

All: Yes!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Sparkman: What's up with that?

Shadowman: Evidently the Doc Robot being used on the Mining Worlds was made first and Wily duplicated him as he did us. The suck-up that resembles Wily was made later on, in secret. I think Wily sees Doc Robot as the best of us, since he can mimic any of our attacks. To further that, making one in his own image probably appeals to his ego.

Magnetman: So, with Doc Robot, he's basically saying that he's the ultimate Robot Master?

Shadowman: That'd be my guess.

Magnetman: Arrogant human. Everyone knows Magnetman is the mightiest Super Robot!

Snakeman: Except you were beaten by Megaman.

Magnetman: That was your fault!


Captain N: Look at this! Duke sniffed out Doc Robot just like he sniffed out Topman.

Megaman: This place is one long, winding, hallway!

Captain N: Duke is so awesome that that didn't stop him at all. I'm telling you, Megaman, Duke is the baddest dog in Video Land.

Megaman: Yeah, you've said that already. Now let's get this over with.

Megaman pressed his blaster against the shutters and they opened. There Doc Robot was waiting for him, and an image of Quickman (who was indeed wearing red and black) shimmered around him. Doc Robot opened his eyes.

Doc Robot: Megaman. Captain N. Nice to see you again.

Megaman: Why are you doing this, Doc Robot!?

Doc Robot sped towards the two and unleashed his Quick Boomerangs!

Doc Robot: Why!? Because I like to cause trouble of course! Mwa hah hah hah hah!

Captain N attempted to hit Quickman with his zapper, but missed.

Doc Robot: Not like that football game this time, Captain N!

Captain N: That wasn't you! That wasn't even the real Quickman.

Doc Robot: Whatever. All of you people are just trying to confuse me.

Megaman scored a few hits with the Shadow Blade.

Doc Robot: Ahh, poor Metalman. I'll avenge him!

Megaman: Doc Robot seems kinda confused. He wasn't this mixed up earlier, was he?

Captain N: Well, he did get blown up seven times. That has to mess you up.

Duke: Woof! Woof!

Rush: You said it, Duke! Arf, arf.

Duke and Rush ran around Doc Robot. As he closed in on one, the other leapt over him and distracted him.

Doc Robot: What the!? No! get back here! If only I had laser eyes...then I'd fry both of you just by looking at you!

Doc Robot screamed for the final time as a timely Gemini Laser nailed him in the back.

Megaman: And that takes care of that.

Captain N: You see, Megaman? Duke won us another fight.

???: (from out of nowhere) Say bye bye, doggies. Heh heh heh.

A portal opened up and sucked Duke and Rush through it before they had a chance to react. Before Megaman or Kevin could do anything the portal closed behind their dogs, but not before the latter pair got a good look at the destination.

Megaman: Wasn't that...Dr. Wily's lab!?

Captain N: Y-yeah. Better known as Skull Castle.

Megaman: But...why would he want to kidnap Duke and Rush?

Captain N: Hh, like I said, Megaman. Once a sleezoid always a sleezoid. Let's hit it!

Megaman: Wait. We have to go to Dr. Light's lab first and see if Wily's hurt him.

???: No, Megaman. It's time we settle things.

Megaman: (Activating his communications system.) Breakman!

Captain N: Breakman?

Breakman: That's right. So happy you're still functional.

Megaman: Yeah, I'll bet you are.

Captain N: What's he saying?

Breakman: Megaman, we have unfinished business! I'm transmitting my coordinates to you now. Our battle will take place in Hardman's former abode. Come if you dare, and come alone.

Megaman: Gladly!

Captain N: Gladly? Gladly what?

Megaman: I have some business to take care of, Kevin. Meet me at Dr. Light's lab.

Before Kevin could protest, Megaman teleported off.

Breakman: So you've finally arrived.

Megaman: Breakman, stop this! We are not enemies.

Breakman: Don't be naive.

Breakman fired a plasma shot at Megaman.

Breakman: I want to see which one of us is the better model, Megaman. Prove your worth by beating me.

Megaman: Sizzling circuits! You're mega asking for it.

Breakman: Stop saying "mega" all the time! You sound like a damned tool!

Breakman fired a string of shots. Megaman was hurt but retorted with a Gemini Laser. Much to Megaman's surprise it bounced harmlessly off the red robot.

