Megaman X Mysteries

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Megaman X

The famous "white city" screens found in Nintendo Power and Gamepro magazine (the bad quality shots are scaled up from the scan below .... bad, but the only copy I got!)! I have arranged them in the order the stage must have been in. Notice: The "P" bar is at full length and is a "P" and not an "X". The miniboss found in Sting Chameleon's stage is present. Plus, there's an unused flamethrower enemy in one screenshot. And Vile's spaceship knocks over some architecture on the way down! And X has taken no damage at all with a health bar that's a full length. Also, notice the detail in the destroyed buildings .... yet the lack of any clouds in the sky. Clearly this is very unfinished.

Compare this to the finished game where Vile drops in. For some reason that scene also lacks clouds or any sort of background (maybe an effect was supposed to go there at one point but was never implemented or was taken out at the last minute). As you can see the final has an "X" under the bar where the beta has a "P". You can tell the beta is slightly more 2-dimensional in thought as there isn't even an illusion of 3-D in the platform X stands on; he stands right on the black line where the street tiles end and the background tiles begin. In the final X stands in the middle of the street giving an illusion of depth.

But, more strikingly than that, the beta's ship is slightly different! I have to say .... it looks kinda better.

A resized picture of the Alpha from Gamepro. Even with the low-budget shot you can tell there's some differences. The floor's thicker and that there's a pole in the foreground. The extra car shown before the yellow one in the Alpha is still in the game, I was just taking slow steps.

Another pic of the Alpha, with X fighting the famous bee. Note that X has the full level of buster power. Also note that the background of this fight is slightly different than either of the finalized bee fights. It's just shifted back a bit in the final, who can say why? The building nearest the lifebar in the Alpha appears to be damaged in a different way than it is in the final.

Dude named Balzac from some forums scanned this in. Couldn't find an e-mail, but I'll just assume it's okay to use this here. Wish he scanned higher quality pictures from this though, it shows new stuff. Like a flamethrower enemy right before you fight Vile. There's even more pictures of the alpha game.... they look very much like the finished game.

And - behold the art! There's a few people who think this is just a Gamepro artist working off the sprites. Still, this may very well be an unused armour design for X!

The article yields some new information while boasting of a "12-meg cart." Apparently the new enemy of man is the "half-human half-cyborg" "RoboPolice"! And X has two robotic friends, Rx and Ry! The escaped the reprogramming the other "RoboPoilice" went through.

All I gotta ask this ... Rx and Ry?? What, like the buttons? This brings up an interesting point about Zero. In an interview Inafune was asked about Zero. He said he was a creator and that Zero was supposed to be the new Megaman. But that nobody would recognize him AS Megaman, so he became Zero and Inafune designed MMX to be .... "Megaman X".

But where does that leave Rx and Ry? Perhaps one of them was renamed to Zero (if so good move Capcom!) and the other was simply dropped. But we'll never know..

Here we have some sprites Ace found while going through the rom. Starting with a ratrher superfluous arm cannon sprite! Guess Capcom felt that huge shoulder cannon was enough gun for Vile! Next up, Vile shoots those bombs from a hole in his shoulder rather than his gun! Cutting this was pretty useful, I think. It should be noted, in the tiles - Vile's Head, Gun, and Body are seperate layers and this is how it all probably fits together. Finally we have a trim from a dashing sprite.

This is an unused head for Sigma's dog Valguarder. In the game, he's just angry all the time ... maybe they changed it to make him more ferocious.

Taken from Sprites INC, found by Ace Spark. While the shieldless frames are technically used, his sheild certainly does not get damaged, and the guy never jumps! Look at that, he used to jump!

And here's a video of the unused Hoganmer behaviour in action! Found by GoldS.

Unused Zero pallete found by GoldS. Zero has two palettes in the ROM that aren't used in-game at all. Presumably they are for some kind of charging effect. In the final game, his head crystal glows to indicate charging. He's created the animated gif to show how it might have looked like.

