Rules for Affiliation

Affiliation is a great way to spread word about your site to other sites on the net. The best affiliate lists are easily accessible on a site's navigation. Why not send me your link and see what I say?

I'm really only interested in affiliating with pages where the buttons are part of the layout. If they're on a separate page you may as well do an old fashioned links page.

Please bear this in mind ......... it is up to YOU to tell me if you move or something. If your site moves and sets up no redirect ...... how will I know where to find you? If you move tell me (you probably should tell ALL your affiliates). Also, if you change formats and want a different size affiliate button remember to tell me too. I can't have something ready if I don't know it's necessary, right? If you do change layouts like that and don't tell me I'll probably get a tad upset and remove you from my affiliates list.

Once you are accepted

Once accepted for affiliation, I will check occasionally to make sure you're page still exists. If you go off-line or on sabbatical, I may remove you.

Within the week, put my button on your page. I will do the same.

Affiliate buttons


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