Breakman: You'll have to beat me using your own power.

Breakman nailed Megaman with another Arm Cannon blast and then slammed him into the ground with his shield. With an effort Megaman managed to throw Breakman off.

Megaman: Fine! If that's the way you want it.

Megaman slid under Breakman's leap and hit him with more plasma shots. Breakman grunted as he continued to sustain damage.

Megaman: I don't get you, Breakman. First it looks like you wanna kill me...then you wanna help me...then you wanna kill me again. What's your damage!?

Breakman: Maybe you should ask Dr. Light!

Megaman: Whuhhh!?

Breakman: Shut up and fight!

The visored robot fired more rounds of his own plasma shots while Megaman continued to aggressively follow him and fire at his back. Finally Breakman fell to the ground, damaged and exhausted.

Megaman: It's over, Breakman.

Breakman:'re right about that. It looks like you really are new and improved.

Megaman: What are you talking about!?

Without answering, Breakman teleported away. Megaman stood wondering what had happened before he made his own way to Dr. Light's lab, only to find it in shambles...

Dr. Light: Oh no! Right after we received the last element...Wily ran off with Gamma!

Captain N: Darn it! I knew he was up to no good.

Roll: I can't believe that guy did so much damage! And after we were so nice to him too...If I ever see him again I'll make him pay!

Megaman: Sizzling circuits! I knew it! I mega knew it! I'll bet that whole Zero Virus thing was just one of his scams!

Dr. Light: Yes, I think it's clear that Wily was just up to his old tricks. This virus must be just another way Wily could reprogram the robots of the world to be his slaves.

Megaman: We have to follow him.

Dr. Light: Even though he trashed the place, some of the equipment still works. We can -

Captain N: You never should have trusted Dr. Wily!

Dr. Light: I know! But I did take some precautions.

Captain N: Some precautions!? You invited Dr. Wily over to your lab.

Dr. Light: But I did install a homing device on Gamma. That -

Captain N: How will that help, Dr. Light? Oh...the things he could be doing to Duke...

Megaman: And Rush.

Captain N: Yeah, and Rush. Dr. Light, how could you be so careless?

Dr. Light: I'm sorry! The tracking device should lead us straight to his lab though, and that should help you to find Wily and -

Captain N: To save our dogs!

Dr. Light: Yes! You have a real problem with interrupting people, don't you?

Roll: Wait! Take me with you! I can help.

Eagerly, Megaman's sister turned her left End Effector into a powerful vacuum cleaner and blew debris all around the destroyed lab. However Roll was careless and she nearly hit Dr. light with broken machinery.

Dr. Light: WOAH!

Roll: Doctor!

Megaman: Hah hah hah hah. It looks like you still got some cleaning to do, Roll. Leave the fighting to the men.

Roll: But I can help!

Megaman: No way, you're just a girl. And everyone knows girls can only clean up and cook. That's why all the Robot Masters are men.

Roll: !!!! Get over here and say that!

Captain N: Come on, guys, stop joking around. We have dogs to save.

Roll threw trash at the men as they teleported away. Dr. Light could only look on and laugh, although there really were no female Super Robots. Maybe one day he'd change that...just for fun.

Upon arriving at Skull Castle MM and Cap N heard Duke's whining. The castle was very different from Wily's previous fortress, but the mad scientist has stuck to the "Skull" theme. Megaman silently wondered how long the doctor could stay focused on this idea.

Captain N: That's Duke! I'd know his howl anywhere.

Wily watched on his monitor. The lights in his control room blinked and the sounds of machinery filled the room. He laughed as Megaman and Kevin penetrated his defenses. He actually wanted them to. They needed to be in just the right place...

Dr. Wily: Why are the good guys always such chumps?

Doc Robot: Can I spring the trap, Master? Can I? Hunh?

Dr. Wily: I like your attitude, Doc Robot. Go on! Enjoy!

Doc Robot happily walked over and pulled a lever. Meanwhile Kevin and Megaman had made their way through all of the defenses Wily had placed and arrived at what seemed to be the front door.

Megaman: (Readying his Plasma Cannon) Stand back, Captain N, I'm gonna blast the door!