Found by GoldS. There is both data and a palette for a third kind of Anglerge boss in the game. The subID for this Anglerge is 129, while the subIDs for the two Anglerges in the final game are 128 and 130. This Anglerge only blows air at X. Since the first Anglerge sucks air in, and the second Anglerge both sucks air in and blows air out, this was probably meant to go in between the two.

Found by GoldS. He has no idea where this was supposed to go, and the graphics won't load up correctly. This object is closed at first. When it opens up, it fires out two Tombots in one direction (which direction depends on the subID), then closes again. X can only damage the object when it is open. When it is destroyed, it starts smoking from the bottom for a bit, then stops.

Found by Gold S. A jellyfish robot that also drills down. The enemy graphics are loaded at the start of the stage, and are used up to the point where you face the first Anglerge boss.

Found by GoldS, an duplicate boss room hidden in in Lauch Octupus' stage that goes unused in the final.

GoldS again. Looking through the mapping of Sting Chameleon's stage, it's obvious that it was used to test stuff in the game. It has some features that he hasn't found in any other area's mapping.

  • First, note the garbled tiles in the upper area towards the end. These mark the places where the palette changes.
  • The yellow blocks are solid walls that X can't walldash on. They appear in other levels, but there's an additional two walls above the boss room. I guess this is to mark the end of the level.
  • Also note the long vertical line of garbled tiles. he don't know what this represents (Where the level ends vertically?)
  • Lastly (not pictured here), there's a mapping in the ROM for a 256x256 background piece that is identical to the boss room.
  • The rooms in the bottom left corner replace areas on top after you beat Launch Octopus. There's a similar 256X256 room in Flame Mammoth's stage with frost on it after you beat Chill Penguin.

Found by GoldS. Just some debug text.

Unused Sound - Found by GoldS. Looking through the code, He noticed that there were sound effects with IDs beyond A2, which is the maximum you can go to in the sound test. The sounds actually go up to B0 before the IDs loop back again. Sounds A3-AD don't appear to be anything. Sound AE is the music used for the Light Capsule scenes -- He guesses it's a sound effect so that the music can keep playing in the background and resume where it was when Light stops talking. AF is the Hadouken sound effect.

Sound Effect B0 is much weirder. It's clearly not used in the game at all, I'm guessing it might be a test of the sound engine.

Compilation video posted by ORKAL (GoldS) and discovered on Protodude's Rockman Corner. The video spans the three SNES X games. Notables for X1 includes:

  • The unused jellyfish behaviour.
  • The unused Angelerge type (which pushes you backwards).

Every SNES Megaman X game:

A "W" bar. Seriously. In EVERY SNES X game. It's actually for X's buster! You can see it in the tile viewer and it's replaced whenever X switched weapons. Interestingly enough, beta screen shots show a "P" bar for X's Power bar. This particular bar came from X3.

Also to note that the "W" bar only loses energy as X's life its drained. It's value is tied into the value of X's life, just like every other MM game.

Funtastic Facts:

  • Found on Protodude's Rockman Corner. A mystery auction yield a demo cart for only $20. Was snatched up by a "Mat".

    "Megaman X game cartridge with odd label for the Super Nintendo in perfect working order.I had posted a thread about these cartridges on Digitpress about two months ago and received some plausible theories about what this cartridge is.

    Like the picture above, some say Majesco Sales Inc, while other samples say Must Be Returned To QC, have nothing or have Blank written in ink on them under the title.

    What it could be:
    Could be an In-House Test Cart, but have no way to know this.
    Others have mentioned it could be an In-Store demo release.
    Some say it could be Majesco Overstock.

    What it is NOT:
    It is NOT a prototype.
    Certainly not a rental as a few thought.
    Why would they take the original labels off and replace with something like this?

    Putting up as a Fixed Price Buy It Now with Best Offer.

    If you can open up the shell or dump the chip, then this is for you.
    Worst case, you get a good game with an odd label.
    Best case, you get a part of gaming history."

