Pirate Game boy Games

Rockman ??? - Sent in by Jesse Brown. Claims to be for the GBC, but uses Command Mission art.

Rockman ??? - A really generic Rockman Gameboy game cart.

Megaman 5 - This one was pointed out to me by Centaurman. I dun no what could be in this pirate cart, but it surprises me to find a MEGAMAN pirate as opposed to Rockman.

Megaman 5 - Again, this uses Megaman 5's box artand probably contains the Megaman 5 game. I like how it's been updated for the "Gameboy Advance". When will Megaman 5 come out for the DS?

Rockman 8 - Hey, if it says so on the box it's gotta be true. Right? Well, the cartridge does a nice job of reproducing the real gameboy cart right down to the "Game boy" words in the groove. However, there's no Capcom copyright anywhere. And that's also ignoring the fact that RM8 is a PSX game!

After finding the rom, I can say this game really sucks! Megaman teleports in, you move in any direction and he falls to his death. The he teleports in again ..... only to fall to his death again. And that's it.

Of course that's until I tried it on GEST. Now I get to experience the joy of having all the sprites in a level disappear on me after I kill a few enemies, of having no master weapons, and of playing totally misnamed levels. Turns out thi is one REALLY THOUGHOUGH hack of Rockman World 3. Although you'd never know it just by the shots I'm showing you now.

So, the game still really sucks.

Rockman 99 - According to the ebay buyer, this is supposed to be for a gameboy game. As you can probably tell, he cut off some words below. But, notice how this supposedly unreleased in America game featured Rockman X4 box art! Apparently, there are 5 bosses to conquer and it is similar to older RMW games.

Rockman & Crystal - Betting it's made by the same guys who made Rockman Zero. More info from Plantman says it's actually a remixed MM Xtreme with hacked levels and even MMX hacked to look like the cover art. Forte Wily kindly supplied the picture for the back of the box.

Forte Wily supplied even more high quality scans, a (albeit bad quality) screenshot, and even a sample of the music for this highly unusual game!

More music sameples:
Demo, Intro Stage, Stage Select, Burnerman, Burstman, Turboman, Horneck, Boss, Mystery (Can't remember where I found these, apologies.)

Made by the same people who made Rockman (Zook) Z and Rockman DX3, Vast Fame.

Megaman & Bass - I've included the real box here as well. The pirates did a passable job with this one - even copying the Nintendo seal of quality! - but I don't remember Zero ever being in this game. Evidently it's a "Bass-xtreme" situation that only Megaman Bass can resolve! I guess the translators didn't know what the ampersand symbol means.

It seems the manual is even more confused since it's about Megaman Battle Network, but with a background featuring Megaman Zero characters.

Rockman "Game" - Yeah, so this one has no name. But it's apparently Rockman World 1.

Rockman World 1 - Yeesh, spot the difference. Obviously Rockman World 1 was never made for the GBC. As well, notice the crappy reproduction of the Rockman World 3 box art! It's brutal! Apparently, this game contains Rockman World 1 and 2.

Rockman World 3 - Okay, well, where to start? Obviously the box art isn't even taken from the real Rockman World 3, but the genesis Wily Wars (which seems popular among pirates). Added on is that small Wily to the side there. Also notice a distinct lack of Capcom logo. Also notice the word "game" on the groove of the game. And the badly draw number three. Typical pirate trickery!

Rockman World 4 - This is one clever pirate! This is a game made to fool, folks! Just look how they incorporate the gray flash into their design. If you look at the number, that fireball the 4 is imposed on is actually the five from the games real box! If you look closely, you can see they changed the sky for the picture from the original. They took out the Capcom logo!

Rockman World 5 - Rockman World 5 on GAME BOY COLOR!? WERE THE RUMORS TRUE!? Don't believe your eyes, children! For, what seems like a legit import Rockman game is, in actuality, a cleverly disguised FAKE!Observe, they even put in Capcom's copyright info! But - LO! Did they forget the "boy" in "Game Boy color"? Indeed so! Also, this label is exactly the same as "Rockman World 4"! "NEW" MY ASS!

Rockman World Collection - Actually gives itself a title, unlike a great many other Rockman World collections. Oddly uses a mix of R&F sprites, CW artwork and ... an NES sprite for the Rock Monster.

Rocman X - It's ThunderBlastMan repackaged! Just as crappy though.

Thunder Blast Man - Yes, this is the crappy pirate "Rocman X" comes from! Made by Sachen, world renown for it's pirate games! The engine is unmistakably Rockman's as "T.B.Man" has a megabuster! Graphics and music are much better than that of "Rocman X."