A portal opened below Cap N's and MM's feet and both fell into a pool of water. They emerged coughing and choking. A long tube came out of the wall pouring more water into the trap and a turtle dispensing machine churned out four mechanical turtles.

Captain N: Why do I get the feeling we're about to go on a spin cycle?

Dr. Wily walked to a nearby banister, pleased with the way both his enemies put themselves exactly where he wanted them to be.

Dr. Wily: Heh heh. So nice of you to come to my pool party. I do hope you stay for dinner. My Robo-turtles just love super heroes. Heh heh heh heh heh.

The turtles eyed them and munched their jaws hungrily.

Dr. Wily: Heh heh heh. If you're still around after dinner you can watch me and my new "peace" robot take over Video Land!

Captain N: You'll pay for this Dr. Wily!

Dr. Wily: Sorry, Captain Numbskull. I left my wallet in my other lab coat. (Dr. Wily turned and walked off.)

Captain N quickly tried his zapper against the robotic reptiles, but it only spewed out water.

Captain N: If we get outta this, remind me to have my zapper waterproofed.

Megaman: Hey, that's it! My one non-powered weapon: the Shadow Blade!

Megaman used the Shadow Blade to destroy the turtles and then the Blue Bomber aimed it at the water dispensing tube, reversing its flow. The water quickly receded and the turtles' remains were sucked into the vacuum Megaman had created.

Captain N: Major brainwave, Megaman! You turned it into a turtle vacuum

The two heroes were then quickly caught in the strengthening current.

Megaman: Now all we have to do is keep it from sucking us in too!

Struggling against the current, Megaman managed to grab a hold of a drainage cover and pulled it off. Both he and Captain N squeezed through the small opening and wound up in a long passageway.

Captain N: That creep Wily just better not have hurt our dogs.


Yellow Devil: Bumomomomommmo! Bumo!

The Yellow Devil quickly split into multiple components and Megaman and Captain N barely managed to dodge in time. The Devil re-formed on the other side and Captain N hit it with his zapper.

Captain N: Nothing's working, Megaman!

Megaman: I've beat the Yellow Devil before. We just need to find the right weapon! It wasn't Spark Shots...and I can't reach high enough to use Top Spin...

Yellow Devil: Bumo? Bummo! Bumomo momo momomo!

The Yellow Devil closed its eye and began to break up. Captain N and Megaman had a tough time dodging, but managed.

Captain N: We can't have made it through that entire level just to be stopped here! Duke needs me!

Megaman: And Rush needs me! Using those machines I saved from some of the Robot Masters just isn't the same as having my own Dogdroid. We'll get both of them back.

Yellow Devil: Bumo momMO!

The Yellow Devil shot out a blast of energy at the two and Megaman retaliated with his Hard Knuckle. The Devil reared back and rubbed his eye furiously.

Yellow Devil: Bumoho - what? What was that!?

Captain N: Look! That seemed to jar something loose!

Yellow Devil: How DARE you attack the marvelous paragon that is I!? The magnificence of Super Chaos!

Captain N: Super Chaos?

Yellow Devil: YES! For my many blocks cause the supreme amount of chaos that -

Megaman hit "Super Chaos" with another Hard Knuckle and it reared back yet again.

Yellow Devil: Rock Monster will pound puny robots for that! Rock Monster mad! Maaaaaaaad!

Megaman hit the Devil again!

Yellow Devil: I dare say, old boy, do stop hitting me! Or I, the clandestine cavalier, Cyclops will rend you limb from -

Megaman hit him again and again. The Devil stumbled around, destroying the arena. Its eye was fissured from multiple hits.

Yellow Devil: MA! MA! MAAAAAAAAA!

One more hit destroyed the eyeball and the entire creature sloped to the ground like a mass of wet clay. Megaman and Captain N stood over the defeated figure. They were monitored by still-intact cameras above...

Geminiman: What a crazy creature.

Geminiman: Yeah, seriously. Exactly how many personalities does it have up there?

Topman: Says the guy who fell in love with his own reflection.

Geminiman: What? If you looked this good you would too.

Topman and the other Robot Masters rolled their eyes. Doc Robot was quick to gather them together.

Doc Robot: Okay, Humanoids, listen up! Master wants you all to get ready in the duel chambers. Megaman and Captain N are almost at the Triple Clone and you need to be ready for them!

