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Link time! Just follow these to their respective pages and see their pages (duh)! To add a link here, just ask, but remember I don't link to just ANYONE. I do have some standards.

Links of Member pages:

Lysekoid's Headquarters - Mega Land - Owned by spriter extrordinare, Lysekoid! I (Gauntlet) helped out here quite a bit. They have sprite judging here, but be sure to make sure you're sprites are original to win the big prize.

The Eastern Blade - Lennon's (Geminiman's) house of craziness.

Spark Chan's Deviant Art - Forte-Chan aka Classi Cal aka Spark Chan's Deviant Art site!

Snakeman's Deviantart - Raijin K aka Snakeman's Deviant art page.

Shadowman's Deviantart - Gauntlet's Deviant art page.

Topman's Deviantart - Top's Deviant art page.

Needlegal on - More photos of Needlegal's Cosplay. Here she's known as Catra.

More Links:

The Sinister Six - The first, the best, the one and only MM1 Team. Gone, but never forgotten.

The Ascendant Androids - The Megaman 5 Team!

IRAGINATION - You don't know the famous website of IRA? Shame on you!

Maq's Hunter Hideout - Great fan art and manga scans.

Reploids Among Us - An online "Choose you're own Adventure" games based off Megaman X, it's very fun and a very old page going back to the days of Pixelboy - and it's still going strong!

The Darker Side of Insanity - It's mainly a fan-fic site, with a few comics. At total, there are five stories, equaling about 90 pages, and he hase six more in the works.

Wolf Eclipse - Home of the sprite comic Mega Fantasy.

Dr. Neko's Lab - Housing such things as MM Manga scans and movies.

Megaman PC - A nice site with good fan art and alotta style.

Project X - The Megaman 3 cover band.

Acts Of Gord - Gauntlet fears the Gord.

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