    • The cartridge contains an abundant amount of glitches particularly the inability to die by inflicted damage: X's health never decreases nor increases however, you can still die by falling into a pit or coming in contact with spikes.
    • Further oddities include fewer enemies, no Armor Capsules, Heart Tanks or Sub Tanks.
    • There are small graphical changes, such as the lamp post pictured.

      Hoax Alert! If all that seems too good to be true ... it probably is. The picture Mat gave Protodude is just a cropped and rotated scene from the above Gamepro magazine! Moreover the winner of the second demo cart says that it's just the final build of MMX with a different label. Until a rom shows up, I'd say this claim at MM history has been debunked.

  • The classic series Bubble Bat appears only in Armored Armadillo's stage and it's easy to miss if you're riding on the ... cart-thing. An Easter Egg put in by the developers? Or were all the bats supposed to be Bubble Bats origionally? All bats certainly act liek the Bubble Bat. But this Bubble Bat usually yields a 1-up. There's also official character art of the old Bubble Bat in the X series, so chances are high that it's an easter egg.

Megaman X PC

Discovered on Protodude's Rockman Corner and submitted by their reader Jimb0, these betas of Megaamn 3 PC and MMX were found at a flea market for only $4. The MMX betas are uninteresting and play exactly the same as the final build (well, they are a port of an existing game, after all). They do have the words "KIOSK DEMO" on the title screen, though.

Megaman X2

Unused sprites of the enemy in Ride Armor found by Ace Spark. In the game he never exits the vehicle.

An unused sprite of the Ride Chaser. The gun never shoots diagnally in the game. Found by Ace Spark.

Found by GoldS. This is the object with ID #1. It always loads the large weapon refill graphic. I'm guessing it's a test object for something. From the first orb, seven more orbs are created downward. The first orb is the anchor. Each orb moves seperately, except the anchor orb, which doesn't move at all. Together they move in a wave like motion in the direction of X. This object has HP and can be destroyed. The anchor sphere is the first to be destroyed, followed by the connecting spheres.

There's an enemy in Megaman Xtreme 2 that behaves similarily that you have to destroy in order to progress through the level. It is shown here at around :30. Perhapse this used to be in X2 at that point?
Found by Metalwario64

Compilation video posted by ORKAL (GoldS) and discovered on Protodude's Rockman Corner. The video spans the three SNES X games. Notables for X2 includes:

  • Harmful Carry Arm behaviour.
  • Upside down enemies. (why would they be made to be upside down?)
  • Flying enemy with larger shield.
  • Unused Ganseki Cerrier (Carrying nothing). Covering all eventualities maybe? Debug use?
  • Floor trapper.
Megaman X3

Found by Rodrigo Shin. There was this (apparently) spin-off called "EGM²" (yes, ²). In its November 1995 issue if I recall right (cover had Thanos and the main story was about Marvel Super Heroes) they had a walkthrough for a beta version of X3 - down to the boss names and weapons still being in Japanese and what have you.

  • Everyone has a Maverick symbol on their lifebar, not a Doppler symbol.
  • Neon Tiger didn't shoot his bullets from his tail in the beta, but from his mouth instead. That pose was never used in the final. Moreover, there are tiny differences between the beta and the final version.
  • The backgrounds for the midboss and Neon Tiger were swapped.
  • Volt Catfish's "pose" sprite is different in the final as is his "sucking in" sprite. However, traces of them can be seen in his destroyed sprite.
  • Bit and Byte's sprites are obviously different from what we got in the final. However, Byte's chest can still be found on Godkarmachine .. sort of. And Bit's arm on the Machine appear to match the way the arms are drawn in the beta picture of him.

GoldS has made a video of various tidbits found in X3. This video shows:

  • An Unused Gaseki Carrier type.
  • Unused Wild Tank digging behaviour.
  • An Unused ceiling entrance to Blast Hornet's boss area.
  • And a Ride Armor test boss

Funtastic Facts:

  • Neon Tiger's stage sounds an AWFULL LOT like My Michelle by Guns N Roses. Ace Spark has made a comparison MP3 to demonstrate this. In an interesting note, in an old interview with the creator of MM done by Planet Megaman (done around the time of X6), Inafune had this to say on Guns N Roses references:

    Sean: We've noticed that there have been a few Guns N' Roses references
    throughout the Mega Man X series. Is there a reason for this?