Sparkman: Yeah, you know...we were talking about that and...

Magnetman: We think we should take them on all at once!

Snakeman: Yeah.

Doc Robot: What?

Needleman: Well, there's eight of us and only two of them. And well, they already beat us all in a one-on-one fight.

Doc Robot:...but in the first and second Great Mining War, Megaman faced all the Robots one-on-one again.

Needleman: Yeah, we know that.

Doc Robot: The idea is to whittle away Megaman's energy before Master finishes him off.

Needleman: Yeah, we get that too, but I don't see why -

Doc Robot: So what are you standing around here arguing with me for? Go on! Get to your posts!

Sparkman: It's just that eight-on-one are better odds.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Doc Robot: I don't care what you think! This is what master wants and what Master wants Master gets! And Master wants you to refight Megaman one on one!

Shadowman: It's a stupid plan.

Doc Robot:You are stupid! Now do as you're told!

The Robot Masters glanced at each other, their reluctant expressions obvious. Still, Doc Robot spoke for Wily and they could not disobey the mad scientist...their programming prevented it. With a grunt or frustration the robots left and Doc Robot went back to his master who was working feverishly to put together some last-ditch defenses.

Dr. Wily: These Rock Golems should be able to stall Megaman for a while. Are the Super Robots in place?

Doc Robot: Absolutely, Master! They didn't want to go, but I set them straight!

Dr. Wily: Good, good!

Doc Robot: It might be a good idea to get more reliable robots next time.

Dr. Wily: Yes, good help is hard to find, isn't it?


Mega Clone: You're stupid!

Mega Clone: And ugly!

Mega Clone: And fat!

Megaman: Shut up! Shut up all of you!

Captain N: Heh heh heh. Don't let them get to you, Megaman. We have to beat the real one.

The heroes were locked in a room with two raised platforms one on top of the other. On each level including the ground, a built in teleporter allowed the Megaman copies to switch places with each other with synchronized precision in-between running around and firing at their opponents from multiple angles. Both Megaman and Captain N took aim at their targets, but their shots passed through them. They were then hit by a flurry of plasma bullets from high and low.

Mega Clone: Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me! How did you beat Wily those other times?

Mega Clone: Maybe he had his babysitter here help him then too.

The clones dodged shots from both Captain N and Megaman and continued to barrage them with bullets. But Megaman only felt one third of the hits. As he dodged and fruitlessly attacked, Megaman began to realize the truth.

Megaman: Hey, Captain N! Only one of these guys -

Captain N: Is real? Yeah, I know, Megaman. But we gotta find the real one! That's the real challenge.

Mega Clone: Looks like Captain N's quicker on the uptake than you are, Megaman.

Megaman: Aw, just shut the Mega up!

Mega Clone: And that's another thing I'm better than you at. Unlike you, I don't have a speech impediment.

Megaman: Sizzling circuits -

Mega Clone: And no lame catchphrases either. How in the world did you get past robot middle school saying "mega" this and "sizzling circuits" that?

Megaman: Shut up! You should know! Shut up! Shut up all of you!

Megaman threw Search Snakes about and they latched on to the real Mega Clone.

Captain N: He's right there!

With lightning-quick reflexes Captain N used his game pad to get to the top level where the real clone was and blew him away with rapid firing of his Nintendo Zapper. With the real Mega Clone destroyed the other two winked out of existence. Captain N smugly blew smoke rising from his zapper, twirled it about, and then holstered it.

Captain N: Three at once, Megaman. I wonder if we get extra points for that.

Megaman: Again, this isn't a game to me. This is my life!

Captain N: You're right, Megaman. And now we gotta go and rescue Duke. And Rush too. Come on, we gotta be getting close now.

Megaman and Captain N navigated deeper within the castle. They were assaulted by half-finished rock-tossing monsters on each level. With deepening determination they blew through the Gutsman-wannabes and continued on their way until they found Dr. Wily's notorious teleporter room. The teleporters gave them a chill as they looked around the room.

Captain N: This is just like Megaman 2. We'll never get to Wily unless we beat each of the Robot Masters again!

Megaman: I know that, Captain N. I was there.

Captain N: How about we split up and make things go faster?