Rockman X: Cyber Missions - This is one well made pirate! There are some flaws in comparison to the original, but what really gives it away is the "Game Color" on the cart.

Rockman X2 - A box like that screams QUALITY ... right!?

Rockman DX2 - Sent in by Jesse Brown. Named both in chinese and English. You know, just in case some poor sap was confused. Probably a copy of DX3 or something, with graphics from the X series on it, of course.  It could also be a copy of Xtreme 2:

Rockman X3 - Actually, this is the same as the above "Rockman 8" game. A pirate that lies to you? Madness! This one is interesting because, as the game still “sucks ass from a straw” (as the Angry Video Game Nerd would say), it is a bit better than the version that seems to be floating around on the Internet.  Firing your Rock Buster multiple times or killing many enemies does not result in the enemies vanishing or the platforms disappearing, which makes it a bit more playable (if you even want to play it, for that matter!), but the previous problem could have been to console emulation problems. 

Oddly not Rockman DX3, which has a similar name and also Dash box art.

So…yeah. Info from Jesse E. Brown Jr.

The REAL RMX3 screenThe forgery!
Rockman DX3 - Same as the "Rockman Zero" game. This game has been dumped and was used as a "fabulous prize" in an art contest I ran.

Sarcasm is wasted on some people.

A different version of Rockman DX3 has also been found, with fightable bosses and different music! So there are actually two different versions of this rom out there and perhaps 2 versions of this game out there. Thanks to codeman38 for pointing it out to me.

Rockman X4 - The same game as Rockman 8. And probably Rockman 99. How disappointing!

Rockman X5 - Sent in by Jesse Brown. Very generick pirate, probably DX3, but who can say without taking a chance and buying it?

Rockman DX5 - Sent in by Jesse Brown. Nice job on using a Command Mission screen shot, guys.

Rockman XD8- From Jesse Brown Jr. This is an actual copy of “Rockman DX3,” and it's pretty neat to have a physical copy of since this game isn’t half bad.  From the little bit I’ve played of this game, it’s pretty much the same as the ROM, right down to the fact that at start-up all of the bosses (RM’s, Mavericks, whatever) have been defeated and you have all of the items and upgrades.  My suspicion is that this is because the cart is itself made from a dump of the game that had completed save files, and that was what the ROM dump on the Internet is of also, but we won’t really know for sure I suppose.

RockmaX8 - From Jesse Brown. Essentially, the game is an emulation of Mega Man 4, with some minor edits to it (a unique, and strange, boot-up screen; a very slightly edited title (as well as a title from Zero 4); and a Dr. Cx logo on the stage-select).  The rest of the game seems to be the same as MM4.

Rockman X8 - Sent in by Jesse Brown. Probably the box from the above game.

Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman - Found on Protodude's blog. Now, just look at it and try to spot the mistake.

Rockman Zero - Right ..... so I won't even go into what's wrong with THIS one. It seems to be a pirate of Megaman Xtreme .... taking advantage of the "new" Rockman Zero series.

A rom of this game exists online! Oddly enough it's called "Rockman DX3" ..... although the bosses are clearly the same as Rockman Zero's! Wouldn't be the first time a pirate game had two names....

Rockman Z - Matches the "Zook Z" pirate almost exactly, except this one doesn't have "Nintendo Game Boy" on the groove and is "Rockman" in Chinese and not "Zook". Personally, I prefer Zook.

Tt has 3 fortress stages.  When you clear any three of the six bosses, Dr. Light tells you he has found the location of Wily’s lab and that he thinks if you defeat him the other robots will stop rebelling (yeah, right!), so you go and try to defeat him, but no luck, of course!  Then, after all are cleared you go to a “fake fortress” and a “real fortress.”  Thankfully, though, after each fortress the game does give you a password, unlike traditional Rockman games.

Read more about it at Brahman's Game Room and The RM Knowledge Base.

View a video here.

Zook Z
- Oddest named Rockman game EVER. Actually submitted by somebody. josteval@sbcglobal.net. Apparently it "tells you that Megaman is a cop that got killed and turned in to a robot by Dr Wily. And was bad then meets roll and turns good it has 8 fake Robot Masters weird music and lots of fake robots. It has graphics like Megaman X not mmxterme. its kinda fun." Apparently it's an "HK original." Best remixed box art I've seen in a while, surprisingly.

Jesse Brown indicates that Wikipedia has an article on Zooks which matches up with Zook Z's in-game story.


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