    Keiji: Actually, I think you're probably talking about recent Mega
    Man X series games when you make that reference. Really, we're not
    taking them directly from rock bands or anything like that, that's
    not what we mean to do. Just certain names sound cool to us, so we're
    just using them that way. It's not like we really think we like Guns
    N' Roses so we want to use part of their group or anything like that.

    So, Inafune disavows all knowledge of Guns N roses references in the game ... interesting...
  • Despite his character art prominently featuring a shield, Bit does not use a shield at all in the game.
Megaman X4

Once more, these sprites were found by Ace Spark unless otherwise noted.

Double has some unused animation frames. I suppose these are from unused dialogue sequences.

An unused mugshot found in the data from the other mugshots. It might have been hade to be at the centre of the regular mugshots at one point. I took the liberty of mirroring the left side of the mugshot to get a clearer picture of what this mystery Maverick is supposed to look like (which is what the right mugshot is, the one on the left is how it appears in the data). It looks NOTHING like any Maverick in any X game. Good money says it's some form of Sigma though.

These words were found next to the mugshot in X4's tile data. Obviously the world connected to the mugshot wasn't ready. The fact that the mug is in shadows probably indicates a design that hasn't been finalized yet. Well, this graphic is probably left over form the showroom version - the programmers would naturally know a level wasn't finished. Therefore this is to tell other people - most likely game reviewers.

The X4 beta pictures come from about three different sources. I *think* they represent two versions of a beta. Version 1, which has many minor differences and version 2 which seems to have a few superficial differences at best.

Spotted by Protodude's Rockman Corner, a sample version of Rockman X4 that, likely, was shown at trade shows. Also has MM8 and Battle and Chase displayed on the CD, but it's unkown if those are actually on the disk.

The above are from beta V1 and the ones below are from X4 PC. The intro stage has a drill enemy outside, where it wasn't in the final. The dragon fight and chance appears the same, except that the dragon has slashing marks in the beta. Where things start blowing up in the final there are drill enemies and no door. Maybe the story parts weren't finished yet. In mushroom's stage the enemy's color is different than in the final. In Spider's stage the rainbow is lower and it looks like there's a bug in Zero's jump as he's standing on thin air! Enemies are in different places too. It doesn't look like the spider enemies are even there yet. But the layout of Spider's stage is the same. The enemies are different in the final screen, although the layout is the same. The background of Stingray's stage seems kinda different, but the screen just might have been taken in a different place. Walrus' stage appears the same, except I can't find the exact layout of the final screen anywhere in the final. It was probably changed at some point.

According to early game articles (taken from Sega Fans, with permission), the bosses aren't in the game yet. Maybe that's where that mysterious mugshot comes from - it being displayed on the map screen instead of the actual level with the words "now making". Who knows? It also has no master weapons.

V2 is allot like the final. It's probably the alpha version of the game. The title in the final has the copyright info on only one line in the PC version (although the PSX version seems to be exactly the same). Player Select is the same. Stage select has a grid under the map, but otherwise it's the same. No comparison for the anime cut scene (my pirate PC version lacks the cut scenes or music), but I think it's the same as in the final. The intro parts seem the same. Beast's stage has different enemies although it could be in a different area of the game. Mushroom's stage seems the same. Peacock's stage has holes in the background in the beta but not much in the final. Coloring in the background seems slightly different. No rainbow in the final where it is in the beta for Spider's stage. Less snow in the beginning of Walrus' stage, but that might just be the snow cycling through breezes. The rest is the same.

Megaman X5

"Unused" X sprites. And I put that in quotes because they are *technically* used. However, X's armour works by overlapping the regular sprite. So these frames of animation are never seen, however they are used .... otherwise the armour frames would have nothing to overlap! (Sprites found by Ace Spark).