Megaman: No, how about this? I'll show you I can beat all these Robot Masters on my own!

Captain N: But, Megaman, you don't have to prove anything.

Megaman: No, I want you to watch me get the job done, Captain N. This is how it's done in Monsteropolis.

Captain N: But -

Megaman: Sizzling circuits! Just hang back, Captain N!


As Megaman went to duel with each Super Robot once more, Dr. Wily readied his command chair to take him to Gamma's storage chamber. It wouldn't be long now. Captain N and Megaman had penetrated most of his defenses, but he was ready for them this time. The "peacekeeping" robot he and Megaman's own creator made together would stop Megaman. Dr. Wily was sure of it!

Dr. Wily: Well, I'm off to prepare my peace robot. While I'm gone, make sure Captain Nudnick and Maggot Man enjoy their misery.

Doc Robot: (Jumping for joy.) Oh, goodie goodie goodie! What about the dogs?

Dr. Wily: Cut them from the team!

Doc Robot's hand turned into a saw blade and he accidentally sawed into his own head while giving a salute.

Doc Robot: Will do, Master!


Needleman: (Spraying the room with Needles) It's time for round two, Megaman! I'm gonna rip you apart and stick your hide to the wall!

Megaman knew he couldn't dodge well against Needleman's fast-paced weapon, but he had a trick of his own. Needleman's eyes widened in surprise as pain laced his back. He leapt to the other side and launched the Needle Mace (the weapon that resided on the top of his own head) at the blue bomber, but again the pain came.

Needleman: that!?

Megaman: A new toy I got, Needleman. I didn't think even your jumping could beat the reflecting weapon of Geminiman! No matter where you go this thing'll cut you don't to size!

Needleman: No! Fight me fairly, damn it! Your weapon against mine!

Megaman: What are you talking about? I use Energy Tanks and use a robot's weapon against them! If you didn't want to die then you should have stayed in your place, Needleman!

Needleman: No!

Megaman dispatched Needleman with a last Gemini Laser and quickly moved on to the next teleporter. He said nothing to Captain N, content to watch him mow through the Robot Masters all on his own.

Megaman: (thought) "Game Master", huh? Well that may be, but this is my game!

Magnetman: This time I'm not distracted, Megaman! The mighty Magnetman will show you the power of...uh...Magnetman!

Magnetman jumped high and fired his missiles from the ceiling. They angled towards Megaman as they neared him and flew downwards, but Megaman has had time to master his Strider-like move, the slide, thanks to Breakman's training. He managed to glide under the attack and hit Magnetman with a weapon he thought would do some real damage.

Magnetman: Ahh! What's this? My joints are stiffening up and my magnetic field's all outta whack!

Megaman: The Spark Shot, Magnetman. I figured an electromagnet like yourself would get screwed up thanks to this thing.

Magnetman: Shoot! Well, I still have my fatal attraction!

Magnetman squatted down and poured on the power, drawing Megaman nearer. Megaman fruitlessly shot Spark Shots at him to no avail. The attraction might have done Megaman in, but he had his slide now and with the speed boost it gave he was easily able to keep away. In frustration Magnetman flew into the air and Megaman once more effortlessly evaded his missiles.

Magnetman: Stand still, damn it!

Megaman: Not on your life, Maggie!

Magnetman: Dammit, don't call me Maggie!

With those as his last words Magnetman was destroyed by Megaman's Spark Shots. Megaman moved on to the next Robot Master.

Geminiman: We almost destroyed you the first time, Megaman.

Geminiman: And now you'll meet a truly ugly end thanks to my beautiful Gemini Laser!

Megaman quickly zeroed in on the Geminiman nearest to him and hit him with the weakness he knew he had - the Search Snakes. Geminiman shrieked in pain and disgust as he wrestled with the serpent.

Geminiman: Get this ugly thing off me!

Megaman: Give up and I'll consider it.

Geminiman: Give up!? I...will...NOT!

The battle raged on, but things went differently this time. Knowing what to expect from Geminiman made all the difference as Megaman destroyed the clone with his snakes and continued on to weaken the real Geminiman.

Geminiman: How can I be...losing!? I outnumbered you!

Megaman: I guess it's just a matter of quality versus quantity, Geminiman.

