Darkman's Robot Warriors

As Stone Man reaches down and picks up a few decent sized bricks from the bottom row of the wall, the whole thing collapses, and so does Stone man...

Man: Oh my, that wall has just collapsed!

Woman (with a big belly): So it has dear. Lucky our baby wasn't underneath it.

Man: Yes, lucky our baby is in your tummy-wummy.

Stone ManStone (reforming, with the extra bricks): Oops. Sorry about that. I didn't injure your baby, then? Phew.

Man: Oh no, of course not. The baby is in her tummy-wummy-widdle-poo.

Stone ManStone: Oh, you're pregnant?

Woman: Tee-hee. No don't be silly! I ate the baby-waby.

The couple walk off hand-in-hand, coochy-cooing all the while, and no doubt planning other baby recipes.

Meanwhile now that the wall has gone, Stone Man can see the Big Top, which was behind it all the time.

Stone ManStone: Aha! So that's where the Big Top was!

Top ManTop Man: Did somebody mention a big Top?

Stone ManStone: Top Man! What are you doing here?

Top ManTop: Ah, nothing much. Just popped in for a cameo.

Stone ManStone: Oh. Alright then.

Top ManTop: Before I go, I'd just like to say that I don't think this epilogue is working very well.

Stone ManStone: Huh, what do you mean?

Top ManTop: Just stick to normal ones from now on, ok?

So after recieving some feedback from Top Man, Stone decides to move on, find the others and hopefully get back to a normal sort of epilogue. Should he go to:

The Sideshow Alley

The Toothbrush Pavillion

The Big Top


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