Megaman X5 has seen MORE than it's fair share of screen shots. I dunno why so many were taken .... certainly there's no other MM game that comes to mind with so many readily available screen shots. Still it affords us a unique glimpse into X5's developmental process!

I've split these screens into several sections. There are four different betas that the gaming magazines were given, all with very small differences. I've grouped these by those differences, along with the other shots with that set to show how much (or how little) a stage has changed. In some version several runthroughs were done at once ... I've tried to list these by where the player is in the stage and tried to make some sort of sense in of it all.

Version 1 of the Beta. What seperates this from Version 2 is that Zero has his lifebar from Megaman X4! Note the color of the enemies the giant sub spits out ... in the final they're red . Those fish aren't anywhere in the final either .... maybe it doesn't come in through the top like in the final, maybe it just comes right in from the side.

Early X5 gameplay video discovered on Protodude's Rockman Corner.

Version 2 of the beta had the most press. With SEVERAL runthroughs on several sites. Putting that Sigma battle up in some sort of order was a tough job.
Right away we can see the title screen is very much in an unfinished form. The select screen is also very different from the final (although the character art will remain the same). We can see Zero's lifebar has changed to match X's and that Sigma's Maverick bar is dependant on who he fights. And that there's no wounded X or Zero during the Sigma fight (likely the story parts weren't developed yet). The lady's head is much crappier in the beta; I'm glad it was changed. And it looks like only Grizzly Slash, Squid Alder, Duff McWhalen, and Burn Dinorex were available to play. The rest appear to be locked out. Aside from Dinorex's mugshot there are other small changed to the stage select scree. Including those little bars that are next to the mug when you select it. The locale is a different sprite for Squid Alder's stage. McWhalen's is the same. Although his sub's megablast seems to be a little buggy. The stage select also has a slightly different background, if you look closely.

Version 3 of the beta. McWhalen's fish are still green. It looks like the intro stage is finished. Along with the player select. Gone is the boring blue sky with scant clouds! In is the dynamic cloud sky with pallette-swapped colors that we see in the final! Zero is seen crouching in the background, as in the final. The background is also more detailed than it is in V2; it's the same as in the final. If you compare the final's tiles, they have darker lines to accentuate more detail as well as details added into the floor, although the general impression is largely the same. Zero fights the dragon in the last screen of Dinorex's stage ..... without the ride armour! It shouldn't be possible because the barriers leading to that part can only be broken with ride armor. It looks like the other levels are done because Axle Red's stage is visible and looks identical to the original.

Version 4 went almost unnoticed except for one thing ..... can you see it?

The introduction stage lacks a wounded Zero during the introduction's boss fight! That and Sigma's bar is red for some reason.

Can it be that this version has Zero leave to let X face Sigma on his own like he said he would? Probably. Why this was changed back to him staying is beyond me.

And these are screen shots form the final, taken from the PC version of the game. The title is VERY different from Version 2 of the beta. Zero stays for the boss fight instead of leaving. The map is also different from V2 of the beta. The intro stage, as said before, was given some more detail than in V2's and in slightly more dramatic, although largely the same. The tint of Mcwhalen's water is now a murky green instead of the beta's blue and the color of the sub's projectiles has changed. It's large beam shot now comes from a small cannon instead of the beta's larger shot whichcovered up the front portion of the sub's face. Also, there's a skull on the lifebar of the sub instead of the Maverick symbol. Likely added to distinguish minibosses from Maverick bosses.

I suppose the most striking thing is how much things HAVEN'T changed! Dinorex's stage seems to have gone through no revilsions ... and McWhalen's stage has a case of Woodman's "block-trees" in their extremely block-like rocks. Things that might've been changed in a more polished game. Giving a bit of credence to naysayers who say the game was rushed.