Geminiman: OHHH!!! You...! You...!

With one last snake, Geminiman was blown into many small crystalline pieces. Megaman quickly moved out. Without Captain N butting in Megaman's mind was as focused as it was on any of his other adventures. He might not have been able to fight off the forces of Mother Brain all over Video Land, but when it came to his own home town? He'd show Captain N what it meant to be a game master against Dr. Wily!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Hardman gave Megaman chills. Without any personality to guide him Hardman's action on his mining world had been unspeakably barbaric and cruel. While all the Robot Masters preformed atrocities, it didn't seem that Hardman could even remember what he did...

Megaman: I'm gonna put you down, you monster!

Without Captain N using his game pad to slow time down it was actually a fight.

Megaman: (thought) I wish I mad a chance to fight Hardman for real before this, but I won't lose now!

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Hardman plunged into the ground with an earth shattering crash. Megaman fired his Magnet Missiles as he dodged Hardman's Knuckles. Megaman had a hard time dodging, but retorted with more Missiles as Hardman continued to attack. Hardman's broken mind didn't even seem to recognize the pain as the Magnets severely depleted his energy.

Megaman: There's no reasoning at all with you is there!?

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Megaman dodged the Hard Press attack and fired more missiles. With a look of surprise Hardman was blown to the ground. That time he did not get up again. Megaman once more moved to another teleporter. He waved off Captain N's support as he went to tackle another Humanoid.

Topman: No animals and no Captain N to help you beat me this time, Megaman! I'll make you spin so fast your head'll unscrew!

Megaman: I don't need Duke and I don't need Captain N to beat you!

In an unexpected rage Megaman used his heaviest weapon against Top Man - the Hard Knuckle. With a small shriek Topman was pummeled by the assault as Megaman fired successive Hard Knuckles at the robot at close range. Unprepared for such ruthlessness Topman could only sputter....

Topman: But...but I didn't even do one Top Spin!

Megaman felt only a little guilt at getting angry as he dispatched Topman. He was determined to show Captain N, Wily, and every one of these robots that he didn't need any help beating them!

Snakeman: Round two, boyo! You ready for the snaaaaaaaaake!?

Megaman: Bring it on, scaly!

Snakeman leapt up and unleashed his Search Snakes on Megaman.

Snakeman: "Scaly"!? Oh, I'm hurt, Megaman. Really, now name-calling?

Megaman went through the weapons he tried before. Hard Knuckle, Magnet Missiles, Shadow Blades...this guy was as slippery as a real snake. Megaman needed a rapid fire weapon...

Snakeman pounded on Megaman and shot more snakes at the blue robot. Megaman destroyed them with his Needle Cannon and then rounded on Snakeman. The green robot dodged well, but there were too many needles and eventually Snakeman was lying on the floor.

Snakeman: H-how? How do we keep getting beaten?

Megaman moved on to the next robot, barely looking at Captain N. He was determined to do this all on his own and with the practice he got earlier these fights weren't so bad.

Sparkman: you've gotten the others, did you? won't catch me without a fight! BANZAIIII!!!!

To Megaman's surprise Sparkman charged up furiously and leapt towards Megaman in an attempt to take him down with him. The Humanoid was in sheer panic. He knew the fate that befell Snakeman and the rest and was determined to take Megaman down with him if he had to go. Megaman, however, was used to such panic and switched to a weapon most likely to disrupt Sparkman's deadly electricity - the Shadow Blade. Each successive hit caused Sparkman to take a step back. Four hits later Sparkman's rampage had ended. There was one final robot to go through.

Shadowman: So I'm all that's left, eh? I told those idiots to let us attack all at once.

With grim determination Shadowman slid towards his adversary. He knew what was coming, but was compelled to fight thanks to Wily's reprogramming. Sure enough the swift, painful kick of the Top Spin sent him flying. He tossed three Shadowblades at Megaman. He scored a hit and leapt at him knowing full well what Megaman would do. Indeed, just as expected Megaman leapt up and took off Shadowman's head with one last, swift kick.


Megaman: There! I beat all the Robot Masters all on my own! Did you see that, Captain N?

Captain N: Actually...I didn't, Megaman.

Megaman: (with utter disappointment) What!?

Captain N: You teleported out of here, right?