Funtastic Facts:

Duff McWhalen's theme is the same as Bubble Crabs although he had an origional one planned for the stage. Perhapse they thought it wasn't good enough and didn't have enough time to compose a new one? Although some reused tunes can be said to be homages, a "homage" for a new Maverick is unusual. Submitted by Brandon S.

Megaman X6

Megaman X6 is one of those games I never played. So this will be a review in the dark, so to speak. Still, just by looking at the screens, I can tell there's some differences.

Early X6 gameplay. The floor of the beta is covered in a bit more sand at the beginning (although the next screen shows dramatically less sand ... a different beta version mixed in the shots maybe?). It also looks like the circuitry in the blocks is slightly different. If you compare it, the background is also different. The boss's room is totally different in the beta! However the background has it's roots in the beta - you can see it in the very beginning of the stage ... the final uses it, but gives it a palette swap. The lifebars are also different - the minor bosses have a skull on their lifebar ala X5 while in the final they have diamonds. Also, the water in one stage is a clear blue while in the final it's a murky purple. Jack Vulcan also informs me that you can't play as unarmored X in the intro stage.

All in all it looks like there was a few cosmetic differences between the games.

Megaman X7

X7 is another game I haven't played. The order they are in is dubious as I have to go by the screen shot sources. However, you can really see some differences just by looking at the screen shots.

The first thing you'll see in V1 of the beta is that there's no Axl. He probably wasn't even made at this point. Next you'll note X is available to play while, in the final, he's an unlockable character. Note the lack of glowing lights and the more simplistic patterns and low-contrast colors and shading. Also note that there's absolutely no markings on the screen for health or status. Also note the boring camera angles - likely this is the only camera angle available.

It's fun to note that a popular theory at the time was that X7 was a remake of X1 based solely on these screens.

Magazine scans scanned by Flame. I'm not sure if this is a different build than that of the following due to unfamiliarity with X7 ... so I'm talking about it as if it is. Think of it as a ".5". The magazine notes three playable stages: the intro stage, the lava stage and thje tunnel base stage. In the lava one you have to destroy 30 target enemies, and the stage is timed, and in the tunnle stage you have to save 16 reploids trapped in giant "crates". of course, X is playabe in the intro stage. in fact, he seems to be the only playabe character in this demo.

In V2 X is still available to play at the very beginning. Note the appearance of Axl, the effects in the stages and the amount of stages available. There's been allot more progress made between what was shown in the prior beta version. However there are no health or status markings in this version.

Early X7 gameplay video. This looks like something they'd show at E3 and seems to have an ad at the beginning of the game. Maybe this is just from a promo or maybe it's actually in the game. Note that X is still available to play at the beginning of the stage. Looks like there's an FMV now, giving some story. Note that there's status bars now - and that Axl has Zero's icon! Also note the lack of "#-D" or "2-D".

This is something I found on a forum posted by someone named Buyatari which I totally took without asking. He notes that all speech is in Japanese while the text is in English. It also has an intro in the beginning that he's pretty sure isn't in the final. And, in responce to his question, I only wish I owned all these betas.

This is the final. More enemies in the bee fight than in the previous shot ... but that might not mean anything. Got the story shown. No shots of X in play where he's not supposed to be.

Megaman X8

First noticed by Protodude of his own blog. Vid uploaded by MyMegaman. This isn't one of the games I've played myself, so I'll directly quote, Proto.

  • One of the more interesting differences is that of the "flashes of dialogue" seen throughout the trailer, phrases presumably spoken by the main cast during the course of the game. To my knowledge, none of those lines are ever spoken nor referenced in the final - a possible indication that the footage was based around an early draft of the script. That or the dialogue was thrown together specifically for this trailer.

  • The lighting in "Noah's Park" (prologue stage) varies depending on which character the demonstrator is playing as:

    • X: lighting is very "afternoon-ish", bright and bland.

    • Zero: lighting is glorified in an orange/red tint, almost as if a sunset is occurring nearby, Sky is orange.