Megaman slapped his face in exasperation. Of course he had.

Captain N: Think that unlocked the door?

Megaman hadn't noticed until Kevin gestured towards it, but there was in fact, a door. Both went into it and up a corridor only to find yet another teleporter.

Megaman: (thought) Wily!

With just a second's worth of hesitation the two stepped into the teleporter.


As Megaman and Captain N made their way deeper into Skull Castle Rush and Duke were waiting anxiously in a large cage.

Duke: (Sniffing at the glowing bars enclosing them.)

Rush: Careful Duke. The bars may be booby-trapped. Arf.

Duke, completely ignoring what Rush had just said, got too close to the glowing bars and his nose was burned.

Duke: Yelp!

As if jarring his mind out of a stupor an idea flashed into Duke's mind. The dog quickly started digging. Seeing his plan to burrow into the ground and out of the cage Rush followed suit.

Rush: I wonder why we didn't do this a long time ago? Arf Arf.

Just as Duke and Rush dug their way through the floor (with Rush, the robot dog, managing to dig through metal better than his organic companion) Megaman and Captain N dug a hole out of the wall themselves and they stepped onto the cold metal surface.

Megaman: We've been digging forever! Do you think we're still in Skull Castle?

Captain N: Are you kidding? We're lucky if we're still in Video Land. Darn! (Captain N glanced up) Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Captain N pointed upwards and both he and Megaman could see the gigantic Wily Machine heading slowly towards them. They looked down and saw that the unusual floor they were standing on was meant to accommodate the large pins this "Pinbot" used as legs. Acting quickly, the two narrowly avoided a large blast from a rotating cannon.

Captain N: Whoa! This guy's too big to handle!

Captain N took aim with his zapper and shot at Pinbot's cannon. It sustained some damage, but not too much.

Captain N: Nuts! Wily made this thing too well.

Megaman: It might be big, but I have a weapon that can bring it down to size!

Megaman's colors changed as he adjusted his systems. Big robots like this usually needed something with a kick to take them down. And he had such a weapon himself - the Hard Knuckle. He took aim and fired, using his ability to adjust the direction of the Hard Knuckle to squarely hit his target. The massive Pinbot continued to shoot at the two heroes, but Megaman avoided the large energy blasts with his slide and Captain N had the advantage of his zapper. Soon the cannon was destroyed, but it wasn't over yet. Now Dr. Wily could be seen piloting the thing.

Dr. Wily: I'm not done yet!

To Megaman and Captain N's surprise Pinbot crashed right on top of them! They groaned in pain as Wily cackled overhead.

Dr. Wily: You two are done for! Flattened like pancakes!

It was then that Duke and Rush sprang to action and circled around Pinbot. It struggled to pin and squash the dogs, but they were too agile.

Dr. Wily: Stop that! Stop that! Bad dogs!

Duke continued to distract Pinbot as Rush made his way to the recovering heroes.

Megaman: Rush! You're alright!

Rush: All aboard!

Captain N and Megaman board the red Dogdroid. Rush struggled to start with so many on board but did so after a few sputters. They were assaulted by random shots from Pinbot's now-destroyed eyes. However, using the Rush Jet they could easily target Dr. Wily's control area, inflicting a massive amount of damage in no time at all. Soon enough, Pinbot was destroyed and Wily fell to the ground.

Captain N: We did it! Good job, Duke. We couldn't have done it at all if you hadn't distracted Dr. Wily.

Captain N affectionately patted Duke on the head as Megaman made his way to Wily.

Megaman: It's over, Wily! There's no getting away now.

Dr. Wily grovelled before Megaman, begging for forgiveness.

Dr. Wily:

Megaman: Wily...?

Dr. Wily gave Megaman an odd look. He looked bloody and bruised from Pinbot's destruction and Megaman couldn't help but wonder if he was seriously hurt this time.

Megaman: Hang on, Wily! I'll get us out of here before...!!!

Dr. Wily's form shimmered and transformed into a primitive-looking gray robot version of Dr. Wily. His head suddenly came loose and popped off, connected to its body by a spring. Megaman jumped backwards in surprise.

Megaman: It's a robot!

Captain N: Then Dr. Wily's still in here somewhere!

Megaman: And he still has Gamma...

To be continued...

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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