    • Axl: "dawn" type of lighting; very soft, kind of foggy. Greenish tint. Sky is a light blue

  • Seems like that, at one point, X8 had a sort of "passage of time" system where the appearance of a stage altered to reflect specific times of day. A gimmick or an actual integral part of gameplay?

  • At 1:12, you can briefly see X and Axl attacking onscreen at the same time. Such a maneuver is impossible to execute in the final as two teammates cannot attack onscreen at once, the "scramble system", the act of switching out one teammate for another, does not allow it. There are, however, certain times in the final where two teammates appear onscreen at once, but not in this sense.

  • Zero's "dash-slash" animation is a bit different, he appears to perform a jab rather than a quick slash. (0:34)

  • Zero appears to run a bit faster than the final. Frankly, I like this speed better, always thought he moved a bit too sluggish in the final.

  • Although it's kind of hard to tell from the video quality, the character models of X, Zero and Axl contain a thick "cel-shaded" style that was not used in the final game.

  • The HUD (heads up display; health bar, combo counter, etc.) is absent.

  • Enemies appear in spots that they normal don't appear in.

  • The Land Torpedo enemy does not attack the player, merely paces -- a behavior not in the final version.

  • Lumine's voice near the end of the trailer is not spoken by Elinor Holt, rather a temporary actor who gives the character a much lower and less menacing voice.

  • Pointedly, as in the X7 beta shots these shots have no life meter.

Megaman Xtreme

Some very clean beta images here .... seems like they distributed the sample as a rom. Nothing too different or exciting here. Obvious font changes. The beta's triangle is a missing it's right tip.

Minor color and graphical changes seen in Chill Penguin's level.

Wheel Gator's level. Some color changes and a lot of graphical changes for this part of the level. That edge was also rounded.

Got hit a bit here (cheating gives me full health). That building got more detailed in the final and that ramp got less detailed. The passage was opened up a bit. Also, Wheel Gator is available in the second mode of the game and not the first ... clearly that's not the case here. Whethere there were more (or different) stages available at this point is a mystery.

Noticed by Metalman of Sprites INC. Much of this cutscene is incomplete.

Megaman Xtreme 2

Found by Metalman of Sprites IN. Gareth's jewels were originally yellow and the chest crystal a diamond shape. Looking at it now, the final's chest still has the diamond shaped indent even though the crystal has been changed.

Megaman X: Command Mission

This is a game I haven't actually played ... although I watched a speed run of it. Most of this is from observation only. Most of these early screens were repeated endlessly on game sites, so it's likely they were promotional pictures distributed by Capcom.

Version 1 of Command ... what more can be said? X has no armor. When he's speaking to someone, it doesn't pan out and show the speaker. The battle menu looks different. Not even sure what attack that is. These are the only two images leaked of this version of the beta ... maybe their inclusion was a mistake.

V2 had all these shots grouped with it. The map looks different. The battle menu looks identical to V1's, but .. what's up with the mugshots? Looks like a bug to me. Seems like they were implementing the new characters and some story in here. The dialogue looks like it does in the final (with the speaker facing the camera).

Not much to say here. The battle menu looks as it does in the final. The only fault I can find is with the old style of maps used. .

Two shots from the final. One showing the battle menu and the other shown the final map.

Funtastic Facts:

According to Protodude a discussion on 2chan revealed that a developer on the game leaked a beta version onto the net. The discussion has since disappeared and the beta itself cannot be found. According to the rumor the beta had the following changes:

  • An "armorless" X.
  • No music, various unheard sound effects.
  • A "trimmed" plot.
  • The absence of Marino, Cinnamon, Massimo and Spider.
  • Bosses appear in unusual locations.
  • A different logo on the title screen written entirely in kanji/katakana.
  • Same group of enemies in every battle.
  • X, Zero and Axl have different "Final Strikes." X's is described to be a "fire" based Charged Shot.
  • There is no customization of abilities whatsoever.
  • The game is approximately two hours in length.
  • File size is said to be 393MB in PS2 format and it was supposed to be distributed as a Torrent.


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